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  1. "It was not a lack of conviction, but playing to my strengths. Being able to get people into the fray if one arose." Voyd rebutted.


    "But, I could go into the place separately, watch over Henry and Rey, and if things go bad, portal out to bring the others in, except Mercury of course, he obviously doesn't need speed since he runs his mouth as fast as his legs."

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  2. 6 hours ago, Hugo Fowl said:

    "They're not connected that we know of."

    Henry pointed out as he added. "I'll go with the majority. I'd just like to point out that these apparently, violent assholes have evaded authorities and such with an arrogance that doesn't seem to fit them. So it stands to reason, if it's not them...Then who? Who's protecting them from retaliation and hiding them? It's conjunction on my part admittedly, but I'd like to personally make sure. With that said, you all know my stance."

    Having said that, Henry settled back-reading the files once more as if they would tell him secrets.

    "Having more information sounds like a better option than going in blind. Since we're going after the kidnapped former heroine last, I'd rather it be with whatever information we can get from the informant first..."

  3. 14 minutes ago, Gands02 said:


            Ray takes his time reading the documents. "You both have good points. Here is my take. Mission two should go first, not because it is or isn't more important, but it will give us a chance to get to know how to better work together. But, I agree Henry that Mission one should be before mission three. I too saw that the same gang, Paradise Lost would be at that bar. Maybe we can get information on their former leader and what he is up to before trying to locate the retired hero. And Henry, you should probably take the lead talking to the bartender..."

    After looking at the file and hearing with others have to say, Karen frowned. "I'm afraid that the missing woman might be more than missing if we wait too long on that one, but since the consensus is to take care of the vigilantes first... I'll go along with it. One thing to realize is that we haven't even worked with each other before, and they have. Bad guys they may be, but they can probably work together as a team. We need to be sure that we can do the same."

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  4. 13 hours ago, Bergy_Berg said:

    "You know they won't have any problems with killing you, right? There are some really sick, twisted people in and around Paradiso, and for them killing folks is as normal as washing your hands." Mercury looks around at everyone gathered at the table. "I'm sure just about everyone knows this already, but if we're going after those gangs we should be ready to use any means necessary, because if you hold back you'll probably end up dead."

    "Just because they're casual killers doesn't mean I have to be. If we're just hired murderers that's not what I'm interested in." 

    7 hours ago, Gands02 said:

    " Karen, it is a cold hearted place out there. Mercury is right about that part. But I don't think you'll have to kill. As a team, the theory is we look out for one another. I think the rest of us will do plenty of killing if this works out. At least in the beginning. I had a girl once, lived that awful life with me for about a year. One day, she just left, real sudden. I forced myself to forget her. She came into her powers before me. As an initiation, the gang she joined, Los Apocoliptos had her blast me with her new powers. I woke up about a week later with my new powers. She never looked back. I've been trying to make any damned Apocolipto punks pay ever since. Any way, I at least respect who you are, where you came from as long as you do the same for us. Funny thing is, like twilight zone funny, crazy old Doc Heller says she probably hit me just about when my own powers were ready to come out and the power she hit me with probably made me more powerful than I would have been otherwise. "

    "Yeah, the world lost something in the half a century I missed, Rey. I'm really sorry for your loss,but I was raised differently than any of you, and I didn't lose a love or an eye or come out with scars..  I lost my whole world. The first person I called after arriving here was my niece, who was a toddler when I had my accident. She's got grandchildren now,and none of my other family or friends are even alive now. I missed their lives."

    She looked over at Mercury then, and picked up another coffee mug. "Another reason I want to avoid killing?"

    A portal appeared in front of Karen, with the other end in front of Mercury. She pushed the mug halfway through then collapsed the portals. Karen was now holding half a mug and the other half fell towards Mercury's lap.

    "I'd rather not see what happens when I do that to a person."




  5. 21 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    "My name is Sienna Cordova." She introduces curtly. She stands with her hands folded behind her back, slowly making eye contact with her good eye to anyone who will match her gaze. "I have called you here for a simple reason: the gangs rule too much of this city. Of my city. I need them chased off. Killed, if need be. The police, the new mayor, and all the other professional heroes don't have the guts to travel into the mouth of the beast. They want to slowly take back the city, one goddamn building at a time. To hell with that. The longer we wait, the more innocent men, women, and children die on the outskirts of our city. We need to strike at the heart of this infection. Once you're properly trained and working as a team, we'll strike at the major gangs of the city. Once we topple one, the rest of those cowardly heroes will join us. Any questions?"

    Karen was still mostly disappointed that her work would have to wait, but she was excited that she'd be working with a team on the streets.  "I have a question... You said, uh, kill when needed, you don't mind if I leave that part to the more... Martially equipped members of the team? My powers... And my moral center, don't make that part of your job description easy for me." She smiled nervously, folding her hands in front of her as she explained.


