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  1. From the album: CBUB Character Submission Images

    Broly's 4th and most powerful form.
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  2. From the album: CBUB Character Submission Images

    Pizza the Hutt (also known as Pizza) is a mobster who serves as a major antagonist in the 1987 science fiction film Spaceballs by MGM. He is a parody character, both of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars, and the restaurant franchise, Pizza Hut.
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  3. From the album: CBUB Character Submission Images

    The Will Wreath's primary pursuer of the two fugitives, The Will is one of the freelance bounty hunters hired by the Wreath High Command through the Brio Talent Agency to kill Marko and Alana, not only for Marko's betrayal, but also so that news of the coupling does not spread and threaten troop morale. Vez, the woman who hires him, also instructs him to bring back Hazel alive and unharmed to receive his full fee. The Will is accompanied by a Lying Cat, a large talking female feline that can detect lies. Vez says she hired The Will because he shares Marko's moral relativism. The Will's mo
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