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  1. Pai seems like she's put in a lot of work to improve. This would be a good match but Pai should win.
  2. Picking Kokoro who made it to the quarter finals of the fifth DoA tournament. Aoi, on the other hand, seems to always have early exits from the tournaments that she competes in.
  3. As Kibax mentioned, Tira is pretty unstable and I think a manipulative character like Mai could use that to her advantage. It would be close but I see a bloody Mai walking away as the victor.
  4. It says that Angel has enhanced strength, speed, and toughness but since all fighting game characters are superhuman anyway...Still, Angel is a professional killer and she would likely overwhelm Mika after a decent fight.
  5. I've always seen Guy (and Cody) as being a notch below Ryu and Ken. I think Andy is just a notch below that so I'm picking Guy. I could be convinced that Andy and Guy are of similar skill but Guy's speed advantage should still give him the win.
  6. I like Steve in this fight. He seems like the better all around fighter, though he'll be giving up some power for sure. It'll be close but I see Steve eeking out a victory.
  7. I agree with the above posts. Ganryu is simply the superior fighter.
  8. Hilde is going to discover the hard way that Leona's hands can cut as well as any sword. Somehow, this fight seems like it would look really cool in an anime format.
  9. Going with Zangief. I think is the more skilled of the two. It won't be easy though as 'Geif will be giving up some size and reach
  10. Sagat doesn't fight too many opponents with a reach advantage over him. Sagat does have ranged attacks that will help even out the fight. I see Sagat winning here and I look forward to Adon's excuses as to how Sagat pulled out the victory.
  11. Robert is very good and this fight could probably go either way in a straight fight. Rose in this scenario would, at the very least, be a distraction to Raphael. Robert takes the fight, most likely with a little help from Rose. If Rose wasn't present, I'd give the slight majority to Raphael.
  12. Since this isn't a tournament fight, is Nina carrying any other weapons during this encounter?
  13. You are doing a great job with this story. There are so many characters involved. As for the fight, I believe Kuma will win. Kuma's trainer, Heihachi, is vastly superior to anybody that Blanka has ever trained with. Additionally, Kuma was able to defeat Paul Phoenix in a match which is a pretty strong feat, even if Paul was not really fighting his best at the time.
  14. Picking Lau here. Marshall seems a little star stuck.
  15. This is tough as they seem pretty evenly matched. Bruce's background makes it seem like he's had a harder life so he probably has more well-rounded combat experience and possibly a greater degree of toughness and perseverance. I'm picking Bruce to win in a very close match.
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