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    Hi All. It has been maybe 7 months since re-opening the site. Thanks for hanging out and participating! Here's some of the things that I'm looking at for the site in the new year. Monthly Flash Fiction Tournaments - monthly tournament will resume with a new Rating system. The 5 star rating system that the forum has is cool but too limited. There is just not enough flexibility in the Forum 5-Star System to give more fine grained scores (like, say, a 4.5 or 4.6). So the Tournaments will return when I build a new rating mechanism for our wonderful Match Judges to use. Fantasy Teams - the fantasy teams has been fun, I think. It is an evolving system, and is getting updates and changes based on feedback of it. We'll keep on playing and improving it as we go! CBUB Database - There are several Wikis out there which have data about the characters that are in the CBUB Database. I'm hoping to connect to those Wikis and use their data to make the entries in the CBUB database easier to use in battles. The VS Battles Wiki is one that could be really useful. Other Stuff - I'll keep fixing things or adding features when you bring them to my attention, of course. Just let me know. You can, of course, use the site features like the Blog section to post things that interest you. I use mine for the occasional Anime review. I would like the site to be the best it can be at what it is! All that said... the CBUB has returned to a very different world than the one it left. As far as getting new members goes, this is probably about as good as it gets. I point this out because some of you have asked or mentioned it. I've tried running ads and so forth - it's money down the drain to no effect. This is a very niche kind of website and this is not the halcyon days of the 1990's when comics were king and the internet was young. Anyways, this site is here because you asked for it to be here - and as long as you are entertained by it, that's really all that matters to me, personally. I'll just keep doing what I do and trying to make it better. Thanks!
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    The Nutshell Version: Create at least three rated tournament matches in June for other CBUB members to read and rate. Player with the highest rating score at the end of the month wins the tournament and prize. The Full Version: NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. The "CBUB June Challenge Tournament" is sponsored by Electric Ferret ("Sponsor"). This contest is governed by these official rules ("Official Rules"). By participating in the contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these Official Rules, including all eligibility requirements, and understands that the results of the contest, as determined by Sponsor and its agents, are final in all respects. The contest is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law. ELIGIBILITY The Contest is open to legal residents of their respective countries where not prohibited by law, who are thirteen (13) years of age or older at the time of entry who have Internet access and a valid e-mail account. Must be a registered member of CBUB Forums in order to create the CBUB matches to be judged for merit in the contest. Sponsor has the right to verify the eligibility of each entrant. TOURNAMENT CONTEST PERIOD Begin date: The Tournament option will appear in the CBUB match creation sometime between June 1st 12AM PST (midnight) and June 2nd 12PM PST (noon). End Date: 12PM PST (Noon) June 30 (PST is Pacific Standard Time) HOW TO ENTER This is a competition tournament contest which requires following the rules of the tournament, below. TOURNAMENT RULES Contestant must create at least three (3) CBUB Rated matches in the month of June. Contestant must create these matches using the Tournament option in the CBUB Match Creator. Each match created for the tournament may be rated by CBUB Members and Match Judges using the 5-star system located on the Forum page topic, as is the norm in CBUB rated matches. Each match will receive ratings from at least 1 judge but may receive ratings from more, as is the norm in CBUB rated matches. Matches will be rated for their entertainment and creative value to the judge or member who will read and rate the match. Ratings will only count coming from Members who have a CBUB account older than January 1 2020. CBUB Match Judges do not have this restriction. Ratings a contestant gives to their own match will not count towards its score and will be discarded. WINNER SELECTION The winner will have the highest score at the time the tournament closes. Score is a weighted average of the star ratings (one star to five stars) given by those members rating the Tournament matches. All contestants will have a final score between 0 and 5. The winner will have produced at least three (3) CBUB Rated matches in the month of June. In the event of a tie, the tied players will continue to create matches which will be rated until there is one winner. PRIZES: Grand Prize: one $100 dollar Amazon gift card. Terms and conditions may