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  1. Dutch got bonded with Predator DNA in experimental treatments according to his wikia and that presumably gave him enhanced physicals on top of what he normally could do? Are we counting that?
  2. Aye lol. At first that was a major problem indeed but the stronger she got and the closer their bond got over the series, that ceased to be a weakness. If he stays intangible, sure she can’t hurt him but I don’t think any attacks from him would faze her much and the waiting game would just...go on forever.
  3. She doesn’t suffer from that problem near the end of the series so any waiting out would be an endless stalemate.
  4. Most of Dark Danny’s attacks I don’t feel would hurt Ryuko all that much, and from what I remember of the movie she has the speed advantage over him. Not to mention I don’t think she would be too concerned with his most powerful attack, as Ryuko has experience fighting and even repelling sonic attacks: https://youtu.be/udAA1Mrc-RM That and she wouldn’t have too much to worry about this atmosphere I’m pretty sure, between her healing and the fact she fought Ragyo high up in space next to a Kiryuin satellite with no problems. On the other hand, if he stays intangible the whole time, she can’t really strike him, but he doesn’t really work like that, considering his ego and the fact that he doesn’t really know what Ryuko can do, so I’d give her an edge here.
  5. Cracked over a 100, pretty good.
  6. Yeah, she's absurdly tough and with a strong healing factor. She's been cut in half, had her heart ripped out of her, she's punched into her own skull and ripped a mind control tool right off her brain, torn off an outfit that had been more or less fused with her skin and thus took large parts of her own skin off, and has been pierced through with dozens of stabs from large weapons that tore holes all over her body but she still endured and healed from all of those pretty much instantly. So yeah, it would take a massive attack that like vaporized her utterly to do it, I feel.
  7. Mh, yeah this is a rough draw for Cinder. The strength and durability might not be as big a gap with this version of Supergirl as might be expected, given that Cinder has taken hits from somebody who's managed to lift Amity Colosseum(which going off size I guess is in the hundreds or thousands of tons range) with no problems and even casually blocked a full on punch from that same person. The lack of magic resistance helps as well, but even so... Yeah, she's just massively outclassed here in speed. Going to be really difficult to land a hit on Supergirl here, she's pretty much forced to try and leverage the surroundings and or people around to be able to land any hits. All in all, tough match for the maiden. Amity Colosseum's size for reference:
  8. Yeah, can't argue with physical superiority on Venom's part but if she's forced to use the gear she has on account of her usual approach not working, she could manage to win. Though as far as snowgear goes, I don't think it would slow her down any significant degree given she's strong enough to crack through windows made of solid quartz and such.
  9. I did, though as a general utility belt armament, and it's not just small explosives.
  10. The Bat family utility belt usually packs incendiary weapons like plastique and thermite in addition to other explosives as well as ultrasonic transmitters, going off the standard list of a wikia. Couldn't find a specific one for Cass though.
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