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  1. I haven't seen it but I already disagree.
  2. Have to agree. I just read Red Son and even as a communist Superman is a boy scout.
  3. As Packie went to throw another bottle, Lynch started to shoot with his Automatic shotgun. The blast blowing the firebomb over his arm. Packie grasped the bloody stump with a loud scream. The other four seeing this and starting to shoot around the corner. Only able to keep their hands out for a second without pulling back not wanting to have a similar fate. "How'd you like that Irishman?" Lynch cackled some and soon gave the nod to Kane. "*vulgarity*... my hand... look at this shit. I gotta get back to the car." Packie ran as fast as he could down the stairs. As he hopped in the car both Kan and Lynch had jumped over the desk. They saw when Packie's boys went to peek. Kane took two out with precision shots in the head and neck. One ran towards the car, but it had already taken off so he ran down the street. The last man standing was looking down the barrel of Lynch's Auto-Shotgun. Soon his top half came off with a strong finger on the trigger covering Lynch in blood. "*vulgarity* now I need to get a new outfit. Well hurry up Kane, let's get out of here."
  4. Jinpachi Mishima... May be the boss of Tekken 5. But your talking about demi-gods and Godzilla fighters. Never played through a Tekken game, but pretty sure he can't destroy Tokyo.
  5. Henchman 21 started by throwing heavy punches swinging his whole body to give them added momentum. Stan was using his fast hands and forearms to block. But even blocking it was felt. He saw the butterfly dressed fighter was heavy on his feet. So Stan waiting for a pause in the punches. As soon as their was he dropped and did a leg sweep. It was a major success. Causing the large orange body to fall along side the car. Him catching himself on it, with a loud THUD! "Hey man... cheap! Cheap!" 21 called out soon getting back on his feet. Stan could hear his theme music in his head as the momentum swung his way. His fists moving fast. 21 was a tad slower to black taking a few less powerful hits to his vest. Feeling a bit stronger. 21 shifted momentum back by catching Stan in the jaw with his elbow. Stan started to bleed his lip cut on his teeth from the hit. The fight going back and forth near the car. "You know most tubby guys aren't this light on their feet. We could use a guy like you in the CIA." Stan made small talk as they squared off. Stan soon pinned to the side of the car. 21 holding a forearm on his chest to keep him pinned. His free hand jamming down on that pretty face. It bruising and cutting open in places. Things shifted as Stan kneed the groin of 21. As twenty one grabbed at it Stan slammed an elbow on his back. Pulling 21's arms back to lock him under. "I think I won this one there tubby." "I don't think so..." Stan was sure this lock was going to make him tap out. But soon 21 got to his knees and flipped Stan up and over. Dropping Stan on the ground. Stand got up weakly a bit shaken from the flip. Then 21 slapped his hand to the neck of Stan. In one quick motion he picked Stan up from his neck slamming him on the hood of the car. 21 smiled seeing it happen and then kicking Stan's side. "Dude! I knocked him out with a chokeslam! Who am I? The Undertaker? Damn it... just low level henchmen. Where are the venture guys or monarch when I do cool shit like that. Wish 24 was here. Well, let's get him back to the cocoon."
  6. Munny quickly got to work. As those lackies popped out with pistols trying to shoot Munny and his crew they would find their skulls blown off top hat included. Munny getting the first few kills. Tables being shot at and a thin layer of sawdust entering the air. It floated in the light as bodies fell left and right. Bill's men not showing up yet. Bill throwing knifes from behind the bar lining the door and windows as they slightly pierced through the wall. "Aye... you think being a good shot scars me? Watch this!" Bill popped his head out as he threw a butchers knife. Cleaving the head of one of Munny's men. The young gunslinger falling to his side rifle going off. Bill chackled like a mad man soon taking cover again, "You see that? You country boys, shoulda stayed in the country. One down four to go!" Butcher threw knives though between the sawdust and gunfire smoke the bar was getting hard to see in and out of. "Munny we better hurry this up if we are going to get this job done." Ned spoke firmly as he jerked his head to the side pulling out his pistol to show that he was going inside to take this close-quarters. Ned and Munny both slid in as the two outside take out shooters that would take the two down. Munny shooting a man on the balcony who had a large gun. Ned using the six shots in his revolver to finish off two more that popped out from the side of a table. Bill was running low on men it was just him and the last four behind the bar, luckily for him the reinforcements arrived. Bill was smiling knowing this meant he had made it. He stood clapping with a smile as Munny shot at him Bill took a bullet to the chest before laughing some. The men outside swarming the two of Munny's men. Taking a few shots, but winning with the sheer numbers. The gang hacking at them with a variety of knives as they screamed out. "Munny my dear boy. You know not what you are getting into. Boys, grab him!" Bill went down as the four of his men swarmed Munny who punched and kicked. Ned shooting them after reloading his gun. Bill threw his silver Stiletto into the throat of Ned. Ned would then just slowly black out as his breathing became difficult, blood filling his throat before he finally feel back and died on the bar floor. Munny was allowed to get free from the four, getting stabbed and hacked at before Bill smiled to him. Munny not having enough time to reload. His gun knocked across the floor during the conflict. "Well Bill..." Munny looked backed the front of the bar was covered in gang members fighting cops. The bar littered with those lackies Bill hand used as a shield. Ned, Munny's old black partner in crime dead blood dripping from the sides of his mouth. Stiletto in his Adam's apple. "You bested me this time... I suppose. Bill quickly started throwing knives. Two in the knees of William Munny, before he made his way over to Munny. Munny grabbed him, pulling him down and going for a punch as Bill stabbed into him with a large triangular blade wanting Munny to bleed out. The wound would be hard to stitch closed. As Bill stabbed him a few more times as Munny stopped fighting Bill would grab his hair pulling it back. Soon grabbing his bowie knife and scalping Munny. As he finished cutting off that cowboy pelt he held it in front of his still conscious face. "I told you I'd Scalp you, Munny. Should have gone home before your boys got hacked to bits." Bill went back his chest still bleeding as he exited out the back to go to his criminal doctor in the neighborhood. Hoping to come back to the bar later that night to tell of his exploits.
