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  1. Still hanging in there I see? 84 is gettin up there... Hopefully the next world a pleasant one.

  2. Hopefully, you've not dropped off the boards! With over a month of inactivity, things look grim... Maybe you really were eighty three years old, and your time simply came... Uh oh... Uh... I mean, Happy... happy...


  3. While the ability to mess with my bowel control may sound pretty darn impressive on paper, I suspect I'd react in a similar manner if I ever were to run into Bugs Bunny on the street. I don't live anywhere near Toontown. You didn't really answer my question. So, Popo's an intimidating racist who has provenly fed on a burst of energy at one point, and his name in German translates roughly to "butt". Is there anything you'd want to say about his compelling personality? I don't watch DBZ, that's why I'm asking you, the thread starter. What's the justification for giving this guy a thread of his own? P.S. Just so we're clear: The big-lipped black guy is a visual stereotype far older than Jim Crow. A knowledge of the history of slavery in USA and the whole Jim Crow issue is required for a non-American to understand why Americans are so touchy on this particular stereotype, but not so much on the dirty Arab terrorist or the big-toothed, squinty-eyed Asian. Europeans, generally speaking, see the black, big-lipped character like a silly racist joke: "Look, a stupid stereotype, ha ha, moving on." We don't really react to any specific racist cliché as strongly as Americans do because of their past with black slavery. We enslaved everyone indiscriminately.
  4. Eure Generation nimmt Informationen nicht auf diese Weise auf. Zum Beispiel fällt euch wohl nichts über die Gründe dieses Schauspiels auf, weil die meisten von euch gerade jetzt nicht blau sind. Fine, run that through Google translate. Ena riktiga tokstollar. To misquote g4hardcore, is there a point to this topic? So far, all I've learned about Popo is that he's awesome for eating a kamehameha, and that he's a racist stereotype. What else is there to know about him? Do try to keep Jim Crow out of this, though, since it's not unreasonable to assume that the Japanese producers of the show weren't aware of American sensibilities on the matter.
  5. Agreed. In most of the comics Donald's superhero alter ego is featured in, Donald turns from an everyman to a skilled vigilante in no time. As far as I can tell, Drake Mallard is closer to the 'bumbling, barely competent superhero with occasional strokes of badassery' archetype. But whereas the latter always was a genuine superhero, Donald initially started his vigilante career by robbing Scrooge and framing his cousin Gladstone for the deed. Granted, the latter was by accident, but still, it's not hard to see why they changed Donald's other self to a more traditional superhero. I consider myself fairly well-versed in Disney's Duckverse, yet I can't recall Scrooge at any point assuming a superhero persona. Very interesting. I'll have to look into it.
  6. @Shockwave: Doch, doch. "Popo" entspricht vielmehr "nettere" Wörte, wie "bum" oder vielleicht "butt". "Arsch" hat wohl kein richtiges Äquivalent im Englisch, möglicherweise "Arse". "Ass" ist ein bisschen zu leicht in meiner meinung.
  7. Aaand I've somehow been missing this one all this time. In case it's not too late yet, expect a character from yours truly, hopefully within this weekend.
  8. I believe this is a version of "out of context theatre". They left out some crucial panels, like the one where Chameleon realizes how his words had just been misinterpreted, and starts laughing with Peter, and the one where Peter apparently realizes it had been a case of mistaken meaning, and asks Chameleon what he'll do for an encore. The way I saw it, Chameleon meant that he loves Peter in a "we're both screwed-up human beings and there's no one else I can turn to" kind of way (Kraven was dead at that point), not in a "lol I'm gay" kind of way. This is not a story of Chameleon coming out, it's a story about a desperately lonely man trying to reach out to the only person he could, only to end up committing suicide after his awkward, socially inept attempt at bonding was cruelly laughed at. It didn't help that it was all just a silly misunderstanding. The rest of the story is about Peter's guilt at the realization that he was given a chance to send a long-standing villain on the road to redemption, but totally blew everything with his insensitivity. Though now that I think about it, that is kinda gay.
