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  1. What about Rune King Thor vs Regular Thor w/ Power Gem & Mind Gem? Any difference? Or same outcome?
  2. Who is more powerful..... Rune King Thor or Regular Thor w/ Power Gem?
  3. ^^^ yeah, pretty much. Darkseid is just a total boss. Regardless of this silly poll, Darkseid would win.
  4. Ugh, don't tell me you're a dragonballs goku fanboy.
  5. My guess is that Sups draws Kong out to the bay and shoves him in. When Kong is thrashing about, that's when he'll either KO or kill the big ape. Otherwise, Kong is probably much stronger than this Superman. So, if he gets ahold of him, it's gunna be a tough night for Sups.
  6. I'd like to know how Zeus would handle the agony matrix?
  7. It just made me wonder which is the more invulnerable of the two. I also wonder what would happen if Zeus took his adamantine sickle or sword and slashed at the Aegis shield as hard as he could, what would happen?
  8. Do you happen to know the difference between the Aegis shield and Adamantine?
  9. Does anyone know the difference between the Aegis shield and Adamantine? I grabbed this from the Zeus vs Darkseid rumble:
  10. Anyone else notice how these two had similar things happen to them?
  11. That's true....that's what they say....however, there are obvious differences, such as Darkseid during the pre-crisis era was an absolute monster. He was a bonafide universal level threat. Then during the post-crisis era, he suddenly developed a reputation as being "Jobberseid." So, there's an obvious difference, whether DC wants to acknowledge it or not. My vote goes to Darkseid if this is the pre-crisis version. My vote goes to Zeus if this is the post-crisis Jobberseid.
  12. Hulk (The End) continues to wander the barren planet Earth aimlessly. For years, there has been nothing. Nothing but him. Being totally and completely alone, a decade of unrelenting rage has built in the pit of his stomach like an insatiable white hot flame, making him stronger than before. Hulk (The End) remembers the bombs that killed everyone the world over. It saddens him, but his heart is hard and black. He is alone, and angry. In another timeline, similar to this, The Maestro rules with an iron fist. Insane and powerful from the years of exposure to excessive amounts of gamma radiation, he grows more and more crazy by the day. As his mind slips, his anger grows, making him exceedingly powerful. A survivor from the Maestro's timeline creates a wormhole from advanced technology to escape the literal hell on Earth caused by Maestro. She does not know where this portal leads, but anywhere is better than here. But once she finds herself on the other side, the destination is as undesirable as the one she left. Not sure of what to do, she decides to return to her proper timeline and try again. But before she can go back, she finds Hulk (The End) standing in her way. Horrified at what she sees, she screams and tries to run, but Hulk (The End) grabs her without effort and brings her close to his face. They share a brief conversation, and after she discovers this Hulk is not as bad as he appears, she pleads with him to help her. She tells him about The Maestro and his horrible, insane nature. With nothing left over on this world for Hulk (The End) to live for, he agrees to go to her timeline and fight The Maestro. ----------------------------------------------- Morals off. No BFR. Both combatants are at their peak. Maestro is more insane than ever, which fuels his intense anger. Hulk (The End) is filled with bitterness from years of nothing which leaves him enraged beyond reason, but he has found a spec of love in his heart for this new girl. He fights for her. The Maestro has Captain America's shield (his current Vibranium/Adamantium/Uru one). Hulk (The End) is given an identical shield (by the woman) but this one is made from pure Anti-Metal. ------------------------------------------------ Hulk (The End) has 3 hours of prep. Maestro has about 3 minutes (once he is alerted to his presence). So who will win between these two monsters with similar stories? Both come from apocalyptic futures. Both have survived some form of nuclear war. Both are the basically the rulers of their respective futures. Maestro went crazy and killed all who opposed him. Hulk (The End) was basically just the last being alive.
