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  1. It was nightfall when she arrived in town. Arroyo Seco was a sleepy little village, and the signs she saw were for campgrounds and other outdoor activities. The cars… well they looked different. She didn’t see a newsstand anywhere, but she walked up to a place called Abe’s Groceries & Bar and Grill. When she got inside, she was assaulted by the jukebox music, and the various other distractions. There was a Television (in color!) mounted on one wall of a size she’d never seen before! The news was on. She watched for awhile, as she got a few looks but not what she’d expect for a girl arriving alone with crazy-colored hair. She staggered up to the bar and took a seat. “Rough day?” The bartender asked. “Yeah. I… ah.. My ride broke down about nine miles out of town and I had to walk.” Karen responded. “Need a drink?” The old guy asked. “Desperately.” “Cash or card?” This got Karen to blink a few times. Right, charge cards were probably more common in this year than where she came from. “Oh! Uh… cash.” She dug in her lab coat and fished out a $5 bill. “What’ll it be?” “Brandy?” Karen asked. “For five bucks? You know what, you look like you had a rough day. First one’s on the house. You need a little food, missy?” “Mm.. I think so.” She looked at the menu and paled a little at the prices. Right, inflation, sixty years. She’d better find work soon or she’d be out of money really fast. Karen put away the $5 and got out the emergency $50 she kept in her billfold in case of emergencies. Ten dollars poorer and a combination plate later, she was telling the bartender, whose name was Jake, the story - the real story, after she’d learned of what Neptune had eventually… accomplished and how it literally sent her into the future. She’d been allowed to borrow the old guy’s smartphone to search information about herself - she had been reported missing, but not dead, and Dr Neptune had sent monthly payments to her family for two years after her disappearance. She looked up the phone number for her niece. Boy it was tough thinking of it that way, and her sister’s daughter, (her sister had a toddler when Karen had her accident), and called. “Hello?” The older lady answered the phone. “Hi. Uh, this is going to sound crazy, but this is Karen. Aunt… Karen. Please don’t hang up.” “Listen, I don’t have time for pranks-” “I can prove it! Your mother’s favorite color is grey, she has a scar on the inside of her right elbow from when we fell out of a treehouse when we were kids, your middle name is Lucille because she loved Lucille Ball and she even bought you a red and white polka dot dress for your third birthday because she liked Lucy so much.” Karen rattled off. There was a pause at the other end. “That was… random. But correct. Fine. If you are my aunt, you’ll know what TV show creeped me out as a kid.” “Davey and Goliath. Oh, and Gumby. Anything claymation. You’d scream and run away when they came on.” “...I’ll text you my address. I- I have a lot to process here. We’ll talk more when you get here.” The phone call ended and Karen’s eyes went wide. “You never told me-” She started, then the text message notification came in, which was a bullwhip sound, causing Karen to drop the phone. She reached for it as it fell… And suddenly it was in her hand again, shimmering portals about a foot from the floor and a few inches over her hand floated midair. “Nice. You’re Empowered. Didn’t think anyone was that far back.” The bartender commented. “I didn’t used to be, Jake. Oh. Ohh. The portal. When it discharged, it infused my body with the breach material… that must be why my hair and eye color changed.” “Nice. Can you… make those things disappear? They might be a bit in the way when it gets busy in here.” Karen thought for a moment, waving her hands around a bit. Finally she got them to disappear. She laughed nervously. “That’s going to take some practice.” She looked at the phone again, and saw the address on the screen. “Oh, that’s what she meant by text. Neato.” “Neato?” Jake chuckled. “Give me a break I grew up in the 50s. I don’t think fifty dollars will get me to… Paradiso? I don’t even know where that is.” “I got a solution for you, Karen, but I hope you like chickens…” Jake smirked. Three hours later She was sitting in the air-cooled trailer behind an autonomous semi truck driving through Arroyo Seco on its way to Paradiso, delivering chickens to a farm nearby the city. They were supposed to be free-range, so even in the trailer while they had perches and boxes, they pretty much meandered all over the trailer. And Karen. “I like chickens, I like chickens…”
  2. Komi Sprung into action! Well, for her, anyway... She invoked the power of unity, targeting the two people that would most suffer inequity due to their appearance, Corvo, and the new arrival, Viantius. "You can win together! Go and triumph!" And strangely they both felt emboldened and emotionally bonded, albeit temporarily - due to their shared backgrounds of people assuming what they were like due to their races. Komi walked up to Corvo and touched his forearm. His body glowed with the power of unity, granting a shield made of her own faith in the church to protect him from harm. "I have confidence in you! We can defeat these villains together!" Gone was her meek tones, she was actually speaking at full volume. yelling even. It was... a little unsettling for those used to her mild mannerisms.
