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  1. I like the fact that there's an RP cave. It upgrades us from basement status just by a hair. I might change my name when I register but you all already know Deo, so it might be something close. Just realized though, should we update the tv-tropes page to the new site, or should it be taken as only referring to FPL?
  2. You made it onto the winning side of Fallen Academy
  3. I'd be willing to run an RP, but only if we held off the actual planning until we transferred over to the new site. We don't know what circumstances we'd be working on, if their is a planned plot direction that could alter said plans, or if any, (no jinx), bugs existed in the forums that would alter our ability to do stuff.
  4. I'm personally letting everyone on my roster perish in flames. Becki, the Angels, Infinium, all of 'em. Murder your darlings and start anew.
  5. This all sounds pretty great. Tarv and Landon, both you guys deserve friggin statues for stepping up to the plate like this; seriously like with horses and swords and stuff. I echo a lot of what other people have said, and I've been following the discussion, but I'm mostly going with the flow here. However if there is some financial expenditure involved in setting the site up, I would be willing to chip in via paypal or something.
  6. Delilah Morgan approaches from behind and places her fair hand on his thorny backside. "I will be your friend..." Fade to black... and then they get it on.
  7. That one had something to do with video games right?
  8. In light of certain recent events, the FPL will soon be no more, http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/32398-retiring/(or else Fox is just playing a very cruel practical joke). So I say we give Khazan a proper send off straight from the book of revelations. Its the end of the world as they know it, and what are your characters up to in their set ups? 1. Also, what kind of apocalypse would be fitting? The Return of Quietus? A Fallen takeover? Sayang emerging from the depths of chaos? Or maybe the universe simply falls inward on itself and collapses, with no one able to stop it. 2. What would people be doing? Dinas would probably sit back and reflect, Helenas would pray, The Alphas would try and keep the peace as long as they could, and Becki would finally ask Axl out on a date, Etc.
  9. No more FPL or CBUB. Tis a sad day for all the electrified ferrets out there. Anyone I know hang out at other sites?

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    2. deojusto


      Yeah, I was thinking we could in theory find a corner of comicvine or something and just start posting FPL stuff. There wouldn't be a match system but fics would still be doable.

    3. KevinDWolf93


      Im game if anyone else is....I have to earn my rep

    4. Nihlium


      I'm ready for anything FPL related; We could start something on Wordpress or some other website. I had an account of comicvine but only god knows the password for that.

  10. See, had I not been lazy and actually written a set-up it might be useless now unless all the same people win their matches. So really I don't suck nearly as much as I've been accused of.
  11. 2 things. 1. I didnt say it was ridiculous, I merely posted a picture of a vacuum cleaner. 2. I take multiple days to write all my characters, even the short ones, and the 50 page fics may get posted in a few days but they're written over the course of months. 3. I have a job now, 2 actually, and they have affected my fpl productivity to some degree, in addition to the bi-weekly lsat classes. 4. I'm not great at counting.
  12. I need to do better then monkeys this time around. I'm in though.
  13. I need to add Little Lovecraft to the geography section one of these days. Already did it.
  14. Thanks for the appreciation Treach and Pseudo. I read what you guys said I just couldn't get around to responding till now. Its always nice to know people are reading my stuff.
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