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  1. Like Cass vs Raph, I just feel that Dick would have the upper hand over Leo here.
  2. Well, if he doesn't go around picking fights or anything and is just aboard and has no idea what this is, he probably could? Maybe get roped into unwanted janitorial duty or something/mistaken for a crew member? Or worst case, gets tossed into a brig or something but still survives the day? Don't think he'd be sentenced to like execution on the spot.
  3. Both could probably do it but given Shiva's superb skill, status as a master assassin and just plain being able to blend in better(say like with stealing some uniform and posing as staff to get through the large amount of people aboard), gotta go with her getting it done better and faster.
  4. Yeah, probably coulda put together a better team, but still, love them. Here's to being at the bottom. : )
  5. Hmm, tough one. Rafiki's got the natural affinity with other animals, cuz duh, but I don't know how much knowledge of sports that crazy elder's got, so coaching an animal without that, I dunno. Ted's got that but lacks the same level of affinity.
  6. Oh, no, I agree, use him from his best in this regard. What I’m saying is from what I remember, he never fully lost that jerk nature, though he did become far more hospitable compared to what he used to be. Yet even so, at his best I don’t think his bedside manner would be as comforting as Rebecca’s, that’s what I mean.
  7. Yeah, I just don’t agree. This is a weak argument. Her being endearing and kind does not detract from her intelligence, and I’d even argue this perception of intelligent people in pop culture not being attractive is looking backwards and isn’t true in the times. MCU Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker and his friends, Jane Foster and Shuri, Q in the Daniel Craig James Bond films, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and BD Wong in Jurassic Park, Rachel Weisz in the Mummy, James McAvoy in X-Men, Josh from Drake and Josh(eventually) and his girlfriend character in that, et cetera. A lot of these figures have dominated pop culture as of recent years and I think that overall it has moved away from that perception of attractive can’t be smart. Just bizarre thinking, I say. Regardless, even if the Doc warmed up to people eventually, Rebecca starts with that kind charm from the word go, on top of being an intelligent prodigy, so ultimately I’d say people would be more comfortable with her bedside manner.
  8. Broad generalizations that don’t matter since she’ll immediately disprove them.
  9. Dunno, think you’re underestimating the combination of being adorable, kind and prodigiously intelligent here. Even if she doesn’t make a good first impression, which I personally doubt, if anybody could turn it around I’d say it’d be her over him. And that she would make people feel more comfortable and at ease.
  10. See, I don't know about this. Iroh's wise and serene and all that, but lowkey, if he was still around in the Korra era I could totally see him as a big fan/supporter of pro-bending teams, and willing to coach if asked. I don't think he would be above that.
  11. Age is no guarantee of efficiency, and literally all licensed medical professionals have the education. There are many, many medical professionals that are young and just as good. Like 75% of doctors and nurses and other medical professionals I've been seen by are young. That doesn't mean they're bad. I just don't buy this argument. Being kind doesn't mean you let people walk all over you, or that you're not as focused. These generalities especially don't count here with Rebecca. Rebecca will do that, and be a lot more charming while doing so.
  12. I'm sorry, what? That's absurd. Those traits are definitely associated with plenty of medical professionals.
  13. Well, this challenge explicitly seems about interpersonal skills, and besides, Rebecca's no slouch in the medical department, especially considering what she had to deal with.
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