  3. 1963, Somewhere in the deserts of New Mexico "Are the calculations complete, Karen?" Asked a middle-aged man, with a wild frock of reddish-brown hair, dressed in a lab coat over a Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants. "Yes Doctor Neptune. It appears that they should work but-" The mousy woman with drab brown hair and eyes replied. "Excellent. Spin us up, Doctor Bush." He interrupted. Neptune was never one for buts. "-the location of the portal is very likely to be unstable, both physically and temporally. Are you sure-" Karen tried to inform him of the risks. Neptune didn't like are you sures, either. "Stay next to the main power switch then. If something goes wrong, dump the trial." Karen's face twitched. She knew that if the portal was off center, it'd gravitate to the largest EM field. Namely, right next to the main power switch. "Are you having misgivings, Doctor Bush? I don't have to remind you that there are dozens of other technicians clamoring for the job you're doing right now. Don't make me regret hiring a woman." She took a deep, quivering breath. "No, Doctor. I'm just looking for my electrostatic gloves." She reached over and grabbed them, putting them on with a nervous smile. It seems like he bought it as he barked with laughter. "Right. Don't want to have any stray EM throwing off the experiment. Now, spin us up, Karen." Karen cranked the wheel that lowered the exotic power core into the vat of thick gel in the middle of the room on the opposite side of the heavy vault glass that the control room hid behind. The gel was a superinsulator, developed by Neptune himself. Sparks began to fly but were soaked up by the gel. Until one of them wasn't. A bright blue crackle of electricity flashed directly through the gel and the glass, striking the control panel. Neptune's eyes widened. "No. That's impossible! Quick, kill the power, Karen!" Karen reached down and grabbed the switch… The world went white. Pain. No, not pain. It was like every pore of her skin was vibrating. It was almost pleasant. She looked around… There was nothing but the white, for an indeterminate amount of time. Meanwhile, what Doctor Neptune saw was an arc of lightning strike Karen, who disappeared entirely, except for the rubber boots and electrostatic gloves, which flopped to the ground. "Well, I suppose you were right, Karen. You'll be missed." He began taking notes and deciding who his next assistant would be, while trying to think over what he was going to say to her family. 2020 - 20 miles outside of Taos, New Mexico. The white faded. She lay on the ground for a few minutes before sitting up. Her eyes eventually refocus. There's a road sign. Arroyo Seco 9 Taos 20. "I'm fifty miles from the lab! It worked! I've got a long walk though…" Karen stood up realizing she was in her pantyhose. Her shoes and gloves had disappeared. "The insulation exempted them from the transport." She dug in one of the pockets of her lab coat for her Mary Jane's and a lock of bright blue hair fell in her face. Shocked, she got out her compact and noticed that her hair and eye color had changed. "Gee willikers." She slipped on her shoes and began walking to Arroyo Seco.
  4. Komi was aghast at this development. Sitting on the deck blinking.
  5. Huh... Voyd's powers could be related to the catalyst that Neptune started 50 years ago. I have played an Voyd/OC hybrid before, and had her being a researcher in her ("Incredibles") timeline but having one of her portals messed with by a supervillain device which launched her from the 1960s to the world she ended up in. Here's my idea. Karen was a research scientist on Neptune's project. Assumed dead, but instead flung into the future, landing in the timeline of the campaign inception. She'd have the Captain America/Aang thing going on, being a fish out of water initially (still in her backstory, hear me out), but quickly embracing the idea of hero work and adopting a costume and hero ID and joining one of the hero associations as Voyd. She would have been working as Voyd for some time, enough to get her to the experience level needed for campaign inception. Before I take this football and run with it... What do you think?
