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  1. Triple Threat match in Madison square garden between these three giants. Who wins this?
  2. The fight takes place on a rooftop in New York City. Rolento has all his skills and abilities from the Street Fighter games This is the Mirage version of the Shredder. Who wins?
  3. So I heard that Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade are now back to Marvel after being loaned to other companies. Now that they are back, a reboot of would definitely sound good considering how the audience reacted to their films negatively *coughGhostRidercough* So how would the Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It would be interesting to see Marvel Studios reboot at least one of these characters, hell let's just make Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe about these bad asses. Your thoughts?
  4. I'm sure everyone here has played the game Slender. Or at least watched a bit of it on Youtube. No doubt, it scared the ever living shit out of me, we still don't know who or what this Slenderman character is. So let's say your the creator of dear old Slenderman. What kind of background would you give him? Lab experiment gone wrong? Demon from hell? Would be nice to see one of you come up with some sort of origin story to describe how Slenderman became the entity he is. Let's ignore what we read about Slender on Creepy Pasta and just come up with our own background story for him.
  5. Sorry for not including that dude. That's what happens when you do a Rumble after night shift. I would have to go with Classic/Hammer Frankenstein, Classic/Universal Wolfman and Novel Dracula. Since he had the entire Sorcery thing down with him. It could be an edge for him in the fight with Freddy.
  6. A time warp causes Freddy to travel back to the past where Dracula ruled over Translyvania. Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers were also transported along with him. Using Jason and Michael to kill the villagers for them to have nightmares so he can power himself up. Dracula notices this and summons Frankenstein's monster and the wolfman to help him. This is the classic versions of Freddy, Jason and Michael. The battle takes place in Dracula's castle but might sometimes switch over to the Dream World. Which group of monsters come out on top?
  7. I forgot to add that it is the Disney versions of all characters. Hope you all enjoyed my first Rumble match
  8. Simple enough. Tarzan will face Gaston in Beast's house and the Beast will take on Clayton in the jungle. Will the heroes triumphant against different advesaries and location? Gaston has all his equipment and skills from Beauty and The Beast Clayton has all his equipment from Tarzan, same goes to Tarzan and the Beast. What do you think?
  9. Am I the only one who thinks that Super Power Beat Down should stick to making fan fights between street heroes like Batman, Wolverine, etc. ? Like what XLEGACYX said, it's a far less destructive version of what we all imagined. Nevertheless, a good episode though. My only gripe was that it ended a bit too quickly for my liking.
  10. I managed to get my set-up there. Sorry for the inconvenience guys, hope you like that match.
  11. Guys I need your help, I accidentally created the fight before I could post the set-up. Is there ANY way i could delete the match?
  12. (Here's the set-up! I apologize again for the lack of set-up when I posted the match. I had accidentally clicked the cancel button. Grrrr. Hope you like it.) "Asshole! MOVE ON UP!" Mr. Fields bellowed from his car. Mr Fields wasn't necessarily a bad guy, sure he had his ups and downs in life but they were always interesting. A high school drop out, Fields then went on to work several jobs, a cook at McDonalds (the one job that he held a personal grudge against the manager), a mechanic and several other jobs that he wasn't to proud off to even mention to his wife at dinner. Fields then found a stable job working in the Daily Bugle as an editor. Jonah may be a pain in the ass but hey at least the pay was good, he also made friends there, including that Parker guy that takes pictures of Spider-Man. Yup, life was good. Unfortunately for him, his day was about to get a whole lot worse. The skies darkened above him and a flash of thunder streaked through the sky. The sound of thunder was so loud that he even cupped his ears and cringed. He felt ground rumble, his first thought was that an earthquake had hit the Big Apple. When he looked up, he found his theory horribly wrong. A large monster, waving what looked liked to be club, swung it at a group of civilians, batting them aside. The horrible beast bellowed out loud in an unearthly manner. Fields managed to caught a glimpse of the beast's face. What really caught his attention was that one gigantic single eye it had in the middle of it's face. Never in his life had he felt so scared, and to make matters worse, the people around him were suddenly being attacked by what looked like decaying corpses with large swords and spears. It was surreal. So surreal that Fields blinked several times and even slapped himself. