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  1. That you can't play at the same time... http://screencrush.com/xbox-one-game-sharing-will-work-with-friends-and-family/ The solution is a work around for "lending" games, not something to create a monster library you and 10 people can have access to. As for the always on aspect my issue isn't with my internet, it's great, I'm never offline pretty much, my issue is with Microsoft. If those authentication servers go down (and they will, because some asshat is going to attack it, probably multiple times during its life cycle) I won't be able to play which is ridiculous. Even Steam has an offline mode.
  2. Off topic: for the longest time I tried to make a character called "Pegasus Girl" but it never really went anywhere
  3. Depends on your set up. The Wii is positioned in a weird spot. It can't display over 480p but at the same time it doesn't have a branded S video cable (though I've heard good things about Monoprices wii s video cable.) Add to the fact that S video is generally not available on most new TVs and you're in a bit of a conumdrum. If you have an S video cable and an s video tv you could go with something like the Dazzle (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815144045) or the Sabrent (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815276032) but the absolute best quality will come from the Canopus (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814144214&Tpk=Canopus%20ADVC110&IsVirtualParent=1) Be warned about the Canopus: it outputs in FIREWIRE ONLY. If you go with the Sabrent or the Dazzle you can always up the quality in post production. there's tons of tutorials online to find out how using vegas or premiere. Probably the least painful way is to get a Wii component cable (might be branded as a Wii U component cable but don't worry it'll work) and get yourself the Happauge (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815116087). I linked to the Happauge PVR 2 but I've been told it's actually worse than thje PVR 1 so if you can find a cheap PVR 1 on craigslist or something go for that. I personally have the PVR 1 and find it amazing.
  4. Jar Jar Binks Mudflap and Skids Scrappy Doo Navi Joffery Baratheon (I'd probably put Pete Campbell on there but I figure the venn diagram of CBUB posters vs. Mad Men watchers is probably non existant)
  5. I've heard of all the games you mentioned doesn't make them popular or even "cult." Just because you know a game and enjoy a game doesn't automatically make it a cult game. Asking for someone from Tales of Vesperia or Lost Odyssey to be in a Microsoft Brawl game is like me saying "OMG Jack from Madworld should be in the next Smash." It's a pipedream at best. My horizons are expanded, but you gotta be realistic here. No one at Microsoft is going "oh shit gotta make a Brawl like game with the guy from Ninenty-Nine Nights!" Simply put Microsoft just doesn't have enough first party characters of to pull this off. At least Sony has a handful of million sellers to pull up the slack in guys like Kratos and Nathan Drake and a deeper history to fall back on. If Microsoft did this it'll be "3rd Party All stars feat. Master Chief."
  6. Game uses the MK graphic engine but (supposedly) and entirely new fighting engine that has, THANK GOD, no block button!
  7. Thanks for furthering my point? There's "cult" and then there's "unknown."
  8. Such cult classics as Too Human, Crackdown and Bullet Witch! /sarcasm
  9. Oh god if Microsoft even ATTEMPTED this it would be the biggest farce in the industry. I mean you got Chief, Arbiter, Marcus and... Fable Dude? Banjo-Kazooie? Sheppard isn't even an exclusive anymore (though his status of being one "at one point" lends creedence to him being on the roster as would a Big Daddy have been except, well, you know.) I just... I just don't know if you can make a Microsoft "Brawl" game where one third of the characters would even be first party. I mean what would be in it? A viva pinata? Kameo? the kid from blue dragon? Good god. Personally if we're going "brawl style" it's sega. The only answer is Sega. They have the roster that is deep enough to make this work with the right mix of varrying character styles. Otherwise the dream game is what Treach described; take the MVC3 engine, jettison marvel, make it ALL Capcom, have a roster of like 40 characters, proceed to shut me up and take my money.
  10. In my head I kept thinking about a game called Cryoshock. Pretty standard Antarctica base setting, maybe go a little more System Shock then Bioshock but have a terrifying snow beast chase you like Nemesis in RE3.
  11. People play fighting games for the story?
  12. Let the actual Batman movie simmer for a few years, however bring him back right away in the all but inevitable Justice League movie (which I think is the plan anyway.) Copy the template from JLU, basically, make Batman more or less the brainy comic relief. That doesn't mean make him into a slapstick goof ball but amongst the ultra gods of the DC universe just have him quip the awesome one liners, come up with the big plan and let him be a real smart ass amongst the more regal and proper super heroes of the JL. The only issue here is it could be seen as a knock off of Stark's role in Avengers.
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