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  1. The T-800 would stockpile a bunch of different weapons and ultimately defeat Robocop.
  2. The Wolverine was actually a really good movie. It's just that horrible unforgivable abomination of a retarded choice they made for the ending that's put me off to it almost completely. Before the ending, I would have easily purchased it on BD. But now, I don't know if I want to see it again. They totally just destroyed the whole mythology behind an item I held sacred as a fan. It's a great movie ruined (for me) by an inexcusable decision to do something that shouldn't have been done.
  3. How would he know? It was stated otherwise that Adamantium could withstand it. The first Silver Samurai is a mutant with the ability to generate a tachyon field, with which he can surround anything. He commonly uses his power on his sword, enabling it to cut through nearly anything, except substances as hard as adamantium.
  4. I've never seen anything to indicate he can. Every time he's tried, Wolverine's claws stopped his tachyon covered blade. In other words, Adamantium is immune.
  5. Vader: He could put me on a ship and send me away to the other side of the galaxy or beyond at faster than light speeds. That, or just put me on a ship and have that ship remain at full speed in hyperspace, going as far away as possible, all while taking out the other guys one by one. No one on that list would be able to track or find me in a ship traveling in hyperspace away from Earth. I could literally be anywhere, and no one has any means of traveling that fast or reaching hyperspace. Even if they did, there'd be no way to track me. So, Darth Vader.
  6. Well, at this point, it's hard for me to vote against Godzilla because they've made him so damn hard to beat. There's a reason he's "The King of Monsters." I've only seen two Gamera movies so I don't know a ton about him. But I think he's quite a badass too. As for their opponents, I don't know a whole about them either. Basically just what I saw in Pacific Rim. And while they were hard to beat there, Godzilla and Gamera have enough experience with other, much tougher, monster, I think they could win this fairly easily. So, Godzilla and Gamera.
  7. Just saw The Wolverine. I want to talk about the ending for a moment, so SPOILERS!!!!! (SPOILERS) ***********I about came out of my seat with disgust when the Silver Samurai cut off Wolverine's claws. What a crock of f*ck! It's been established that Adamantium is indestructible (i.e. "impossible to destroy") yet the Samurai cuts them off like they're made out of aluminium. And the idea that Adamantium can harm Adamantium is BS! Even if it's heated. Because when something is indestructible, that means it's impervious. Not "really durable but can be harmed by other items of the same material." Brian Singer and Brett Ratner realized this and kept the Adamantium indestructible. Yet when the other Wolverine movies came along, the first thing they do is "let's make his metal able to be destroyed!" Total bullsh*t!!!! I can only hope they don't something as stupid with Captain America's shield.
  8. Would be fun to see Lobo take a few solid shots at Apoc. Especially since Lobo is close to Superman in terms of strength.
  9. Because the writers never write him to his potential. Sadly, he's used mostly as a jobber.
  10. I always though it would be cool to see two different teams of "monsters" from two completely different eras duke it out.
  11. Apocalypse is made aware of Lobo through comments by Mister Sinister. Thinking Lobo would make for a good horseman, he tells Sinister to send a henchman to capture him and bring him back. But when the henchman is easily beaten, Apocalypse decides to handle it himself. Lobo has no idea what's going on when Apocalypse shows up. He just thinks it's another big brute come to fight. Apocalypse's goal is to augment Lobo and turn him into a horseman. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is Cartoon Apocalypse from 90s X-Men. (Not the jobber from the comics) Lobo has all his usual weapons.
  12. Anti-life equation pretty much makes Darkseid God, right?
  13. Thanos > Jobbersied Pre-Crisis Darkseid > Thanos
  14. Slashers vs Classic Monsters! As the villains hack their way across the country, a young woman is able to convince Dracula to help her. In turn, he turns to Frankenstein and The Wolf Man for help. Together, they go to face the villainous slashers down and stop them once and for all. Dracula will deal with Freddy (although Freddy exists in the dream world, Dracula can use his powers to help him battle the dream demon). Frankenstein (with a pitchfork) will deal with Jason. The Wolf Man will deal with Michael. (This fight is a 3 vs 3 tag team in the middle of the forest) Who wins?
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