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  1. Ye he does. He used hundreds of clones against garra. He can use thousands by this stage. So multiple rasengan is a possibility. He can also do giant rasengan, like he did against the itachi copy.
  2. Naruto has this in my opinion. Vader can be as proficient with the force choke as he wants. He wont choke out thousands of narutos before one of them rasengans the hell out of him.
  3. What ? Paper. It was the entire side of a dock warehouse. Show me anything that jason has done that comes remotely close to that
  4. First line - makes absolutely no difference, and is wrong. Second line - Spiderman is far superior to jason in strength and speed. If you can't see that, there is no point arguing Third line - Spidermans webbing is organic in the films, so he can't not have webbing.
  5. Spiderman has absolute every advantage here. He realises he's fighting a zombie, which he would do - he's spidey, kicks the crap out of him using his far, far superior strength(seriously, people seem to forget this guy can casually lift ten tonnes. Jason is no where near that strong),then just ends it with webbing.
  6. The picture that shows Alex Mercer.........pretty much says it all. Toph has a better chance, but that chance is only how much longer she can avoid for. Neither of these two would really hurt Alex.
  7. Please say it wasn't you Main Event.....
  8. Meh, it ain't me. Kid goku anyways. Pretty much same reason as Skirmisher.
  9. Makes sense to me but the feat is still very peculiar in my opinion. S'abit like me writing goku survived eating a senzu bean if you ask me
  10. True, but when we consider how far away he is from the sun, and it still effects him, surely if he can at least see the supernova, he should automatically be becoming super powerful. Meh, plot hole clearly. Think we've all established who would win anyways now....
  11. That seems very strange to me. Supers shouldn't even be affected by it.
  12. But isn't a supernova basically, an exploding sun/star? If anything shouldn't it have made him more powerful ?
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