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  1. It's been a while since I played the game but weren't the TYGER guards under mind control from Hugo? Thus Kingpin wouldn't be able to buy them? And I assume Hugo would know what he's getting himself into by bringing these guys (especially Kingpin) into Arkham City. I'm sure he would adjust things accordingly. To start, he'd probably quadruple his roster of TYGER guards and fit each of the Sinister Seven with some sort of tracking device to keep an eye on them at all times (and do it without them knowing so they wont realize it's there thus wont think to remove it). Hugo may not be juggernaut Kingpin is in terms of being a crime lord, but he certainly is no slouch when it comes to stuff like this. Who's to say he wouldn't manipulate and mind control Kingpin and use him to his advantage?
  2. Hugo Strange has made a top secret deal with the Mayor of New York City. He will send a covert squad of TYGER guards to Manhattan Island to surprise and capture (one by one) each member of the Sinister Six, as well as the Kingpin, and have them all brought to Arkham City. In exchange, the Mayor gets to take credit for slashing crime rates by a staggering 65%. Hugo wants to see how these new batch of villains will fair once firmly locked inside his prison. The Kingpin w/ Doc Ock Kraven the Hunter Electro Hobgoblin Mysterio Shocker They have all of their standard equipment (just like Mr. Freeze and Bane) but once inside Arkham City, they will not be allowed to escape. What happens when they're inside?
  3. Would be a great fight, but no way would He-man reveals his identity to a complete stranger. He wouldn't reveal it to anyone, for that matter. (besides those who already know) Plus, He-Man would more or less try to use his intellect to figure this out. He wouldn't go slugging away just to prove he's stronger and more powerful. They would end up working together. For the question at hand though, my vote goes to He-Man; The most powerful man in the universe!
  4. I think this is def an occasion where Skeletor teams up with He-Man and both men combine their might and join their forces (as does the rest of Eternia) to vanquish Space Godzilla. In that case, if everyone on Eternia teamed up and joined forces, Space Godzilla would be toast. Too bad you didn't use the 80s comic book He-Man (the one the original 80s cartoon is based off of) where He-Man went blow for blow and was equal to Pre-Crisis Superman in terms of strength (when they crossed over). In that case, He-Man solos.
  5. Not really. More like dumb as f**k. Sure, it was surprising, but in a nauseating *facepalm* sorta of way. Like "WHAT?! Are you f**king serious?! BOOOOO!!!!!" Wolverine takes it via decapitating Aldick.
  6. *Sigh* Just hearing that name makes me want to vomit. Way to ruin a great character (if you know what I mean).
  7. Based on the info for Destoroyah, it said that Godzilla never actually defeated him. I havent seen the film yet, but based on that, especially since that was one of the strongest Godzillas to date, for me, that puts Big D on top. (Speaking of which, how do you think the Godzilla from the Destoroyah film stacks up to the Finals Wars Godzilla?) I wonder how a one on one with Mothra would go? Destoroyah vs Mothra. I would like to see a three way between Orga, Destoroyah and Hedorah. that'd be pretty sweet.
  8. Below are some of Godzilla's toughest foes ever. Who wins each match? How? Then from there, who wins from the winners? And finally, who is the last baddy standing? GIGAN vs MONSTER X ORGA vs HEDORAH SPACE GODZILLA VS DESTOROYAH Bonus: (GRAND) KING GHIDORAH
  9. Well, outside of Solar, how do Rune King Thor and Pre-Crisis sun-dipped Superman w/ Captain America's current shield hold up?
  10. LOL, I doubt anyone could stand up to that version Superman, especially with the Sword and Cosmic Armor. In that case, he's basically second only to TOAA. Please explain. I know Solar is a multiversal threat (if he wanted to be) but so is Unicron. And if his team pools their powers....
  11. Galactus, Unicron, and Ego together (as a team) have consumed an entire solar system of lush planets. Their insatiable hunger has actually weaned for the time being and they are feeling super-charged and roaring for another conquest. Realizing they could be more useful to each other together than separate, they decide to remain a team and pool their powers. With their combined might, the trio will attempt to consume whatever power they can from the White Hot Room itself, for if they succeed, their insatiable hunger will be forever quenched and their powers will grow astronomically and remain peaked forever. Rune King Thor senses their evil plot and knows that if they attempt this, it will have dire consequences for the entire Omniverse and every multiverse within will suffer because of it. He suits up in his Destroyer Armor and goes to Superman for help. Superman agrees and brings along with him his powerful friend, Solar Man of the Atom. Together, the three set out to stop Galactus, Unicron, and Ego at all costs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rune King Thor w/ Destroyer Armor Pre-Crisis Superman - Has been resting in the core of a blue star for a month and is using Captain America’s current Shield for added protection. Solar Man of The Atom is as powerful as he’s ever been Galactus Unicron Ego The Living Planet -All have just fed on an entire solar system and are feeling super-charged. They agree to work together as a team and pool their powers making them all exponentially more powerful because of it. This also links them together in a way which allows them to work in perfect unison together.
