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  1. I wonder if War Hulk in World Breaker Mode would be able to do anything to Zeus?
  2. But I mean the ground didn't rumble, for example, when Hulk walked in that arc (where he fought Zeus). What level "strength" do skyfather level beings have? You'd think that, strength wise, World Breaker Hulk would be able to stand toe to toe with skyfathers (in terms of pure strength only). I mean, unless they can make themselves stronger. But so can Hulk, so..... ?
  3. Pretty sure War Hulk is the strongest, most powerful Hulk there is. (Unless you count Cosmic Hulk, but wasn't that a robot version of the Hulk able to soak up cosmic radiation, thus he wasn't the real hulk?) Anyway, what happened to World Breaker Hulk? Like, currently, what level is Hulk at? Is it possible for him to reach those levels again? I know he fought Zeus and claimed to be at his World Breaker levels, but nothing I saw in that arc supported that statement.
  4. Well, going by the saying "whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor" seem to indicate that the person holding it (such as Captain America) WOULD be able to channel it's power. Though I'm not sure if he'd need practice with it first or if he'd be able to use it as good as Thor can right off the bat. What I want to know is, in the Marvel/DC crossover, Thor swings Mjolnir at Superman, who stops it in mid-air with his bare hand, much to Thor's dismay. Yet, later in the story when Superman tries to lift it off the ground but cant (after using it in battle), Thor reveals that he allowed Superman to hold it because he deemed him worthy. 1) I thought the hammer itself deemed the person worthy, not Thor. 2) If Thor is trying to whack someone with Mjolnir, why would he secretly deem them worthy to hold it, thus allowing them to be able to stop it? Makes no damn sense.
  5. Can Kitty Pryde pass through a wall made of pure Primary Adamantium? I know she can't move through Vibranium, but Adamantium doesn't have the vibratory properties of Vibranium, so could she? Or is it much too dense?
  6. Starfleet, without question. One simple reason....... better personnel in all areas, no matter the era. They would find a way to win for sure.
  7. He-Man tied Superman strength for strength in their cross-over comic. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that was Pre-Crisis Sups. So if He-man can stand toe to toe with Superman, that gives him a great chance of doing with with Wonder Woman. Her fighting skills are probably better overall, but He-man is most certainly much stronger and more durable. After all, he's backed by the power of Grey Skull. My favorite version of He-man was the original classic 80s cartoon.
  8. I don't have much doubt about Depowered Tyrant being able to beat Classic Juggernaut, however, without BFR or Space Dumping, how could he do it? Wasn't Classic Juggs ' skin impenetrable? So from a physical level, he was invulnerable? Meaning that you couldn't just fry away his skin to the bone? (I know that was done later, but wasn't that to a post-Classic Juggernaut?)
  9. I once heard by a Batman fan that Batman > Superman because Batman killed him twice.
  10. Apocalypse! He's gotten a few little pushes here and there, but for the most part, he is severely underrated and very poorly utilized. Just look at his crappy feats. With powers, intelligence and cunning like his, he should be at least a galaxy level threat, but as they have him, he basically can be beaten (or run off) by coffee tables. He really needs a massive push. Something to put him in the same league as guys like Thanos and Darkseid. He is a truly badass villain who could be worthy of those levels of feats and accomplishments, but for whatever reason, Marvel always keeps him down and looking foolish.
  11. Because unlike those three, Classic Juggernaut has unstoppable momentum and is arguably more invulnerable than any of them. I also believe is able to make himself stronger and do stuff with forcefields, etc. Perhaps he could somehow use that to knock Tyrant around or stand toe to toe with him to a greater affect that any of those other guys. Something I found:
  12. Not really sure. But from what I understand, Classic Juggernaut was basically invincible. I know Depowered Tyrant is arguably above skyfather level, but I'm still not sure how one takes the other out.
