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  1. Do the two matches need to be connected in any way?
  2. Omg I love me some Spidey... But man... Izuku ftw. He's faster, stronger, and shit on me if he isn't as gifted a strategist as this version of the eight legged freak. I wish I made it in time for the vote. But honestly, can anyone present a solid defense for Spider-Man?
  3. So I just got done binging on My Hero Academia, a solid anime btw definitely recommend. If this is MCU Hulk, All Might kinda sorta stomps. Even a weakened All Might has the power to send foes flying, ala Team Rocket though. I see it like this; If Thanos can spank Hulk that hard, then so can All Might, who is easily stronger and faster by a good portion
  4. I agree about Vulture being a non-factor for the most part. A number of things in Batman's arsenal could neutralize the old man. But I wouldn't go so far as to compare Sandman to Clayface. Batman is through and through, a street level hero, when it comes to chance encounters. Without prep time, specialized gadgets, customized exoskeletons, ect, he doesn't have the tools to put down Sandman. What would Batman do against 150 Sandmen? Or just one Sandman 150 feet tall? Yes, Bats has experience dealing with shape shifters that weaponize their own bodies. Clayface to me represents one of Batman's most tricky and dangerous villains. Unlike the Joker or Riddler, the brute physicality and versatile intrinsic armory of the Clayface represent an imminent threat. Now imagine that we gave Clayface access to potentially nigh limitless mass, and the ability to direct said mass with precision and power--remotely, mind you... I think Sandman solos a comfortable 90 percent of the time.
  5. Sandman stomps. Literally, if he wants. And I'd pay to watch!
  6. Oh shit you're right; to be honest, I completely forgot about the Batmobile. I could easily see Batman using it to detain or neutralize Shocker via element of surprise. When it comes to Scorpion, he has his scorpion sense, and I'm fairly certain he could toss the vehicle readily... Though that's not to say that his self driving car might not come in handy; especially for a quick get away.
  7. Since my early days here, I've got the habit of paying more attention to the posts than the score, nothing against the scoring system. I do love me these versus battles my guy!
  8. Did someone just say Scorpion is faster than Spider-Man? The guy who dodges bullets? And stronger too?! I feel like Scorpion doesn't get respect lol. He defeated Spidey in TAS. I think Batman takes a temporary L here, like his back breaking run in with Bane. If any of his hits landed during a fight, well Bruce ain't built like Pete. Let's not forget Batman is only human, and contending with Scorpion up close while dodging shock waves might be asking a lot of him. Wasn't Bane around 2-3 tons? Scorpion is 10x that strong at least and at least around that much faster
  9. Bane would certainly need prep time to utilize the larger portion of his intellectual prowess. If there's any scenario where Spider-Man loses, it's because Bane and Cat prepared together before the match to a degree. As it is now, Bane is virtually outclassed in every physical category. Sorry Cat, you're fodder today. I don't normally like to use simpleton logic, but if Spidey can contend with the sinister six, he should be okay. I mean shit, Scorpion/Doc Ock/Sandman/Electro are all easily capable of taking Bane out... But I digress. Spider ftw
  10. It's good to see you all! Fox is definitely the MvP of the year. And here I was about to give up on good things popping off this year haha
  11. Stewie must have a plan--I mean why intentionally challenge the Fat Man's doppelganger to a contest he knows he can't win, while still himself sober? He likely invented some kind of device or drug or strategy, if he's as smart as he used to be
  12. A drinking contest with one participant being a baby... snsdnvsljdncv
  13. Freddy will not fear Pennywise; and that will diminish the greatest portion of the clown's power, but... I do believe Pennywise has the capability to catch Freddy off guard by sheer tenacity and shape shifting prowess. This could possibly devolve into a bullying contest akin to the end of It 2. And if that's the case, well... Normally that would be the end of it, but then Pennywise has a trump card; the deadlights. If I had to guess, I would say despite all the evil in his heart, that he isn't immune to the ancient power of the deadlights. No setup? Id have loved to read this; it practically writes itself. Is this taking place IRL? Or is this taking place in the dreamscape, during the staple 27 year sleep? What's fukt about Pennywise is I'm pretty sure he can BAMF himself into your nightmares; it's how he seasons his meat. Really and truly, this is the first time Freddy might not have the obvious advantage. Another good question here: Can Pennywise kill Freddy? I mean, can anyone actually kill him? He's got like 8 movies and I've seen them all. One of them is titled "Freddy's Dead" and there are still several after that! I do feel Freddy can be "detained" by the deadlights.
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