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  1. - Day in the Life - Infinium Challenge - 15 vs. 500 You do realize Soberguy already did the Hamlet Effect before? And it ROCKED.
  2. Five off the top of my head... Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men) Jerry Danridge (2011's Fright Night) John Nash (A Beautiful Mind) William Shakespeare (Shakespeare in Love) EVE (WALL-E)
  3. Maybe, just maybe, this'll get me out of my slump. Seven.
  4. I'm not listening to anyone who hosted Rock & Roll Jeopardy. Or Fear Factor, for that matter
  5. Well, to start with, as any high-school geometry student knows, 3 4 5 is the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio is visible in nautilus shells...perhaps turtles as well? It is turtles all the way down. ...Is it cheating to google reverse image search the picture?
  6. Here, read this FIM fanfic. You might learn something. Higher Flier OR My Little Blackbird
  7. Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. (That's pronounced Q-teen-Eighty-Four, by the way.) And anything else by him, probably starting with Norwegian Wood or A Wild Sheep Chase.
  8. "Popo" is the German word for ass. (Not as in donkey, either.) How's THAT for your delicate sensibilities
  9. Go read A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It. Pretenders.
  10. Sir Exal


    People, it's a *vulgarity*ing boxing movie. Of COURSE the underdog is going to win in the end. Of course the kid bonds with Hugh Jackman. You don't watch sports movies to be surprised or enthralled by an original plot.
  11. As I said in a previous post, yes (I learned of it from ThreeDark, in fact). Everyone should read Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind and its sequel, The Wise Man's Fear. NOW!
  12. You don't like fighting games? You don't care who Phoenix Wright is!?! That is entirely within your rights and I see no reason to try to convince you otherwise.
  13. Sir Exal


    The Sting is both 77 and 2. And that wasn't really much information.
  14. Sir Exal


    Yes. It's not bad, but a tad aimless and the songs are nothing worth remembering. It's a rock opera, boys, that second word means atonality and songs that lack melody. When a singing Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy, philistines) can't save it, you know it's not very good. And don't believe what others say--Paris Hilton in the self-parodying role of a plastic surgery-addicted socialite is the best part of the movie.
  15. Dammit! I saw this post title and thought it was Danny Tamberelli of 90's Nickelodeon fame fighting Danny Trejo of Machete and the Spy Kids movies. False advertising!
  16. Hmmm hmm hmm. Interesting/probably going to make me lose faith in everything. Still, I'll be using the Psychedelic Furs and/or They Might Be Giants, but anyone else who wants to use them and dashes something down faster is free to.
  17. "I am blindness, simple, and truth-exposing." Faith put her hands to her blindfold, as if to remove it, then hesitated, and dropped her arms back to her side. "Didn't I say it before? I'd rather be blind than have not seeing my principles in action. I'd rather die than live without them."
  18. Faith didn't feel the single tear run out from underneath her blindfold and flow her face. She summoned her reserves of will, and spoke. "I am Faith. Blind, and truth-seeking. "I will tell a story. But not mine. Hell, anyone with an internet connection can find my story, and probably the one they get will be more interesting than my version. No, this...this is the story of Maria Whigg. If you gave Maria superpowers, she'd probably become one of the better Sentinels out there. She always had a strong conscience and strength of convictions to rival anyone I've ever met. When at law school, Ivy League, naturally, she met with Jack Mugwump, a man who had morals just as strong as her own. Before their graduation, Maria and Jack had fallen fully in love. The got married as both of them were rising up the ranks of their respective law firms. While Maria had always wanted children, the couple was always too busy, so it wasn't for years that Maria finally found herself pregnant. "Kelsi Mugwump was born on a hot day at the beginning of summer. Less than six months later, Maria Mugwump's husband was elected to a seat on the Senate. (Carrying through a political campaign, can you imagine?) "A little under four years later, while Maria visited her mother in the country, Kelsi disappeared from a playground, never to been seen alive again. "In the face of her only child's disappearance, Maria was stronger than almost anyone I've ever seen. She cooperated with police and the Sentinels without histrionics, without anger, and even as the first, then second and third days passed without a sign of Kelsi, even as Maria was being torn apart with what I can only assume was heart-rending grief and panic, she never took it out on those who were trying to help her. It devastated me that after I found Kelsi's beaten body, I couldn't tell Maria lest the plan disintegrate. And so it was at the same time that Maria learned that Kelsi had been killed she also learned that her husband was being charged with Kelsi's murder. "I talked to Maria only once before the trial, and heard her thoughts. She knew Jack had had to sacrifice some of his values to get where he had been. She knew that his temper occasionally got the better of him. But--and, granted, this was before the evidence was shown--but she said she refused to believe that Jack had killed Kelsi. "Through Kelsi's funeral, through six months of evidence-gathering and then a two-week trial, along with a media frenzy bothering her at all times of the day, to the point where she sometimes couldn't sleep at night for the reporters, Maria Mugwump endured. Through the three-and-a-half days of jury deliberation, where the question of whether her husband would remain free or go to prison for decades, if not the rest of his life. "When the verdict was called, she cried. It was the only time I ever saw her cry. "But, of course, it did not end there. Just leaving the courthouse, Maria and her husband were met with a crowd of angry people calling out for blood, swearing and calling Maria herself just as evil for allowing the man she, at least once, loved to get away with murder. The couple did their best to recede from the public eye, finding a small mountain cabin to hide away in. "Of course, eventually the zealous forces of the Mugwump Truth Warriors found their retreat, and converged on it, keeping a steady vigil of yelling and vandalism. And yet Maria lasted for a week before she called me, called the girl who testified against her husband, because she knew I could be trusted. And breaking up those protestors is where I lost my sight. Fortunately, critically injuring a Sentinel breaks up a party damn quick. Maria and Jack are still together, in a undisclosed location overseas. "And...now...I don't regret it. "Cowboy...I'm sorry I don't know your name. Kids. Heroes. That's what being a Sentinel means. Not just stopping the guy with the death-ray, not just getting justice for the Kelsi Mugwumps of the world, but standing up for the Maria Mugwumps, for protecting those who don't deserve anything that happens to them. I stand for the woman whose husband was...whose husband I accused of murdering her daughter, and she stood with him."
  19. Well, I'm global now too, but it was due to Darren, so I'm reluctant to use it.
  20. Don't you dare malign Scott Westerfeld, treach.
  21. Just so you know, this picture isn't official, just a fan-made mockup. http://geeks.thedailywh.at/2011/08/02/arkh...its-of-the-day/
  22. Now, now. Landon can be as wrong as anyone else can be. However, by accusing him of being "too critical," you do seem to imply his opinion is invalid. And I must say you seem certainly haughty with that "I'm better than most people on the internet" comment. We don't respond well to people who set themselves up as a pariah. Personally, I'm not big on westerns, and that's what this was--a western that happened to have aliens in it. And why, exactly, did James Bond have all sorts of mind-blowing hand-to-hand skills? I thought that would be part of the alien thing, but no, he's just awesome somehow.
  23. Well, we don't know what kind of matches these will be. Maybe treach wants there to be three characters in the final round.
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