  6. 3 hours ago, Confession FPT said:

    They had noticed his badge already, so they did see his name, so he decided to introduce himself. 

    “I am Inquisitor Manmin Hutchinson of Windclast City Watch, I thank you for releasing me. I must ask,  how is it that we came to have similar enemies?” 

    "Ahh... they're... pirates? Honestly I'm not sure if we attacked them or of they attacked us first. I was just coming up from belowdecks when the attack started..." Komi quickly showed her Bronze Adventurer Badge, and her holy symbol for the Church of Healing Unity, as if that would answer the rest of his questions.

  7. 6 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    "In terms of payment, Master Cordova has set aside a handsome sum of money for this project. As a starting bonus, and to thank you for your time and cooperation in meeting with us today, Master Cordova has prepared $5,000 to be deposited into each of your bank accounts. This should be arriving very shortly." Nixolas looks around the room quickly. "If any of you are off-the-grid, we can make arrangements for the payment to be made in cash." 

    "As far as a regular salary, Master Cordova has set aside $500,000 for this team's initial trial run. This money will be given out in increments as you complete tasks throughout the city. The difficulty and risk of the task will dictate how much money is given, to give you each an incentive to work together on the most pressing tasks in the city. On top of the regular salary, this facility will be open to you at all times of the day. There are private quarters for you each to sleep in, should you choose, and each of those come with state-of-the-art amenities and a personalized AHRI assistant."

    "As a final perk, Master Cordova would like me to assure you that she is a well-connected woman in this city. She is more than willing to help resolve any personal or professional matter that you may have in the interest of focusing your efforts on this team. She has a personal team of scientists, researchers, and investigators, and knows many people in the upper ring of the government. Should there be any issue, you may relay it to me, and I will see to it that the bulk of Master Cordova's resources get put to it."

    "Wowzers! That's, well, adjusting for inflation... no, it's still a lot of money!" Karen did the math in her head. "Since I'm renting a hotel room month-to-month right now... kinda hard to get a solid job when officially you're 87 years old according to your documents, I'd really like a place here. And... I'd love to continue my research on where Doctor Neptune went wrong, and how to fix it... now what you mention it, sir."

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  8. 1 hour ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Viantius examined the situation. He began rambling out loud, trying to deduce the solution to this problem. 


    "We need to find a key. A key to let him out. For all we know, he's a monk. Monk. Key. Monkey! Everyone, be on the look out for a monkey!" His confused babbling seems to confuse the situation further

    Komi literally facepalms at this. "Corvo, wait!..." But it was too late. Corvo had flown off.

    She simply turned around twice, studying the room. Sticking her tongue out of one side of her mouth she reaches up towards the doorframe. Huffing, as she can't quite reach it she gets a feather duster out of her pack and runs it along the top of the doorframe.

    The key is knocked loose and she catches it , grinning. 

    "Not bad for a maid..."

    Walking back over to the prisoner, she unlocks the restraints and casts a minor healing spell on him.

    "Honestly, my friends aren't always this clueless..." I hope, she adds mentally.

  9. 2 hours ago, Hugo Fowl said:

    A dagger flashed and moved to cut him out, Corvo saying cheerfully.

    "Up and at em, Lawman."

    "Oh my goodness! We need to see about getting these chains off of him. Are you sure your dagger is strong enough to cut him free or should we look for a key or something?" Komi looked with disbelief at Corvo. Was Jessamine that powerful? 

  10. 10 hours ago, Gands02 said:

    Ray looks at everyone as they talk. He seems to be considering what they say carefully. He does take Karens hand, grasping it gently and shaking it. 


    "All right folks, remember to be patient with one another, I guess this is not in my comfort zone and maybe not for some of you either. Been in the worst parts of town all of my life, so this place and some of you seem really high class and fancy to me. Thanks for trying to make me feel welcome. "


    With that he quietly sits back down.

    She returned his handshake heartily, smiling.

    "Jeepers, Mister, that must have been rough. I don't consider myself high class, especially since the jump. I am currently working at a pharmacy because it's taking awhile to get all of my degrees renewed and I could pass the pharmacy tech test practically in my sleep- Ooh, sorry rambling again." Karen said, walking alongside Rey until he sat down. Blinking, she giggled, covering her mouth then portaled back to her chosen chair, then fished out her mask to put back on.

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  11. 29 minutes ago, Gands02 said:

    He gets up to leave slowly. 


    " I wish you all good luck."

    A couple quick portals later and Voyd is standing right next to Ray. "Are you kidding? I'm not strong, even for a normal person, and I got a neat costume that can take a little punishment but I'm not tough at all. Alone, the best I can do is, like catch small time bad guys and sometimes kinda dumb ones... But with a group, oh man what we could do together! Like, say there was a bad guy waay over there. It'd take you a while to get over there, With my portals, you could be right there, dishing out the beatdown that I could never manage to do by myself. You gotta give this a chance, Ray."

