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  1. as much as i respect Bruce lee, mind you he puts up a hell of a fight, he's dead. and this match did happen before, except it was in a cabin.
  2. so there both starting the fight wounded eh. keeping that in mind,and having watched both these episodes of deadliest warrior before, im going with apache he can throw the tomahawk, and well the pirate is avoiding is he could use that time to grab his bow and end the fight right there
  3. i think the hulk is going to take this one. samus's bombs/missle won't do anything other then make the hulk madder. then theres iron man, i would say he miight beat the hulk, as he has before, but this is tony stark as a child, in all hulk smashes them both.
  4. isent rodan a lot bigger then foom i mean he can grow but rodan is like 260 feet tall i think it would be kinda lopsided
  5. most likely. although im not sure if hellboy could beat him
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