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  1. Heh maybe to give Midnighter one final victory?
  2. Just wanted to say something while the site is still up. I'm sure striking power wise Spiderman would be stronger if he didn't hold back which he does. Strength level Spiderman is completely superior and Midnighter's striking power doesn't put him on his level strength wise. Midnighter isn't exactly faster then Spiderman and maybe in his world superhumans can't see him in his short bursts. But Spiderman has tagged or avoided Quicksilver more then once for example. Being that in this fight Spiderman has his spider sense he will know beforehand when Midnighter will attack him so he doesn't nee
  3. You always give good reasons as to why you don't like certain films. I may disagree with a few of them but it's true. I agree with some of the rankings but disagree with others. Fast and Furious 6 was one of my favorite films. I wouldn't put it at number 2 but it's definitely in the top 5 so I agree with you there. Wolverine is in my top 10 for sure as well. Pacific Rim for me would be a bit higher. Trust me if you read half of the actually Kick-Ass 2 comic that's horrible you would be glad for Kick-Ass 2 the film being the way it is. Ironman 3 was just fun like a Ironman story should be so I
  4. Very funny short setup and had me laughing. The proper last match for these two. Gotta go with the Man of Steel here.
  5. Man of Steel wasn't horrible and did great at the box office (650 million all together which is close to 700 million). Man of Steel got mixed reviews. Some liked it and others didn't. It was a success. Many nods to certain Superman stories which I loved. I liked certain things like Jax Ur and Nathan Hardy's code name being Guardian which probably was a nod to the actually character in the comics. Nolan this time around just needs to carefully observe the script and anything he doesn't like this time he needs to just say no. Originally Nolan told them no to Superman killing Zod and they had to
  6. Batman- John Preston (Equilibrium) Nightwing- Oliver Queen (Arrow tv show) Robin- Hit-Girl Batgirl- Kiera Cameron (Continuum) Oracle- Chloe (Smallville)
  7. LOL Clooney set the bar pretty damn low. I agree with Whedon's comments. Affleck is gone crush the role. He will knock it out the ballpark. It has a lot of cursing. But this is a good scene with him. Affleck was great in this film, Paycheck, Town, Argo, and more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqDtf1aw818
  8. Comic fans complain regardless of whether good or bad decisions are made when it comes to superhero films. Hollywood because of it just ignores them now. Ben Affleck has been great for years now as a writer and director. He has also starred in good movies as an actor that people forget. I guess people bitching about him haven't seen Daredevil the Director's Cut. I'm surprised Ben Affleck took the role. It's going to be interesting to see him in Batman vs Superman and Justice League. He could play a good Bruce Wayne for sure. Batman is the one up in the air. Though I don't doubt him. I'll tel
  9. If Darkseid has any power he has ever shown plus any devices he has used then Thanos gets his shit kicked in. Any power he has shown could also apply to Pre-Crisis Darkseid since the OP didn't say exactly which version of Darkseid when it comes to any powers. As far as prep is concerned Darkseid's plans are superior if you look at their histories.
  10. Why would they want the dragons around when their are villains all around them fighting next to them? As if none of the villains would try and make a wish as well. They are all on Asgard. Goku and the heroes would be stupid to even attempt to make wishes with the villains right there. Hell the villains would probably fight the heroes in order to make their own wishes and make things easier for Superman. Which is bad because Silver Age Superman wins this easily. He would make Superboy-Prime's ass-kicking he gave out to everybody in Infinite Crisis and 52 look like a joke.
  11. No I didn't miss the point. Do the dragons not come from the dragonballs like we have seen in the manga and anime? When was it shown they exist somewhere else in the universe and don't need the dragonballs to exist? You know since when they use the dragonballs they turn to stone and can't be used for a year. The dragon then can't just appear when it wants whether summoned or not. Next he didn't say the dragonballs were in the Marvel Universe where this battle was taking place. He didn't say the dragonballs because they are in the Marvel universe as well means characters like Shenron are als
  12. AVP let me ask you. What is it that the Shenrons and Porunga need in order to even be able to exist, show up, or be summoned? Dragonballs. Once again he never said they had the dragonballs on Asgard. All of which can be killed or dealt with by Pre-Crisis Superman easily if they show up. People are acting like Superman would just stand their and let them make a wish. Or like he wouldn't be able to keep them from doing so. Silver Age Superman is so utterly stupid powerful it isn't even funny.
  13. They are fighting in Asgard. What dragonballs are in Asgard? Did the OP say they have dragonballs on them in Asgard?
  14. You know very well as a DBZ fan they would never wish for a weakness. If they would show proof. Not that it matters since Pre-Crisis Superman has overcome all his weaknesses to accomplish his goals.
  15. If they are smart about what? What are they going to do? The Z-Fighters aren't going to wish for his weakness or to have him depowerd. They aren't the heroes to come up with some scientific solution or anything like that. They can't wish to make anybody even close to Silver Age Superman's power level. The villains hate the DBZ heroes so much they may actually make things worse for them if they are in the battle. None of them don't give a damn whether Earth or more get destroyed. Chances are unless forced they would enjoy to see the heroes get slaughtered. Also like Jaeger mentioned Silver
  16. People aren't paying attention to the fight location. It says Superman is fighting all characters from Dragonball in Asgard. What dragonballs do you know of in Asgard? Z-Fighters don't just carry dragonballs on them like it's nothing. It doesn't matter whether they make a wish or not. Doesn't matter whether they know of his abilities beforehand or after. People don't get how powerful that Superman is if they think the dragonballs make a difference. He was the the definite Superman is the most powerful hero ever so he has a shitload of abilities. Pre-Crisis Superman had telepathy, could see i
  17. Pre-Crisis Superman traveled so fast he almost went into heaven. Destroyed a universe with a sneeze, his laughter causes earthquakes, and more. He literally could yawn and probably wipe out the DBZ's Earth. Hell he sneezes and their goes the universe. I doubt a red sun regardless of what DC says would do anything since he could sneeze and put out a red sun. Or just blow the red sun away effortlessly. Both of which he has actually done to suns before. Though not red sun.
  18. He only got a better match because for some reason the A's from before the match got reset still were counted along with the F's he got.
  19. Blade wins this. He has the superhuman strength and speed along with the weapons to beat Scorpion. Also Blade is a excellent fighter. However if he lets Scorpion catch him with his spear, a teleporting attack, or hellfire he loses instantly. Good fight.
  20. Superman and Goku traded punches furiously as the shock-waves in space sent after effects that would be felt by nearby planets. Goku had finally managed to use his chi to create a energy field that enabled him to breath in space. Now with no limits or worries about civilians two of the greatest heroes in the multiverse once again clashed. Goku once again in another attempt to defeat Superman wanted to fight him in space where Superman was the most powerful. Superman claimed it would be unfair and Goku said fighting him at his most powerful would only make him a better fighter. Every two years
  21. Pymp is right Balrog can hang with Ryu and has some good power behind his punches. But TJ has the speed and skill to beat him. However Balrog if he cuts loose and takes a couple of hits can pull out a win. I think I will side with TJ. Balrog's overconfidence could cost him.
  22. This is a good fight actually. Okay setup. I'm going to go with Kenshi here. With the way he incorporates his TK in his fighting style and how fast he moves in combat with it. I could see him from the start snatching Jago with his TK and doing some serious damage. It won't be easy and it will be a very good fight.
  23. I voted again but the grading didn't come up. I'll try again to see if I get grading. Seriously if you didn't want to type a match you have the rumble option.
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