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  1. Interested - Possible character choices: Wasp Mockingbird Tigra ... hmm... I'm sensing a theme. Eh, nevermind, my choices stand. I'll figure out which when it's time to choose.
  2. Riddick had taken the MIB all over New York, dodged them several times and orchestrated several sneak attacks which left K wounded and unable to continue. "Go on without me sport. I'll call the twins to come pick me up and get me fixed up." K said, holding his abdomen where he'd been wounded. "I still don't get how he managed to do that with a Starbucks cup. You sure you're gonna be OK?" J asked, kneeling by his partner. "I'm fine. Now get after him and bring him in, kid. I have faith in you." K replied. J stood up, straightened his jacket and his glasses and rolled his neck. "All right you freak. You mess with Earth that's one thing. Messing with my partner... Oh it's on now. I'm coming for you." **** An hour later, the pair face off in an abandoned subway tunnel. Riddick kicks away J's rifle, grinning. "Nice fight. But now... it's time to die." J had only one hole card, the Noisy Cricket. He pulled the weapon and pointed it at Riddick. "I don't think so." Riddick laughed at the tiny weapon. "You're going to bring me down, with that?" "Funny comment from a guy who shanked my partner with a Starbucks cup. Now assume the position." J gestured at Riddick with the diminutive firearm. "Sorry, not buying it. That's probably a cigarette lighter." Riddick charged... And J fired. The blast sent Riddick slamming against the far wall, where he crumpled in a heap, twitching and smoking. The MIB walked up to Riddick, and noticed the twitching wasn't from pain. Riddick was laughing, albeit weakly. "Son of a bitch..." the criminal rasped. "...you weren't bluffing." he managed to get out before falling unconscious. J just shook his head and smiled. "No one messes with the MIB." He straightened his jacket again and called in the collar.
  3. Serves me right to type up a setup at 2am and not recheck it before posting the next day. I found the errors but not going to edit now. I'll be more vigilant next time. Thanks!
  4. It was a fairly typical bar, in a fairly typical small town. A friday evening, the place couldn't decide if it wanted to be a hunting lodge or a pool hall. So, it ended up being simply, rustic and crude. Rustic and Crude, two words that would fit a particular Scotsman who was sitting at the bar, downing shot after shot of whiskey and apparently not feeling it's effects. After some time, someone noticed something even more odd than the giant claymore he wore on his back and the set of bagpipes he carried. Whispers of the man's peg leg being a firearm quickly spread around the room, while he drank one last shot and stood up. This fact didn't escape the notice of a certain spiky-haired rough-and-tumble looking man at the other end of the bar. The man watched this Scotsman closely for signs of trouble. No trouble came. More of an annoyance, really, as the Scotsman stood up and unlimbered that set of bagpipes. "I've had a bonnie nicht, lads and lassies, so I've decided to regale ye with one of my favorites!" And in moments, the very unique sound of bagpipe playing permeated the bar. Our aforementioned spiky-haired gent gets up from his seat at the bar and walks over to the Scotsman. "Wanna quit annoyin' the patrons bud? Some of us actually have taste in music." "Ach!" He said pausing his song for a moment. "Yer daft, everyone loves a good reel played on me pipes!" The Scotsman went back to playing, unwavering. *Snikt!* Then suddenly, the pipes deflated and the sound faded, to minor applause from around the bar. "What have ye done to me pipes!? I was tryin' to be nice to ye, wee man, but now..." His eyes narrowed, and the camera angle zooms in on his firey gaze. "Now... it be war." The Scotsman drew his claymore, and Logan, more commonly known as Wolverine, extends his other set of claws. "Looks like I got another windbag to let the air out of. I gotta warn ya though, bub. I'm the best at what I do. And what I do ain't pretty..." The two pace around each other while the bar empties out quickly - no one wants to be caught in the middle of this particular fight. So, true believers, who triumphs here? The Scotsman, or the Canuck? It is up to YOU to decide!
