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  1. Let's see. Catwoman has a Batpod. Bane has his own Tumbler. WTF is Nolan planning?!
  2. Good to be back. I intend to hang around this time, pending real life etc etc etc. I just read up on Public Enemies. It seems they may have altered some things in the comic to movie transition. Seeing as Public Enemies covers up to the SuperBat robot destroying the meteor, and Luthor's kryptonite powered armour, that's only really the beginning of the Superman/Batman teamups in the comics. Also, in the comics where Toyman builds the SuperBat robot etc, it's actually Captain Atom that flies the robot into the meteor, therefore causing him to transform and jump into the Wildcats world. Batman was about to jump in the robot, but Capt Atom basically says "No, let me." I just noticed that in the Public Enemies movie, it's Batman that flies the robot into the meteor? Yeah, not from the comics. Also, in Bruce Wayne: Murderer, or whatever it was, there is a panel I remember with Batman distinctly telling Cassandra "Well done, even I've never beaten Shiva" not long after she had beaten Shiva. This was the same comic in which Cassandra figured out how Vesper was knocked out with a nerve pinch prior to being killed by David Cain. I'm sure that in the time line, this happens after the comics that Public Enemies came from. Not calling you wrong DSkillz, not at all. It is obvious things occurred differently in the comic as opposed to the movie. About this fight: Um, X-23 wins.
  3. Nightwing is not better than Batgirl. Batgirl (Cassandra Kain, who xman4life was referring to) has beat Lady Shiva in combat. This is something that Dick AND Bruce have failed to do. Therefore, you could argue Cassandra is better than Both Nightwing and Batman.
  4. Kind of thankful he didn't get the role. He looks like a natural Supes. If he WAS Edward, then it would've been someone else, or "Hey, Edward's playing Superman!"
  5. I put this in a thread back in Feb, but Cavill certainly has credentials. This is from his Wiki, and it's all been certified etc. Cavill had been set to star as Superman in director McG’s 2004 film Superman: Flyby. However, McG pulled out of the project and direction was taken over by director Bryan Singer, who recast Brandon Routh as the lead. Cavill was also the cause of a write-in effort from fans to see him cast as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). The role eventually went to Robert Pattinson. Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, was outspokenly in favor of Cavill playing the character of Edward Cullen in the Twilight film, calling him her "perfect Edward". By the time production of the film began, however, Cavill was too old to play the character, and again the role went to Robert Pattinson. In 2005, Cavill was a final contender for the role of James Bond in Casino Royale. The producers and director Martin Campbell were torn between him and Daniel Craig; reportedly Campbell supported Cavill but the producers preferred an older Bond. Ultimately Craig landed the role. In their December 2005 issue, Empire magazine dubbed Cavill the "Unluckiest Man in Hollywood" for this series of near-misses. So yeah. He's certainly got the skills, and now he has his chance. Just hope he can deliver. I think with Nolan and Snyder cracking the whip, he'll do that in spades.
  6. Unlike the Spiderman reboot costume, they've actually put effort into this. I'm guessing that's what you're referring to. Made from a basketball? That's a unique way of looking at it I guess. I still love that they've made the "S" bigger than it was in returns. Personally? I can't wait for this. Oh, and I think Amy Adams will play an awesome Lois. Way better than Kate Bosworth anyway.
  7. So far, its been announced he's going to be facing Zod, and uh..can't remember her name but she's basically ursa, just not Ursa.
  8. Depends. In the DCU, the #1 ranked weapon WAS the GL Power Ring, but for all intents and purposes it'd probably now be the White Lantern Ring given that it runs off the power of creation. I'll post some more later.
  9. Agreed. Love what they've done with the suit, and Cavill certainly looks the part. He almost looks regal, for lack of a better term?
  10. ...except if Mercer decided to use his biomass to create the "Hey Tank? Watch me cleave you in half!" combo of Guyver-esque armour and armblades. If he does that from the get go, Dante will have a hard time hitting him. Also, Mercer is a parkour expert, and can easily scale skyscrapers. He also has attacks that do insane amount of damage from a great height. Dunno who'd win, honestly.
  11. Alright, to me this is a stomp in the favour of Scar. Nothing less than that a stomp. Batman beats the Joker up on a regular basis. Batman also has issues with a normal, non-buffed Predator even with reflective armour, sonar, and all his other gadgets. How exactly does the Joker have a chance here? You've even given his bodyguards (who are normally special-forces level armed to the hilt) quite basic weaponry. As I said, Scar stomps.
  12. Please familiarise yourself with http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index....showtopic=13477 before attempting to claim characters for arcs.
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