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  1. Red: It comes down to Jason vs Tommy.... Zeo Ranger 5 vs Mighty Morphin' Red. Black: Tommy, no question. Blue: I have no idea. I can't even venture a guess. Billy is my favorite Blue Ranger, but I am unsure of how he stacks up to the others. Yellow: Trini would take this one. Pink: Kimberly hands down. Amazingly beautiful AND she has single handedly saved the entire team on more than one occasion. White: Obviously Tommy. Tigerzord is boss. Green: OBVIOUSLY Tommy. No other Green Ranger can possibly live up to what the original did, not to mention no other Green Ranger zord will ever live up to the mighty Dragonzord. Other: Trey, King Ranger (Gold).... Total badass. Villains: Rita and Zedd.
  2. Man, after seeing this thread, if Marvel does anything less than make "Big Screen" Thanos live up to his comic book counterpart, I'm gunna be pissed and feel cheated. Seriously, I think even a 1 on 1 fight with Hulk would be a bit silly seeing as how Thanos would basically do to Hulk what Hulk did to Loki, if not more. Though I do think it would be cool to see Hulk and Thor try to team up against Thanos, 2 vs 1.
  3. 50s Blob since this begins where that film ended. As for Godzilla..... uh, I'm not really sure what the differences are between the different versions. I guess we'll say current.
  4. That's another thing... when Apocalypse augmented Hulk with Celestial Tech and turned him to his horseman, "War Hulk," (who is considered to be one of the strongest Hulks ever, if not the strongest) he basically knocked Juggernaut for a loop and stopped him in his tracks. We all know that's not easily done, if not practically impossible. So.... seeing as how Apocalypse is exponentially more powerful than even his strongest Horseman, War Hulk's showings should give us a glimps into just how powerful Apocalypse truly is. Which, judging by those feats alone, he's much more powerful than Marvel gives him credit for. Which, considering his consistently terrible showings, is blasphemous. Apocalypse, at the very least, should be a Galaxy Level threat. Who cares if he only wants to focus on Earth.
  5. Thanos is indeed a badass. He's one of my favorite comic book villains of all time. The dude is just a beast on every level. What I like about him though is that he doesn't seem to be a bad person to the core. I think I saw a few of your scans where he was actually talking to or working with a group of heros. I like that. I like that Thanos does as he pleases. On that note, I really hope Marvel gets him right in the films. I really hope they don't make him look weak or depower him any. I want THANOS on the big screen, in all his glory. Not some guy made especially for the big screen with 1/8th the power who merely looks like Thanos.
  6. Well, I remember in the movie, literally, the only thing that had any affect on it was cold. They threw acid on it, having no affect. They shot it. They burned it. They smashed it. Nothing worked. I remember there was a suggestion of using the atomic bomb, but it was thought it would only spread the creature out and each little piece would multiply. So.... I'm thinking Big-G has met his match here. Unless he has some sort of cold weapon he can use. Or unless a scientist, or MechaGodzilla w/ Freeze Ray, comes to the rescue, I don't see how Godzilla wins this.
  7. The King of Monsters takes on a new foe as the dreaded Blob finds its way to Tokyo Japan. - Some Japanese fishermen discovered a rock hard pile of *something* sitting on the ice in Antarctica. Ignoring the quarantine signs left by the Americas, the Japanese fishermen take the solid lump and load it onto their freighter and head for home. But once the ship arrives, everyone aboard has vanished without a trace. - Godzilla, King of Monsters, has awakened once more and again sets his sights on Tokyo, Japan. By the time he arrives, half of the city has already been destroyed as The Blob has consumed all in its way. It's eaten so much, in fact, that its size has grow exponentially. Eventually, the monsters come face to face as the unstoppable Blob looks to consume the mighty Lizard. What happens? Who wins?
  8. Does Apocalypse have a soul? I love Apocalypse and consider him to be one of my all time favorite villains, but I'm not sure the comics version could take this fight. Comics version is a jobber. Now, if this were the 90s cartoon version, I'd go with Apocalypse for sure. He'd find some way to win.
  9. Apocalypse isn't on that level because he's never written to be. In my opinion, he's being severely held back. I mean, what makes Thanos and Apocalypse so different? Thanos pretty much pimp-slapped the Universal and all within, but that was only because of the power boosters he got his hands on (Infinity Gauntlet/HOTU/Etc). Who says Apocalypse wouldn't be such a threat if he had that same power? Or worse, because of his totally different objective. I just think Marvel is being stupid with how they use him. He's easily capable of being on par with Thanos, even without any added power boosters, yet they constantly hold him back via not writing him to be. He's a total boss of a villain, yet they treat him like crap.
  10. I meant the level of Jobberseid in the sense that he's basically just a "jobber" and always loses and puts over other characters. It's bull****. Apocalypse is a guy who could be up there with the likes of Pre-Crisis Darkseid and Thanos (maybe not in terms of overall power, but in terms of how badass he could be and what he could accomplish), but Marvel basically just treats him like a lawnmower. I know Earth is his goal, but he could conquer so much more than that if he really wanted to (and the writers actually gave him his shot). But as is, it's pathetic the way he's used and treated.