  9. Charlie: The manager sized Charlie up. Then he dug in his pocket and produced three dollars that he laid on Charlie's palm. "Look, young man, here's the deal. I work hard, most of my time between waking up and going to bed is spent inside these four walls." He pointed with his thumb at the building behind him. "I don't see much else that's going on here. On the other hand, I remember every single one of my guests, because that's what I do, but I'm not allowed to disclose any information about them." The elderly couple that the luggage belonged to walked out of the hotel. The manager bowed his head towards them. "Have a nice evening, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson!" They rudely ignored the polite words and kept on walking towards the town square. The manager sneered and turned back to Charlie. "You did not hear this from me, but you'd do well to continue down the main street and ask around more down south." The manager turned to go back inside the hotel, stopped in his tracks, and turned back to Charlie. "You did good there. If you need work again during your stay, do stop by and we'll figure something out." Charlie Markesan stats: Status: Healthy, limp, fairly tired Morale Points: 65 Equipment Smith&Wesson .32 caliber rimfire revolver: excellent condition .32 ammo for the S&W (20 rounds) bandages and other basic medical supplies surgeon's equipment: decent condition Remaining Cash $ 3 *** Marc: The saloon was bristling with excitement. It was one of those more fancy establishments, where there was even a stage for can-can girls to dance on. Right now, the stage was empty, but the piano player in the corner was playing a jovial melody that was unknown to Marc. There was song, there were games, and there was certainly drinking going on. Would be hard to find a seat in this establishment. There were games of poker or dice in almost every table, except one in the far end, where a group of men seemed to be in deep discussion. There was even a roulette wheel. Marc was not unfamiliar with the device, having spent his share of time in the Louisiana gambling circles, but seeing one this far out west was a bit surprising. Probably brought here by some travelling curiosity merchant. Seemed the croupier needed to explain the rules individually to everyone interested. As Marc stepped inside, he was met with a barkeep, or possibly only a help of some kind. "Hello there, sir", he said, miraculously still smiling after what must have been an exhausting day. "Can I get you anything?" There were suddenly shouts outside, but the exact nature of those shouts drowned in the laughter of a group of men sitting near the door, playing a game of Faro and drinking heavily. It was hard to decide whether the priority was to play or to drink. Marc Bujeau stats: Status: Healthy Morale Points: 51 Equipment: 2x Knives: both perfect condition Deck of Cards Guitar Tinderbox Tent Waterskin Remaining cash: $14.80 *** James: The young deputy's face lightened up. "You a bounty hunter, sir? Why, you're in luck! The ol' sheriff's no big fan of your type, says it'd be better to increase law enforcement funding 'stead of letting gunslingers like yourself clean up places, but I just so happen to think you guys are great! Make our job so much easier, too." "Oh, the Thompson guy? Haven't seen him myself, but he's reported to be much more level-headed than Grave, and just about the only one who can keep the crazy trigger-happy maniac from massacring everyone in his way. A very intelligent guy with a taste for high culture, but make no mistake, still one mean-spirited bastard with a good aim. Probably holed up somewhere in the mountain range over there with the rest o' the gang, but may sometimes go out on his own to buy books. Not just any books, mind. Shakespeare, Chaucer, them Brit classics. Real sophisticated for a crook, if you ask me." James Cranston stats: Status: Healthy, limp Morale Points: 70 Equipment: Lemat revolver: great condition Lemat ammunition (20 rounds) Knife: fair condition Waterskin Remaining cash: 0.50 *** Rose: The house was indeed abandoned, yet it did seem subject to frequent visits. Large footprints on the dusty floor proved that there were others beside the kid spending time in the house. As of now, there seemed to be no one inside. Had Rose not spotted the boy going in, she would never had known the house wasn't completely empty. Besides a few cabinets, a table and some chairs, the ground floor had nothing of interest. The windows let enough light in to give the room an ominous blueish glow. As Rose climbed in, she noticed the creaking of the floor boards under her feet was met with a weak noise of undefined origin from the floor above. There was only one stairway leading up. Anyone up there would have to walk