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  1. Dunno, going by the image, this is Jessica Jones from the show and her closest friendship there(some might say only friendship) is with somebody who has some things in common with Bruce. Comes from wealth, charming and strong morals/desire for superhero work and along those lines, and the chemistry Jess and Trish have there might translate over a bit. Like, Jess might approach it as "would I get involved with somebody kinda like Trish if they were a guy?" sorta way. Beyond that, just imagining Jess ripping him a new one sometimes/keeping him on the straight and narrow in the way only she can s
  2. Wherever you got that weight is off. "He stands at almost seven feet tall; has muscles like a Michelangelo statue; a barrel chest "hard with muscle, scars, and tension"; arms strong enough to break a bear's back; "mammoth" hands that are the size and approximate shape of spades; and speaks with a voice worthy of thunder itself."
  3. Looks like Fox is quickly catching up to you in likes ... :D 

  4. Superboy Prime could kill all 5 of the others by himself...so his team should win. That said, even if Superboy Prime wasn't here, Brightburn and Homelander don't really match up with the others.
  5. Got higher than I expected I would, cool! And yeah, I have fun with these when they came around.
  6. Damn, real unfortunate pull, both for all the listed reasons and Lisbeth not exactly being the most...charismatic and charming person around lol. If she had her support system of allies, then maybe she could but alone, I don't think so.
  7. Time to blow up a planet?
  8. C.T.

    Video Games

    Dunno if I should spoiler warning for a trilogy this old but just in case, fair warning, some spoilers to be had so don’t read on if you don’t want that, other people potentially playing for first time! On my part I always found Kasumi to be a lot of fun, but yeah her and Zaeed both could have benefited from more interactions. Still, her being a lot of fun and him being badass helps a lot. As for Jack and Miranda, I love both of them, with their tough and icy demeanors cracking to reveal their vulnerabilities and both of them having so much growth. Where Jack ends up in 3 always warms my
  9. C.T.

    Video Games

    God yeeeees the Mako is so much better in this version. Currently working through ME2 also and man have I missed this trilogy and the characters along for the ride...for the most part. Jacob’s still as bland as dirt
  10. She's just not strong enough to do so.
  11. Yeah but that only applies to those two specific transformations of Trunks and Cell really, and no other ones, so your point is thrown out the window completely.
  12. No, not quite. That was only for two very specific transformations that had sheer muscle mass slowing them. Literally every other transformation is proven to have speed increase, Kefla’s included. So not likely at all. And speaking of transformations, it should be noted that Kefla held her own with super saiyan god Goku in her base form. It wasn’t until Super Saiyan Blue that she went Super Saiyan herself. And then Super Saiyan 2 even later on.
  13. This would be a badass fight visually but yeah Kefla was one of the most powerful beings in the tournament of power and I don't think Carol can handle that much power.
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