  11. H/P Doomsday is basically unstoppable (and the best/most powerful version of any Doomsday arc). There's a reason they sent him to the End of Time. It was the only way stop him. H/P guts them.
  12. Not as strong or durable as Thor? Correct me if I'm wrong but Lobo is basically on the same level as Superman in terms of strength and durability. Superman > Thor in those departments. So, that would mean Lobo > Thor in those departments.
  13. So will her hexs and other powers be any match for the main man? Or will he just toy with her as her attempts to obliterate him will be in vain?
  14. The main story is the whole reason I bought the game. Sure, the side missions were cool, but the main storyline is the juicy core of the game that interests me most. I think next time they should still give us a lot of side quests and side missions and stuff, but seriously beef up the main storyline. Make it epic on a truly epic scale. Perhaps they could do it in parts. The main story will have like 5 or 6 parts, but each part takes like 12 hours of SOLID gameplay. Meaning, if I stay up for 12 hours straight and just blow through the main storyline as quickly as possible, after 12 hours have passed of me just going at it like crazy, I'll only have finished a 1/5 or 1/6th of the entire main storyline. But in addition with that, there's still like 20 hours of side quest stuff. Maybe I'm thinking too big, but Jesus, this is 2013 and we're up to the PS4. They're really running out of reasons why something like that couldn't be done.
  15. APOCALYPSE I never really knew much about Apocalypse before I played "X-Men: Legends II Rise of Apocalypse." The most I ever saw of him were bits and pieces on the animated 90s X-Men cartoon, and even then as I kid, I remember him being the most creepy and mysterious of the characters but not really knowing who he was. But once I found out, he seemed like one of the most badass villains Marvel had to offer. So how come Marvel never really built him up like they should've and used him to his absolute? As the saying goes: "You were given a Ferrari and your people treated it like a lawnmower." Pretty much sums up Marvel and Apocalypse. If ever used to the fullest of his potential, I believe he could be on the same level as Thanos. I mean, people view Thanos as being on a certain level and always talk about him with the utmost respect, as if he's the ultimate badass. Apocalypse never really gets loved on like that. Not even close. But he has the potential to reach that level if only Marvel used him correctly. As is, he's more on the level of Jobberseid than anyone. What gives?
  16. It'd be an interesting fight, but I think the Beta-Club tips the odds in Kalibak's favor.
  17. Apocalypse FTW via Celestial Tech and superior cunning.
  18. Lobo shows up in Genosha and wants to wreck it just for fun. Scarlet Witch is the only Mutant presently there and will protect it whatever the cost. Scarlet Witch: If you so much as alter the direction of a blade of grass.... I'll end you. Permanently. So I suggest you leave. Now! Lobo: (Haha) I can never resist a beautiful woman working me over. Do your worst, hun. Just to spite her, he tosses a frag grenade into the Genocian Capitol Building. It explodes, killing several civilians. Lobo: Whoops. My bad. (Haha) You mad? Scarlet Witch: You're a dead man. Lobo: Hit me with your best shot, toots! --------------------------------------- So basically, Wanda is pissed and she's ready to thrash this mysterious drifter. Lobo will take only so much before he decides to dish out a beating of his own. What happens?
  19. Why create a new thread when there's already one that exists? You see, other forums, they frown on stuff like that.
  20. Hasn't quite been a year, but this is still something I would love to see.
  21. But a beam of plasma would be very, very hot. A lightsaber blade is not. If it were, no one would be able to hold the handle as the heat from the blade would sear their hand. So it must be made from something much more advanced.
  22. But how could a battle fought between these two in an alternate realm have any impact on the universe itself? It's not like Hell is on a map located somewhere within the universe, as is Earth. It's an alternate place entirely, is it not? So if Galactus and Mephisto were to battle to the fullest of their capabilites and destroy 90%+ of Mephisto's realm in the process, how would any galaxy in the universe be at risk? Even if Hell itself blows up, no one outside of it should feel the shockwave. At least until the bad souls begin to wander the universe. And when Mephisto says "there is only one with the power to defy me." Who is he talking about?
  23. When Galactus went into Mephisto's realm to rescue the Silver Surfer, I remember he threatened to consume it, but never ended up doing so. He basically took back SS and left. So why didn't Galactus just eat Mephisto's realm right then and there, or just go back later and consume it? Galactus needs power and Mephisto's realm seems like a meal that would actually satisfy him for a quite some time. So what gives? He doesn't usually show such constraint when it comes to other worlds. Seems like an easy snack that he passed on.
  24. I really don't want a prequel at all. I want a direct sequel to Arkham City. But this time, I want ALL of Gotham to be explorable, all while being as detailed and rich as Arkham City. With the specs of the PS4, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why they couldn't make the game that big and detailed. I want everything that was left open in AC to be gone over and tied up in this sequel. And I want the main sotryline of the third game to be like 10x longer than the one in Arkham City. I beat AC (main story) in literally 14 hours. That's waaaay too short. Side missions were cool, but the main story is what I really care about, and I want something with insane longevity.
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