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  1. http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/gaming/2013/08/28/nintendo-2ds-impressions/2718421/ Nintendo, were you on something? Its ok, we're your friend, you can tell us. In truthfulness, im not sure of the design being all that comfy. Or childproof...Ill admit between me + extended family we managed to kill 3 original gen. DS'(for the record I shattered the hinge on the original white ds lite, takin out the top screen and my cousin took out two...how i dont exactly know, but one involved a german shepard apparently) but my brothers 3Ds has faced hell in two months and came out on top. Sure the things officislly a brick now, but watch the screens. If nothing else, I hope their ad campaign is completely tongue in cheek since they have to realize how much crap their gonna get for this.
  2. Actually, from what I think I've pegged regarding your taste from other various reviews, sounds about right to be honest. I disagree some of the lower ranked, but I'm pretty sure we have vastly different tastes(possibly aside from digging well-executed flat-out crazy awesome) and mindset going in, so that's kind of ok. Specifically wanna single out Lone Ranger at 7 being pretty interesting pick. Agree with the description, I caught an 8 pm showing the night before Monday and didn't regret it. The climax makes up for any flaws(which there were) by the choice of soundtrack alone if you're the right kind of person and I honestly want to think Verbinski was trying to modernize the film serial format with it.
  3. Will work on a login....tomorrow. Still, liking what Im hearing. RP's ahoy!
  4. Eh, basically what treach said initially. Still working on that poll.
  5. To throw in my two cents, I'd like the first act up to middle of the second to resemble DCAU's episode World's finest. We have Bruce Wayne first and Batman ninja'ing come sin if/when he suspects one or both parties(Superman or Lex if he shows up). Any confrontation(including figuring out each other's identity) is a mental battle. Personally if they could do something like this scene, I'd be happy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe_Y5bX61D8&list=TLTsXFXkZ1OLc
  6. Heh for sure! *insert my body is ready joke*. One bit on the rule of thumb thing; I figure we wanna keep light on events we're bringing over but as updatedude said about characters, would it be better to transplant certain things like that or at least make them a given. For example, let's say Dayshift (assuming SLJ is a thing still in this new continuity) is something a guy wants to incorporate into a storyline. Am I right in assuming we first want to clear that all of the following exists, but would it be helpful if we have a writeup of those events for reference if allowed? Would that sort of go under the wiki idea or would it being in fic form be preferable where we streamline the events for guys to read. Id say more, but I want to make sure I am actually making sense before I go on.
  7. At some point this week, will post topic to bring everything in line for where we are going next(because it appears we will...ish). Sort of like a will reading, except more bickering and less will get done in the first four hours.

    1. Magnetrex


      That sounds like my kind of place

  8. forums not popping now is it? Oh, just...well I have to ask. Might as well throw it in for the future to look back at. Funniest: *ND's rping flub's- All of them. Go out and find em while they're still here. RP board and CBUB RP, you'll be able to tell where he's been. Favorite: *Landon's RP- Im an rp kind of guy, been in a lot and loved a few. However when all is said and done Sky City was sort of awesome. Landon did a good job overall, the pacing was amazing(thanks to landon having deadlines...genius), and magical girls are great. The action was tense and my PC got semi-fame status without hardly being in anything else up to this point. Oh and then like 3/4 of the team died. Still sorry bout that landon, was kind of our fault, a few things went wrong(well a few things and a suicide bomber). Damn fine stuff for getting tpk'd within a week, I'm first in line on the off-chance he ever does that shit again. *Scariest: About 40 seconds ago- When I read treach's line and thought the forum was going down today before we could get everything in order.