  5. It's not so much as could he as it would be a would he? Superman has some serious moral standards that might well even have Kal El dissuade Lois from her search...
  6. "You can't hold me here! I got rights!" Huey exclaimed. "Rights you gave up when you tried to break into a top secret government facility young man." Amanda "The Wall" Waller replied from the other side of the plexiglass barrier. "A repressive government trying to hide the truth from their own people! And I can't believe you! You're a traitor to your own blackness!" the Freeman retorted. "Race has nothing to do with this son, in fact it's kids like you who make everything into a race issue that perpetuates the whole idea!" Waller snipped back. "I ain't no son of yours!" "You sure aren't. No son of mine would do the things you've done and would know how to speak proper English." "You probably watch FOX News too... race traitor." "...I might." So, does Huey successfully implant enough Blackness into The Wall to escape his predicament or is he stuck in jail until his trial for treason?
  7. "This alien, though entirely human in appearance is extremely dangerous.He was on his way to a prison facility on Omicron Ceti III, but when the prison ship stopped here to refuel, he broke free of his containment and is now loose in New York. This man's a killer, sport. It won't be easy." K said to his partner as they drove down the street. "So, he doesn't turn into a giant bug or regrow limbs or anything? How is that going to be hard? We'll have this done in time for lunch." J replied, adjusting his sunglasses. "He's been bionically enhanced. He can see in total darkness, and is a skilled hand to hand and firearms, as well as improvisational weapons. Reports say he's even killed a man with a teacup. Dont underestimate him." the senior partner retorted. "Yeah, yeah. You're always the doom and gloom and we always come out on top..." He looked over the case file. Meanwhile, across town in a dive bar, Riddick was enjoying, booze, women and cigars. Of course since he didn't have any local currency he had to acquire some. He'd pretty much taken over the place, the bouncer laid out across the pool table with a pool cue stuck in a very awkward spot about a foot too deep to be anything but deadly. Suddenly there's a beep eminating from a communicator Riddick had tucked in his belt, taken from one of the guards of the prison ship he'd escaped from. "So, the local yokels are after me. This'll be good for a laugh..." Riddick said, after he read the message from the prison ship to the MIB. Who wins here? Riddick knows he's being hunted but doesn't know the capabilities of the MIB specifically. The MIB have all the intel on anything Riddick's done up until he escaped captivity the last time and have all of their gizmos and weapons at their disposal. It is up to you, true believers!
  8. "...and so wraps up our story. But only one question remains - Who is Spiderman?" The report ended, and simultaneously all three investigators in their respective apartments clicked off their televisions and said, almost in unison, "That would be a great story!" Independently, each of our three investigators are using all of their resourcefulness and allies in any capacities they will serve in order to discover the identity of Batman. April O'Neil has access to everything she would have on her job, Casey Jones and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Lois Lane has access to the Daily Planet's resources and the services of Superman ( insomuch as he would ), and Dakota would have the resources of Nelson & Murdock, and likely Matt in his Daredevil identity. Which of the three lady investigators will break this story first? (Yes it's short and all, but give me some slack I'm just coming back from a long hiatus here.)
  9. michalecs

