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  1. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/showfantasyteam?ftid=166 is that the Lone Ranger I see there? 😛 Besides, like my choice in that slot and cool to hear you thinking about it.
  2. C.T.

    Video Games

    Any SWTOR players around here looking for a friend to add/casually play some stuff sometime?
  3. Yes! Loving that and all the potential cool matchups in that slot. : )
  4. So hey, question...how did Saber, the esteemed King Arturia, Miss immune to any damage that’s not magical in nature, she who possesses a magical artifact that can heal practically all wounds up to and including strikes from a weapon that can destroy worlds, and who has the power to nuke a city... How she get in?
  5. Sorry to disappoint Fox. I’ve been enjoying Jinny Hex a lot is all.
  6. Hopefully. Let's see how this goes, this was more fun than I imagined it would be last time lol
  7. Some of those were bs wins though. : P Still, well done.
  8. Also Antony Starr deserves to be awarded some top-notch stuff. That intense unhinged manchild, he brings it to life and brings this...such dangerous energy to it. Lowkey dangerous, like an aura about him, in a way I haven't felt for a while now. Some may say it's too soon after only two seasons but like, in the same way people say RDJ is Tony Stark in perfect casting, and Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, that sorta thing...Starr is Homelander. He's fucking incredible.
  9. Heh, always the GTA with you. Stay you, dude.
  10. Ooh, a mirror match...or close enough. Classic.
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