down those - in case they didn't choose to jump through a window. One of the cabinets was locked with a big, rusty padlock, others were partly open. They were empty. Alonsa Arely stats: Status: Healthy Morale Points: 76 Equipment Knife: perfect condition Rope: perfect condition Bandages and other basic medical supplies Deck of cards Guitar (x2)Tinderbox Tent (x2)Waterskin Remaining cash: $20.80 *** Daniel and Elias: The large man hesitated. He looked back and forth between Daniel and the man he was holding up. He didn't look so sure anymore. "Well, now, I..." he paused. "I didn't exactly see him doing it, but I know..." he made another pause, then he said, very defensively: "Nobody can have that kind of luck! He cheated me out of my brother's watch!" Seeing the big man go on the defensive gave the smaller man some of his courage back. "I won it fair and square! Nobody forced you to bet your brother's watch on that hand, you big ox!" All of a sudden, the saloon's doors swung open, and a slightly overweight, but muscular elderly man with grayish hair stepped out with a shotgun in his hands. He was wearing a white apron and sported a thick moustache. He aimed the weapon at the large man and shouted: "Bud Smith! You've caused more than enough trouble in my saloon. This will be the last warning! Now let go of Vernon!" The big man first looked at the owner of Gringo, then at Daniel, then at the smaller man, before silently lowering his opponent back on the ground and releasing his grip. He took a last glance at the man with the shotgun, then started walking away. He looked defeated. Apparently the smaller man, known as Vernon, couldn't resist gloating. "Yeah, keep walking, imbecile!" "That's enough, Vern" the elderly man remarked. Then, quite unexpectedly, he turned his head and looked reassuringly at Elias, and said, in a low voice: "All okay now, stranger. Save your efforts." Elias might have been an expert in hunches, but the old man must have been no slouch either when it came to noticing stuff. The question was, then, how much did he know, and would it prove useful later? "Say, haven't seen you two around. Can I interest you in a drink to wash the dust off your throats? Don't take ol' Bud's outbursts as a sign of things to come around here, he's not been feeling well since his lil' brother went and disappeared a few months ago." Daniel Lambert stats: Status: Healthy Morale Points: 60 Equipment: Double-barrel shotgun: great condition Shotgun ammo (10 shots) Bandages/Basic medical supplies Bullwhip: perfect condition Remaining cash: $6 ____________________ Elias Spencer stats: Status: Healthy Morale Points: 47 Equipment Knife: perfect condition Sap: perfect condition Smith & Wesson Model 1, Second Issue Revolver: good condition .22 Short Ammunition (25 rounds) Deck of Cards Waterskin Remaining cash: 0.30
  10. The North Side: The old woman squinted, as if she didn't see the man speaking very well, even though Charlie was probably four thirds of her size. "No, sonny, can't say that I have. It's these damn eyes of mine... They've grown worse over the years, I used to be able to spot a chicken sitting on that mountain... You see, that mountain over there... It sure was a good place to pick berries, whenever the heat hadn't burned them all dead... Like my old Benny, he's gone now, God rest his soul, he used to take me on journeys long before we settled here... Lots of nice places in this town... Like the tea house over there, where the nice sheriff is standing... Oh, dear, he's not there anymore, I must have missed him go, it's these damn eyes of mine... They've grown worse over the years..." The woman kept on rambling. The heat must have affected her mind, as she didn't seem to realize she was talking in circles. Suddenly, an angry-looking, middle-aged man with a considerable moustache approached Charlie and the old woman. "Mother!" he said, while eyeing Charlie suspiciously. "How many times have I told you not to talk to strangers? Especially... especially to... those people?" He very nearly spitted out the words. The old woman seemed confused. "But... but he is such a nice and polite young man... He just asked me if I had seen a chicken on that mountain over there... Wait, no, that's not right..." The middle-aged man gently put his right arm around his mother's shoulders and led him away from Charlie, who could hear him continue talking to the lady. "I'm telling you, mother, if we give them people ideas about being any better than they are..." No success there. The search would prove fruitless, unless Charlie found less prejudiced people with a better idea of their surroundings. The sheriff was really not in front of the tea house anymore, he must have up and left while Charlie was listening to the elderly lady. He could