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  1. http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/gaming/2013/08/28/nintendo-2ds-impressions/2718421/ Nintendo, were you on something? Its ok, we're your friend, you can tell us. In truthfulness, im not sure of the design being all that comfy. Or childproof...Ill admit between me + extended family we managed to kill 3 original gen. DS'(for the record I shattered the hinge on the original white ds lite, takin out the top screen and my cousin took out two...how i dont exactly know, but one involved a german shepard apparently) but my brothers 3Ds has faced hell in two months and came out on top. Sure the
  2. Actually, from what I think I've pegged regarding your taste from other various reviews, sounds about right to be honest. I disagree some of the lower ranked, but I'm pretty sure we have vastly different tastes(possibly aside from digging well-executed flat-out crazy awesome) and mindset going in, so that's kind of ok. Specifically wanna single out Lone Ranger at 7 being pretty interesting pick. Agree with the description, I caught an 8 pm showing the night before Monday and didn't regret it. The climax makes up for any flaws(which there were) by the choice of soundtrack alone if you're the ri
  3. Eh, basically what treach said initially. Still working on that poll.
  4. To throw in my two cents, I'd like the first act up to middle of the second to resemble DCAU's episode World's finest. We have Bruce Wayne first and Batman ninja'ing come sin if/when he suspects one or both parties(Superman or Lex if he shows up). Any confrontation(including figuring out each other's identity) is a mental battle. Personally if they could do something like this scene, I'd be happy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe_Y5bX61D8&list=TLTsXFXkZ1OLc
  5. At some point this week, will post topic to bring everything in line for where we are going next(because it appears we will...ish). Sort of like a will reading, except more bickering and less will get done in the first four hours.

    1. Magnetrex


      That sounds like my kind of place

  6. forums not popping now is it? Oh, just...well I have to ask. Might as well throw it in for the future to look back at. Funniest: *ND's rping flub's- All of them. Go out and find em while they're still here. RP board and CBUB RP, you'll be able to tell where he's been. Favorite: *Landon's RP- Im an rp kind of guy, been in a lot and loved a few. However when all is said and done Sky City was sort of awesome. Landon did a good job overall, the pacing was amazing(thanks to landon having deadlines...genius), and magical girls are great. The action was tense and my PC got semi-fame status withou
  7. Eh, in like 3 days I was gonna post a topic to kinda see which option(of like....four now) to go towards for the future because we have people emotionaling and going in different directions which is...counterproductive. Even if we get some segregation, which on FPL choice should be fine I suppose, having your top 10 friends list spread across that many websites that are in no way interconnected kinda seems to defeat the point of a successor site. I went right to being all for peypeys place(heh funny name) because I didn't think this level of response would be done. Now we know though so Im all
  8. Im game if no one thinks it's inappropriate(as a sort of business as usual way of moving past I mean).. Regardless, props for such a very quick response time pey x. Looks real similar layout.
  9. Dammit kwolf, you have terrible timing :P. Oh well, maybe some day I'll get the chance to wow you all FPLers properly. For now though; still technically under contruction on my profile: KWolf's parting RP tips. Cheap gags and suvial techniques. Watch now :P

    1. Magnetrex


      I can't believe it's coming to an end.

  10. Heh, well guys the news is in. EF's days are numbered but it was a hell of a run. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/32398-retiring/ Looking back to the very first post from back then was pretty impressive how me and some of you guys came. Hmm, gonna miss these forums I do think it sucks on my end that this thing outlived the boards it was made on . Well, it was fun right guys? Yep,, this site's going down and I SURE AS HELL DON'T PLAN TO LET THE RP FOLLOW. Sentimental is sentimental, but I wanted to know/hope you guys are still in for the haul since this things actually g
  11. It's been a long road to Smash Bros U, but especially for one man in particular.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98DG-rEaxGk
  12. *Alice/Destiny- The Commander sort of had to live with her decision, the carnage of battle wasn't new to her but she probably could've realized not everyone would want to hear that sooner. Destiny was familiar with bloodshed and even she was wincing at the audio feed. "Slipped up a bit there. hag." Destiny snarks to herself as she remains at her post. Alice doesn't exactly complain when her subordinate orders for the comm shut-off. Any conversation either of them wanted to have over that would come later. "Alright, the second we get something other than combat chatter I want to try and get
  13. Alright that wasn't so bad. Luckily, the one thing I posted that got deleted wasn't all that important.

  14. Hero Orientation room; State of the room- In short: wild and crazy. Those that could escape had a way out, though the day was still young, anything could happen at this point. Those who weren't on their way out the door were either taking their chance to fight the threat or were too injured, or we're still deciding which of the other two options they would prefer;. The event's security were there to join the fight and suppress the enemy assault rather than evac injured, unfortunately for those who didn't have much option than to lay around. The fight in the back was loud and quite obvious to
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