  6. There's not much delved into in the movie, so all I have is her first name, Karen, to go on - so don't worry, she'll be an original character because there'll be a LOT more to it than is mentioned in the movie. I like the powers and the personality, (and yeah the costume) but the rest can be tailored to fit your world easily. I've been RPing online since there was an online to RP in, and on paper since 1977 so... yeah, I'm pretty confident that I can make a suitable backstory once I see what the tableau is like.
  7. I'd like to join this, and see if I can't make this girl... Voyd, from The Incredibles 2
  8. Komi was startled! All of this change was so unexpected, her neko ears manifested, and she slowly backed away from the ring. "I'm a healer... I do have weapons training, everyone was required to at the temple, but do I really need to fight my own team to show you? Couldn't I... well... heal anyone who gets hurt in your mock fights, maybe?"
  9. Komi rubbed the back of her head. Then she tried to speak. Several times. Finally, she spoke. "I am a cleric of the Church of Healing Unity, so my powers are... well, healing and unity. I can bind two people together temporarily and both of them will be better because of it during that time, which lasts about an hour. I know how to use some weapons and I have a couple offensive spells to use... just in case, but I prefer helping to harming. The rest of my skills... you've seen most of them. Oh, I do speak four languages."
  10. "O-of course!" Komi went to follow Corvo, her curiosity and her loyalty to him invoked in full.
  11. "Well, I can purify small amounts of water daily with my magic, but not enough for everyone. It should make our supplies last longer." Komi offered. She'd been the one to help cook again this morning, and found unique ways to make fish seem different on the seventh day than on the first. She was very pleased with herself. She was also, well... comfortable around Corvo now. Her shyness had started to fall away during those times when they were in the room together alone. It felt... relaxing, which is an odd feeling for her. But she did like it. Very much.
  12. Later on... Komi went belowdecks to the galley, entirely missing Muggy's reaction to the magic ship. Magic had been part of her life for as long as she knew, so this was something she just took in stride. She took it upon herself to organize things and put her own cooking tools among those here on the ship. She really got into it, and the people who were already there just assumed that she was the new cook from the way she took charge of the galley. Her shyness didn't come into play because she was dealing with things she was familiar with for the most part. By the time she'd gotten done, she was positively smiling. Then she realized that this evening, she'd be sleeping in the same room with Corvo. Gulp. I'll deal with that when it happens, she thought, and settled in to sit on the deck and watch the last preparations to leave, mainly content.
  13. Blink, blink. She stared for a moment, as various scenarios played out in her mind, and it left her... intrigued. "...I wouldn't mind at all. I suppose there are two beds in each room, right?"
  14. Komi fussed with her gear a little and looked around at the stuffy man and his pleasant daughter. "We will do all that we can to keep you safe, Mistress Erine. Won't we, Corvo?" She looked to her friend for support while nodding and smiling. Helping people was Komi's main joy in life, and she meant to enjoy this long trip to the fullest. She'd never been on a ship before! It was sure to be a great adventure, and her curiosity was piqued, to be sure.
  15. Komi nodded and offered a small smile."I'm sure one more stop won't slow us down too much, and maybe I can find some spices things at the apothecary too..."
  16. Picard is the master debater here. Magneto is smart, but his intolerance will show in the end and Picard wins this battle of wits.
  17. Komi tugged at Corvo's sleeve. "I need to buy new cooking tools, and probably fishing gear... oh and soap, and probably a tent. I wasn't allowed to take the cooking tools I used at the Temple. So, maybe I could go with you?"
  18. OOC: If I get to spend cash too, Komi would get Cook's Utensils, Fishing Tackle, and Soap.
  19. She looked down and held her hands in front of her. "I found the key to getting people's attention is to speak softly enough to where they have to really listen." Komi nodded. "I would like to meet all of your adventuring friends, Corvo, and tell them of what I can do." After a moment or two she cleared her throat and raised her hand a little. "I can speak elvish, so that might help, right?"
  20. Komi blushed a little and stood up. She stepped over to him and smiled slightly. She was in her battle gear now, and ready to help. "I'll help you, Corvo. After all, you were the one who encouraged me to leave the temple and come to Eastrun to begin with. Whatever you need me to do, I'll do my best!" She looked around, hoping others would join in as well. "We should all do our best together... okay?"
