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  1. http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/gaming/2013/08/28/nintendo-2ds-impressions/2718421/ Nintendo, were you on something? Its ok, we're your friend, you can tell us. In truthfulness, im not sure of the design being all that comfy. Or childproof...Ill admit between me + extended family we managed to kill 3 original gen. DS'(for the record I shattered the hinge on the original white ds lite, takin out the top screen and my cousin took out two...how i dont exactly know, but one involved a german shepard apparently) but my brothers 3Ds has faced hell in two months and came out on top. Sure the things officislly a brick now, but watch the screens. If nothing else, I hope their ad campaign is completely tongue in cheek since they have to realize how much crap their gonna get for this.
  2. Actually, from what I think I've pegged regarding your taste from other various reviews, sounds about right to be honest. I disagree some of the lower ranked, but I'm pretty sure we have vastly different tastes(possibly aside from digging well-executed flat-out crazy awesome) and mindset going in, so that's kind of ok. Specifically wanna single out Lone Ranger at 7 being pretty interesting pick. Agree with the description, I caught an 8 pm showing the night before Monday and didn't regret it. The climax makes up for any flaws(which there were) by the choice of soundtrack alone if you're the right kind of person and I honestly want to think Verbinski was trying to modernize the film serial format with it.
  3. Will work on a login....tomorrow. Still, liking what Im hearing. RP's ahoy!
  4. Eh, basically what treach said initially. Still working on that poll.
  5. To throw in my two cents, I'd like the first act up to middle of the second to resemble DCAU's episode World's finest. We have Bruce Wayne first and Batman ninja'ing come sin if/when he suspects one or both parties(Superman or Lex if he shows up). Any confrontation(including figuring out each other's identity) is a mental battle. Personally if they could do something like this scene, I'd be happy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe_Y5bX61D8&list=TLTsXFXkZ1OLc
  6. Heh for sure! *insert my body is ready joke*. One bit on the rule of thumb thing; I figure we wanna keep light on events we're bringing over but as updatedude said about characters, would it be better to transplant certain things like that or at least make them a given. For example, let's say Dayshift (assuming SLJ is a thing still in this new continuity) is something a guy wants to incorporate into a storyline. Am I right in assuming we first want to clear that all of the following exists, but would it be helpful if we have a writeup of those events for reference if allowed? Would that sort of go under the wiki idea or would it being in fic form be preferable where we streamline the events for guys to read. Id say more, but I want to make sure I am actually making sense before I go on.
  7. At some point this week, will post topic to bring everything in line for where we are going next(because it appears we will...ish). Sort of like a will reading, except more bickering and less will get done in the first four hours.

    1. Magnetrex


      That sounds like my kind of place

  8. forums not popping now is it? Oh, just...well I have to ask. Might as well throw it in for the future to look back at. Funniest: *ND's rping flub's- All of them. Go out and find em while they're still here. RP board and CBUB RP, you'll be able to tell where he's been. Favorite: *Landon's RP- Im an rp kind of guy, been in a lot and loved a few. However when all is said and done Sky City was sort of awesome. Landon did a good job overall, the pacing was amazing(thanks to landon having deadlines...genius), and magical girls are great. The action was tense and my PC got semi-fame status without hardly being in anything else up to this point. Oh and then like 3/4 of the team died. Still sorry bout that landon, was kind of our fault, a few things went wrong(well a few things and a suicide bomber). Damn fine stuff for getting tpk'd within a week, I'm first in line on the off-chance he ever does that shit again. *Scariest: About 40 seconds ago- When I read treach's line and thought the forum was going down today before we could get everything in order.
  9. Eh, in like 3 days I was gonna post a topic to kinda see which option(of like....four now) to go towards for the future because we have people emotionaling and going in different directions which is...counterproductive. Even if we get some segregation, which on FPL choice should be fine I suppose, having your top 10 friends list spread across that many websites that are in no way interconnected kinda seems to defeat the point of a successor site. I went right to being all for peypeys place(heh funny name) because I didn't think this level of response would be done. Now we know though so Im all for thinking this all through. Even if we just keep links open between places instead of one replacement location we should all be on the same page of that imo. After all the family and community talk we had on the first go anyways. Plus, while not everybody does a fair amount of dabbling, personally I got a foothold in FPL and was in the beginning with what little rping community we have/had. CBUB stuff is also of course in the question so full separation isn't awfully appealing to me.
  10. Heh, by contrast I don't like throwing away ideas so wherever this place goes I got my brain to semi give me stuff. Presuming we all figure out where and when we will be doing said move(seriously I am hearing like 3 ideas that seem solid enough and no two people are acknowledging more than 1) it shouldn't be that hard to move past a character generator. Still, if ya'll need help in cataloging this junk lemme know. Participating is fun.
  11. Im game if no one thinks it's inappropriate(as a sort of business as usual way of moving past I mean).. Regardless, props for such a very quick response time pey x. Looks real similar layout.
  12. Dammit kwolf, you have terrible timing :P. Oh well, maybe some day I'll get the chance to wow you all FPLers properly. For now though; still technically under contruction on my profile: KWolf's parting RP tips. Cheap gags and suvial techniques. Watch now :P

    1. Magnetrex


      I can't believe it's coming to an end.

  13. Heh, well it'd be a fitting way to send-off but given emotion on my end I'll say I'll do what I can if something comes up. Backlogged in my head are beginnings to stuff I now wanted to get a steam on, not an ending to seal the deal. Though something quick and ambiguous as to spread the debate of who was doing what(or who at this rate) sounds good to me. Still, if we're trashing the set, Karen's wearing that WMA belt with pride as she joins her friends for the next life; any kind of mark left is a good one. Rob's gonna give all allies old(Redfield) and new and unexplored(Slag....in hindsight this could be worded better) because he was in the mopiest phase, so nutting up seems like the fitting end since I forgot to do that myself. Zach died on top(sort of), he's gonna hang with his buddies and sister I forgot to make fic's about. Everyone else offscreen that I never yet revealed cause of my oopsies. Well they did something offscreen, I'm taking what victories I can get . Personally I don't really throw away ideas so to the storage bin we go! Thank you all for letting me participate though. I had better see you around. EDIT: What Ivan said.
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