  12. Lol, so DC created Darkseid. Then Marvel created Thanos as (basically) a Darksied ripoff. Then DC created Mongol as (basically) a Thanos ripoff? Wow, haha. What if Superman were to fly into the core of the sun and sun-dip for an hour, and after emerging from the star, he immediately goes to Thanos to take him on? Supercharged Sups would seem like a handful for anyone.
  13. What do you mean about the backlash? Why was Xavier trying to stop WWH with telepathy having a backlash?
  14. Curious, but how does Martian Manhunter stomp so awesomely? Especially against the famed WORLD WAR HULK!
  15. Zangief is physically superior to Bruce Wayne in almost every conceivable way. However, Bruce Wayne is no pushover himself, and he's a genius. Bruce wins. Brains > Brawn
  16. Oh, I thought that was Ultron's official story, not yours. Lol, I thought Marvel did the same thing with him as Maestro. I was gunna be like, WTF Marvel. But if that's your setup, that's totally cool. As for my vote, I'm gunna have to read up on The Vision first to see what kind of a role he ultimately plays in all of this.
  17. LOL, Ultron's part about taking over the world in the future and killing off all the other heros and villains sounds pretty much identical to The Maestro.
  18. But what about this..... what if Pym shrinks Wolverine down to ant size, and instead of fighting, ant-sized Wolverine attempts to hide, or draw him in? Then if Pym goes small himself, it's essentially just 1 vs 1, unless he brings the ants in. But can the ants KO Wolverine?
  19. As long as you didn't change my "Classic80s" name, I wouldn't mind. If you're talking about the jumbled stuff above my avatar, by all means, please change it to Quizmaster. I like that title. And I am naturally curious, so it fits. About Adamantium: When you're referring to magnetism, are you talking about when Magneto ripped the adamantium out of Wolverine? Because that was adamantium-beta. Not pure primary adamantium. Slight difference. I don't believe he could do that to true pure primary adamantium. As for molecular rearrangement, I think it's possible, though it would still be extremely difficult and take sufficient focus. It wouldn't be like taking apart a piece of meat. You'd really have to put some serious effort into it. For Magic, again, I think it's possible for true power-houses like Rune King Thor to do it, but even then, I still think it would be extremely difficult. It would take one hell of a focused wallop to do anything other than knock it away like a baseball. And if you're referring to a spell or enchantment that would destroy it, I guess that's just another form of molecular rearrangement, so... From what I've read in the past, all forms of adamantium to have ever been adversely affected were retconned or revealed to really be secondary adamantium (or beta). It was whole reason secondary adamantium was created in the first place, to retcon all the times adamantium had been affected, probably because the writers realized how retarded it was to have an invulnerable metal (named "Adamantium" no less) that was able to be destroyed. It's like an oxymoron. So.... Secondary was the answer to that. About the actual fight: Keep in mind Wolverine probably knows this place like the back of his hand since he's been living here for months. Pym doesn't. Though I agree that he'd come prepared, that still doesn't mean he knows the surroundings like the back of his hand, like Wolverine does. So that'd one nod for Logan there. But would it be enough?
  20. Would be interesting to see if Logan could detect or smell Pym while he is shrunk down small.
  21. Is Adamantium resistant to shrinking/Pym particles?
  22. Logan has been off the grid for months. Xavier has been trying to find him and contact him telepathically for nearly as long but to no avail. Finally though he gets a break when he discovers the area Logan has been hiding in. With no one else available to send, he asks his friend Hank to go and find him and bring him back, for he fears that something is terribly wrong. So with that, Hank sets off to find him. When he does though, Wolverine is crazed; stuck in a state of perpetual berserker rage. Hank attempts to reason with him, but there is nothing to reason with. As soon as he realizes that Wolverine is in pure beast-mode and genuinely trying and kill him, goes all out himself and doesn't hold back. His goal is to defeat Wolverine by any means necessary and bring him back to the X-Mansion. Wolverine is in pure berserker mode and will do whatever it takes to kill Pym and tear him limb from limb. No BFR. Morals off. Fight takes place in the middle of nowhere, deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. The nearest population is 85 miles away. Who wins?
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