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  1. Solid Light took the balloons, quite confused. No one had had ever really thought he could do anything important, let alone with balloons. After taking them, he spoke again, " Thank you? I think? I'll try to hold on to these, I suppose. Good luck with your little newspaper." He floated towards the line next, finally done with the doldrums that the various tables were. Chicken Lady responded to the large, imposing creature with a curtsy, "Thank you sir, I hope you a lovely rest of the day." Back at the Wizard school table, Cecil pondered his answer for a few moments, and then conveyed his response, " Well my mother was a wizard, or a witch, or something. To say the least she was a practitioner of magic, but specifically necromancy, and I simply took up the family profession, or at least on my mom's side. My father was actually a mad scientist, but that's an entirely different story." Knick-Knack quickly apologized, dusting himself off, " The fault is entirely mine, I'm sorry for being so rude."
  2. A small electronic whisper radiates from the metal man, " Motion: that we try stretching the truth first, and then use slightly more violent measures if this proves to fail?"
  3. Name/Alias: Cuddles the Robot Mark IV Age: Created 10 years ago Affiliation: KALI Personality: However cold and calculating you'd assume a robot to be, Cuddles is the exact opposite, as warm and comforting as a roaring fireplace. He'll go through any task given to him with complete and utter joy, wether it's saving a cat from a tree, or assassinating a corrupt political official. Although his monotone voice wouldn't suggest it, this robot's mind certainly isn't just a collection of 1's and 0's, although what exactly his mind is, is another question entirely. Body: Standard Strength: Weak Agility:Standard Mind:Standard Extraordinary Skills: Mind Blast-Standard (Ranged): The Circuitry of the Mind Now the scientists that gifted Cuddles with that lovely sentience of his, also gave him powers above the human. His computer mind could do things a normal person or robot could ever dream of doing. His computer mind can psyionically attack others, hurting the very mental abilities of others. Psychic Vampire-Standard (Ranged) (Linked to Mind Blast) I Can Hear Your Neurons Scream In addition to "Physically" hurting his enemies minds, Cuddles has a slightly more subtle form of attack, the theivery of their very mental abilities, powering his own to even higher levels of power, which he has no hesitation of using directly back on the poor victim.
  4. In the never-ending line, Chicken Lady's excitement took a slight break, as she noticed the reptilian creature eyeing her beloved flock of chickens, "Um, Excuse me mister, but I'd really appreciate if you wouldn't consider eating my chickies? I mean I'm not trying to be racist towards Dinofolk, but It'd be nice if you would just stop. Please?" Knick Knack, on the other hand, had his own confrontation to deal with, as he suddenly awoke from his day dream induced stupor, and was knocked to the ground, without any sort of warning. He would promptly return to standing up and turn towards the person, or whatever had knocked him down. " Hey, you! Yes, you over there. The one that thinks that it's perfectly ok to just walk all over the place and knock people down. I'd like to have a word with you." Cecil would continue his conversation with the wizard-y type person at the booth, "Well I myself am a magician of sorts, well not really a magician, but a necromancer, a tad more on the darker side of the magical spectrum, but I'm not evil or anything, Don't worry. What exactly is this magic school thingamajig anyway? Like a school for witchcraft and wizardry?" Solid Light would slightly tilt his head towards the man, "A futuresight? You've seen me doing something important? Or doing something in general?"
  5. I just noticed that Dorak actually reached past 500 points, I have no idea how that happened.
  6. The next group of four to enter the complex would be heard before they were seen, an eclectic symphony of chicken squawks, arguing and a barely audible monotone groan. The ending of a specific quarrel between a one Dr.Cecil and Mr.Knick Knack could be heard especially loud, as those two began walking towards the table. "...And that's why one should never ever let a kitten loose in the middle of a fight between a zombie horde, and mutant ninja cows, it just doesn't end up anywhere close to fine and dandy." "But Knick, All he wanted was some fresh air!" Cecil would immediately be distracted after finishing the sentence, quickly rummaging about almost, quickly reading pamphlets and other material provided, but not really paying attention to anything the booth tender's were saying, until he reached the final booth, "Magic? Oh boy do I like magic." Knick Knack on the other hand, took a thoughtful gaze around the entire room, and just decided to find a nice dark corner to lean against, crowds really weren't his things, and he soon took to daydreaming about this and that, really not paying attention to anything going on the room at the moment, meanwhile close to the door.... "Mr.Light! We're finally in Reach City! Or at least almost in Reach City, but that's besides the point. We're here! We're finally here! That countrywide road trip was worth it!" "Oh hip hip hooray, Lets hold a parade, I'll get the balloons." Solid Light was always known for being sarcastic, his friends were to no exception of this, especially Chicken Lady. He just couldn't handle the never ending chatter, and the chickens, oh those chickens, those he couldn't handle, not a bit. Light would begin to slowly float towards a booth, ending up at the one for the newspaper. He really didn't care where he ended up, and for that matter, he never really cared about anything. Chicken Lady on the other hand, would walk straight up to the metal detector line, chickens in tow, squawking away like madmen in an asylum. her excitement to enter the city exceeded that of anything the groups could offer her.
  7. I'd be semi-interested Nations thus far: Mordor (LOTR) Fire Nation (A:TLA) Gobbotopia (Order of the Stick) Empire of Blood (Order of the Stick) Menzoberanzan (Forgotten Realms) Smithy Gang (Super Mario RPG) BOBEDIT: Also, so you all now I'm Co-GMing this with Garland
  8. My team Edward Newgate Arrogante w/ ZanpakutĂ… Vulcan Superman Metroman Magneto (X-men Series)
  9. Sigh..... Now I'm going to need to break out the strength feats........ His strength closes dimensonal rifts Thor doing very well versus the Hulk Lifts the midgard Serpent Can take a hit from Hulk, and can dish one out He's taken hits from both Maxam and Drax WITH THE POWER GEM, at the same time, and instantly recovered A thor that isn't holding back can easily manhandle Gladiator, Thor, Strength-wise, is just not one you mess with, And I haven't even begun to post the estortic powers of his mighty Hammer, which range from insane energy absorption, to time manipulation, to transmutation. I believe, that on a good day, he has a heck of a good chance of winning against Goku
  10. No problem, Just hope this proves to Pympex the few true things you were saying.
  11. I realize that scans are usually not given in debates such as this, but I feel that a few should be shown, as to back up a few points Jaeger has stated. Here Thor explains his restraint A modern example of Iron man noting the difference in Thor's attacks when not holding back Thor shows Microsecond reaction times A groggy thor manages to redirect a Physic attack, which are usually shown to be instantaneous Just a few things to think about
  12. I'll take a stab at this, Kingdom Come Superman Hal Jordan w/Green Lantern ring
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