have been a good source of information. On the other hand, it would seem Charlie wouldn't run out of people to ask. Suddenly, Charlie heard a commanding voice: "Hey! Hey, black man!" If he turned around, he'd see a short, stout, balding man shouting at him from the porch of Holy Man's Hotel. The man was dressed in a suit, probably the manager in person. "Yes, you! Care to give these men a hand with the luggage here? There's a few bucks in it for you if you do." Charlie Markesan stats: Status: Healthy, limp Morale Points: 64 Equipment Smith&Wesson .32 caliber rimfire revolver: excellent condition .32 ammo for the S&W (20 rounds) bandages and other basic medical supplies surgeon's equipment: decent condition Remaining Cash $ 0 *** The Town Square: Marc saw people turning their gazes towards him as he sang. Most went quickly back to their work, but some kept on watching, a few even smiled and hummed along. He had been noticed. His charisma was working its magic. Marc noticed a few women throwing admiring glances in his direction and whispering something to each other. Oh, the often overlooked joys of being a stranger in town. The town square was even more crowded than the north part of town. The closer Marc got, the less room he had to maneuver his horse. Thankfully, the sight greeting him at the square was a pleasant one. On the left stood a large saloon, which had been recently painted and decorated with bright, inviting colours. Horses were drinking from containers outside, people were pouring into and out of the saloon on a constant basis. Undoubtedly a popular establishment. There was a young boy doing card tricks of some kind by the water containers. He had challenged a cowboy from the small crowd of spectators to a game of cards. He maintained a very specific kind of grip on the card deck while dealing: He was cheating, and not very subtly, Marc noticed. Sooner or later he'd get caught. On the right, there were already a few merchant booths up, though there would probably be no sales yet today. A few fur traders, a couple of vegetable sellers, some street musicians even, but mostly the town square was occupied by carpenters and builders setting up the stages for some event tomorrow. Straight ahead was the town hall, a huge building that somehow gave the otherwise common town square some much-needed majestic flair. Marc Bujeau stats: Status: Healthy Morale Points: 49 Equipment: 2x Knives: both perfect condition Deck of Cards Guitar Tinderbox Tent Waterskin Remaining cash: $14.80 ____________________________ The South Side: There were a few posters on the board. As James well knew, the sum offered usually equalled the difficulty of tracking the suspect down, and the dangerousness of the suspect. There was a little of everything here. "The three Jackson Boys, wanted alive for acts of vandalism, pickpocketing and break-ins. Reward: $10 for each." "Ned Westley, wanted alive for questioning regarding the robbery of a convenience store. Reward: $20." "'Jimmy', wanted alive for arson. Reward: $50." "Jacob Tanner, wanted alive. Head suspect of rustling on MacGregory's ranch. Reward: $100." The middle of the board was occupied by an unclear photograph of a grinning, balding gentleman. The text beneath read: "Dead or alive: Jason "the Madman" Grave. Wanted for murder, assault and robbery. Extremely dangerous. Reward: $800." Beside Grave's poster was a smaller, less threatening image of a spectacle-wearing young man. It read: "Fredrik Thompson, Jason Grave's right-hand man. Wanted dead or alive. Reward: $300." A small note beneath both of the previous posters read: "Reward for the capture of any of Grave's men for questioning: $150." On the lower left corner, there were shreds from an old poster. All that was still readable was the letter 'B'. The rest was gone. James heard noises behind him, but it was still the same group of cowboys, shouting and whistling at a young, exotic looking woman rushing into an alleyway nearby. A wagon carrying a few newly-made coffins rode in, followed by another carrying planks. The casketmaker must live close to the sawmill. A group of children ran by James, playing tag or something the kids these days liked to do. Something about them brought back memories of happier days for James. Suddenly, the door to the Sheriff's office opened, and a very young man carrying a rifle stepped out. He was still almost a boy, yet carried the deputy's star proudly. James's uniform seemed to impress the man very much. "Why, a mighty good day to you, sir! Anything I can help you with? The sheriff's out, but I know a great deal about things that are goin' on here!" James Cranston stats: Status: Healthy, limp Morale Points: 69 Equipment: Lemat revolver: great condition Lemat ammunition (20 rounds) Knife: fair condition