    She took off her mask, not like it made a lot of difference, it was just an eye mask, and put it in a pocket on a belt around her waist.  Sticking out her hand, she tried again. "Hi, I'm Karen, and I may be a dorky scientist but I'd like to be your friend."


  12. 8 hours ago, Bergy_Berg said:

    In the seat nearest the door is a figure adorned head to toe in nice looking athletic clothes with a prominent swoosh logo, every bit of skin covered by black camo sportswear and his eyes shielded by tinted sports goggles. He shifts uncomfortably in the chair. 

    “Hi. I go by Mercury. Uhhh... I’m really fucking fast, and I guess that’s why I got invited here. *ahem* I guess I’m kinda new to the whole hero thing, but uh, definitely ready to give it a go.” 

    Mercury's foot starts tapping, a pair of Jordans bouncing at an alarmingly quick rate. “Is this a team thing? I haven’t really worked on a team before.”

    "Language! Why I never..."  She looked over Mercury blinking "...although I do admit if you can tap your foot fourty-six times a second like you are now that is indeed very fast. And if it were not a team effort I doubt we would have all been summoned here and asked to introduce ourselves."

  13. 1 minute ago, OMFG said:

    As the plank between the ships groaned under the stress of the weight of the crew, they would cross into the Pirate's Ship, leavings The Angel Steve alone, per Erine's assurance.

    From above the deck all seemed quiet, just scorch marks, blood, and debris from the earlier confrontation litter the starboard. The bodies of the dead sprawled across the deck, bits and pieces here and there.

    The entrance to the lower deck is through the Captain's cabin, but on first attempt Erine is not able to make the door budge.

    Upon closer inspection, she would notice some writing on the wall.

    "To go forward, you must go back...? What the heck does that mean?"

    "Maybe... if you stand in front of the door, and take a step back, there's some trigger or pressure plate on the deck?" Komi meekly suggests.

  14. "Hi, My superhero name is Voyd, and what I can do... is this."  She picked up a coffee mug from the table and tossed it in the air. Through a series of portals she 'juggles' the mug all the way up to where Guerra is, it landing in his hands as it falls from the last portal.


    "I originally was an associate of Doctor Neptune's. We worked together for two years before my accident. During one of the trials of his teleporter technology, I was caught up in a temporal field that transported me about fifty miles... and fifty-seven years into the future. I arrived after my accident in 2020, and have been doing the hero thing for four of those years. My powers were endowed to me because of the accident, and I spent the first year here getting used to the culture shock - woo was there! - and mastering my ability. Also, my eyes are pretty good and I process visual information much faster than most people, even some Empowered folks... So that's me... Voyd. I'm not sure if we share our secret IDs here, probably because I mean Mr. Guerra and AHRI knew how to find us all... uh... sorry, rambling."

    She sat back down again and folded her hands in front of her.


  15. 29 minutes ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    "It's my pleasure to meet you, Komi of the Church of Unity. I have to thank you. You seem like a very sweet spirit." Viantius smiled and strummed some pleasant, upbeat major chords on his Lute. "Though you might be surprised. Sometimes people can be surprisingly accepting."

    "Well, then I am happy you have found acceptance. That can be rare these days..."  She tapped her forefingers together in front of her, staring down at her feet.

  16. 22 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Viantius strummed a brief, sad ballad after recovering a spell scroll from the ground. They drew arms against them, but it was a shame it came to blows so quickly. What a waste of life.

    Viantius followed his newfound companions. He strode up alongside them and stretched out a hand. "Viantius Dinoryn. And you are?"

    "I'm known as Komi. I am a cleric of the church of Unity. That's why I cast my emboldening bond on you and Corvo, as you two would be most likely to have suffered discrimination because of your appearance..."

  17. On 8/27/2020 at 11:22 PM, Hugo Fowl said:

    He was a lot better now after that fight. Bad as his luck was, the experience gained allowed him a closer relationship with his partner...Which in turn, gave them entirely new tricks. He would spin and slash in forms with her in a longsword...Then shift mid-swing to a Quarterstaff.

    Then a rapier.

    Then a dagger. He paused and ended his spin and chuckled aloud.

    "You're the only weapon for me Jess." Stashing the dagger in a sheath for it, he stretched and looked around for others to talk to.

    "I'm sorry I wasn't more effective, Corvo. I'm sad about Muggy, but I never thought I would see someone try to deflect a cannonball that way..." She held her hands in front of her, wringing them as she looked down.

  18. "May the divine light of Unity punish those in its path." Komi pointed toward the one called Darryl and he mostly dove out of the way as a literal bolt from heaven lit him up with divine fire. She then unburdened and loaded her crossbow, prepared to use physical force for the next strike.

    Provided she could hit. She was sort of mediocre with target practice, though she did pass the proficiency back at the temple.

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