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  1. Is that my legacy on here? Ill take it I guess.
  2. dang I basically was raised by this site. Nice to see it up and running!
  3. Hey Ferrets. Some of you may remember me from about half a decade ago. I just found out this place exists again and happen to have some time on my hands. Due to the recent release of the game Siralim, I am eager to attempt to create a monster tamer rpg, but Id like to know if theres an interest for it here before working on it. Id probably be using a modified version of the Majimonsters ruleset. (think pokemon but with trainer classes)
  4. Ursa: Ursa decides he has no reason to approach just yet, the water was doing it's job and after he cooled down a bit, Ursa was sure he could just break him. He decided to switch targets and looked around for whoever was the next biggest threat. He would proceed to head over to them and try to dropkick them, preferrably into the charginf rhinoceros he could only assume was Ani. Animalius: He decided the lava man was being handled well enough, he tried to take out the two guys with guns. He saw a group already handling them as well, but they looked like they could use some help. He turned into a cheetah as he passed them to not knock them all out and then went back to rhino and tried to knock down the robot gunners. Minerva: Minerva figured the brightest thing to do was melt the guns, the sprinkler system however was not helping. she instead leapt onto the rhino and would proceed to leap off and flying kick anything left standing that was not made of lava. Dark Lizard: He proceeded to tackle rose down so she wouldn't get shot before putting his hands in the air and surrendering to the cops. He was pretty sure he could break out and even if not, life in prison was life at least...
  5. Martyr nodded and continued doing what she was doing, staying out of explosive range. That done she looked around curiously to see what else was happening. She needed a full view on the current situation if she wanted to make any tactical suggestions
  6. Ursa: The large bear semi-human figured his best bet was probably not fistfighting the guy made of lava, but he doubted that at this point he had any choice on the matter. He would throw a boomerang from his pocket, have it catch the fire from minerva's little fireworks show and go to the roof, hoping to start the sprinkler system. If this worked he would go full semi-human and just charge up and maul the damn thing. If it proved ineffective, he decided his best option was simply avoiding battle. Minerva/Animalius: Ani landed on her shoulder before dropping down and going to his human form. "Where's Ursa?" He asked, almost immediately. Minerva pointed off in the direction while assuring everyone she was fine, just tired.. "Alright, stay safe." Animalius yelled back as he charged into the main melee and became a rhino. Minerva proceeded to head in there herself. She hoped her armor would keep her safe as she went for a flying kick to the nearest enemy. Dark Lizard: He was both low on energy and now not exactly at his a game. Covering her was gonna be tough. He looked around for a table or something to grab and block some shots with, if that didn't work he would just start punching at the damn walls to try to break the damn things or at least to draw fire.
  7. Or a howler... that one thing in the animorphs universe known for kind of destroying all life on planets by sheer badassery...
  8. 3. alright then. 4. Not when it's hitting you it isn't. 5. Rachel has a Hork-Bajir (which btw have enough regen to recover from a sliced skull in a few seconds), she's also had the power to morph into anything she could think of at one point so... good luck killing something bulletproof or something that can move at any speed. 6. because Animorphs have never dealt with fireballs... besides their very first fight of course. sure, if he survives he might get lucky, but if Rachel can be anything, I doubt he will. 7. Ok... back to the becoming something bulletproof part. She can be anything when she's at her most powerful.
  9. 1. Sure, let's go with Rachel because... why not. 2. At her most powrful she can shapeshift into anything she thinks of. 3. Alright... cool, how long does it last? Is there a window of time when Racheln can land a hit? 4. Sure, but the animorphs aren't exactly easy to hit. 5. Animal? yes, but all of the animorphs have some powerful morphs on em that have nothing to do with the animal kingdom on earth. 6. Again, they do not start with visual on each other, the animorphs thrive with that, they will be morphed long before they are spotted, even Rachel who's an impulsive monster out for blood even at best, knows enough to hide in good places and morph before doing something stupid.
  10. Alright, so I did some research on booker dewitt... which vigor does he have? Or does he just have all of them? :/ Also, the animorphs usually fight the yeerks, who have guns way better than anything dewitt has.
