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  1. No more FPL or CBUB. Tis a sad day for all the electrified ferrets out there. Anyone I know hang out at other sites?

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    2. deojusto


      Yeah, I was thinking we could in theory find a corner of comicvine or something and just start posting FPL stuff. There wouldn't be a match system but fics would still be doable.

    3. KevinDWolf93


      Im game if anyone else is....I have to earn my rep

    4. Nihlium


      I'm ready for anything FPL related; We could start something on Wordpress or some other website. I had an account of comicvine but only god knows the password for that.

  2. I need to do better then monkeys this time around. I'm in though.
  3. Has anyone played Deadpool yet?
  4. Hit Monkey in a jungle. You couldn't ask for a better set up. All hail the Damn Dirty Apes!
  5. Amazo used to have a cooler picture. Now he looks like Namor on steroids.
  6. Just as a heads up, if your actual intent is to convince people, calling them retarded rarely works. Perhaps explaining why you think this doesn't work as a feat might help, because right now it just sounds like 'nuh-uh, you're dumb!', and argument made all the worse when you think he blocked the bullets with a sugn .
  7. You get points from me on that reference
  8. He punches people, that's kung-fu'y. He's got some powers but so do Iron Fist, avatar benders, street fighter fighters, and a bunch of anime martial artists. If I had it to do over again I'd would have gone Primeape in order to fit my theme, but I didn't think of it at the time. In short vote Monkey, because who doesn't love monkeys? Except Superboy. And Snake Eyes after this match.
  9. Yeah, probably. Worth a shot though,
  10. PS, if were supposed to officially use the 'strongest' version of a character then I can use Kong from King Kong vs Godzilla (American version) That's right baby. He doesn't just ride on boats anymore, he stomps cruise liners like leaves. That Kong eats other kongs for nourishment
  11. A little poo? No one's talking about a little poo; Morlun would be swimming in it my friend. That's right, get that image out of your head.
  12. Kong has high agility, super strength, terrain advantage... but yeah, I don't know that much about Morlun. If this was Kong vs Spidey I would have a better feel for what was going on, but with no familiarity, I'd advise Kong to revert to his ape ways and move to ranged feces based strategy.
  13. To be considered an anchor, this would have to be like Movie Hulk, or maybe tv series hulk.
  14. He'd see it coming, he is a Detective Chimp after all. Batman is only the world's greatest human detective.
  15. I bet I could find her slot, *drum snare
  16. Murder of Crows evens the numbers. Not to mention possession; I don't know if you can use it on a Hippo, but you could certainly try.
  17. It doesn't say where the mission takes place. For all we know they're trying to infiltrate a zoo. Check and mate.
  18. Grundy got a boost in that episode as I recall, and was able to absorb Amazo's energy for some reason. He was tougher then normal Grundy, but he still wasn't God Mode, he was just sort of problematic. Darkseid is still Darkseid. Darkseid IS. And in Destroyer he merges with brainiac and becomes even more IS then normal. This isn't even close. Whether he teleports Grundy to the sun, just beats the crap out of him until Grundy begins to disintegrate from the force, or decides to Omega Beam his zombified butt into non-existence, Darkseid is never so much as challenged.
  19. I might have to go with the Rapturians, and not just to be a contrarian. I could see Big Daddies taking out Mechanized patriots, and the handymen all have big 'drill here' signs right over their exposed hearts. Though Songbird could even the score. Still, pretty much everyone in Rapture has plasmids while most of Columbia's foot soldiers are normal humans. also, S'up Mags, long time no see.
  20. Just pick the one you like better I suppose
  21. They're reflections, but they're not identical. There are a few key differences, -Rapture is inhabited almost entirely by Splicers while Columbia is filled with mostly normal people. -Despite being decades behind Rapture chronologically, there seem to be more guns in Columbia, or at least more people who actively use them -While both sides have heavy hitters, they are still different heavy hitters. Handymen are a lot faster then big daddies, but daddies have more complete armor and no giant weak-spots. -Both sides have turrets, and since the battle's taking place in both cities, Songbird could still be used to defend Columbia In my mind Rapture might be easier to defend just because it isn't as wide open as Columbia, and there would be little to no worries of collateral damage since everyone is a splicer already. But then again, there is always Songbird.
  22. I'm not going to get into whether or not Ki is essential to life in DBZ because I haven't watched the show in a long long time. You could hypothetically wave a magic wand and make all the Ki go away without any adverse effects. I will say however, that without ki he isn't really Goku anymore. The character does have skill and technique, but that skill and technique goes part and parcel with anime energy stuff. Batman trained on mechanics because his world doesn't revolve around Ki, goku would have been silly just to focus on mechanics because his world is different, and pushing him into Batman's world without the ki throws out years of what he trained himself to do. It's like putting Dumbledore in a fist fight, or saying if Wally West lost the speed force, would he be able to outrun Usain Bolt just on 'technique'. Yeah, you could feasibly imagine it, but it sort of misses the point.
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