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" he screamed to no one in particular... Before the top of his car was ripped off and a giant hand wrapped around him, immediately crushing him to death. ** Miles above ground in the sky above Manhattan, inside the SHIELD Helicarrier, Colonel Nick Fury threw down a file on his desk and turned to face the large group of costumed individuals. "All right, I've got reports coming in bout monsters appearing out of nowhere in every single major city and country in the world. Most of the reports say that each monster is described as something straight out of a Greek myth. Like the so-called "Cyclops" creature down in New York." Fury lit a cigar and turned his good eye onto Wonder Woman. "Any ideas what's going on Princess?" the battle hardened Colonel asked gruffly. The Amazon blinked, a concerned expression spreading across her delicate features before being replace by a stern look. "The Amazons have nothing to do with this, Fury." Wonder Woman said trying to keep her voice steady. "Didn't say you did, darlin' but at this moment, Gotham, Metropolis, Star City, Keystone and many others are under attack. If the Greek Gods have anything to do with this attack, I WILL find out." Fury replied calmly taking a puff. Fury's cell rang and he placed his finger onto an ear-piece in his ear. "Yes?" Silence fell upon the room as the Director of SHIELD listened to whoever it was on the other line. A moment later he looked up again. "We have ourselves a little situation in Metropolis. A wormhole just appeared in the street and a man claiming to be Zeus just started blasting everyone within the vicinity with lightning." Fury took the cigar out of his mouth and leaned forward, hands on the desk. "Any takers?" ** Zeus, the king of the Gods, stared at the destruction he and his siblings caused distastefully. Mortals. Weak. The whole lot of them. He and the other gods of Olympus had just about enough of mankind. He had created a portal back on Olympus and he and the others sought a new universe to rule over. This one will suffice. Then it happened. A flash of lightning streaked through the sky and struck the ground a few feet away from the Gods Of Olympus. Zeus narrowed his eyes, What was this? Were the mortals retaliating in a sort of way. He was sure he did not summon any lightning. "Your presence is NOT welcome here, imposter." Thor declared, lowering his hammer. Behind him stood Wonder Woman, the Flash and Captain America. "I know Zeus," Wonder Woman said angrily, stepping up beside the Prince of Asgard. "And you are NO ZEUS." Wonder Woman said, a glare on her face. "YOU SEEK TO OPPOSE THE GODS OF OLYMPUS?! FOOLISH MORTALS!" Zeus roared as lightning flashed in the sky. Green Lantern, whom was carrying Batman in a bubble landed beside the heroes. Kyle Rayner narrowed his eyes, this was serious. He was in for a fight. "Many people have died today," Superman announced floating down to the ground. "Did you think we were going to stand aside and let you claim more lives?" his eyes glowed a slight red. "A CHALLENGE! GOOD! ATTACK MY BROTHERS AND SISTER! KILL THEM ALL!" Zeus demanded summoning a lightning bolt and hurling it at the group of Heroes. The Flash zoomed away missing the lightning bolt, he turned and ran right for the king of Olympus only to be interrupted by Hermes who sped up in front and collided with the Scarlet Speedster. Chaos broke out everywhere, lightning bolts flew all over the field as Thor and Zeus threw blows at each other, Athena and Wonder Woman engaged in combat, Green Lantern fell to one knee, sweating from his brow as Ares, the God of War pounded again and again at the bubble shield he had shot out from his ring. Hercules grabbed Superman in a bear hug, the Last Son Of Krypton broke free after a while and gave the Olympic hero a right hook that sent him through a couple of buildings. Batman and Captain America held off Achilles and Perseus side by side. Among the combatants, Hades smirked gleefully to himself. He enjoyed the stench of death in the air, he was the only one without a poor unfortunate victim to beat up it would seem. Perhaps he would just need to-- A roaring sound caught the attention of the God of the Underworld. He turned around and he saw it. A flaming motorcycle roared it's way towards him, stopping only mere inches away. The rider got off the bike, the flames dancing around the demonic rider's head as he glared at the God of the Underworld. "Guilty!" the Ghost Rider roared demonically, grabbing the chain off his body. The chain burned bright with Hellfire. So we have: Zeus Hermes Athena Ares Hades Hercules Achilles Perseus going up against: Thor Wonder Woman Flash (Wally West) Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) Batman Superman Captain America Who wins?
  13. Has the Wanderer in the games ever beat anything close to a Yautja's level?
  14. The weapons look nice that's for sure. Something I would keep with me in my room for zombie attacks. Heh. The flaming sword thing could be used to combat the Yautja's Wristblades, if I remember, Rakai has mentioned that Yautja are practically invulnerable to fire or something like that. The Alien Blaster seems to be the best bet for the Wanderer. And that Nuke weapon.
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