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  1. This will be interesting. Any version of Wonder Woman will have more fighting experience than Kara. It would be an even greater advantage if she had Wonder Woman's sword, but I doubt she does. Without it, it might go either way.
  2. Claudio seems more disciplined and has a projectile that would be difficult for Maxi do deal with.
  3. There's another factor in this fight. Her ammo may be unlimited, but her blinking abilities have a canon cooldown. If Smith can dodge whatever Tracer throws at him, he can just wait things out until she's vulnerable.
  4. Switching over to the Disney Channel Wander Over Yonder: Wander, the main protagonist of the show Sylvia, Wander's travelling partner Wander & Sylvia Lord Hater, the main antagonist Commander Peepers, Hater's right hand man Lord Hater % Commander Peepers Lord Dominator, the main antagonist of the season season Gravity Falls Dipper Pines, twin brother and co-protagonist of the show Mabel Pines, twin sister and co-protagonist of the show Grunkle Stan, uncle to Dipper and Mabel and owner of the Mystery Shack Soos, Stan's assistant Wendy, Stan's cashier and Dipper's crush Lil Gideon, the main antagonist of the first season Bill Cipher, main antagonist of the second season Ford Pines, Stan's twin brother Star vs the Forces of Evil Marco Diaz, best friend and eventual boyfriend of Star Butterfly Ludo, early season antagonist of the show Toffee, surprise antagonist of the show.
  5. Nope. Danny himself can even manipulate heat to a degree and shoot ghostly fires, so I doubt it will affect him.
  6. Someday, the two will team up to take down those kids once and for all. Someday. Despite the distraction, I think Lucky will have enough leeway with his magic to get it back from the rabbit.
  7. Can Saluga power his sword to hit things that are intangible?
  8. Ashley is less likely to do something stupid that may get him killed, so I'll go with him.
  9. Shotguns work differently, displaying small bullet balls at their opponents. And they're still faster than cannonballs and a lot tougher to dodge in a small confinement. I'm still not sure that will be enough though.
  10. It's fine. Welcome back. I'll go with Gwen. Her spider sense will help her keep D'Vorah at bay. The acid would be the biggest prooblem as that would prevent Gwen from pinning her with webbing.
  11. Great write-up. I wish I new about Team Amphibia enough to make an opinion on this match.
  12. Added a bunch of characters Dragon Age: Urthemiel Cullen Flemeth Anders Aveline Merril Sebastian Fenris Varric Cassandra Corypheus Dorian Sera Josephine Cole Blackwell Solas Vivienne Iron Bull Krem The Witcher: Ciri Triss Yennefer Eredin from The Wild Hunt NCIS Abby Scuito
  13. I'm giving this to the Female. I don't think Carrie has the telekinetic capabilities to survive her. Yang has a better shot, but the Female is nimble enough to tag Yang and I don't think her aura could take a direct hit from the Titan.
  14. Why would Nightwing want anything from the gecko when be could ask Batman for vehicles?
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