  7. Concrete was defensive as Grey soon threw a punch. The large giant deflecting it off his forearm. The rubble that was caused by the impact falling between the two. Some bullets bouncing off the back of grey as the Nepalese men shot off their rifles. Concrete throwing a punch back to knock grey back some. He took the offensive landing punch after punch onto the smaller stony figure. Being to active as Grey dodged and soon Concrete found himself smashing one of the stone villagers. Grey laughing some and scoffing, "Oh way to go. I can't turn them back to human from rubble. Not like that one was important, just an old hag, huh?" Grey taking it back but Concrete had good defense. Just blocking and dodging each punch until he booted the other in the stomach knocking him through a small house wall. The building falling in on Concrete. Grey just wiped his hands off. Soon moving over to the two withe the guns. His face being shot at point blank as he soon touched them turning the last two villagers into stone figures like the rest. As Concrete got his way out from the rubble he saw Grey just smashing most of the statues and laughing, "Just tell me where the treasure is grey old man. You cannot beat me. I have fought stronger men and weaker men in more of their prime. Give it up before I kill them all and you!" "No... I don't even know where it is. You come here expecting me to lead you to a treasure I've never even heard of." Concrete soon ran up behind him. He grabbed him around the waist and arched his back. German suplexing the other onto the gravel road. Concrete was quick to get up before Grey, as Grey stumbled to his feet Concrete ran in to tack, but soon found his face being kneed into. His face crumbling off it pieces. Grey soon stomping down on the back of his head to keep him down. "You are done... give up. Give up! How are the rocks?" Smashing the others face into the gravel. His heavy boot stomping down. Concrete kept trying to lift his head, but soon he went limp under the blue boot of that Grey Gargoyle.
  8. Agree'd that's my mission with CBUB. Look at my old matches. It's kinda funny how many had 0-0 When I used them.
  9. Yea, true story. I went to pop culture and clicked the Win/loss thing they both were on the same page with 0-0's. I had to right the wrong.
  10. Figured that counted as a match created. No biggie, still congrats.
  11. Don't underestimate hulkimania! As Hercule is an obvious parody of Hulk Hogan I gotta give it to the original. Plus this is Hulk in his ball park, in his prime at the biggest event in Wrestling. Also... it's a wrestling match, meaning Hulk is going to win. Hulk also is tied for the most belt wins at a Wrestlemania. Most World Title Victories (WWF, WWE & World Heavyweight Championship) 3 - John Cena (WM 21,25,26) 3 - The Undertaker (WM 13,23,24) 3 - Steve Austin (WM 14,15,17) 3 - Hulk Hogan (WM 5,7,9) Plus Hulk V Andre. Hulk wins but only after both exchange a lot of finishing moves. (Atomic leg drops and what not) Also congrats on the 100th match.
  12. Yea... I think maybe you haven't seen the newest season of Venture brothers? Cause if so... you may want to watch that before you vote. 21 completely changes in Season 4. Own all four. If you've ever watched old Hannah Barbara cartoons you owe it to your self to watch that series. Best parody ever.
  13. Really? I'm personally rooting for 21. I haven't seen Stan do enough hand to hand and it seems he mostly works in an office. (Episode : Flirting with Disaster) 21 has gotten bad-ass thanks to his Larping. Which btw is the coolest way to turn a nerd into a bad-ass.
  14. Basically a bad-ass cowboy. Just think of any Clint Eastwood movie. That is basically Munny. But older... I could have done. The good the bad and the ugly character. Cause this is early 1800's so Munny might not have been all that old. No timeline for the movie. Just Bill The Butcher since he was real.
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