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    Great Season 8 everyone, hope you had fun with it. Season 9 will be kind of delayed because I need to make some implementation changes to the system. Could be 2 or 3 weeks. Thanks!
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    Hey cool I can recreate this battle in Injustice 2
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    Much appreciated ❤️ Also, thanks for hyping up my man Luffy this whole time. Pretty sure no one would've taken him seriously if you hadn't argued for him.
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    Didn't get a chance to comment but I voted Taisen Universe. Drakkon doesn't know these heroes like he does PR. That's going to be is undoing but he's going to really hurt their numbers. He will likely retreat in the battle. As for the story, I didn't expect this. It was almost out of the blue but that's not a bad thing. Throwing in some of these Taisen Heroes might make things very interesting for the story. Nice job and looking forward to more.
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    I am mostly only familiar with MCU Starlord who I would never see solving The Riddler's riddles, but I read that comics Starlord is master tactician so he could probably figure out a way to take down Nygma.
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    It looks like it's going good to me. Good set-up, Venom. While Lord Drakkon definitely looks like he could take the various Ranger teams between his own power and his own team of Ranger Sentries, I have a feeling that at least one of the good guys could take advantage of his ego and overloading power to help the team eke out a win.
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    Gotta say, those machine gun guys are terrible shots. I mean, his fat melon head was right there! Anyways, the feats defy logic, physics and reason but I guess its cannon.
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    OK, so you'll be getting whatever I come up with, then. Duly noted.
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    Electro has lower durability and lacks the force fields static can create. That scan also isn't a "fight". Venom gets the jump on Electro, who never gets a shot off. I like Static's chances of protecting himself better than Ecectro's, being that if Static stays above the tree line Venom can never get behind him like that.
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    The problem encountered is that after a certain number of rounds it becomes more difficult for the system to find a match-up it hasn't already run. This, unfortunately, arose in Round 10 of Season 8 where the automation could not match two teams with new opponents and they were shorted a match. Benching is cool and all, but it exasperates the problem of giving the system the ability to make matches. That's why I used to end the season at 8 rounds.
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    Nightcrawler is able to teleport out of the way of a bullet after the shot is fired, and teleports quickly enough to clown the likes of X-23. He should be able to take out the Punisher before he gets tagged. Hell, NC could just teleport Frank a few miles out in the Ocean and call that game.
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    This could be partnered with a "Criminal mastermind" slot. Not like "evil geniuses" like before, but someone like Kingpin from Marvel or The Penguin from DC, or we could do just regular old criminals John Doe from Se7en
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    In Season 9 I'll be looking to mix it up a bit. Here's what I am thinking. First off, there will be no Bench. The whole team will be played. Second, matches will not occur with contenders in the same slot. There will be two opposing slots that are put into matches - these opposing slots have totally different things in them. Example: Slot 1 is for Fantasy Characters - e.g. Conan the Barbarian. Slot 2 is for Fantasy Monsters - e.g. Smaug the Dragon. An example Slot 1 vs. Slot 2 match would be Conan vs. Smaug. Totally an example, but you get the idea.
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    I like Wendy's here. Could probably work the ketchup colors into seasonal specials. Like Green for St. Patricks Day.
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    This isn't a specific category, but an idea that I thought would be fun would be to include a bit more info when the terrain is pulled. For example, there could be conditions like "one week of prep," "random encounter," "basic knowledge," and "bloodlusted" to denote some different circumstances to let different characters stand a better chance in the 1-on-1 categories. Both Deathstroke and Batman didn't do very well this season, but if they had been able to pull "prep time" matches, they could have definitely won some fights that they otherwise lost. Similarly, "Bloodlusted" would let characters like Nightcrawler, who are held back by their morals, use their powers to their full extent and win fights that might otherwise be loses. There condition modifiers wouldn't replace the terrain, but would just be additional things to add on to them, although I recognize this might complicate things further. Just wanted to throw that out there to see what everyone thought.
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    I would have to say Drakkon... He's been successful in taking over his own universe and seizing other worlds.
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    Well, guess that was a compelling argument.
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    Voted for my representative but yeah this should be tough for him. This would be an awesome fight though.
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