Waterskin Remaining cash: 0.50 *** "Hey, pretty señorita, come back and dance for us!" the drunk cowboys shouted as they saw Rose running, but they gave up after just that one shout and resumed their drinking. The short attention span brought on by drinking could sometimes be a blessing for others. The alleyway was narrow and stinky. Rose was forced to wade through all kinds of garbage dumped there over a span of what could have been months. Rotting food, broken glass, metal objects of all shapes and sizes... This alleyway had it all. Catching up with the boy seemed less and less likely for every string and rope Rose had to shake off her foot. The boy was probably a local, and very quick. He could easily disappear in any nook or corner in town by the time Rose made it through the alleyway. Suddenly, Rose's eye caught the boy climbing through a window inside a big house standing around 60 yards away. The building was two-storied, very old, and looked like it had been abandoned for years. What in the world could a small boy want there? Alonsa Arely stats: Status: Healthy Morale Points: 75 Equipment Knife: perfect condition Rope: perfect condition Bandages and other basic medical supplies Deck of cards Guitar (x2)Tinderbox Tent (x2)Waterskin Remaining cash: $20.80 ___________________________ The Southeast side: Elias saw the same thing as Daniel: The thin man more or less clinged to Daniel's leg while attempting to get away from the bull-like man, who had meanwhile stopped close to Daniel's horse. Daniel and Elias now had a proper chance to examine them both. The thin man had a short, slim moustache and tired eyes. He looked undernourished, but still wore a nice suit and a bowler hat. The large man had a proportionally large chin and nose, with small, dark eyes that seemed out of place on his red, spotted face. He wore a typical cowboy's outfit, though a few sizes too small for him, it seemed. The sleeves were rolled up on his shirt. He seemed to completely ignore Daniel's words when he grabbed the thin man by the collar, until he remarked, without looking in Daniel's direction: "You stay out of this, stranger, my problem is with this here falseplayer." The thin man, who seemed tiny in comparison to the huge bull-like creature holding on to his shirt, stuttered pleadingly to Daniel: "P-p-p-please, sir, I cannot tell a lie, we w-were in the Gringo, ha-having a nice game of p-poker. I h-had a good thing going on, too, when thi-this ruffian decided I was ch-cheating! I do no such thing! I'm an honest man, I am!" "Liar!" The large man shouted, and efforlessly lifted the gasping smaller man in the air. He turned to Daniel with a somewhat softer expression on his face. It struck Daniel that this man wasn't drunk at all, just extremely angry about something. "Don't believe this scum, stranger. He cheats in poker, always done! Daniel Lambert stats: Status: Healthy Morale Points: 59 Equipment: Double-barrel shotgun: great condition Shotgun ammo (10 shots) Bandages/Basic medical supplies Bullwhip: perfect condition Remaining cash: $6 *** Elias saw the scarred man handling the situation with diplomacy. The large man was far from calmed down, but things would hopefully improve from here. Suddenly, Elias had a feeling someone with a weapon would appear in the doorway of the Gringo in a few seconds. He had grown accustomed to these hunches, things more superstitius folks would label under precognition. In reality, it was likely the constant awareness of his surroundings combined with subconscious connections made after years of paying attention to small sounds like steps on wooden boards, the cocking of a gun, and the like. The drawback to this was that he could only tell what was about to happen, not what the motives behind the events were. Elias Spencer stats: Status: Healthy Morale Points: 45 Equipment Knife: perfect condition Sap: perfect condition Smith & Wesson Model 1, Second Issue Revolver: good condition .22 Short Ammunition (25 rounds) Deck of Cards Waterskin Remaining cash: 0.30
  11. ... ... Stupid me. I should quit trying to type anything in a hurry. What I meant was that any S&W revolvers that came out after 1868 will be downgraded to said model, including my old nemesis, the .38. Any weapons that were available in 1868* are naturally allowed. Elias can keep his gun, no problem there. S'cool, man. I sort of figured that if anyone, you'd be the one spotting it. I knew I should've changed it before anyone pointed it out, but suddenly lazy. *Yes, I've checked that model 3 of the .22 revolver coincidentally came out in 1868. However, since I'm not completely certain at which time of the year the revolver was released to the larger audience, I'm leaving it out. Chances are that if it was out, it had not yet reached Hell's Hole.
