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  1. Right here, dude. Anyway, I'd also like to point out that the admins made mistakes in the past? KISS and especially AC/DC probably shouldn't have been accepted in the first place. Maybe Ninjas and Pirates shouldn't have been either. We were wrong. We are keeping to the rule now. By the way, I've never even heard of GWAR. Not even as "that one band that..." That should tell you something. And if you want Mongols in on the basis that they were in Mongol, submit the Mongols FROM Mongol. But don't just give general mongol citations. KHAAAAAN!
  2. Impact, yes. ARE they a part of pop culture? Not so much.
  3. I did deny them. Would again. It's one of the quite few rules for submission. I would've denied several FICTIONALIZED religious figures (Godyessy Jesus).
  4. Personally, I hated Taken. Loooooved NCFOM, however. My vote is obvious.
  5. I review the characters I like and the ones I know are deniable first, and the others whenever.
  6. He couldn't help but have the feeling that he wasn't supposed to be there, in that room. Besides being younger--obviously younger--than the previous entrants, he just felt as if he didn't belong. But this wasn't a new experience for him, really. He was often monumentally unsure when experiencing new things. He had a light blue tote bag slung over one shoulder and a black hoodie on, a t-shirt with some snarky message underneath. Both jeans and shoes were black and well worn. "My name is--name is Alex." Damn! That would be just the way he'd introduce himself--with a stammer. Aggravatingly apropos, he thought. He hadn't been sure what to put on the table, another thing that made him feel like it was some mistake bringing him here. He wasn't quite sure what did represent him. Some book? A childhood stuffed animal? The Nintendo DS which was running out of ability to hold a charge? His mind drifted--he thought about rearranging tarot cards, but realized there might be a reason they were scattered just so. He shook his head. His decision was made. Removing a pair of orange-handled scissors from the bag, he reached back with his left hand and lifted his long, brown ponytail away from his back. He had been told girls would kill for his hair. With one snip, just above the binder, he severed the entire ponytail from his head. That was all he knew--what he was now. He barely knew his identity, but he knew that much. He placed the ponytail next to the badges, and closed his eyes as he stepped through the door.
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