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  1. Hmm... this will come down to who will be able to play their style better. Eliot has great power in his strikes while Josie is defensive and is based on counterattacking. On paper this should play into her strengths, but she has issues with her confidence.
  2. Great idea for a match. I can't think of anyone else that would be a problem for Katie to smash.
  3. From what I gathered from both films, I'm giving this one to The Ice Cream Man. Tracy's a decent detective, but I don't think she will fare any better than the other detectives that went after him.
  4. I'm giving this one to Armor King. Tekken characters just seem to have a bigger kick to them than VIrtua Fighter ones.
  5. This... will be a very interesting fight to watch. Lei trying to bait out a response while Guile stays put to try and make a read.
  6. Here's what I got: https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubfantasydraft/
  7. Thanks for the compliments. It's a match that's been on the top of my head for a while and I plan to make more in the future. I think I'll add some more Xena characters as well.
  8. My first real binge. Person of Interest John Reese - Main protagonist throughout the series Harold Finch - Main protagonist and co-creator of The Machine Root - Antagonist in the first and second seasons, anti-hero in the third and protagonist from the third season onward. Sameen Shaw Recurring character in season 2 and main protagonist from season 3 onward. Team Machine - Everyone operating under The Machine I plan to do Samaritan but wondering whether to do Samaritan itself or Decima Technologies Mr. Robot fsociety - The protagonist group in the show E Corp - The antagonist group in the show
  9. It was an exciting time for all in the Omniverse. Thousands of people for infinite worlds await in line for the grand reopening of Khazan, the nexus of all realities. After the planet was deemed off limits to all, it has now been reopened for the masses. Along with old allies, new applicants lined up by the thousands for the chance to experience the sights of Khazan City. It is there where one tall, skinny man brandishing armor that just didn't fit well in all manner of ways was sitting in a... wall? The way the buildings have gotten so tall have always bothered him, even if he has been living in Khazan for years. Yet he was waiting for an old friend to come by. Rather impatiently. He was tapping his toes until finally... A shorter man with black hair and an eyepatch over his left eye. Or what's left of it anyways. "It's about time you showed up," the taller man spoke up, his voice teeming with imitation. "I've been waiting on this corner for hours." "Well, what's a man to do when he gets to see his own idol Nick Fury again after so many years." A beat. "He totally missed he too by the way." The two stared at each other tensely for a few seconds... only to break the staredown with a hug. "Man, it's been far too long Joxer," the shorter man said. "No need to lay it in thick Xander," Joxer replied before taking a step back. "How's Dawn?" "You know the usual. Helping her with her energy problems. Dodging glances from angry older sister slayer. At least it's better than unsuspectingly dating demons." He chuckled nervously. "How's Meg?" "Still the most wonderful woman in the world. Even gave me the idea to set up a Xena and Gabrielle souvenir shop in Khazan." Joxer's eyes beamed... only to dim a bit at the situation of his life. He felt a hand on his shoulder. "Tough luck on Gabrielle. Hard to fight literal destiny. Even we struggled with that." "Pfft. It's all in the past now," Joxer waved him off. "Besides, I still need to work on living up to their name as a grand warrior." Xander tried his best to stifle a laugh, but Joxer heard it loud and clear. "Is something funny to you?" Xander wiped his nose as he tried to stop smiling. "Nothing. Just that I find it hard to believe you could be a warrior. Didn't you fail to do so after 25 years of trying?" "Oh you're one to talk. How many times did Buffy have to bail you out of your own messes?" "Well at least I didn't die from one." His mouth closed too late to stop the latest insult from escaping his mouth. Joxer's jaws went wide with shock only to grimace as his left hand squeezed into a fist. His right hand shoved Xander back as he stepped forward. "Oh... oh. It's on now buddy. You think I haven't noticed the scoreboard? We haven't faced each other in a match yet. Likely because you're too chicken to face me. Well, it's high time I change that. You and me. Khazan Arena. Right now." Not wanting to look weak, Xander sidestepped and held his hands up high. "Oh it's on like Donkey Kong. You better bring a coffin, because I'm putting you in six feet under for your second time..." ... It was a bright and sunny day in the Arena. Perfect weather for a fight. Unfortunately, the crowds weren't nearly as filled as per usual. It appeared that everyone knows what to expect from the two men and were not impressed. With that said, they two had enough connections to pull all the strings so that the spectacle would be commentated by the very best. And so... "And welcome back folks to what looks to be a rather interesting grudge match her in Khazan Arena. I'm Pat Summers." "And I'm Jay Peoples. And we have ourselves a battle of the male sidekicks. While we have had many storied matches between the Warrior Princess and the Vampire Slayer, we have yet to see their two male allies land blows." "Part of it has to deal with the fact that the two are usually pretty chummy with each other. But this latest spite has finally brought the two to blows." "And the audience will be the ultimate benefit of it all. We have ourselves a classic sand match filled with all sorts of destructive goodies familiar to both our fighters. Swords, arrows, guns and the like. It will be up to them to arm themselves and go for the kill." "Which will make things all the more interesting in what sort of strategy these two... lesser than stellar combatants will bring to the table. It may not look like much on paper, but crazier things have happened in this arena..." And indeed things were about to become weird. Two witches, each hoping that the other would win cast a spell on their patron in the hopes of bringing them to their best physical shape. So here is the scenario: Both are unarmed and 100 feet away from each other. Weapons are scattered around the arena. But there's a twist. Joxer has been turned into his best self in 'From Him the Bell Tolls' while Xander is at his military persona from 'Halloween' se the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  10. Hmm. The 2003 ones are the best at combat and at least one person that can do a good disguise. The OG girls seem to be better suited at espionage in general as well as the best chemistry. The latest ones are the most balanced, but with one member that has little experience in the field. I'll give it to the 2003 crew.
  11. The thing is though, despite the age difference Thomas Bat is in better shape. Good enough shape to wipe the floor with the Bat Family minus Bruce and Selina. Returns Bats does have access to better tech though.
  12. What happened here? Did you post it by accident?
  13. I'm going with Yoda. Snoke looks like he's pretty powerful, but his ego will be his downfall in underestimating Yoda's abilities as well as anger for being a puppet for Palpatine.
  14. I think Lars will take the win here. Raphael did beat Nightmare, but that was based on a lucky strike where his guard was down.
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