    DBZ RP Thread

    "Thank you, I resemble that remark." She said, leaning to one side, the energy beam barely tagging her, her shoulder smoking a bit. "Oh, man, you ruined my shirt." Aphrodite quipped and struck quickly at Burokko multiple times, but the punches weren't aimed to harm, though they were delivered with her full 40 tonne strength, each blow was an open-handed blow, and each time, her hand held a sticky explosive device. If he reflexively blocked as most Sayians did, he'd end up with any limb he used to block with covered with the bombs. She disappeared and reappeared a few yards away. "Beep beep." She said, clicking the detonator to the explosives.
  10. michalecs

    DBZ RP Thread

    "Boo." She stated, disappearing and reappearing behind 'Shorty' with a burst of speed. She'd fire point blank with both pistols at Burokko's head, seeking to end this quickly. She knew it was an off chance, but failing this, she'd resort to the heavier guns. Normally, IX had the speed advantage on most anyone, even the majority of the Saiyan race, due to her ability to predict her opponent's moves and making her own movements more efficient in compensation.
  11. michalecs

    DBZ RP Thread

    She took in the location and departed in an eyeblink, using all of her speed, which of course caused a sonic boom in the throne room as she departed, rattling anything not tied down. When she arrived at the location, she would use her scouter to determine which of the attacking Sayians was the most powerful and begin tracking its movements, preparing for an all out assault with her railgun from a distance prior to closing with the creature. For that's what it was to her - a pest, no more worthy of the gift of life than the average rat. She anticipated the Sayian's next move and fired, not where it was, but where it would be, so that the attack should come as a complete surprise...
  12. michalecs

    DBZ RP Thread

    Aphrodite IX looked skeptically at 'Baby' and shook her head. "Not terribly impressed by floating ball of ugly there. Hope you're right about it." She paced around the tank and shrugged. "So." She crossed her arms across her chest and regarded the King. "I appreciate the weaponry you got me, and giving me fun targets to hit, Your Highness, but is there anything else you need me to do right now? If not, I'm going to go catch a party somewhere."
  13. michalecs

    DBZ RP

    Aphrodite IX is the latest android in the Aphrodite Series. She frequently on assassination missions and upon completion her memory is purged to protect her clients. This has a tendency to make her job confusing as she begins to question what she does for a living and for who she does it. IX begins to find that her job as an assassin isn't what she wants to do. She begins to have dreams and desires like an average human being. When Aphrodite begins to question who she is and what her past was like, she finds clues leading to her past, but it also leads to her discovery of a secret society. This secret society entirely consists of cyborgs. She also finds that these cyborgs want to undermine the current government and take it over. She finally manages to become self aware and upon doing so remember killing her creator. She rebels against her masters and against her programming and leaves on her own terms. This version of IX has had help from several alien races and advanced tech to grant her the following abilities: Superhuman Strength, but not quite on a Sayian level (IX had this even in her canon) 360 degree sensing of her environment Reaction time and speed on par with Androids 16 and 17 Weaponry is of Tuffle design. Pistols, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher Combat Precognition due to advanced targeting and combat style analyzer Scouter built into her HUD
  14. http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profil...r.php?cid=55316 Astrid grew up in a small village near a wizard's academy. She was always both studious and interested in the magical arts. So, naturally, when it came time for the Devotion ( a tradition in her village where upon attaining the age of majority, a child picks a god or goddess to consider their primary source of worship ) it was simply an easy choice for her to pick Boccob, god of magic.
  15. I prefer real time chat rp to forum greatly. I have since 1992 when I first did it on AOL. EF is a great board, and for slower (and ofttimes) less time consuming RP it would be fine. But my work is mainly at home so I have a lot of time, therefore, PJJ is superior for me. Also, tired of forum RPs flopping the moment they get interesting. Conflict? Exodus? Maybe the latter but the former, not seeing it. You can find me in chat rooms, but I've mainly moved on. Its like wargames moved up to roleplaying moved up to online just moved up from forum to chat. I see it as an evolution in gaming.
  16. The fall didn't bother him; a few choice switches along the way and kicking off of walls would make the fall harmless unless it was a really long fall. Once everyone stopped moving, he'd go back to his previous tactic, but with an addition. The first switch wouldn't follow with a shot, but with an attempt to disarm the guard. If he managed to gain one of their weapons, he'd switch to using that instead of his stunner. If his first attempt at disarming a guard failed, he'd continue trying this until he gained one of their weapons. Seeing as Troy could make three switches per second that his enhanced reflexes could keep up with, perhaps half a dozen guards would fall prey to this new tactic before any sort of retaliation would be forthcoming.
  17. This explains everything... sadly. I think she's dead...
  18. "This looks like a job for... GIZMOODUUUCK! And... the rest of the JUSTICE DUCKS!" Gizmoduck and the rest of the group, Morgana McCawber - Villainess and later Darkwing's sorceress girlfriend. Though a very powerful sorceress, Morgana has some trouble using her powers, since she forgets which spell she must use on a specific occasion. She is usually accompanied by her pet bats Eek and Squeak and her pet spider Archie. Neptunia - A mutated humanoid fish who is the self-appointed protector of the sea. Stegmutt - Stegmutt is a Stegosaurus-type dinosaur who was originally a duck working as a janitor. He was turned into a humanoid dinosaur by a mad scientist named Dr. Fossil, arrive on the scene to help! "This looked like a biig job, Dad! So I called them to help! I did good, right?" Goslyn offered. "Now we can totally kick that big Lizard's butt!"
  19. 1)The Director Posts the initial Setup of the scene, and in that post introduces the Star of the scene. 2)The Toon Starring in that scene continues the story, making sure to introduce the Co-Star in that second post. 3)The Toon Co-Starring in that scene posts an introductory post, acknowledging the Star in that post. 4)From this point on, the Star, and Co-Star alternate posting, furthering the story, and each get a total of 10 posts before the Director will "Cut" the scene due to budgetary restrictions, so when you do post you better make it good (at least a paragraph or two) *Note - the director will insert one Guest Star into every scene, at a random time, where appropriate. The end result is a scene with 24 posts - Director Setup, Star Intro, Co-Star Intro, Guest Star Cameo, and 10 more posts from both the Star and Co-Star. Be aware of how many posts remain! You might want to include an OOC note at the end of your posts to remind you of how much "film" you have left, because no one likes an unfinished scene and it will likely get no votes! At the conclusion of all scenes all of the players vote on the funniest scenes NOT involving their Toon.
  20. michalecs