  21. One day, several weeks ago, at the Church of Healing Unity soup kitchen Komi was doing her usual job of helping to feed the needy who came in, and some of the acolytes too, as they often ate there as well, to socialize and evangelize the beggars who came in. It came to pass that a particular winged tiefling was the last in line for the meal. He smiled a lot and always tried to talk to Komi but she was too shy so far to respond. This time - panic! He was the last in line, so there was no one else to focus on! When he asked if she would sit with him and eat, there was no way she could refuse! Numbly, she nodded and grabbed the lunch she'd packed for herself - that she intended to eat out on the balcony, alone, and followed him to whatever table he chose to go to. Komi had yet to say a word. She had never been among the people who scorned him, at least among their peer group. Though it was mostly an attitude carried over from the more conservative members of the faith, nonetheless it had been something picked up by everyone else. As though a tiefling was something to be hated, despised and even feared. Nothing open of course, there were far too many eyes for it. It was little things. Teachers would ignore him when he had questions or mock him if he didn't know the material. He'd practice alone or with those who didn't feel that way, scarce as they were. Food would sometimes be burned or over salted when given...Little things. But not from her. His food was never harmed when he came in line after finishing his work here, though she had yet to speak back. They were in the same age group he knew that much, though growing up she had always been quiet too.She never laughed at him anyway. That put her in the clear minority. Now finally, here they were...Eating together before he finally spoke. "I'm going to leave in a week." Komi stared at him for a long moment before saying, softly, "You shouldn't quit. I think you are a very sweet person." She was blushing furiously and looking down at the remains of her lunch. She had a very artfully crafted charcuterie of meats, cheeses and delicate bread slices that she'd meticulously assemble into tiny sandwiches one at a time. There was only enough left for a couple more of these at this point. "You shouldn't let bullies run you off." She added, staring firmly at a particular piece of bread that was vaguely heart-shaped. He blinked and then smiled warmly at her. "That's sweet of you to say. But that's not why I'm leaving...Well, not entirely." His fingers stroked the handle of his sword in a contemplative gesture as he spoke on. "I'm taking my Quest for Truth early. The Abbot thinks I'm ready and so do I. I figured I'd start off in Eastrun City." He took a few bites of his food, swallowed and went on. "They're having a shortage of adventurers and I figured I could hone my skills and start off there with Jessamine." There was so much to unpack there. She had been told she was ready for her Quest for some time now, but she was too meek to go on her own. The embarrassment continued when he mentioned Jessamine. "Jessamine is your... girlfriend then?" She kept her eyes off of him, busying herself with making her next mini sandwich. He snorted with laughter. "No. She's my partner." He held up his sword as he added dryly. "After Master Jinn took me to....Er, celebrate my eighteenth birthday I found her in a corner calling to me. She's a spirit who lives in my sword and loves to flirt with me for some reason. I expect its mostly just a reaction." There were at least four blinks before Komi spoke, and the bonnet on her head seemed to ride higher than usual. If Corvo was observant enough, he'd make out the outlines of the Neko ears that manifested when she was exceptionally startled or surprised. She knew she had to say something so she offered up a random fact about herself. "I'm nineteen, myself." He smiled. "Me too. I've had her for a year now and some months." He placed the sword back and leaned forward as he added. "I know it's normal to wait. But I feel ready. And I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to possibly one of my few friends here." If it were possible, her eyes widened further. "I'm.... I'm your friend?" She looked at him for a moment before she looked down again and devoured her second-to-last sandwich so she'd have an excuse not to say anything more. Only one excuse left. She thought to herself. He blinked and then looked briefly unsettled as he asked. "I'm sorry if I made a mistake. It's just...Well, never mind then." Her mouth opened. No words came out. Quick! Do something! Her inner voice told her. So she grabbed his hand, almost violently. Words would not come, so she just nodded furiously, which caused her bonnet to slip back, revealing the extra set of ears that showed up now and then, followed by a squeak as she used her free hand to attempt to cover them up, to little avail. Oh. That was forward. He could feel his sword almost burning, though curiosity compelled him to look closer. His free hand reached out, gently tugging off her bonnet as he blinked. "...Are you like me?" There was a brief note or wonder in his tone before he chuckled and said warmly. "I like it. It's cute." Komi shrugged and shook her head. "...N-no. I don't think so anyway. Both my parents are human, but now and then... this happens. Maybe I have some tabaxi or... more likely, kitsune... in my lineage somewhere. I..." She paused and shrugged again. "...I can't control when it happens, and they go away after awhile. It's why I always wear a bonnet." Exceedingly self-conscious now, she realized she was holding his hand and jerked it back, as if she'd burned herself. "I... I think I'd like to be considered your friend, Corvo." He smiled, a little shy and quite happy. That was a turn of phrase he didn't hear often and it was nice to hear. He just wished it had been done sooner. He would have known her better as he said suddenly. "So when are you going on your quest?" She squeaked again. "...I don't know. I suppose soon, but I should give them time to find a replacement for me." She tapped her forefingers together. "What if I'm not ready? Do you think I'm ready? I could maybe... Find you in Eastrun?" He nodded. "Yes. I'll be there. If not working." Komi looked around nervously - as if she did much any other way, then leaned forward lightning-fast and kissed Corvo on the cheek. "For luck." She stood up. "I should go help them with the dishes." A quick bow and she was gone, fluttering back to the kitchen. One thing he did notice though, that when she retreated, the cat ears had disappeared again.