  13. Still not really sure what the answer is. Still not getting it. I don't read a lot of comics so I only know what I've picked up online. The finer details are something I'm probably not familiar with. I know "616" is the main reality in Marvel, so it seems like basing the movies off of the main reality would be a given.
  14. With no BFR or space dumping, how does he take down Classic Juggs? How? Last I heard.
  15. This will probably end soon so come on people, please pitch in your opinions on how you think this battle would play out!
  16. So what is the difference between Classic Juggernaut and current Juggernaut? Where did the transition happen, and what exactly happened to transition him?
  17. From what I understand, both characters here, as listed, are really extreme and hardcore. Classic Juggs is like a walking slab of true Adamantium, and Depowered Tyrant is at least on par with skyfather level beings, if not beyond that level. Would be a crazy throw down to say the least.
  18. Why does the movie-verse not base all the characters off their 616 counterpart? Why more along the lines of the ultimates?
  19. But see, the "Army" had to step in, in that case and Godzilla used their item to his advantage. So what if no one comes to help Godzilla? The Blob came from outer space and survived the vacuum and radiation and harshness of space. Who knows what planet it originated from. Because of that, I say that supports the fact that The Blob can withstand some pretty hardcore stuff. And by the sounds of it, Godzilla's only chance is to nuke breath it. But what if it attaches itself to Godzilla? How will he get it off? And we must keep in mind that The Blob grows with the more stuff it consumes. So by the time its ready to try and eat Godzilla, it'll already be huge! And any little piece, even a spec, that's left behind can regrow itself to potentially unlimited proportions. So if Godzilla blows it to pieces, those pieces will grow and multiply and eventually become multiple huge pieces (which will then probably come together as one giant uber-sized piece) ........and basically this whole thing just sounds like a total nightmare for Godzilla. Or perhaps The Blob is someone smart (in a general sense of instincts) and will attach itself to Godzilla when it's only a tiny piece, so Big-G doesn't even notice. Then, over time as it munches on him, it'll get bigger and bigger and sap strength and energy from Godzilla. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe The Blob actually gets more powerful with the more it eats. So, as it grows, its also getting stronger and hard to defeat. I assume it's like assimilation. Side question..... has Godzilla ever nuke breathed himself? (on accident maybe?) What happened?
  20. But acids and lasers and explosives did nothing to The Blob. You think its capable of being dehydrated? Outside of turning down the temperature, that is.
  21. Depowered Tyrant vs Classic Juggernaut These two behemoths find themselves face to face, ready to brawl. Juggernaut: If it's a fight you're looking for, you came to the right place. Tyrant: A fight indeed. But not just that; I'm looking to send a message. Juggernaut: A message huh? Tyrant: That's right. And I'm going to send it through you. Juggernaut: Oh yeah? Sounds like fightin' words. Tyrant: Precisely. Only my words are not empty and hollow. I am going to eradicate you. Juggernaut: But you ain't all-powerful with the power cosmic no more. You can't be seriously expectin' to beat me?! Tyrant: I expect nothing. Your thorough and complete destruction will signal to the masses that the time has come; Tyrant has returned! Juggernaut: Whatever you say. But I'm gunna give you fair warning.... this ain't gunna be pretty...... for you. Tyrant: Whatever you say. With that, the battle begins. What happens? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No BFR. No Space dumping.
  22. I'm not sure. I do remember seeing a scene on TV once where Godzilla used his nuke breath on a similar looking creature and it didn't do a damn thing. Don't know which film it was though.
  23. How exactly do you gauge their intellect (between Thanos and Apocalypse) and say that one is "FOR SURE" superior to the other? I mean, Apocalypse is brilliant. Thanos can't be that much smarter.
  24. I wonder how they're gunna include Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy and still keep fans anticipating him in Avengers 2? When I first heard Loki was the main villain in Avengers, my initial reaction was basically: "Again?! Meh." But, the film didn't disappoint. And why can't they make the big screen Thanos as badass and powerful as his comics counterpart?
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