  11. forget the bullet proof thing, animorphs wouldn't go big in a place with low visibility against a guy they can sneak attack... :/
  12. Umm the Animorphs have dealt with gun weilders before... kind of routine really.They would find a way to hide and sneak attack the guy, in which case he'd be screwed.
  13. Ursa: Ursa figured the best the best strategy was to take out the guy who's flamethrower was out before it was operational again. At least that way he didn't have to worry about being burned and had a flamethrower in a little while. He leaped at him and tried to kick him in the nose. Minerva: She turned her suit and shot fire back at it. hoping to cancel it out. She tried to use her powers to at least slow the things down. If none of this worked she would leap out of the way and not look back as she charged into action herself. Animalius: Animalius turned into a bird and flew over the crowd, searching for his family and more importantly, opponents. He would fly towards whichever he found first. If it was an enemy, he would become a rhino as he swooped down and crash into it. If he spotted a family member he would land and ask for a status report. Dark Lizard: "Someone cover me!" He yelled out as he tried to disarm the explosives. If this miraculously worked, he would drop kick the door down and get the hell out of there, dragging Rose behind him. If that somehow worked, he'd proceed to find a decent hiding spot, since he assumed most would assume he would just run.
  14. Martyr nodded to show she heard, before remembering she had to show respect, "Yes captain." She had focused on weapons during her schooling, but tractor beams had always been useful tactically. She knew how to use them and proceeded to try to trap them with the tractor beam.
  15. Minerva/Ursa: Minerva went near Ursa as he got up, looking around who threw the grenades. If she spotted them, she'd point them out. Ursa would get up nontheless and if they were not spotted, he'd head in that direction and hope to find them. DL: The dark lizard was not expecting a good punch, he stumbled backwards and was dazed for a few seconds. By the time that ended the armor was gone though. He swung an uppercut at the man's jaw as revenge and began looking for an escape route. This would get ugly fast, and he had no intention of being here when that happened. "You see any exits?" He'd ask rose. Animalius: "Under attack?" He asked as soon as he heard it. Not long later he was a gigantopithecus charging into the heroes room and looking for danger. The summon from before would sneak into the guardians room and try to get tippy the squirrel to translate his question to the guardians.
  16. Pokemon are ridiclously powerful in the manga, compared to the anime anyways.
  17. Actually, it's the other way around. It takes the new host a few seconds to regain thought.
  18. Not many that he would go for. He has quite the arsenal, if he sees the guy has claws he's not gonna go with something that can be cut easily...
  19. why is the whole eating him thing the answer. This is a guy who can morph a scaled 30 foot creature with acid covering the skin or a slime that can enter the lungs and absorb oxygen, or a giant stone elemental. He can knock out wolverine. :/
  20. DL: The large gator tries to get his between the gun away from his enemy by elbowing him out of the way. DL tries to just pin him down and keep striking. He looked around to see how others were doing. Ursa/Minerva: Minerva shoots at fire, trying to reverse the momentum and keep the duo safe. Ursa looked to see who toseed the grenades, he was moving towards them the direction it was tossed from at a quick speed, leaping at whoever it was and kneeing them in the jaw. Ani: Animalius leaves behind a summoned weasel hidden nearby. He would have it report to see if anything happened. He was going in paranoid. He felt the summon might at least get ursa to bust him out of trouble if needed; He didn't feel that they could get to that point, but he was not one to underestimate.
  21. Just pointing it out, due to Icingdeath (One of Drizzt's swords) Drizzt knows exactly where Hellboy is at all times. He also has the ability to make it dark so that hellboy can't see, and due to being a drow he can see in the dark.
  22. Not if he gets frozen. Also, Drizzt has Gwenhyvar on him, so Hellboy has two opponents. I don't think he'll outlast both. We're also assuming he doesn't get killed before then. I sincerely doubt hellboy will land a hit, drizzt has fought much faster. Drizzt also has a blade with +2 cutting. That arm of his might be gone pretty soon.
  23. Alright, yes, the definition made no sense. That is no excuse to punish people who... read the definition. If you're biased because of that, don't vote. Sorry to anyone who goes up against non street level characters but that's how it works :/
  24. I think wth Fox mods, it becomes a classic speed vs strength and durability, except instead of the speed being tactical, it charges... I'm leaning towards vilgax on this one but I'll wait to vote.
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