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  1. Yeah, can't say much on this other than big yikes for Danger. My buddy with encyclopedic knowledge on Godzilla lore told me this would be a painful disaster lol
  2. That he did, and as a political mastermind and schemer he's undeniably a crafty genius in that regard. But comparing political scheming and manipulations with science, specifically robotics, is like comparing apples and oranges. They're just two different things there. Sure, he might have built a droid once or twice in his youth or something, but it has never been shown to be a specialty of his, as far as I'm aware. Certainly not enough to hold his own with Nadia in this challenge.
  3. He absolutely does, I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Haggar is not even close to operating on the same level as Surfer. Not in strength, not in speed, not in versatility...I can go on and on, but if Surfer went all out? This fight would honestly be over before Haggar knew that there even was a fight going on.
  4. Plainly disagree. Kids can do so, but only clearly gifted kids. Not every kid. Palpatine did not personally build any of what you just described, he had other people and medical droids do it for him on his behalf.
  5. Growing up at Winterfell does make me think she’d know her way around making great snowmen.
  6. Haha, well this would be very entertaining!
  7. Invincible is too small and fast a target for the Death Star laser itself to hit, and too strong and tough for any of the self defense armaments across the space station’s surface to handle. He could tear the thing apart pretty easily, from what I recall. I don’t think even blowing up Endor would stop him.
  8. Haggar is quite gifted with magic and powerful...by the standards of the Voltron Netflix series. But having watched the entire show, I don’t recall anything that puts her on the level of Surfer. Speed alone would go to him massively. He gets my vote.
  9. Well, given that Nadia inherited her incredibly gifted mind from her father Hank Pym, the creator of one of Marvel’s most dangerous robots ever: Ultron, and the fact that she is well versed in several scientific fields while Sidious has never shown any personal aptitude for robotics(as far as I know), I am reasonably confident that Nadia has this in the bag.
  10. Well, Asuka is a talented wrestler...who in addition to that knows how to work a crowd with great talking skills, has a sizable following as YouTuber/internet celebrity/gamer/web show chef, written for several different publications, has a background in graphic designing as well as a sports background in badminton and figure skating, has experience with business management with a couple she personally owns and fluently speaks Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. I may have forgotten some of the challenges specifically, but I think that versatility would suit her well? So I don't really get the shaking of the head there.
  11. Uh, doesn’t the fact that this slot is for cops mean that it’s Renee Montoya under the mask, not Vic? Unless I’m totally misremembering his history and he was a cop too.
  12. While I don't believe there's been any panels or such establishing it(I could be wrong), I don't think it would be that much of a stretch that the super-spy has skill in dancing. An espionage agent who works in circles that include a lot of the rich and influential, I could see him learning a thing or two from galas and that sort of thing. He wouldn't win any awards for dancing or anything like that, but I could see that much.
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