apply. Incidental expenses and all other costs and expenses which are not specifically listed as part of a prize in these Official Rules and which may be associated with the award, acceptance, receipt and use of all or any portion of the awarded prize are solely the responsibility of the respective prize winner. ALL FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL TAXES ASSOCIATED WITH THE RECEIPT OR USE OF ANY PRIZE IS SOLELY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNER. ADDITIONAL LIMITATIONS Prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted. The gift card will be an Amazon Gift Card by Email. It will be sent using the Amazon online shopping platform (English / U.S.A version) to the registered Email address of the winning person of the contest. Sponsor does not collect any personal information from users besides the email address. Therefore, the email address is what will be used to provide the prize via Amazon U.S.A. Sponsor and its respective agents and representatives are not responsible for any typographical or other errors in the offer or administration of the contest, including, but not limited to, errors in any printing or posting or these Official Rules, the selection and announcement of any winner, or the distribution of any prize. Sponsor reserves the right to terminate, suspend or amend the contest, without notice, and for any reason, including, without limitation, if Sponsor determines that the contest cannot be conducted as planned or should a virus, bug, tampering or unauthorized intervention, technical failure or other cause beyond Sponsor’s control corrupt the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper play of the contest. In the event any tampering or unauthorized intervention may have occurred, Sponsor reserves the right to void suspect entries at issue. Sponsor and its respective agents and representatives, and any telephone network or service providers, are not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription of entry information, or for any human error, technical malfunction, lost or delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, line failure or malfunction of any telephone network, computer equipment or software, the inability to access any website or online service or any other error, human or otherwise. INDEMNIFICATION AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY BY ENTERING THE CONTEST, EACH ENTRANT AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS SPONSOR, THE AMAZON PLATFORM, ADMINISTRATOR, ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONAL AGENCIES, AND ALL THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, REPRESENTATIVES AND AGENTS FROM ANY LIABILITY, DAMAGES, LOSSES OR INJURY RESULTING IN WHOLE OR IN PART, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, FROM THAT ENTRANT’S PARTICIPATION IN THE CONTEST AND THE ACCEPTANCE, USE OR MISUSE OF ANY PRIZE THAT MAY BE WON. SPONSOR DOES NOT MAKE ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE CONDITION, FITNESS OR MERCHANTABILITY OF THE PRIZE. SPONSOR AND AFFILIATES, ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONAL AGENCIES, AND ALL THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, REPRESENTATIVES AND AGENTS DISCLAIM ANY LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE TO ANY COMPUTER SYSTEM RESULTING FROM ACCESS TO OR THE DOWNLOAD OF INFORMATION OR MATERIALS CONNECTED WITH THE CONTEST.
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    Hmm, well I guess if you were going to do something with these two characters together, then this would be that thing. And now, Ted spectates the match...
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    The site is open. Registration is open. The core features seem to work regarding Matches (start and stop) and adding Characters. The Forum has a lot of features. It's pretty fun. Changes: Rated matches now occur via the Stars rating 'Rate This Topic'. Any forum member can rate a Rated Match ... and are encouraged to do so! Members titled as CBUB Match Judge get their ratings counted X3. Points by rank There's still 5 ranks, with 5 being lowest and 1 highest. There used to be an arcane system whereby certain ranks could only be achieved after a certain number of matches had been created. That's all been removed. It's just a flat system based on your current weighted average regardless of number of matches. Added more points to rank 5 so newbies can make more matches. now 4, up from 2. So anyways, it works. It's probably not a great website to try and use on a Mobile phone. It's only been open a couple days. Could be awhile before there's more people here. I'll look into repairing the Fantasy Draft system. Maybe we can get one going in a couple weeks. Thanks!
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    I will use this give info on any changes of note made. - You should be able to change your Display Name now, in your Account Options (not Profile options) - Most old Moderators removed. New Moderators are the ones who volunteered. - Removed the Adult Board. Removed Silver Surfer's Board.