  9. Eh, in like 3 days I was gonna post a topic to kinda see which option(of like....four now) to go towards for the future because we have people emotionaling and going in different directions which is...counterproductive. Even if we get some segregation, which on FPL choice should be fine I suppose, having your top 10 friends list spread across that many websites that are in no way interconnected kinda seems to defeat the point of a successor site. I went right to being all for peypeys place(heh funny name) because I didn't think this level of response would be done. Now we know though so Im all for thinking this all through. Even if we just keep links open between places instead of one replacement location we should all be on the same page of that imo. After all the family and community talk we had on the first go anyways. Plus, while not everybody does a fair amount of dabbling, personally I got a foothold in FPL and was in the beginning with what little rping community we have/had. CBUB stuff is also of course in the question so full separation isn't awfully appealing to me.
  10. Heh, by contrast I don't like throwing away ideas so wherever this place goes I got my brain to semi give me stuff. Presuming we all figure out where and when we will be doing said move(seriously I am hearing like 3 ideas that seem solid enough and no two people are acknowledging more than 1) it shouldn't be that hard to move past a character generator. Still, if ya'll need help in cataloging this junk lemme know. Participating is fun.
  11. Im game if no one thinks it's inappropriate(as a sort of business as usual way of moving past I mean).. Regardless, props for such a very quick response time pey x. Looks real similar layout.
  12. Dammit kwolf, you have terrible timing :P. Oh well, maybe some day I'll get the chance to wow you all FPLers properly. For now though; still technically under contruction on my profile: KWolf's parting RP tips. Cheap gags and suvial techniques. Watch now :P

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      I can't believe it's coming to an end.

  13. Heh, well it'd be a fitting way to send-off but given emotion on my end I'll say I'll do what I can if something comes up. Backlogged in my head are beginnings to stuff I now wanted to get a steam on, not an ending to seal the deal. Though something quick and ambiguous as to spread the debate of who was doing what(or who at this rate) sounds good to me. Still, if we're trashing the set, Karen's wearing that WMA belt with pride as she joins her friends for the next life; any kind of mark left is a good one. Rob's gonna give all allies old(Redfield) and new and unexplored(Slag....in hindsight this could be worded better) because he was in the mopiest phase, so nutting up seems like the fitting end since I forgot to do that myself. Zach died on top(sort of), he's gonna hang with his buddies and sister I forgot to make fic's about. Everyone else offscreen that I never yet revealed cause of my oopsies. Well they did something offscreen, I'm taking what victories I can get . Personally I don't really throw away ideas so to the storage bin we go! Thank you all for letting me participate though. I had better see you around. EDIT: What Ivan said.
  14. Heh, well guys the news is in. EF's days are numbered but it was a hell of a run. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/32398-retiring/ Looking back to the very first post from back then was pretty impressive how me and some of you guys came. Hmm, gonna miss these forums I do think it sucks on my end that this thing outlived the boards it was made on . Well, it was fun right guys? Yep,, this site's going down and I SURE AS HELL DON'T PLAN TO LET THE RP FOLLOW. Sentimental is sentimental, but I wanted to know/hope you guys are still in for the haul since this things actually got something approaching momentum :/. I'm not sure where or how yet, but I do want to continue doing this thing. If I got any takers please let me know and if someone has a bright idea where to bring this I'd love to hear it.
  15. It's been a long road to Smash Bros U, but especially for one man in particular.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98DG-rEaxGk
  16. *Alice/Destiny- The Commander sort of had to live with her decision, the carnage of battle wasn't new to her but she probably could've realized not everyone would want to hear that sooner. Destiny was familiar with bloodshed and even she was wincing at the audio feed. "Slipped up a bit there. hag." Destiny snarks to herself as she remains at her post. Alice doesn't exactly complain when her subordinate orders for the comm shut-off. Any conversation either of them wanted to have over that would come later. "Alright, the second we get something other than combat chatter I want to try and get ahold of one of their MA's; we need a status report before anything else happens." Alice sighs, not happy at being unable to do anything. *Larkin- The young Daedalian probably should've known better about the biting tendancies of a Sh'ra from all the stories he's heard, but Larkin was forced to dodge rather than parry. Running on reflex, he attempts to sidestep and slash the Sh'ra across the back with his sword before his enemy could recover from the charge.