  12. Glad you guys are enjoying the game so far. I see everyone's already posted their turn. I've written out the beginning of next 'round' now, based on the replies of round 1. All it needs is a proof-reading, so my next post on the subject will be up tomorrow. Some announcements next: 1) I thought better of posting the map just yet. The first day, you guys will mainly become acquainted with Holy Man's Helm, and the map contains some 'spoilers' in that department. Once I feel your characters have enough knowledge of the town, I'll put the map up. 2) From next post on, I will start to include all your character's equipment, money, morale points, and other useful, constantly changing information about their status in my posts. Yes, I forgot the Morale Points (shortened to MP after the first post) in my first post. Sorry about that. 3) Seems Jason Redfield spotted the error I noticed as well, but was too lazy to correct: The Smith&Wesson revolver caliber .38 hadn't been invented yet in 1868. In addition to Elias's handgun, there were the .22 S&W model 1 (the older version of the same gun) and the .32 caliber rimfire model released during the Civil War, five years before Branded for Life takes place. That was a definite error on my part, I mixed up the models. Guns were never my strong suit. All S&W revolvers in the game will be downgraded to caliber .32. However, to make up for this geeky faux pas, the quality of all revolvers in relation to the price will be increased, so you'll have better quality items for a lower price!
  13. Branded for Life is now up at the RP boards. The board wouldn't let me post the image of the map for some reason, so it will be up later. An unexpected visit from a friend cut my writing of the beginning short, but at least there's something to work on now, I promise to give you more shortly. Don't let the short opening paragraphs fool you, there's a lot going on behind the scenes already.
  14. BRANDED FOR LIFE Chapter One: Holy Man's Helm The day had a long while ago reached its zenith, and the heat was slowly becoming tolerable. The increased length of the shadows were completely ignored by the masses of people still about their daily toils. There was no sign of tired bodies or sleepy faces. There was a sense of celebration in the air. The mayoral election would be in four days. After months of desperation, there was, once again, hope in sight. Hope that a change would come. That whichever candidate won, they would make good of their promise and turn the disaster that was Holy Man's Helm around, make it again what it was before things started going quickly downhill. This was reason enough for curious people to come from far and wide, and that, in turn, was a reason for merchants to come and sell their wares. However, this was all quite secondary to the six strangers that rode in that afternoon. _______________________________________ The North Side: Charlie and Marc North of Holy Man's Helm saw the most traffic. Mostly fine-looking carriages and whole groups of people travelling together. For safety, it seemed. The town square was visible right upon entering town from the north side, where the main street was wide and showed the very best of what the town had to offer. Large banners advertising both of the mayoral candidates were up, and several platforms were being erected in the town square. *** Charlie rode in from the north side of town, right into the heart of most of the gathering. There were people of many shapes and sizes, and from every possible social class, but very few of other races than white. Charlie did notice some eyes on him, but no one spoke to him yet. Finally, he saw two black men walking down the street ahead of him, carrying large planks. So he wasn't completely alone. Charlie didn't have a penny on him, so finding some quick work would be high on the list of things to do before he could begin his search for real. Luckily, it would seem there was going to be no shortage of odd jobs in Holy Man's Helm for at least a couple of days. He looked around, but did not see a doctor's reception of any kind nearby. Only a couple of nice-looking stores selling clothes and jewelry. Maybe there would be something closer to his trade further down the street. The mass of people around him didn't really give Charlie any clues. Looking for Victoria in a town like this beared likeness to the metaphorical story of a needle and a haystack, but admittedly this part of town was as good a starting point as any. *** Marc had noticed the conundrum from far away. Large gatherings like this were always a sight for sore eyes, especially when there were rich, possibly gullible people around. The bad thing about the rich was their tendency to keep guards around. The first thing he noticed was a carriage that had recently stopped in front of Holy Man's Hotel, possibly the most respectable establishment in town. A finely-dressed older couple was in the process of entering the hotel. Their attire said the man was probably