  22. As we discussed on Discord last night, here she is. I trust you'll find a way to work her into the story. Picture: Name: Shouko Komi Race: Human Class: Cleric (Unity) Age: 19 Strength: 4 Durability: 7 Agility: 8 Intelligence: 10 Luck: 11 Charisma: 8 Backstory: Komi was an orphan from a young age when her family and everyone in the caravan she was traveling with were killed by bandits. She was taken in as a ward of the church of Unity. Though she has serious social anxiety, she is bright and very caring, and for some reason, astoundingly lucky. Sometimes her very ability to have trouble communicating works in her favor, as others often see it as very cute. She met Corvo at a Church of Unity while she was working in the soup kitchen (this is her favorite because all she has to do is share the soup and smile, no thinking of words to say there!) and the two became friends. Eventually, she made a personal decision to spread the word of the church of Unity, seeing it as personal challenge to overcome her greatest barrier - her own anxiety. Character Attributes: Human: (Ability Score Increase: Your ability scores each increase by 1.) Extra Languages (3, two from Acolyte and one from being human. Oh the irony.) Background - Acolyte - Feature - Shelter of the Faithful: As an acolyte, you Command the respect of those who share your faith, and you can perform the religious ceremonies of your deity. You and your Adventuring companions can expect to receive free Healing and care at a Temple, shrine, or other established presence of your faith, though you must provide any material Components needed for Spells. Those who share your Religion will support you (but only you) at a modest lifestyle. Spellcasting: Minor cleric spells at this point: Cure Wounds, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith, Heroism chief among them. Unity Domain :Emboldening Bond Starting at 1st level, you can forge an empowering bond between allies. As an action, you can choose two willing creatures you can see within 30 feet of you (this can include yourself) and create a magical bond between them. The bond lasts for 1 hour or until you use this feature again. An interesting quirk that Komi has is that sometimes when she's especially excited or agitated, she manifests cat ears on the top of her head. She can't control when this happens and seem to have no benefit beyond their sheer cuteness and a slightly extended range of hearing. Skills: Cooking, Insight, Religion, Medicine, Stealth Gear: Weapons - Mace (frying pan, actually), Light Crossbow and 20 bolts Armor - Brigandine Vest and Skirt, Leather Sleeves and Boots, Shield An Explorer's Pack - Includes a backpack, a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, and a waterskin. The pack also has 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it. Holy Symbol of the Church of Healing Unity A prayer book or prayer wheel, 5 sticks of incense, vestments, a set of Common clothes, Soap, 2-Man tent, Cook's Utensils, Fishing Tackle. 2 doses of Dreamlily Total Wealth (15 gp, including the money given by background)
  23. If anyone has demons in his head for Freddy to exploit, its Starkiller. The whole Dark Side path plays upon emotion. Emotion is Freddy's strong suit. He wins.
  24. Does Inigo have another brother he can call on to say... "...you killed my brother, prepare to die." Because, the whole knife to a gunfight thing is totally happening here.
  25. Drizzt gets force-fed Gwenhyfar. Hellboy's got a nigh-indestructible hand, but that's not even what I think will do this here. Drizzt is not going to know in time just what that strange wand is pointed at him is. Drizzt is fast, but not faster than a speeding bullet. And the damage that Hellboy's bullets do isn't easily tanked.
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