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  1. Oof. You tried, Scandal. You tried.
  2. Yeah hers is for sure the superior healing factor.
  3. Welp, I should fix that yeah huh. Edit: Tried to make it play well with both versions.
  4. I love them both too, especially Laura yeah! Though I wouldn’t underestimate Scandal’s own regenerative capability either. https://imgur.com/mrubzzC https://m.imgur.com/EBTO1EB https://imgur.com/DktriUd She can come back from some serious stuff as well.
  5. Yeah I agree, well done on the writing here and also yeah, feel like Joe's best bet would be choking her out or grappling or something like that aye. Trading blows is an inadvisable strategy, though if that goes on long enough I feel like Yang's aura would break before Joe's out for the count.
  6. "I thought you said this would be difficult, L." Her voice emanated softly out of the comms, carrying both a distinguishable Brazilian accent and a hint of mockery as she stalked quietly through the halls. "It is." A brusque almost drill sergeant sounding voice bluntly stated, illustrating well his annoyance for her tone. "If you don't want to end up with a bullet in your skull and a mission failure on your record, knock it off. The security on this place is no joke, and remember, I'm the one who's gonna have to come and get your sorry ass out of there if you get cocky. So don't." Deadshot warned. "Is that concern I hear in your voice?" "Cute. No, the only concerns I got are the time and bullets I'd have to waste charging in there after you while you're laid out on the floor trying to recover." "So you would--" "Both of you, can it. Keep your minds focused fully on the damn job." A third voice cut in, interrupting their back and forth before it could continue any further. He was even more no-nonsense than Floyd had been. Deadshot grunted in agreement, but Scandal fell silent for a short time. A few seconds passed before she chimed back in. "Have no fear. You have no idea what passes for training in my father's eyes. I've infiltrated far more dangerous places than..." Her sentence came to an abrupt end as she caught sight of blood slowly spreading out from beyond a corner just ahead. "S?" She didn't answer immediately, taking cautious and silent steps up to said corner and poking just enough of her head around it to shoot a glimpse down that hallway. There were at least four bodies littering the hall, with the walls stained with blood all over the place. "What do you see?" "Corpses. The walls in certain spots look like Jackson Pollock paintings, if he only used one color. Someone else must be here for the data!" She hurriedly reported, voice as loud as she could make it without giving away her position. "..." "..." That made things more complicated for sure. Another person, operating on their intel? There shouldn't have been any competition on this job. "You have eyes on who's responsible?" "No. I'm going in." There was silence on the other two's end as they let that fully sink in...and no sooner than it had were they moving to gear up. Scandal may have ended up needing all the back up they could muster, with this unknown person or group of people crashing their party. A fourth person spoke up on their comms in the heavy silence, concern obvious in his voice. "Stay safe, little savage." She cracked a grin, hearing that. It was...still weirdly nice having someone that cared that overtly. Scandal stepped up to another corner, edged her head just around it and caught a glimpse of the target area of the complex. Yet before she could proceed, a noise just above her drew her attention...and a loud metallic clang echoed throughout the area as part of the vent came crashing down into the floor, followed shortly by someone dropping down from above. The kick came so fast she didn't have time to react, it knocked her back a few feet before the soles of her boots grinded her to a halt. When her gaze focused on whoever the hell that was, she observed a slender young woman crouched in a landing stance and delivering a scrutinizing glare right back at her. "...You." There was no noticeable response to that, the woman only answering with a stare. It was only a few seconds later, when Scandal was about to yell out some indignant statement, that she bothered to speak at all. "If you're here for the data, you're too late. It belongs to us. That means leave. Now." "No. Someone's paying top dollar for it, and..." Scandal brandished the lamentation blades far more threateningly. "...We always deliver." "So be it. I gave you a chance." *snikt* Two sets of claws shot out of her hands at once, weapons to match the other's. No more needed to be said between them. The daughter of Vandal Savage charged the clone of Wolverine, both their battle yells mixing together into a ferocious howl that would have made anybody quiver in fear at least a little bit, no matter how they might have denied it. ----------------------------------------------- So here we have it folks! The daughter of Vandal Savage, the immortal 50,000 year old who knows all there is to know about combat and warfare and passed much of it(as well as a degree of his immortal nature) onto his daughter in the form of brutal training sessions designed to hone her into a worthy successor to his legacy, vs the lethal weapon X-23(Laura to her friends) who was bred and trained from birth specifically to be one of the most efficient assassins that ever walked the Earth. That childhood, plus subsequent learning from the likes of her progenitor, Gambit, Daken, among others, makes her a fearsome combatant indeed. Who shall come out on top?
  7. C.T.


    RIP to Jaime's entire arc.
  8. Eh, I wouldn't say that. She's not the Malachite twins.
  9. Oh snap the RWBY invasion begins here....
  10. Life goes on...... when can I change this silly name...if I can?
  11. Well this is a blast from the past... God my name here is so awkward now.
  12. By circumstance...eh, I dunno. Guess Surfer and I have some common traits, but same with Ethan, AvP and others. So one of them. By otherwise, such as looks and whatnot... That would be anyone who looks like the horrendous above. Possibly stoned, sun in eyes, unshaven...that sort of thing.
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