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  1. It will be tough for any of the pokemon to catch Miles. Venusar might beat him if he manages to put him to sleep, but again he has to catch Miles first.
  2. Great job with the story here. I liked it a lot.
  3. I think Road Runner has this covered. Toon force is hard to overcome when you're not one.
  4. Good lord what a throwback. I only remember these two from this site. And they got a movie during the site's break to boot.
  5. Oh God. So many new characters to choose from. This... this may take a while.
  6. Wrestling has been a dumpster fire. Shad from Cryme Tyme drowned, two Japanese female wrestlers retired and another was driven to suicide. CZW was outed as a horrible promotion and you're better off not knowing what Josh Middleton did.
  7. It's a good time to bury the hatchet. Now's a good time as ever for all of us to turn over a new leaf.
  8. I do hope we could do a Rumbles style clash like the old days, though I admit that would require a lot more people for votes.
  9. Hellboy's got this. As long as he knows how to handle Pennywise, it shouldn't be a problem.
  10. The Doctor is now a woman... right after that happened to The Master too.
  11. The CW has their own superhero universe and even had a Crisis event earlier this year... and it fared better than DCEU's own attempt against the MCU.
  12. It was just another day for the folks at Khazan. The sun was shining, the island was bustling with people from across the omniverse and people were in a generally good mood. Even the villain bar has been fairly quiet. Basically, the only thing that was weird was that there was no fights going on. But the chaos was only going to begin. It was Callisto, the one people who readily checks activities in the real dimension that discovered the news. She was merely browsing the internet, namely to find new weapons to use against her archnemesis Xena, when she came across the EF forums. It was there where she found a most terrible news. "Oh no." She immediately printed out the news and teleported out of her room.... right into the path of a giant mallet, sending her flying into a wall. "Told ya you should mark ya teleporting spots." Harley Quinn was in the middle of her practicing swings when she found an unsuspecting target. But she knew as much as anyone in Khazan that it would take more than that to take down the goddess. "I expected your own bedroom to be free of your practice rounds." Callisto dusted herself off as she got herself off. That reaction got Harley to scratch her chin. "That's odd. You'd just zap me for getting in on ya private space. Are you that excited to raid Xena's house tonight?" "We got bigger problems. MUCH bigger." With that, she handed Harley over her printed message. A message that caused Harley to promptly drop her mallet. "Come and get it! The Electric Ferret website is closing down effective August 24th. All matches are to end after that. Callisto is to host a general meeting. Everyone is expected to attend in order to discuss the fate of Khazan." If there was anything that could revive a dying newspaper business, it was the end of an era. Millions of papers were bought, not only by the canons that visit the place, but also members of the FPL league who reside side by side. At the current scene were two well known if not odd friendships: Shrek and Donkey, opting to drink at one of the few bars in the Animation section. "This stinks! How could a guy that made the most awesome universe just end it after all these years?" Donkey complained, grabbing onto a cup with his lips before plopping it down. "Where else can I have Strange to give me some of those potions that made me a stallion again?" "Meh, people just need their space once and a while. Take it from me." As if to downright defy Shrek, Donkey practically placed the front of his head on Shrek's cheek. "Don't be ridiculous. You loooooove my attention. You just hide it in that big orgish girth you have." To which Shrek kicked out Donkey's seat, sending the animal on the ground. "See? Tough love." With a wince, he got back up to his seat. "I just apply on a little constant. Those that say they will leave this site always come back. It's as true as superheroes coming back from the dead. You heard of rumors about Nightcrawler...?" "Mein Gott! I get the greatest sendoff I could ask for and they still wouldn't leave me be?" With a sigh, he managed to get his card renewed, allowing him back to the current Marvel Universe... "But what about all the kickass fights that happen all the time? Xena and Buffy alone became a greatest hit. Got every shot of that fight.... at least until Dragy poo came by." He glanced nervously at Dragon, who was sitting outside warily of where that conversation was going to. "Man, I never even get to have a fight myself! Always wanted to have a singing contest." Suddenly a bottle broke, leading everyone to turn their attention to the person who pushed it off the table to the ground: A green frog with a top tap. "If you wish to have a singoff..." With great finesse, Michigan hopped his way over to Donkey's side. "Then I will gladly accept your challenge. Not like I will have another shot." He drooped his head. "It will be an honor." Donkey dropped his right leg to a knee in a bow. A few minutes later, the whole place was set for the singoff of the lifetime, signalling the beginning of the end. But for now, who wins?
  13. Oh man, it's ending? That really sucks. From my humble beginnings of whether Saint of Killers can defeat Lobo, it has been home for much of my internet life. I have this site alone in helping me become the pop culture geek that I am today. I made great friends, entered great competitions (NEVAH FORGET TEH 'KILL THE USER ABOVE YOU' THREAD) and found out I had lots of potential in the RPIng world. It's pretty crazy that I made over 200 matches over the years. I pretty much made one daily at my peak time. College pretty much put a kibosh on that, but I learned I was a much better writer than I thought even though I hated English classes. Shoutouts to tomisntblue, Hugo Fowl, Nesh, Jaeger Panzer, Nova Force Nova, ND7 (as much as I hate to admit it, I will always remember your run in UWT2 for the deaths), Skir, michales for often being the lone person posting replies in my matches and anyone else that I may have forgot. And remember that while this site may die, Khazan and it's inhabitants will live on for eons to come. As long as someone knows of this little world containing canon and OC characters living side by side, I will be content. (Though I bet this will make a great TV series that will rival that horrible MAD show, with Callisto and Harley Quinn as hosts of course). I have summer classes, but I might try and create a final arc worthy of this show's departure. Stay tuned (unless I hit the infamous writers block).
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