  13. It was rhetorical. But ok then, let's say I buy into the whole TX hype for a moment.... if its plasma cannon were really able to do any sort of real damage to the T-1000, take it away and then what does it have? Nanotech? If I remember correctly, the T-850 had been pretty severely battered before the TX was able to hack its systems. So what chance is it gunna have to do that to the significantly more advanced T-1000? And without it's nanotech, what does it have? Nothing. The T-1000 would walk all over it. Saying the TX would easily beat the the T-1000 is like me saying I could easily beat prime Mike Tyson if only I had a pistol with me. Regardless though, the plasma blasts do nothing to the mimetic polyalloy via James Cameron's T2-3D. And James Cameron's word > The book/comic publisher's word. At the end of the day, the TX is just a more advanced model of the 800 series. A tougher chassis with liquid metal "skin" and a built in weapon. The T-1000 is superior via its pure liquid metal form. The T3 creators (or lack thereof) pretty much went in the wrong direction when trying to come up with their villain. They basically went full-retard with the whole contrived bit about "it's soooo much smarter and more advanced!" Like wow. What a revelation! T3 is essentially a T2 clone but exponentially subpar at that. Anyway, after it's all said and done, the T-1000 outlasts both the other bots. For a moment, once again, lets say I buy into the whole plasma cannon and nanotech fodder, if the T-1000 is aware of it before it comes into contact with the TX, it'll most certainly try to come up with an alternate plan of attack, rather than trying to take it on head-on. The T-1000 is definitely more sleek and lethal. The only reason it didn't do better in T2 was because it was the prototype model and basically rushed into production and sent back literally as the Skynet supercomputer was being destroyed. If Skynet had more time to smooth out the kinks, it would've been an even greater threat. But as is, it was basically a drawing board design which Skynet decided to rush together in a last ditch effort to save itself from final destruction. T-1000 wins.
  14. And who says the comics are cannon? I call bullshit. They may be "cannon," according to the comic book publisher, but they're just silly cash-ins for the films. Do you consider the toyline to be cannon as well? Skynet never managed to manufacture more than a couple T-1000s before they were destroyed. And the T-1000000 is not "far more advanced," lmao. After all, it couldnt even mimic anything. It was literally just a giant, spider-like version of the T-1000, only not capable of what the T-1000 was capable of. Yes. The word "garbage" comes to mind.
  15. It certainly did happen.... in some stupid lame ass comic made purely to capitalize on T3. The ADHD writers had to figure out a way to try and make the TX look badass so they came up with the brilliant idea of having it "kill" T-1000s with little effort to show just how great this new cyborg was. Bottom line, it was uncreative and contrived. Doesn't count. In T2-3D (made by James Cameron) the T-1,000,000 (just a larger form of the T-1000) gets shot several times with a plasma rifle and heals up immediately from the blasts. The TX's weapon would have little affect on the T-1000. It might splatter it to pieces, but the pieces would just keep coming back together. As is though, the TX beating the T-1000 is almost as dumb as Wolverine beating Lobo. T-1000 wins via wearing down and outlasting the other two. It'll still be going strong long after the others have failed and gone offline, probably from taking too much damage.
  16. The Terminator comics are RETARDED! The only purpose of the T-1000 vs TX one was to try and force the idea that the TX was superior to the T-1000. No [email protected]%king way in hell. The T-1000 would've walked through all the damage the TX took in T3 and kept on coming. The TX is worthless. The T-1000 is awesome. BTW, The T-800 is badass too, but none of them can take the beating the T-1000 can take and keep on coming. T-1000 wins a long, hard-fought battle. TX's plasma cannon does nothing to the T-1000. It would heal up from the blasts as if they were just regular bullets. Comics be damned.
  17. Wait, so what's the difference between "The End" Hulk and The Maestro?
  18. Was that a God Blast? I mean, if he smacked Godzilla on the nose like he did to Cap's shield in the film, with a full powered God Blast, it seems like it would at the very least knock him on his big ass.
  19. At this moment, I'm actually leaning toward the Asgardian Gods. I don't know if any of them could take a full powered God Blast from Mjolnir, for example. BTW, (random thought) I bet Destoroyah could take out all those final wars monsters in one on one battle.
  20. Before I vote, how would you rank the Godzilla monsters listed above in terms of best/most unstoppable/toughest?
  21. Hey, does any body know the difference between Hulk (The End) and The Maestro. They both sound extraordinarily similar in a lot of ways.
  22. Hard work, determination, teamwork, and whatever else they do to overcome the odds in these situations. The more difficult the enemy is to defeat, the more you feel for the heros and yearn for them to succeed. In other words, there's potential for the audience to be more emotionally invested. After all, there's nothing more interesting than watching the protagonist/s take on insurmountable odds.
  23. Just curious, but what's the difference between Hulk (The End) and The Maestro? I clicked on the "The End" Hulk link and his situation sounds kinda similar to The Maestro's situation. Both survive some sort of armageddon and are the last remaining person on Earth. So... what's the difference exactly?
  24. I would like to see Black Panther get his own film which leads into eith Avengers 3 or (God willing) 4. I just hope they do the Vibranium right and actually make a note of how it's different from Captain America's shield. I thought it was BS in the Cap film how they just refered to the shield ad straight Vibranium, rather than a Vibranium-Iron alloy, because one is capable of being manipulated and the other is not. I am interested in the whole Anti-Metal claws this. I'm wondering what's gunna happen if Black Panther tangles with Cap or Thor and claws the shield and/or Mjolnir. What does Anti-Metal do to the shield and hammer?
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