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    Hey everybody. It's that time of year again when we pay Amazon Web Services their annual fee for electric ferret. That's a big hit to the website budget, so I won't be running any prize tournaments for several months. However, you all should absolutely feel free to organize for fun tournaments if you would like to. Thanks!
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    *looks at both mascots* *eyes pop out of socket when I see it's an underwear challenge* AUUUUGAAAA AUUUUGA No but for real, I think Tiger has a better chance cause I can't see this company making sexy/cute female underwear and I think Tiger will have an easier job rocking plain whities <----- not a furry btw
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    I see. Yes I had to dump and restart the matches once because of a problem. Good catch, thanks! UPDATE: Issue should be resolved now.
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    Great participation this month from everyone, bringing the romance and the feels. Final Scores ---| Versam Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) vs. Cerberus (Mass Effect) 27.60 / 6 = 4.60 Final Rating on the match ---| CT Princess Azula vs. Ty Lee 22.70 / 5 = 4.54 Final Rating on the match ---| Culwych1 King Arthur's Wars 21.90 / 5 = 4.38 Final Rating on the match ---| Mercenaryblade Steve Trevor vs. Peggy Carter 20.40 / 5 = 4.08 Final Rating on the match ---| Movie-Brat America Chavez vs. Sailor Jupiter 13.50 / 4 = 3.37 Final Rating on the match Congrats to Versam, CT and Culwych1 for the win, place and show spots. Thanks to everyone for participating. Writing is an important skill and it is great that we are practicing it! 😊 Hope to see you next month.
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    Sorry, your logic does not work for me at all. Corona beer has not suffered in sales at all despite sharing a name with a dread virus. In fact, as far as I understand it, Corona remains the most valuable beer brand whose sales have actually gone UP! Your premise is false. And also Cats rule, dogs drool.
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    Skeletons (Undead): Found in most tombs and catacombs, and the standard undead companion to any necromancer. Goblins: Alongside Orcs and Kobolds, you'll find this creature in numerous myths and legends (and at the end of most adventurer's weapons) Lich (D&D): What do you get when you mix the stongest sorcerors or wizards in the land with a sprinkling of undeath - that's right, the spellcasting, terror inspiring, world conquering Lich. Nymph: the sexy ancient female greek type Imp: the small mischievous demonic type Bee from The Babysitter films: hot and deadly, the satanic killer is in the house.
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    Vercetti's circus would likely be shut down from trafficking in exotic animals without proper licensing, and cruelty charges.....
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    And now, a dramatization of Major Chip Hazard helping a wee tot.
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    Thanks to Fox for keeping this going, the fantasy draft has become one of my favorite aspects of the site. Thanks to CT for a fun final round! I think this was the best of the fantasy seasons, not just because I won, but the scenarios and slots were more fun. I'd say my team was nicely balanced with The Dagda, Orks and Weird Al all doing well. Looking forward to next season!
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    Some really tight competition this month. You nerd team captains are really getting the hang of this. You've all got an eye for talent. Join us again on Friday Nov. 27 when the draft for Season 6 opens.
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    It is absolutely fair to call out when somebody is trying to leverage powers a character has which are beyond the intended scope of the slot. For example, Jinny Hex apparently has a green lantern ring laying around. Is it fair to debate a character using a green lantern ring in the Wild West slot? Not at all. So we ignore it.
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    ....Who made Wendy Thomas in Soul Calibur?! And WHY is she hot?!
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    Bergy: *doesn't vote for Xania*
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    Okay... maybe this? Well, I tried. Have to let the team running the Bunny do the heavy lifting on this one.
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    SEASON 4, ROUND 1 The Hamburglar Slot: The Team's Greatest Liability Season Wins: 0 Season Losses: 0 Fantasy Team Page Read more about The Hamburglar at Wikipedia Official Site: McDonalds Red Forman Slot: The Team's Greatest Liability Season Wins: 0 Season Losses: 0 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Red Forman at Wikipedia Official Site: Fox Broadcasting Company Battle Terrain Boxing Contest
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    I want to thank everyone who participated in September. I have seen a lot of great and memorable matches over the last few months. Who could forget Bergy_Berg's three-match story or SSJRuss' 'Beetlejuice vs. Batman'? September was no different and... dare I say... I think the bar has even been raised. I will have to personally re-evaluate what I consider a '5-star' match in the coming months. They are just all that good. Thanks for all the great reads!
