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  1. This is Buffy's to lose, but I would pay to see this fight play out.
  2. Hmm... this is an interesting matchup. I don't think her head bomb will do much against Goro as Xiaoyu survived a hit well enough. Can either of them see in the dark? Whoever can will have a huge advantage here.
  3. I think this one will come time to reactions. Both can KO the other with one hit. Maybe if Red Tornado is good at dodging he can fly away and create a tornado from a distance.
  4. I'll have to hand it to Dhalsim. Voldo has an unorthodox style of combat and is nimble enough to dodge Dhalsim's limbs, but he doesn't have much of an answer to teleporting or long-ranged Yoga Fire blasts.
  5. I can see both of them surviving for a long time. John Wick has the skills while Indy is probably the luckiest protagonist ever. But I think Wick will complete it first.
  6. Hey, someone used a character I brought in. Nice.
  7. This is probably one of the more even matchups between someone from DOA and VF. I would give the edge to Mila since base characters of her world tend to be stronger than that of Vanessa's.
  8. Don't underestimate Chizuru though. As one of the three Sacred Treasures, she's on par with Kyo and Iori, two of the most powerful characters in the KOF world. That and she has access to Sealing abilities which would limit a character's abilities for a moment.
  9. Another nice mirror match. From what I recall, Lei's feats are more impressive.
  10. Nice. Someone finally decided to do this match. Though I wonder what Eddy did to make Elena so mad. She's usually pretty bubbly. I think the two will go at it and it will be evenly matched... until Elena applies healing to herself. Then she will come out on top.
  11. Ruby shoots Kite Man down with her projectiles.
  12. Kite Man has the height advantage, but he still needs to get down to attack him... straight into the mind control.
  13. Eh, Shazam once held a book weighting infinity alongside Superman. He's definitely at Superman's level in terms of strength. And he caught an out-of-control Flash in the Justice miniseries. He's got this.
  14. I think Panda would be more familiar with the game and would have a stronger spike.
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