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  1. "It was not a lack of conviction, but playing to my strengths. Being able to get people into the fray if one arose." Voyd rebutted. "But, I could go into the place separately, watch over Henry and Rey, and if things go bad, portal out to bring the others in, except Mercury of course, he obviously doesn't need speed since he runs his mouth as fast as his legs."
  2. "With my mobility, I could be with either group. I'd prefer being in costume but I could go either way if need be."
  3. Komi ran below decks and prepared for the worst...
  4. "I have a smartphone, and though I'm disappointed by not being able to go in costume, I can do Plainclothes. I even have a blonde wig, because believe it or not, this is my natural color now..."
  5. "Mission One is my preference." Voyd replied.
  6. "Having more information sounds like a better option than going in blind. Since we're going after the kidnapped former heroine last, I'd rather it be with whatever information we can get from the informant first..."
  7. After looking at the file and hearing with others have to say, Karen frowned. "I'm afraid that the missing woman might be more than missing if we wait too long on that one, but since the consensus is to take care of the vigilantes first... I'll go along with it. One thing to realize is that we haven't even worked with each other before, and they have. Bad guys they may be, but they can probably work together as a team. We need to be sure that we can do the same."
  8. "Just because they're casual killers doesn't mean I have to be. If we're just hired murderers that's not what I'm interested in." "Yeah, the world lost something in the half a century I missed, Rey. I'm really sorry for your loss,but I was raised differently than any of you, and I didn't lose a love or an eye or come out with scars.. I lost my whole world. The first person I called after arriving here was my niece, who was a toddler when I had my accident. She's got grandchildren now,and none of my other family or friends are even alive now. I missed their lives." She looked over at Mercury then, and picked up another coffee mug. "Another reason I want to avoid killing?" A portal appeared in front of Karen, with the other end in front of Mercury. She pushed the mug halfway through then collapsed the portals. Karen was now holding half a mug and the other half fell towards Mercury's lap. "I'd rather not see what happens when I do that to a person."
  9. Karen was still mostly disappointed that her work would have to wait, but she was excited that she'd be working with a team on the streets. "I have a question... You said, uh, kill when needed, you don't mind if I leave that part to the more... Martially equipped members of the team? My powers... And my moral center, don't make that part of your job description easy for me." She smiled nervously, folding her hands in front of her as she explained.
  10. Komi moved up to the deck near the stern of the ship and sat down cross-legged. "Spirit of Unity, please bind this crew together and allow them to survive and thrive. Let them see the power that comes from working together and the strength that flows from teamwork." After her prayer, she closed her eyes in meditation.
  11. "Ahh... they're... pirates? Honestly I'm not sure if we attacked them or of they attacked us first. I was just coming up from belowdecks when the attack started..." Komi quickly showed her Bronze Adventurer Badge, and her holy symbol for the Church of Healing Unity, as if that would answer the rest of his questions.
  12. "Wowzers! That's, well, adjusting for inflation... no, it's still a lot of money!" Karen did the math in her head. "Since I'm renting a hotel room month-to-month right now... kinda hard to get a solid job when officially you're 87 years old according to your documents, I'd really like a place here. And... I'd love to continue my research on where Doctor Neptune went wrong, and how to fix it... now what you mention it, sir."
  13. Komi literally facepalms at this. "Corvo, wait!..." But it was too late. Corvo had flown off. She simply turned around twice, studying the room. Sticking her tongue out of one side of her mouth she reaches up towards the doorframe. Huffing, as she can't quite reach it she gets a feather duster out of her pack and runs it along the top of the doorframe. The key is knocked loose and she catches it , grinning. "Not bad for a maid..." Walking back over to the prisoner, she unlocks the restraints and casts a minor healing spell on him. "Honestly, my friends aren't always this clueless..." I hope, she adds mentally.
  14. "Oh my goodness! We need to see about getting these chains off of him. Are you sure your dagger is strong enough to cut him free or should we look for a key or something?" Komi looked with disbelief at Corvo. Was Jessamine that powerful?
  15. She returned his handshake heartily, smiling. "Jeepers, Mister, that must have been rough. I don't consider myself high class, especially since the jump. I am currently working at a pharmacy because it's taking awhile to get all of my degrees renewed and I could pass the pharmacy tech test practically in my sleep- Ooh, sorry rambling again." Karen said, walking alongside Rey until he sat down. Blinking, she giggled, covering her mouth then portaled back to her chosen chair, then fished out her mask to put back on.
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