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    First I want to thank God and Meryl Streep. I'd like to thank DC Comics for making Batman a stupidly OP character. I'd like to thank the system for giving my characters generally favorable matchups and scenarios. And I'd like to thank my opponents, who drafted such shitty strong teams to contend with.
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    I came back to this site recently to look some old story and was so pleasantly surprised to see it up and running again. Thank you to all involved who made that happen.
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    We can singlehandedly blame Skillz for this. Confirmed
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    OOC: @SSJRuss you're up first against me. IC: Where did Erine go? Looking around it's as she has vanished, disappearing suddenly from sight. Suddenly, out from behind a crate pops up masked woman! She resembles Erine in body size, but her face is concealed by a empty sandbag with crude holes cut out for the eyes and mouth! Who could this be?! The masked fighter turned and pointed at none other than the tranquil turtle himself, Farley. "Hey turtle man! You're going nowhere. I got you for three minutes. Three minutes of playtime!" Not Erine shouted out, hopping into the makeshift ring.
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    One day, several weeks ago, at the Church of Healing Unity soup kitchen Komi was doing her usual job of helping to feed the needy who came in, and some of the acolytes too, as they often ate there as well, to socialize and evangelize the beggars who came in. It came to pass that a particular winged tiefling was the last in line for the meal. He smiled a lot and always tried to talk to Komi but she was too shy so far to respond. This time - panic! He was the last in line, so there was no one else to focus on! When he asked if she would sit with him and eat, there was no way she could refuse! Numbly, she nodded and grabbed the lunch she'd packed for herself - that she intended to eat out on the balcony, alone, and followed him to whatever table he chose to go to. Komi had yet to say a word. She had never been among the people who scorned him, at least among their peer group. Though it was mostly an attitude carried over from the more conservative members of the faith, nonetheless it had been something picked up by everyone else. As though a tiefling was something to be hated, despised and even feared. Nothing open of course, there were far too many eyes for it. It was little things. Teachers would ignore him when he had questions or mock him if he didn't know the material. He'd practice alone or with those who didn't feel that way, scarce as they were. Food would sometimes be burned or over salted when given...Little things. But not from her. His food was never harmed when he came in line after finishing his work here, though she had yet to speak back. They were in the same age group he knew that much, though growing up she had always been quiet too.She never laughed at him anyway. That put her in the clear minority. Now finally, here they were...Eating together before he finally spoke. "I'm going to leave in a week." Komi stared at him for a long moment before saying, softly, "You shouldn't quit. I think you are a very sweet person." She was blushing furiously and looking down at the remains of her lunch. She had a very artfully crafted charcuterie of meats, cheeses and delicate bread slices that she'd meticulously assemble into tiny sandwiches one at a time. There was only enough left for a couple more of these at this point. "You shouldn't let bullies run you off." She added, staring firmly at a particular piece of bread that was vaguely heart-shaped. He blinked and then smiled warmly at her. "That's sweet of you to say. But that's not why I'm leaving...Well, not entirely." His fingers stroked the handle of his sword in a contemplative gesture as he spoke on. "I'm taking my Quest for Truth early. The Abbot thinks I'm ready and so do I. I figured I'd start off in Eastrun City." He took a few bites of his food, swallowed and went on. "They're having a shortage of adventurers and I figured I could hone my skills and start off there with Jessamine." There was so much to unpack there. She had been told she was ready for her Quest for some time now, but she was too meek to go on her own. The embarrassment continued when he mentioned Jessamine. "Jessamine is your... girlfriend then?" She kept her eyes off of him, busying herself with making her next mini