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  1. Come on! End it already!! Just end it!! Come on!! Do it! Do it! *cries*

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    2. Nihlium


      *Hugs Him anyway* You will be comforted and you will like it!

    3. treacherous


      Thank you. PS: You're bleeding.


    4. KevinDWolf93
  2. FPL Tourneys, separating the men from the boys since you we're a baby.

    1. Kate Awesome Is Awesome
    2. treacherous


      Separating the men from the boys and a woman from everyone...

    3. Nihlium


      Ahhhhh, equality. Isn't it wonderful?

  3. - insert random, vague status update

  4. What are you looking at?

  5. What are you looking at?

  6. Nobody wants your BM.

  7. Your stars do not accurately portray your greatness.

  8. Another year. I'm here everytime. Such a good friend am I. Happy B-Day.

  9. That's more like it.

  10. Blue doesn't suit you. Red...now that's a color of distinction.

  11. Screw all this other noise. The girl...NOW. PRONTO!

  12. Old...threedark is old.

  13. That girl. The one around your neck. She's mine. Got it.

  14. A man was hit by a cab at the hospital. He was brought to the street. His wife said, "I hope more cars hit you for spamming."

  15. Big Brother is Watching.

  16. Ha ha ha! You were born.

  17. Oh yeah, I remember when Hogan mentioned joining this site on Hogan knows best.

  18. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

  19. Dammit Grano...come back!

  20. Decided to ban you for life. Cheers.

  21. Hey, you're old like admins.

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