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  1. I'm leaning towards Laura here. While Katarina's kicks are powerful, she's vulnerable to a shock and grab combo that will be tough for her to get out of.
  2. This one's hard to gauge... mostly due to Rose's ambiguity in her powers at end game. At this point, she handily beats Ellen up close, but Ellen has a good chance of offing her at range. The big question is how strong Rose's mental capabilities are during the powerup as we didn't get to see that in action in the final act.
  3. I'm going with Lex. He's undisputedly the smartest man on DC Earth.
  4. It will go the same way as in Deadliest Beasts, with the shark taking a bite out of the croc.
  5. Great idea for a match. While Batman isn't as strong even in vampire form, he still has his intellect. But his most useful ability here is mist form. There isn't much Spidey can do to hurt him and while Batman has the knowledge to use his gadgets. I'd give this one to Batman in a close fight.
  6. Both are insanely powerful, but I'll give this one to Chuck for having added divine abilities.
  7. We know Genie has been stuck in that lamp for at least 10,000 years. The Wishmaster movie states that the Djinn have been around since creation which is about 6,000 years going by the bible. So the genie is probably more powerful. The problem is that he can't directly kill anyone while the Djinn doesn't seem to be limited by that. Thankfully, this isn't one to the death, so it's only a matter of capturing the other.
  8. Another interesting match. Both are very strong and familiar with grappling. I'll have to think this one through.
  9. Okay, so Steve's survival will come down to his evasive skills. Thankfully, he's well versed in Demspey. Unfortunately, I don't think he has experience with someone who can whip out his hands at that length and speed. I can see Steve gain the advantage up close, but once Ryuji starts to go crazy Steve will likely be overwhelmed.
  10. Matches like these is why I love this sight. Only in CBUB where you can see a flying nun fight a flying monkey. With that said, she has a lot of issues with flying in combat due to her depending on a lot of factors to do so. Still, if she defeated most of the flying monkeys, I think she candle this one.
  11. Interesting fight. Flight will be a big boon for Algol here, but Urien can armor himself up to withstand the barrage for a short while as well as a barrier. I think I'll give this one to Algol. That chair tech's too strong.
  12. If Rolento isn't above using his grenades and garrote in combat, I think he'll have the edge here.
  13. It was inevitable Honoka finds a way to get involved. Anyways, both seem to be similarly aged. Hinako is probably stronger but Honoka will likely have knowledge of her fighting style. Still, that knowledge hasn't given her the win against more experienced opponents, so I will give Hinako the edge.
  14. Both have similar fighting styles yet couldn't be any more different in personality. Lei-Fang is one of the more powerful characters in the DOA Universe, capable of beating Jann Lee, probably the most powerful non-ninja/assassin character in the game. This one will be close.
  15. So the person known for making predictions against opponents versus one of the most unpredictable fighter in fighting games. If this was pre-Tekken 7, I would have leaned towards Menat. Now that Zafina got an upgrade in power this will be a lot closer. I think that and Zafina's greater willingness to fight will give her the edge.
  16. Season 1 Daredevil was straight up the best superhero season I've ever watched. It's a shame it couldn't match that quality after that. I still can't believe they found a way to make the Hand boring.
  17. This will be an amazing match of attrition. Geese has a wide range of energy attacks and counters, but Heihachi is one of the toughest people in the fighting game world. The deciding factor may actually be Geese's counter. Heihachi's aggressive nature plays right into Geese's gameplay. The real question is if he has what it takes to take down Heihachi because I'm certain Heihachi will outlast him if he can get any hits in.
  18. Man, if Jason had his weaponry I would give it to him. But as good as his fighting skills are, it doesn't match with Ra's.
  19. This will be an interesting match. Charlie got a massive upgrade in his abilities and is probably one of the most powerful people in his world. Unfortunately for him, he's probably facing one of the best. Iori's ability to use his flames to paralyze his foes will be especially useful to ground Charlie.
  20. While Ms. Marvel is far less experienced and has doubts on herself, Moon Knight has his own bouts of insanity as well. I think it will be close, but Kamala's abilities give her the edge here.
  21. Oh no. Kate gets chucked off the mat.
  22. Judging bhy her personality, I can see Jinny doing her best to outdo Jake and anything he does... and injury herself in the process. I see Jake playing it safe enough to take the win.
  23. Hmm. Cap beats her in hand to hand, but having the cry is important too.
  24. The long awaited match for Korean supremacy. Speed will be the biggest factor as both competitors are insanely fast. Are we assuming that Juri is using her most powerful Feng Shui Engine?
  25. Interesting match. I think Vice has the edge here. She's definitely stronger and has reach with her streaky arms. Vice would dominate from afar and up close. Cass's best position would be at mid-range, but I think Vice will be avoid the sword strikes to get a grab in.
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