sandwich. He snorted with laughter. "No. She's my partner." He held up his sword as he added dryly. "After Master Jinn took me to....Er, celebrate my eighteenth birthday I found her in a corner calling to me. She's a spirit who lives in my sword and loves to flirt with me for some reason. I expect its mostly just a reaction." There were at least four blinks before Komi spoke, and the bonnet on her head seemed to ride higher than usual. If Corvo was observant enough, he'd make out the outlines of the Neko ears that manifested when she was exceptionally startled or surprised. She knew she had to say something so she offered up a random fact about herself. "I'm nineteen, myself." He smiled. "Me too. I've had her for a year now and some months." He placed the sword back and leaned forward as he added. "I know it's normal to wait. But I feel ready. And I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to possibly one of my few friends here." If it were possible, her eyes widened further. "I'm.... I'm your friend?" She looked at him for a moment before she looked down again and devoured her second-to-last sandwich so she'd have an excuse not to say anything more. Only one excuse left. She thought to herself. He blinked and then looked briefly unsettled as he asked. "I'm sorry if I made a mistake. It's just...Well, never mind then." Her mouth opened. No words came out. Quick! Do something! Her inner voice told her. So she grabbed his hand, almost violently. Words would not come, so she just nodded furiously, which caused her bonnet to slip back, revealing the extra set of ears that showed up now and then, followed by a squeak as she used her free hand to attempt to cover them up, to little avail. Oh. That was forward. He could feel his sword almost burning, though curiosity compelled him to look closer. His free hand reached out, gently tugging off her bonnet as he blinked. "...Are you like me?" There was a brief note or wonder in his tone before he chuckled and said warmly. "I like it. It's cute." Komi shrugged and shook her head. "...N-no. I don't think so anyway. Both my parents are human, but now and then... this happens. Maybe I have some tabaxi or... more likely, kitsune... in my lineage somewhere. I..." She paused and shrugged again. "...I can't control when it happens, and they go away after awhile. It's why I always wear a bonnet." Exceedingly self-conscious now, she realized she was holding his hand and jerked it back, as if she'd burned herself. "I... I think I'd like to be considered your friend, Corvo." He smiled, a little shy and quite happy. That was a turn of phrase he didn't hear often and it was nice to hear. He just wished it had been done sooner. He would have known her better as he said suddenly. "So when are you going on your quest?" She squeaked again. "...I don't know. I suppose soon, but I should give them time to find a replacement for me." She tapped her forefingers together. "What if I'm not ready? Do you think I'm ready? I could maybe... Find you in Eastrun?" He nodded. "Yes. I'll be there. If not working." Komi looked around nervously - as if she did much any other way, then leaned forward lightning-fast and kissed Corvo on the cheek. "For luck." She stood up. "I should go help them with the dishes." A quick bow and she was gone, fluttering back to the kitchen. One thing he did notice though, that when she retreated, the cat ears had disappeared again.
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    0 out of 5! "Dark tan"? My makeup says "Light Honey", so, honey, you got that part wrong *snaps fingers*
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    Hot garbage, 0 out of 5 stars. I'll be telling Fox about this.
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    Is this what I am reduced to? Announcing matches used for testing? This match is not worthy of a Goddess' attention and will be rated accordingly.
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    Hello CBUB Fight Creators You may recall that CBUB Tournaments were a thing back in the day. And, you may even recall that these contests of CBUB match making skill had a prize for the winner. Next month we look forward to restoring this illustrious tradition with the CBUB June Challenge. Each Tourney contestant will need to produce at least 3 Rated matches of their choosing in June. The person with the highest FPA at months end will win. Person with top FPA will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. That's the nutshell version. I'll post a separate page with the contest rules before June. Could be fun.