a plantage owner. They had a lot of luggage, and two very muscular, mean-looking men were in the process of starting to unload them. There were no saloons around, only a couple of expensive-looking stores and a tea house next to the hotel. A man looking suspiciously much like the sheriff was standing in front of the tea house, examining the passers-by. There were probably more 'business opportunities' by the town square. _______________________________________ The South Side: James and Rose Though much less crowded than the north side of town, south side still saw its share of people rushing back and forth in their chores. This part of town was all business. A weapon shop stood beside a grocery store, the town blacksmith was located right next to a few nice-looking stables. Some of the wagons riding into town seemed to be coming from the sawmill, just visible in the mountains. *** Few of the busy people took notice of James riding into town. However, a group of a shabbily-dressed young comboys did. They were sitting on a pile of planks on the right side of the road, passing around a bottle of whiskey between them. One of the men pointed at James's dusty uniform and shouted: "Hey, genius! Missed the news? War's over!" All of them laughed. On his left side, James spotted the sheriff's office. He was hardly surprised. His years in the trade had given him something of a sixth sense when it came to finding the law in a town. The billboard on the side of the building had some wanted posters on it, maybe worth taking a look. A weapon shop caught James's eye, but there was nothing notable going on here. *** The south side of town wasn't particularly attractive to a fine woman. Sleazy-looking workers were oogling at Rose, and a few whistled after her. However, this behaviour was not reserved for Rose alone: a couple of drunks were shouting something to a man in uniform, who had been riding ahead of Rose. There were no saloons, theaters or other entertainment establishments around, all the buildings in sight were either stores, stables or homes. Suddenly, a small boy ran out on the street from an alleyway on the left, right in front of Rose's horse. It took a some reacting to stop the horse from stepping on the boy. The boy stopped to stare at Rose for a few seconds before resuming his flight across the road and towards another alleyway. The boy had looked scared, yet there was no one chasing him. _______________________________________ The Southeast Side: Elias and Daniel This side was the least respected part of town. Shabby saloons and hotels, suspicious stores and a general aura that seemed to whisper: "One false move and we'll beat you up so good that even your own mother will think you're ugly" didn't make visitors feel exactly welcome. *** Elias was entering town from the southeast side. The conundrum in the North might have been better for a man trying to stay unnoticed, but it was possible that the mayoral election would tighten the security, and there was a slight chance that more rugged-looking strangers would be noticed. This side of town was certainly better for prying for information, anyway. The road grew narrow between the buildings. The stores here were mostly closed. Broken windows spoke their own, silent language, as well as the fact that there was no one in sight except another man riding a short distance behind Elias. The man's scarred visage, as well as the shotgun by his side, spoke volumes about his violent life. Something about the place seemed somehow wrong to Elias, but he couldn't quite pinpoint what. He noticed a few faces in the windows around him. A store on his right side had the "closed" sign up, but there was clearly someone looking through the dusty glass. Elias had just passed a saloon with the word "Gringo" spelled in large letters over the porch, when suddenly he heard a racket behind him, and if he looked behind him, he saw a man flying out through the doors right next to the man riding behind Elias. *** Daniel entered town from the eastern road. He had visited Hell's Hole a few times in his life, and he knew from experience which side of town he should avoid on days when a celebration was being prepared. Besides, Miss Betsy's Saloon and Hotel was less than two blocks away from where Daniel was now, and it was at Miss Betsy's that Carrie and Daisy were staying. Old stores had closed and new ones had opened since his last visit, so he'd have to ask around to find all the supplies he'd be needing. Daniel was riding past popular lower class saloon Gringo and contemplating his thirsty throat, when suddenly a man flew out through the swing doors and landed right beside Daniel. He just managed to keep his horse from stepping on the poor guy when another man barged out from the saloon. Whereas the first man was of average height and thin, this man was large as a bull, and he was pissed. "I'm not done with you yet, you cheater!" the huge man shouted as he approached the first man, who was struggling to get to his feet.
