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  1. Very true, but that's the whole reason he's got a number of different suits. An Adamantium Suit would be kinda like "The Last Line of Defense!" Not to mention, at whatever point he makes an Adamantium suit, he would obviously put all the most top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, hyper-advanced stuff in it. So it would really be his only 100% indestrucable suit, that happens to be the most advanced suit he's ever created. Not to mention it would make his Hulk-Buster suit seem like it was made out of cotton candy.
  2. That's just incredible! But isn't WWH the absolute physically strongest version of the Hulk? (Not counting Cosmic Hulk who can use the power cosmic to up his strength)
  3. I personally don't really know anything about Superboy-Prime. What makes him so damn tough and hard to beat?
  4. So what's your guys' opinions on how this whole situation would play out?
  5. Iron Man's current suit already weights a lot. But he doesn't have to lift it himself. The suit does pretty much all the work for him. And I would imagine Stark would impliment some sort of ultra-high-tech "padding" or "cushion" on the inside. That way, even if he gets hit by a missle (or a Hulk punch), he'll be ok inside. Maybe there's some sort of biometric shielding on the inside which absorbes 98% of all blunt force received on the outside? Anyway, that, in addition with an all-adamantium suit would be amazing!
  6. Tony Stark could certainly afford a 100% pure Adamantium suit. I just don't understand why he doesn't buy/make one. Wolverine being pissed aside, Iron Man would become pretty much unstoppable in "fist fights" if he had an all-Adamantium suit. World War Hulk could pound on him all day long with Iron Man just sitting there talking it, and the suit would look no worse for the wear. In fact, even after days of Hulk beating on it, it'd still look bran-spanking-new. Then, of course, all Stark would really have to worry about are guys like Magneto and Xavier, and others who could really mess with his mind. It would certainly make for some really interesting stories though!
  7. Well it sounds to me like the Hulk is savagely beating the hell out of Iron Man. I must ask, why was Iron Man so stupid not to wear his Hulk-Buster Armor? Not to mention (off topic question) Why hasn't Iron Man made a suit out of pure Adamantium?
  8. He doesn't have to touch them to adapt to them. Once he see them and feels their essence, it's game over. He will slowly start powering up, basically adapting at will, then once he touches them, they are toast. Not tomention, Darkseid is a genious. Him combine with the brilliance of Brainiac will make him infinitly smarter, so he'll most likely already figure out what the Heralds will do, and have an answer for it.
  9. I don't know if you saw this, but I'll post it again: H/P Doomsday adapts ON THE FLY. Meaning, he'll be able to take everything they throw at him, adapt, then easily overcome them.
  10. Doesn't matter. Wherever Doomsday is sent to, no matter how long he is sent there, as soon as Darkseid wishes to bring him back, he will be brought back. And H/P Doomsday adapts ON THE FLY. Meaning, he'll be able to take everything they throw at him, adapt, then easily overcome them.
  11. ...not to mention that H/P Doomsday is the definition of unstoppable.
  12. As my first official match, please enjoy! There will obviously be some serious brain power at work here. If you read the set-up then you'll know this isn't just some regular fist fight. It's the ultimate battle of minds. Batman and The Riddler are working together to solve the most unsolvable puzzle ever! Something which was never meant to be solved. Something which only the brilliance of Reed Richards amalgamated with Brainiac could come up with. Pretty scary thought, huh! So how do you guys see this epic battle of wits playing out?
  13. I have to give it to Darkseid & Doomsday. Doomsday singlehandedly killed thousands of Green Lanters all at once. No one else has been able to do that. Not to mention Darksied at his peak is an equal with Thanos (See Marvel/DC crossover). Not to mention Darkseid is boosted with Brainiac. Doomsday & Darkseid win in an epic uberstomp.
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