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    Sorry for not commenting on this sooner! I think this was an excellent write-up and the framing of Khazan was great! The idea of characters like Jiren, Joker, and Saitama just casually standing around as Yang and Fixit throw hands is hilarious. Almost feels like it'd be the backdrop for a 2D-fighting game with Jiren paying the battle no mind, Saitama just wanting to get the paperwork done so he can catch up the latest sale in the Khazan Market, and Joker and Bell just wanting to make it out of here in one piece. I can't really say I speak as an authority on Joe but after doing some research on him, I feel like I'm leaning more towards him! Yang's punches are definitely gonna be felt given the feats we've seen her pull off like punching away a Ursa just as big-if not bigger than Joe or smashing a mecha built for war with nothing but her bare fists. Joe's best bet would be to try and place Yang into something of a submission hold and choke her out before letting this drag out for too long. Because if he gets stronger and stronger and gives Yang one good punch, he's not gonna like it when she returns that same level of PUNCH right back at him. Awesome write up, my friend. : )
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    It's coming along. Just trying to get the new character submissions working again. With any good fortune, might be able to open up the CBUB control panel and site registrations tomorrow. Definitely want to do a CBUB Fantasy Draft again. Good times. I'll look at the FPL next. It's very complicated and could be a lot longer before that is available again.
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    Hey cool I can recreate this battle in Injustice 2
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    The Theme Slots are easy enough. However the Power Rank Slots are much harder. In the past I've tried criteria like "characters that can bench a max of 200 pounds". That only takes you so far. We need a system that allows for power rank slots so it's a fair field. Vs Battle Wiki might be on to something. I appreciate everyone who is participating this month. You are helping out the site and the community. For science!
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    Once again let me state for the record: Superman's Dog is a really tough spokesanimal to beat.
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    Thanks once again for bring back this awesome site dude! You rock.
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    Steve Fox returns to the THUNDERDOME... Dome... Dome... Dome! Will he be second time lucky? I guess we'll find out. I personally like Rocky Balboa here, though. No reason besides an image in my head of Balboa flying through the air while wielding a chainsaw and screaming "Adriaaaaaane!"
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    It's a fine story, thank you for the entertainment. This actually runs over 1000 words longer than the previous Tournament entry. (Just the story itself, not including the intro and outro). That said, I did read all 3,692 words of this over it's 109 line length. I had to come back to it a couple times and keep chugging away, but I did it. I recognize the effort that went into it. It was a well done, descriptive story. It is really long, though. I'll take Kevin for the win on this one. I enjoy his occasional appearances on Red Letter Media and would hate to see anything happen to him. Starting next month we'll need to start playing by "Flash-Fiction" tournament rules with a strict upper limit on the word count. Honestly, I should have been using Flash-Fiction tournament caps all along. Thanks!
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    Don't you know anything? Women can't be leaders. It's not in their DNA. Too emotional.
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    Oof. Not even the owner of his team voted for Tommy
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    The kind of shit going on in the discord.
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    Yang Xiao Long was not having a good day. Granted, that had been the case even before whatever the heck all this was. Last thing she remembered, pretty much one of the worst days in the entire history of Remnant had been in full swing, with her and her fellow intrepid heroes having been declared enemies of the state by a guy neck-deep in probably the worst midlife crisis in recorded history. That had been pretty bad. Even worse had been the tidal wave of oncoming darkness that appeared over the horizon in the immediate aftermath, bent on swallowing up the most densely-populated of all the known kingdoms in a storm of violence and evil. Even as something of an optimist herself, she would've considered it fair to say she wasn't exactly left in the most optimistic of headspaces. But this? This took the cake. As terrible and bleak as they had been, those were the last recollections in her mind that made any kind of rational sense. Everything was just a blank after that, and the next thing she knew she found herself in the middle