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  1. This could lean either way. Most likely, this will end up as a draw as Swamp Thing isn't guilty of anything and neither can really kill the other for long.
  2. Hmm... I'm leaning towards Indoraptor being tough and clever enough to get past the traps.
  3. Interesting setup. I think Karma and maybe Dani would be able to see through the ruse.
  4. Team evil, unfortunately. Shao Khan alone could arguably solo the fight.
  5. I'd also like to know if Abra from Doctor Sleep would be appropriate for Team Survivor.
  6. Okay, here is my list. 1 Swarm 2 Tyr 3 The Chiss Ascendancy 4 Magica De Spell 5 Battle-Beast 6 BJ Blazkowicz 7 Chester Cheetah 8 Amazons Sorry it took so long.
  7. This is actually close enough so that it could be a rated match with a good story. Both seem to be incredibly powerful psiconics. The main difference is that Black has some good feats against accomplished foes to back him up.
  8. It comes down to how fast Bruce can figure out Carnage's weakness.
  9. I think as long as X-23 plays thing stealthily, she can pull it off.
  10. Endgame Haggar threatened her entire multiverse in the end. Tala never reached that kind of power.
  11. True, the acid is likely strong enough to penetrate the armor, but would it be able to do so before it gets ripped away from the face. Rangers are much stronger than a regular human.
  12. I can't even say if either of them have more experience with non-human humanoids since both are experienced with them. I have no idea who wins this.
  13. It could come to a situation where Darkseid may want to take her in for the Female Furies. Shego isn't one to be forced into any team. I can see her take some of them but the likes of Granny Goodness? I don't see her beating all of them.
  14. I don't think Grimm actively go after animals anyways. This should be an easy win for Perry.
  15. Raiden is a lot stronger than he looks. https://gfycat.com/chillyspotlessjunebug https://gfycat.com/fakewearycaecilian
  16. Umm... as far as I know Medusa is the only one with actual powers, unless we can include Minerva's toonforce and Carmen's ability to steal and escape from anything.
  17. Agreed. Energy absorption will negate any attempts by Starlight to blind her. Show Stargirl doesn't have that in her arsenal yet and Starlight is a lot more durable in the show. Would probably go like the first time Stargirl took on Tigress and Sportsmaster.
  18. This is tough to call. M can move at Mach 3 while Miss America can be perceived as moving to someone traveling at light speed and I don't know how to translate that. Both seem to be similarly strong. America could cheese it out by dumping her in another dimension, but that would depend on if she could tag her. I really don't know.
  19. Thanks for letting me in on short notice. It was an idea I had for a while and the tournament was the perfect motivation to try it. I did take some liberties with Eve's personality so that the conversation isn't as one-side as it usually is with her. 😕
  20. Urkel has the smarts to learn his way around, but I fear the crew won't have the patience to get him to that point. Fun setup.
  21. It's a unique way to tell a story for sure. I think Scully's best suited to survive.
  22. I'm leaning towards Miho as well. She's much more skilled than Hit-Girl.
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