  17. Alright that wasn't so bad. Luckily, the one thing I posted that got deleted wasn't all that important.

  18. Hero Orientation room; State of the room- In short: wild and crazy. Those that could escape had a way out, though the day was still young, anything could happen at this point. Those who weren't on their way out the door were either taking their chance to fight the threat or were too injured, or we're still deciding which of the other two options they would prefer;. The event's security were there to join the fight and suppress the enemy assault rather than evac injured, unfortunately for those who didn't have much option than to lay around. The fight in the back was loud and quite obvious to everyone regardless. In the apex of the brawl one particular fighter successfully tries out a theory about fighting fire with water and with a well-timed moment of desperation the room's sprinkler's go off. The majority of people on the run certainly weren't expecting that, causing a bit of panic as things started to get very wet and a tad slippery. Anyone escaping through the front door would spot the two Anthropomorphic police officers who we're holding the escape path open. The lizard-woman of the two was peering through a sniper's scope and she seemed to have lined up a shot when the deluge poured on down, likely ruining her shot for the moment. She shakes her head, surprised by the turn of event and those with sensitive ears could pick up on a few choice expletives from the second feline officer who didn't seem very happy with the situation either. This wouldn't stop the fight out-right for either side, but a bit of water could very well be a game-changer, for who though was yet to be seen. *Vs Eruption, the man of lava(Ursa Rajom, Nicholi D. Trake, Trace, Emma Fox &co.)- Ursa was the one who set off the sprinklers and for the moment his plan was panning out very well. No flamethrower units were left on the forefront, but the magma man was not happy with the large output of water landing on his outer shell of a body, the glowing magma inside faded a bit as steam rose off his frame due to the high output of the sprinklers. If nothing else, he was distracted enough to take his eye off the fighters who had challenged him and in Ursa's case he was free to try and bite away. His transformation was quick, within a second he was closer to a bear than a human and his charge forward went unimpeded, wet floor and all. His bite lands around Eruption's arm, the initial chomp is hard but it only just barely cracks the outer lava rock shell. Ursa could take his move from there, but Eruption seemed strong enough to lift the bear semihuman's larger size and just from touching him, there was still something of a magma core inside him making the ordeal that much more dangerous. Nicholi got some assistance from a sharp shooter(a shot to the bot's arm courtesy of Sphinx), allowing the half-demon to free his arms and deprive the machine of it's head. It took some effort, but he ended up victorious. His attempt to give Trout some water after the fact worked as he found a nearby water fountain....however it seemed a little bit redundant as he got about halfway in when the sprinklers started to drench him and most of the rest of the room. Regardless, he had his water and his ally 'Trout' was just as amazed by this. At Nicholi's request, the young Atlantean looked at the gathering water, the water raining down, then the molten man who was in the middle of being attacked by other fighters. He gives Nicholi a dumbfounded look before he nods. "Right....I can hit....gimmie a few......" he grunts, rubbing his right arm before focusing. He had a plan at least, but he was too busy enacting it to share. What Nicholi did next would be independent from his friend's actions. The son of Satan Trace was having even less luck tag-teaming with his new friend. Derrick normally would've been all for trying the old vaccum trick but Ursa's entire set of actions left him hesitating. With the floor wet and Ursa taking first strike on Eruption, Derrick had to face Trace and reluctantly give a no-go sign. "Too many variables!" he shouts back; while confident he couldn't get hurt in his powered armor, between slipping up and Ursa in the way of the tornado, Derrick feared that someone else could get hurt in the collateral if they screwed up. He was still ready for a fight, but he didn't want to enact Trace's current plan. Eruption roars before trying to grab for Ursa and clutch him tightly as to stop the 'pest' before he could try to do anything else 'bothersome'. Emma, by far the furthest away from the struggle could see all of this clearly enough though she too would find that her siblings would find the scene too dangerous to do anything too crazy. The deluge didn't help and the hard pressure from the sprinkler's could lead to problems with sighting or even arrow trajectory at this range. Everything was up in