of, of all things, some kind of... waiting room? One with a line. A long one, at that. Given her storied history of anger issues and a distinct absence of every single one of the people who helped ground her through them, suffice to say she wasn't exactly having much luck finding her zen. "WHAT IS HAPPENING?! LISTEN, IF YOU DON'T TELL ME WHERE MY FRIENDS ARE IN THE NEXT FIVE SECONDS I'M GONNA—!" The terrified attendant she was holding a foot or so off the ground by his collar waved his hands in a placating fashion, to little effect. "M-M-Miss, please, if you just watch your introductory video package-" "I WATCHED YOUR STUPID VIDEO! How's that supposed to make any of this okay?! You seriously expect me to believe I'm FAKE or something? What the hell is a 'Khazan' even supposed to be?" Not far from the commotion, two of the hapless man's co-workers were observing their friend's misfortune with leery expressions, murmuring to one another out of the corner of their lips so as not to draw any of the woman's ire themselves. "Sheesh, there's always so much drama with these anime types." "Technically she's from an anime-inspired web cartoon." "Shut the fuck up. Where the hell did our block's security go, anyway? Shouldn't Fixit be, y'know... fixing it?" "Smoke break. He shouldn't be much longer." "W-well... what about Callisto?" "Drinking in her office." "Shit, again?" "And who're all these... these FREAKS?!" She gestured wildly behind her in the direction of the rest of the queue using her free arm, the faint whirr of servos audible from its bionic design. The line was piled up all the way out of the room and into the next one, her own placement surrounded by just about the most bizarre, eclectic group of individuals she'd ever laid eyes on, pretty much all of whom were about as confused or frustrated as she was. Most were giving the scene a wide berth, while some didn't seem too concerned at all. Three rougher men were grouped together the farthest away from the disturbance, two middle-aged and one considerably younger; the other two seemed to be trying to discourage their balding, aggressive friend from getting involved in the violence himself, though from the wild look in his eye they were having little luck. Some kind of huge, musclebound alien wearing red-and-black spandex was ignoring the commotion altogether, stance powerful and arms crossed as he calmly occupied his space in line, easily mistakable for a statue, while two bishy anime boys hovered on the fringes, trying to stay as uninvolved as possible. The only one to react to the insult proper was the one who somehow looked more out-of-place than anybody, a skinny guy wearing a cape and rubber gloves whose head shined like a freshly polished mirror. "Hey, that's kinda rude." She whirled on him, eyes a molten red that glared into his very heart and soul. He didn't seem very intimidated, which only incensed her further. "What, you wanna go too?!" "I mean, we're in the same boat here, but if you won't calm down we might have to. I wouldn't say I want to, though. No offense, but none of you guys seem like you'd be all that much of a challenge. 'Cept maybe this dude," he added, thumbing over at the stoic alien. Jiren didn't move, though one eye cracked open to size up the man who challenged him before he closed it again without a word, unimpressed. He didn't even sense any ki from him. "I get this is all pretty weird, but can't you just relax and let him explain before things get out of hand?" Yang growled in frustration, seeming to see the merit in the baldy's words, though she didn't release the attendant just yet. He nodded eagerly, waving his hands once more. "T-Thank you, sir. Like I keep saying, we're terribly sorry for the wait, but the Khazan Naturalization and Immigration Bureau is experiencing an unprecedented influx of new arrivals currently! So many new canons have gained prominence in the seven years since we closed our borders! It's insane! We're doing the best we can, but my colleagues and I are swamped, and with the security breach that closed us to begin with requiring so many new protocols-" The onslaught of history and buzzwords did little to soothe the temperamental huntress, and there was a more desperate ring to her aggression as she cut across him again with another, albeit less vigorous, shake of his collar. "I don't care! I don't care about ANY of that! I don't even get what you're saying! Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, and Weiss Schnee. THOSE are my friends' names. I wanna see them, I don't care about my place in line! Just... just take me to them!" Sensing her beginning to calm, the attendant's eyes widened further. "Miss, please, I understand, but if they haven't been processed yet then there's no way of telling how far back they might be! It could be miles! Once you've all been cleared for entry I assure you they should be easy to find, but right now violence doesn't help—" That was when one of the two criminal types trying to herd their mangy friend in the corner gave a shout, a paunchy but rugged-seeming man pushing fifty. "Ey, ey, Trev NAW-" The scary one shoved free of the other two's grip, eyes flared wide with impatience and bloodlust. "NAH, THE BIMBO'S RIGHT! LET'S GO FUCKIN' CRAZY, MICHAEL! YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" He didn't have the patience for bureaucracy, anyway. He pulled out an uzi and ran into the thick of it, tearing up the furnishings in the waiting room in a hail of chaotic bullets. The more durable of the characters present, like the alien and baldy, just stood there placidly and allowed the rounds to ping off them, while most of the line and the attendants present screamed and went scrambling for cover as Los Santos's own Trevor Philips whooped with malicious glee. That was when Yang punched him so hard he defied physics, bouncing several times off the room's carpet and tiled ceiling before he disappeared through a window and plunged towards the Khazan streets far below. WASTED 'Bimbo'. Seriously. She blinked when she saw blood on her metallic knuckles, wiping it off and shooting his two friends a worried look. "Um... is he gonna be okay? He felt... squishy..." The one called Michael, though mortified, waved off her concern. "Ahh, he'll be fine. This stuff happens to us all the time, right Frank?" His friend nodded, glancing down as a distracting buzzing from his pocket caught his attention and he fished his phone out. "Yeah. Shit, that's him now. Fool probably wants us to pick him up from the hospital or some shit." "Eh. Don't answer it." Yang huffed, a mixture of relief and the frustration continuing to gnaw at her insides. At least she'd been given something to work it out on, but she still— Her train of thought was quite literally punched out of her skull as a massive, grey fist collided with it, giving her the chance to experience what it was like to be the one on the receiving end of being flung across the room for once as she crashed through some furniture and found herself embedded in the room's back wall, dazed. What had once been a line of soon-to-be Khazan citizens once again turned into a panicked mob as it stampeded all the way back to the other end of the room again, though the bald guy and alien still held onto their place in the queue and just accepted they were a part of events at this point. The titanic blow's perpetrator calmly waded through the throng of panicking migrants and cracked his knuckles. He was huge, he'd been doing this a long time, and he was getting real tired of all these upstarts causing scenes and kicking up a fuss. That wasn't how they did it back in his day. Especially when he was on shift. Fixit flicked his fedora off and rolled his tree trunk neck out to either side, grimacing at the stiffness of his joints and dual pops that sounded with each motion. The grey-skinned titan glanced over at the attendant little miss hothead had been manhandling, lips parting in a questioning grunt. "I hit the right blonde, right?" The worker nodded, pale skin reflection the apprehension he felt toward the way all this was going at this point. Things usually settled down after Fixit knocked some sense into the less accepting among their glorious city's new arrivals, but from the snarl etched into the face of the young woman already fishing herself out of the rubble he was concerned they might've been in for something a little more sustained. "Oh YEAH?!" She yelled, honestly grateful for the opportunity to work out her rage on something a little meatier as she climbed out of the crater he'd left her in. Big, ugly monster guy. Sure, whatever. She could do that. Her eyes were a flaming crimson by this point, and her thick blanket of hair was already shimmering with waves of fiery energy at the sheer amount of energy she'd taken in from that one blow, feeling the strength course through her body and dropping into a stance. "Ooh. You're mad," came Fixit's slow, condescending drawl, the sight bringing a savage grin to his face as he held out his arms to either side and waited for her to come. "Cute." --- Weakest but most cunning version of the Hulk vs strongest but angriest of team RWBY. Win by KO, BFR or pacification. Go. Most people prolly know the score with Fixit, but here's a listing of basically all Yang's showings if anyone needs em. I have no idea why it says nsfw, there's nothing raunchy on there. Idk how many people here know RWBY if any at all but nyeh, these are still fun to write.
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    I prefer to offload as much functionality as possible to the Board systems. Like rating a match using the board's native system. And uploading character images in the Gallery. I changed the Rating System to 10 stars for future matches. Maybe that gives more opportunity for fine grained ratings of a match. Now, the thing is that any Member can rate matches using the board's stars system. I actually think this is better because a lot of times back in the day fights wouldn't get rated at all. I'm not actually sure how we ended up with the Match Judge system. But anyways, what we can do is have members who are Match Judges have their rating's count twice. So, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
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