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  1. Some of those were bs wins though. : P Still, well done.
  2. Also Antony Starr deserves to be awarded some top-notch stuff. That intense unhinged manchild, he brings it to life and brings this...such dangerous energy to it. Lowkey dangerous, like an aura about him, in a way I haven't felt for a while now. Some may say it's too soon after only two seasons but like, in the same way people say RDJ is Tony Stark in perfect casting, and Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, that sorta thing...Starr is Homelander. He's fucking incredible.
  3. Heh, always the GTA with you. Stay you, dude.
  4. Ooh, a mirror match...or close enough. Classic.
  5. I am just glad to have gotten this far up after those unfortunate poor first couple rounds. : )
  6. True, no guarantee of any large bodies of water, but...it is also misty out. Those smaller water droplets might be enough to give Namor an edge...
  7. Very true, he’s not invincible and the lack of foreknowledge hurts him and helps MM. Less powerful people have gotten the better of Doom in the past as well. Like this : D
  8. Well, I think heavy hitters in Marvel have more than a few times proven they can move/react/think at those speeds. But then again they also have been tagged by others that should be much slower, so yes it is hard to take their general speed into account through consensus. But then that is not all that different in DC either, with like the Flash getting tagged by boomerangs. So I mean....eh.
  9. They can be as fast or as slow as the writers portray them to be.
  10. I thought the stare worked in that it made people feel all the pain and suffering endured from all the innocent people they’ve hurt and wronged? I don’t think Billy’s really hurt innocents on that level.
  11. but what if it's the Red Hulk with his mustache not sure the green could counter the power of that stache
  12. No arguing with that though, that is too hardcore OP. Too damn green
  13. As for the fight in general, yeah I'm not so sure Martian Manhunter would win quite so easily. Doom's armor is insane. It gives him enough strength to grapple with the Hulk and punch him hard enough to draw blood, he can teleport in combat, his armor's shields are strong enough to let him survive an attack from Thanos blasting him with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet and get right back up in seconds, undeterred. One of Doom's main rivals in the Fantastic Four is the Invisible Woman so I mean obviously Doom would have sensors in his armor for that, negating that advantage. His forcefields kept Nightcrawler from being able to teleport into close proximity but I don't know how that would do with phasing. He has a time machine literally built into his armor so he could go back as many times as he needs to learn how to best MM. Or he could just use the magic spell that he used on Morgan Le Fay that sent her back in time to like...a million years BC and dump MM there. Maybe if MM blitzed him before he could do anything...yeah, maybe. But it would take a lot to crack his shields and get through.
  14. Well he has that and psionic shields to boot, but also just sheer willpower. As far as mind control goes
  15. Oh make no mistake with me, I don’t think of Aquaman as simply the fish guy, I know he’s an underrated badass. He’s powerful in his own right. I just don’t see him as being quite strong enough to hold back Thor and Iron Man at the same time and then tank a blow from Captain Marvel without moving an inch. In DC terms that would be like, holding back Orion and Steel I suppose and then not being fazed by an attack from Wonder Woman. Aquaman’s cool and I enjoy him a lot and Jason Momoa does good in the role, enjoyed that film. I just don’t see him as being superior is all. But that’s neither here nor there, as Fox said Aquaman isn’t involved in this match. And yeah, in many cases, DC’s fastest operate on a whole different scale than many of Marvel’s fastest. The Speed Force is insane, as are all those who can also go at speeds rivaling that like Superman. But Sentry isn’t one of those cases. I’d argue he could keep up speed wise with DC heroes. And Namor managed to hold his own with Sentry for a good while, even though Sentry had that speed advantage.
  16. You are free to do so, but I personally disagree. Even when he’s not submerged in water, Namor’s proven himself capable enough to hold his own in battle against the Sentry, one of Marvel’s many Superman expys, in a fight at length that spread throughout a city. With that in mind, I could see him holding his own long enough to bring the water to them and flooding the ruins to give himself the advantage.
  17. Yeah, I don’t believe Aquaman is comparable to how strong Namor’s been shown to be recently, so that comparison’s out. Diana has the speed advantage, yeah, but I don’t see her being able to take him out easily. She has her lasso yeah, but I don’t see that ending the fight quick. Nor her gauntlets. And yeah she has god-like strength but Namor’s no slouch himself and could easily hold his own until he pulls water to him, in which case he could dominate. Under those conditions, the guy held back Thor and Iron Man at the same time, was completely unfazed by a punch from Captain Marvel, withstood an attack from She Hulk with no damage, he was punking them. And Wondy’s sword is remarkable, but Namor himself could also have his own weapon in play with the magical trident of Poseidon, which isn’t anything to sneeze at either.
  18. Point taken, but with how he is now, I don't think she's gonna be able to take him out of the fight before the water would in fact get there, even if they are fighting in the farthest point of Detroit from the water.
  19. They're fighting in Detroit... https://www.outfrontmedia.com/-/media/images/ofm/markets/detroit/detroit-hero.jpg
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