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  1. treach! Long time no see! I see you finally got access to your old profile. 

    BTW, no more Snitch Thread. :( Aw, well, I guess it's for the best.

  2. Come on! End it already!! Just end it!! Come on!! Do it! Do it! *cries*

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    2. Nihlium


      *Hugs Him anyway* You will be comforted and you will like it!

    3. treacherous


      Thank you. PS: You're bleeding.


    4. KevinDWolf93
  3. Here ya go. It's just a brief weird summary. Don't expect Homer's Odyssey. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/32401-khazan-apocalypse-and-final-farewells/?p=442106
  4. Oh crap! You're right. Let me type that up. I'll post it on FPL.
  5. Once upon a time, there was an ancient race of mountain giants that lived on the Mountain, Ferret Hills. These giants had a game where they created their own weapons from sticks and stones and fought each other. One day, they let other tribes join in. The other tribes didn’t like creating their own weapons and instead used old weapons they found lying around. The other tribes spent most of their time arguing over how great their weapons were and they would enlist multiple trolls to help them win fights. The mountain giants got a lot of good laughs at the other tribes, but eventually went to a different part of the mountain to create original games. The other tribes went to their own part of the mountain as well and argued over feats that their weapons had done in the past. After a while the mountain began to crumble under the weight of so many giants. It crumbled apart altogether. The other tribes immediately rushed head first into another mountain and named it Ferret Hills. I’m almost certain that their trolls went too. They continued to play their game there and they were happy. Meanwhile the original giants created a council to create a brand new mountain, taking their time and really putting thought into it. They gave it a new name for it was truly a new thing. As they took their time to create the perfect new mountain, they could still hear the other tribes throwing rocks at each other and screaming about the feats of their previously owned weapons. It was funny. The end.
  6. I think I'm going to leave this incomplete forever as is the FPL tradition.
  7. Oh look someone changed the title? Imagine that. Oh and by the way FPL is kicking up their own site for the real movers and shakers.
  8. True Story. China is a huge market for American movies and they go as far as to add/change scenes for Chinese markets. You guys better add more Wuxia characters to the database.
  9. You CBUBers. Too many chiefs and not enough "Indians". How many sites you guys going to make?
  10. This is going to be long winded, so many good/bad times remembered. Let’s start at the beginning (Note, I’ve probably told some of these stories a dozen times before)… A treacherous journey (My EF Timeline) 2004 – At some point before this, I had seen this site and said, “This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my life.” Then I never returned to it. Then when I had a chance in 2004, I returned to it. I thought the CBUB was fine, but at that time only admins could create matches and they would only pick certain comments to post on the match as well. So I said, “Let me see what this FPL is about.” I checked it out and I said, “This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my life.” So I tried it. Back then, they used to Godsmack characters for sucking. Well, everything I submitted got Godsmacked, so I quit. But I still thought the site was amazing, so I lurked. 2004 thru 2006 – Lurking died down to a crawl… to a halt. 2007 – At this point, I had a little disposal income, got back into comics and said to myself, “Wonder what that Electric Ferret site is doing.” Note: Also at this point, I could barely remember the name of the site. Took me awhile to re-find it. 2007 – Cont… Knew I wanted to join the FPL and seek revenge against all those admins that denied me. Knew I wasn’t confident enough to do so. Decided, I would go try my luck at the CBUB. If I could do well there… So I entered the CBUB. I can’t remember my first match. It was either Dr. Light vs. Cloak or a Trilogy of Hellboy vs. matches that ended with Hellboy fighting Cthulhu. I remember the Dr. Light match didn’t get much attention, but the Hellboy thing went over well. 2007 – 2008 - For the whole of that year, I hit CBUB hard. Most memorable moments: The Clash for Khazan CBUB RP – FTANG Commando, The Once and Forever, Technomancer of Nesh, Granobulax, ND4(7,10), Silver Surfer and dozens of others participated in an RP I created and ran right on the CBUB boards. Back then, the fights could only handle so many posts and then they would break. We did three games and we used to tear the boards all to pieces because we would have 100’s of posts each game. It was lots of fun, because we would break the boards, we’d have to create new matches and spill into those (and break them too). - The Tournament of Swords and the Tournament of Fighters: Huge tournaments that I held on the CBUB. These tournaments would basically ask users to pick one fighter who was either ad swordfighter in the former and a hand to hand fighter in the latter. I would have 20 to 30 combatants and I created 100’s of matches to finish these. I think I led in match creation during this time. Plus, I had an A rating for quite a long time. Those tournaments were fun. During this time, I met… - Granobulax! Nicest guy you’ll ever meet. The Ken to my Ryu. After all that stuff, Grano became my rival/friend. He would always one-up me and I had to one-up him back. The friendly rivalry really helped both of us improve a lot. Grano did the best series of CBUB stories (set-ups) I’d seen on CBUB next to Rakai’s Predator stuff. He did a series of King Kong matches following a family of Kong’s from Skull Island or wherever Kong was from. Good stuff. 2008 – The FPL Challenge!!! This was the year I was personally challenged to do battle in the FPL by the Main Character himself (Landon). It was perfect timing because I had exhausted most ideas on CBUB and I was feeling slightly confident to try my hand at FPL. The decision was made for me since they happened to be holding an FPL tournament at the time. Before the challenge was brought to me, I had been hanging in the FPL forums and kinda getting to know the crowd. I had been keeping up with them and their characters too. Research. To be continued…
  11. This is it. The Electric Ferret is going the way of the Dodo. So, it's time to say your last words and give us your favorite, funniest, scariest and most memorable Electric Ferret moments. Go for it.
  12. Good idea. Is that the only spin-off site? Or are the CBUBers going to pop up fifty alternative sites? I keep hearing people saying they are going to start their own sites. FPL and CBUB finally splitting forever... Doesn't surprise me.
  13. Can't do it. Fox still owes me $10 from the last Fight Club we attended. I told him Tarvius would lose.
  14. No offense to this, but I don't know how much I like another site callig itself the Electric Ferret if it is not the Electric Ferret. Especially porting all the topics verbatim. It's a little slap in the face to me. I'm cool with spin offs, (Tarvius and I are creating a spin off site) but Electric Ferret has history and I don't know what's going to go down on your site and I'm not sure I like seeing Electric Ferret tied to it. That's just me, but I really don't like the direct port approach. Borderline offensive.
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