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  1. Obligatory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyGMiwOGBfM
  2. Robocop: "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!" Edward: "I'm undead." Robocop: *whirr* *click* *beep* Edward: *stare* Robocop: *moonwalks back into the car* Edward: *stare* Robocop: *drives off* Edward: *stare* Edward: *stare* Edward: *stare* Edward: *stare* Edward: *stare* Edward: *stare* Edward: *stare* Edward: *stare*
  3. Chun-Li pretty solidly. Street Fighter characters have rather superhuman basic physical stats like strength and toughness, and Faith, while an excellent freerunner, isn't too impressive in melee. gives a nice impression of how they move (and note the instance when Juri was hit hard enough to bend the metal behind her, but it wasn't hard enough to hurt her noticably).
  4. *cough* Feats to back. . . any of that up as being relevant? I'd *especially* like to know what evidence there is to peg a daemon as "Thor strong." Also, note an important difference: the Chaos Gods are powerful, yes, but they can't simply remake the entire universe to their will if they are allowed to leave the Warp. The Warp, yes, they can rewrite more or less as they want, but not tangible reality unless they successfully break it down into its component parts first. Shuma-Gorath, Dormammu, and a couple other Strange villains? Are only prevent from rewriting the entire universe by the fact that they *aren't in it.* Hence why the big adventures involving them tend to consist of "prevent ____ from gaining access to our reality, otherwise we are *vulgarity*ed."
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz7_2wyRSLg
  6. The trilogy X is better since he has more experience than First Class. This is pretty obvious.
  7. I think Kane's biggest problem is scale. If he wants to do big things, he needs to somehow get access to the Ecclesiarchy, because building his own alternate power structure would just plain take too long. Yes, he's immortal, but his efforts are for nought if a thousand years into his five thousand year plan to conquer the Imperium, his power base gets smashed by random Ork Warrgh.
  8. I think Red Foreman would give everyone a swift kick in the ass and go home.
  9. Zeromaru was able to tank attacks from an Ultimate, and had to avoid completely destroying a town in one of his fights. This version of Masaru isn't cutting it.
  10. You vastly underestimate the both of them. Dr Strange, in particular, is a guy who can cork black holes, explode stars, and tell universe-scale reality alteration "No." There. . . really isn't anything the Imperium has short of *maybe* the Emperor Restored who would stand a chance against the guy.
  11. Uhhh, since you say "season 1" I assume you're using anime Sailor Moon? Cause manga version Sailor Moon would fodderize him. Hell, even anime version Usagi looks like she'd win. Funny thing: I just watched Are You Afraid of the Dark? in its entirety which is often compared to Goosebumps.
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