the air by this point. The lesser villains and machines that had survived the initial strike back left Eruption to his own devices and they attempted to move forward...... *Main battle with the intruders(Animalius and Minerva Rajom, S.P. Captain Sphinx, Fortune, & co.) - The battle was less grandiose than the fight with Eruption, but precise shots we're being exchanged by the four or so robots we're being more tactically sound, keeping on the move and utilizing suppressive fire to keep Sphinx and his retreating group from getting the upper hand. They continue dot open fire but accuracy didn't exactly improve, it did prevent them from focusing too much on the offensive however. Sphinx's advice rang out, but suppressive fire from all but two of his allies continued on since there was not much cover aside from innocent bystanders. Sphinx didn't have much to work with and while backup was coming it wasn't exactly what he had in mind.... Fortune was ready, but he'd need a bit of a head of steam to keep up with Drago, who strode over in the direction of the gun-firing robots. Drago twirled his blade before making it flat side out covering his mid-section. The buster sword was long enough for this job and he was at least confident in his weapons' ability to survive high caliber gunfire. The large oxen man was even less careful; wading forward with intent to rip apart the machines with his bare fists but unless Fortune wanted to fall in behind either being he'd need his own method. The area was fairly clear aside form some stragglers or corpses/near corpses littering the pathway. Though both him and Sphinx would spot some individuals take the break in extended firing to enter a bit more loudly. Animalius had a clear path and his rhino form got pretty much all of the attention. He had a beeline right for the robots gunning away aside from two swordsman(Drago + Fortune) and a large monster of a man in armor in the way. The robots would also notice, not firing away but they would be bale to scatter if Ani went to bowl over the group. This would leave them floored, but Ani's momentum could easily lead him into the fight with the lava man instead. In the wake of the assault, a woman in owl-themed combat gear(Minerva) managed to floor one of the recovering bots with a flying kick to the chest. Though not out, the robot was knocked down, eliminating one shooter for a good amount of time though with Fortune, Drago, and Crete closing in as well this ragtag group probably better get things together before anyone else got hurt. Real first-responders were on their way but their job was to suppress the threat not so much rescue the injured and dying so they weren't exactly not helping. There were a few potshots from behind the wall Eruption was guarding, signifying that the second wave was getting antsy. *Escaping group/just outside Hero Orientation into the lobby(S.P. members Kari, and Trevor, Alec, & co.- Officer Liz gives a nod as she tries to make sure her rifle wasn't compromised by the water. Those in the front of the group were still listening for more orders, so folks like Kari and Thompson had plenty of time to catch up. Thompson specifically was trying to text some people on his phone, though with water pouring down everywhere the normally tedious task proved almost impossible for him so he'd wait on that. Once everyone was close enough, Liz shouted some more before speaking specifically to Trevor. "On it, we'll assist once we're not all washed up." she quips before assisting her partner in making sure everyone knew they should be leaving the room post-haste and judging by /her/ current demeanor, it was probably wise to not make the pissed off catgirl with a gun repeat herself. With that in mind, the civvies finally began to pour out of the room. As soon as they were out of the room, at the very least there were no sprinkler's dousing everyone The overall setting of things we're becoming much more different than the almost formal tone given out earlier. Most people left were either in the midst of running somewhere or we're too confused to run. The pathway Officer Vasquez(catgirl) pointed out was noted with the majority of people running in that direction. If they took her word for it; they'd be led to a monorail station o escape. However a handful of people and people with headsets were shouting certain words like alternate and emergency. A pathway to their left did have a few people running and some security was trying to check for alternate ways the villains could enter. However there simply weren't enough people to properly nudge everyone in the right direction. The entrance they came to even had some activity going on so it was down to where everyone wanted to go. In the back of the group Alec's chewing out of his new friend didn't go unnoticed, least of all by Samson himself. "Thannnksssss bosssss..." the dino-man grumbles, worse for wear but otherwise not in a situation to