    "I do not know what you would consider proof, warrior. What would you have us do to... pass your entrance exam?" Strange asked.
  21. jesus20456 and bobisbeast in: "Evil Most Dastardly" Dick Dastardly and Muttley, having stolen equipment from Dexter's lab, giving Dastardly access to Dexter's gadgets and Muttley the power of MONKEY! (For reference, see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexter's_...al_M_for_Monkey ) Are on a quest to take over the world, and it's up to the Justice Friends to stop them! ROLL IT!
  22. Nova Force Nova and skykorean in "RUN SCOOBY!" Quicksilver meets Scooby Doo "I'm so fed up with those slowpokes! I'll show them! Run so far that they'll never find me. Then they'll come begging for me to come back." Quicksilver somehow didn't see the flaw in that logic as he made his way up the hill to the very large and very creepy mansion on the hill. "That looks like a good place to hide." He said aloud to no one in particular. ROLL IT!
  23. Jaeger Panzer and Hugo Fowl in "Godzilla in Saint Canard" (Godzilla vs Darkwing Duck) "Reports are coming in from all over. Citizens are advised to stay indoors until the source of these strange and powerful waves are discov- What?! What's that?! It's HUGE! Run! Run for your lives now its a-" The transmission snaps off. And, up from the depths, thirty stories high, breathing fire he stands in the sky! Godzilla! ROLL IT!
  24. ND7 and KevinDWolf93 in: "Spongebob gets Freaked Out" Spongebob was strolling along, mostly oblivious to the world around him. Today was his birthday, and he was anticipating his friends would shower him with gifts and throw him a big party. The camera pans. The usual underwater scene: fish, coral, a strange man in a red jumpsuit with a big F on his chest who appeared to be holding his breath, some clams, and various underwater plants. "Yes sir! This is going to be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" ROLL IT!
  25. Josh M Prime and The Trekker in "Cat Swap" Sylvester and Sylvester Jr. meet Garfield, Odie and John Arbuckle "I tell ya, Pops, this will work! I learned all about it in science class at school!" Sylvester Jr. insisted. "I don't know son, it seems like something out of Buck Rogers." He patted his son on the head. Thinking his child's little experiment would have no effect, he continued. "But you go ahead and try anyway." "Yippee!" Sylvester Jr. exclaimed and pulled the switch. Electricity arced. The air crackled with power. Lights flickered. And then, the whole world seemed to fade away. "Hey, this isn't the inside of Granny's house!" Sylvester Jr. commented. "And why am I standing on a table?" Meanwhile... ROLL IT!
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