  15. @Jason Redfield: Hmm... A sap would cost $3, and a blackjack $2.5. Justification for this is probably only that there's a higher chance of not directly killing a suspect using a sap, and that is an advantage. Both are also highly durable pieces of equipment and won't be in need of replacement anytime soon, so that's also included in the cost. Money got you far those days. Well, shit. Now I don't know whether to pick Rose or Marc. That's what I get for living in a different time zone than most. The reason I prefer fewer players is that I can then more easily provide an individual experience for everyone. All characters will meet challenges that fit them, whether or not they're working in a group at the moment or not. However, I didn't originally expect this campaign to find so much interest! I'm naturally happy, but it does make the choosing process more difficult. @hamtaroblastex: You've come up with a non-combatant, who should be excellent for role-playing, especially since her demon will affect her daily choices a lot. There are a few typos that need fixing, but you've got your character figured out, and I'm interested in seeing you roleplay Rose. @sirmethos: That's quite good. There's not much to add, except this: Have you considered making the "keeping his word - whether a threat or promise" Marc's demon? No, a demon is not compulsory in a character, but it is a personality trait that makes a character follow through with a course of action, regardless of cost. It's not a major demon - Marc can just choose not to give his word - but in the few instances that it comes to play, it decides the character's actions even against better judgement, and any time it is played out, it will be worth a bunch of morale points. That's optional, of course, and I can't hold that against you, since I realize the difference between a personality trait and a demon is very vague. I should have gone with the wider definitions "personality traits" and "physical traits", and made the definitions for myself. Something to think about for my next RP, I guess. I realize I'm going back on my word a lot, but I really can't decide between these two characters, who both have already given me ideas on how to run some scenarios in this campaign, especially since both players have shown the kind of dedication to their characters that I always wanted to see. And in case someone drops out, there will be no need for hurry with the replacement. Therefore, we will now have a whoppin' six players in this game. In practice, that only means that the pace will be a bit slower since I will have to create individual scenarios for two characters more than I originally planned. With Marc AND Rose in, the team roster is now complete and beyond. If anyone wants to drop out now, let me know. Otherwise, the characters are as following: Daniel Lambert - stage-coach gunner, cattle herder. Played by KevinDWolf93. Charlie Markesan - surgeon. Played by Josh M Prime. James Cranston - bounty hunter. Played by Mercenaryblade. Elias "Eli" Spencer, Jr. - "freelance spy". Played by Jason Redfield. Alonsa "Rose" Arely - entertainer. Played by hamtaroblastex. Marc Bujeau - gambler, entertainer. Played by sirmethos. I hope to quickly throw together a badly drawn map for the town of Holy Man's Helm and insert it in the first RP post. The characters will start in three different parts of town, two in each. I've made the decision of who begins where based on a number of factors, most importantly the individual beginning I have planned for each. You can choose to work together, or go solo. Holy Man's Helm is your oyster. The next few days will be busy for me, but I've already figured out the beginning scenarios for the first four characters, and writing for the two newcomers will be quick. Expect the Branded for Life thread to appear in the RP section on Monday or, if things go really slowly around here, on Tuesday.
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