question the more cautious Alex. Villain orientation room; While the Hero orientation room was going nuts, the Villain's battle was a little more methodical and closed in. Gunfire was still wild but everyone was a bit more methodical in their approach, things like cover and shields of all types were effectively used which meant that both sides were having hard times racking up casualties. The original GTS assassins were now on the defensive however they brought more than enough ammo to keep up the game. *Willow- Willow's directed energy blasts were straight on but this time they only hit air....or some kind of energy barrier more accurately. A Man with some kind of bulked pack had his arms out and was successfully now deflecting the combined fire from the side of the room Willow was on. Luckily the barrier seemed to only work in bursts so only the initial attack was stopped. The attempt to grab a human shield or use pheronomes would work on those near her. The GTS fighters that were still standing were still more or less completely armored from head-to-toe and no foreign scent was going to be reaching them. Luckily Willow was considered small-fry so she still had opportunity to act as nobody was focusing fire on her. What she did with that time was hers to decide. *Dark Lizard & friend- Dark Lizard's near bout of insanity got noticed, but was met with stares rather than gunfire, so he succeeded in taking focus away from Rose who took the moment of surprise to decide that if she was going to be melting all the metal anyways she might as well go all-or-nothing. She plunges her fist into the middle of the detonator mechanism anf focuses her disintegration powers. This seemed to work as a big guy who had been close by sees the device crumple tot he floor and gives a solid kickto the door knob. The door was 'unlocked' but didn't swing all the way open. There was some commotion on the other side and the door fully opened revealing a bomb squad technicial and two accompanying officers on the other side, in the middle of attempting their own diffusal. Rose and the technician share shocked glances with each other. Just behind the police, there was plenty of chaos outside with a lot of people running past the room and even more going right and up. By this point the would-be escapees were definitely noticed... "Don't let em escape!" a female GTS Officer shouts and the remaining heavy gunner opens fire on everyone by the door frame with Rose the prime target. *Lobby; Nurse's office(Maria, Krystal, Hirro, & co.)- Kendra nods in response to Maria's comment, it didn't make her feel better but it was nice that she tried and it was the principle of the thing. Pro's 'interruption' got plenty of attention in the room, especially the higher-ups and Maria barely finished her question before Albatross, the lady in charge of the Guardians, responded. "Yeah, a monorail in the north part of the building...was supposed to drop the newbies off right in the main part of the city once Orientation's done...guess it's done." she heaves wearily, unable to believe all this happened on her watch. "Anyways RCPD has got guys sweeping the thing to make sure it's not booby trapped before we claim the thing's a viable exit. Whatever you picked up was probably one of their officers..." she comments before the woman who could pass for a fairy responds. "That was definitely Missionary, one of their TRU squad members. I know that yell anywhere..." she muses. Albatross shrugs, taking that as confirmation. "I think they got sent into the Orientation rooms, that's where we have the biggest breech from what I know. We can probably help from there if we need to, not far from here and....and where did you get that transmission?" Albatross asks curiously, cutting off her own explination. She was starting to think about how hard it was for their radio frequencies to be unscrambled. "You GEAR tech or what?" she says in an almost accusatory manner though it was primarily stress that caused the lack of tact.
  19. I just continue to marvel at you're very Treacherous ability to make horrible horrible mistakes on the part's of good guys hilarious to read. Predictions-wise....*shrugs*. I had a good run, and I can't bring myself to hate you! Can't wait for the plotline to resume regardless, especially if the good guys stop the in-fighting anytime soon.
  20. And I'm back for the forseeable future; sorry for lack of talk the last week, but seeing that I made round 2 was a nice welcome back gift . Close call Poet, you were a fine adversary. Exal's critique definitely helped btw (for example; there's a fine line between successfully homaging tropes prominent in the 90's and having your story coming off as being written with a lot of bad tropes that were prominent in the 90's), next one will be better! Now then, I'm ready for round 2. PS:Bring on the reject bracket!(no offense)
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