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  1. Penguin's defenses would be hard to get past even with Bond's gadgets, but Catwoman's just the person to help out with that. She dodges while Bond gets a good shot in. Meanwhile, Bond helps Catwoman take down Bane where she probably would have lost on her own. The two actually make a pretty good team.
  2. Going with King here. He's just stronger and had more powerful feats.
  3. Both fighters would be in unfamiliar territory. The chakram will be the deciding factor as that thing can slice through swords. The mirrors make things unpredictable, but I'm betting on the warrior princess to pull through.
  4. Batman may have many romantic partners, but I feel like Richard would have an easier time getting along with her.
  5. Ooh. This is a great one. Let's break it down. First off, the Invaders have a serious speed problem. None of the Invaders (save maybe Miss Marvel) could match the speeds of Black Condor, let along the light-speed nature of The Ray. Speaking of whom, The Ray will likely be the hardest to beat. He can't be touched, and fire won't work unless Torch goes nova on the entire field, which is unlikely. I think Miss Marvel can take down Condor, but she will have problems with the Bomb and the intangibility of Phantom Lady and Ray. Uncle Sam is the e-factor as though he's likely the
  6. Dammit. I don't want Sophitia to die... but I don't think she can pull it off. She did manage to weaken Cervantes.
  7. I want to see El Mariachi go through his entire transformation from the trilogy. That would be amazing. Also, seeing him get past whatever alien crap to protect his guitar would be hilarious.
  8. Okay, so Sylvia can hang with the turtles for a while (and the added Asgardian strength helps), but I don't think it will be enough to win on her own. She'll have to take over their minds, which I think she can at least do with Michelangelo. As for the others... I'm not sure. The turtles are likely cocky enough to get at least two of them to get turned mid fight, but once they wise up on things I think they will change tactics and turn things around.
  9. Wow. This will be a crazy battle. It's hard to see how Batman's rogue gallery does against the judges, so the best way to do that is see what they usually up against. The Judges have the Dark Judges such as Judge Death while Gotham has an entire lineup of superheroes to deal with occasionally.
  10. Great idea for a match. What I would say is to try and space out the paragraphs so that each person has their own. It makes it easier to read. As for the match itself, I'm leaning towards Butler in this one. I'm sure Artemis would have some tech for him that would take Graves by surprise.
  11. Hmm... Emma isn't new on the flirtation game... but I think she's mature enough not to fall for Bond's charms and she definitely won't forgive Bond for intentionally taking her out of stasis. I say that she plays it off for a time until it becomes unavoidable to ignore.
  12. I don't think Casey wins in a direct fight, but he has enough experience and intelligence to figure it out enough to use that to win.
  13. My guess is that Catwoman plays up her attraction to him... only to leave him at the best opportunity for her to escape. I'm sorry, but a museum advocate and a museum thief isn't really the best combo for a lasting relationship.
  14. This is actually pretty evenly matched. Jean is more powerful, but Hermione is more skilled at that age. I think it will come down to the actual fight where Jean simply yanks the wand away.
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