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    How about Buffy knocks him out in two minutes and has to beat some information out of the announcer who looks suspiciously like the star of Evil Dead.
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    Thanks once again for bring back this awesome site dude! You rock.
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    Here's a tiny sample of the many Slot Challenges in Season 5. In the ring fighters: Deities: Old West: Entertainers:
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    Another great set-up, Rakai. Excellent fight between Donnie and King. I like how King kind of freaked out when Donnie threw the sticky bomb in her face. As for the match, I think Raph can take this. Kensou just seems less composed than Robert was, and I can see Raphael taking advantage of that.
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    SEASON 4, ROUND 9 Red Sonja Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 4 Season Losses: 1 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Red Sonja at Wikipedia Official Site: Roy Thomas John Wick Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 3 Season Losses: 0 Fantasy Team Page Read more about John Wick at Wikipedia Official Site: Lionsgate Battle Terrain Solve An X-File
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    The first issue there is that West World characters don't fit the old west slot. So, that's a no go. I mean, historical old west. Like The Magnificent Seven or old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. When I say Street Level what I'm trying to avoid is people digging into some of the high powered Western characters from comic books. Like the original Ghost Rider: I had that dude specifically in mind because he totally is old west and totally is an overpowered ghost.
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    One of the other reasons people were voting for Naga was her patience --her general personality. She's not overdramatic, which makes her a harder target than, let's say, Courage or Momo. Jerry's a troll. He needs the dramatics. Then on top of her chill demeanor, she also has size and strength to her advantage if it were to come to that. In this match, however, Krypto and Naga are pretty on par. Sure, Krypto has super abilities, but this has been --and always will be-- a battle of patience. Who does Jerry want to fuck with more? What lengths will he go to? Etc.
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    This is not a physical challenge involving guns or swords. Of the two, I would say that Red Sonja probably deals with more weird stuff on a regular basis. The world she lives in is composed of the weird and fantastical.
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    Hum. Old beer drinking guy vs. angry man who just had his White House blowed up by alien invaders. I'm conflicted.
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    SEASON 4, ROUND 8 Sir Lancelot Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 0 Season Losses: 0 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Sir Lancelot at Wikipedia Official Site: Public Domain Red Sonja Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 3 Season Losses: 1 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Red Sonja at Wikipedia Official Site: Roy Thomas Battle Terrain Identify Next Target
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    Next Saturday, Oct. 24 at Noon Pacific the season 5 Draft will be available in your CBUB Control Panel. You can build your team. Thanks!
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    Can an Android find love lets find out on this season of electric romance
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    Sir Lancelot more like bad for my slot
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    Another good set-up, Venom. I think Spidey and Goldar may have met their match here, though, even with the Frankenstein monster helping them. Vile and the "loving" couple are pretty damn powerful and familiar with both Goldar and the monster, and I seem to remember White Ranger Tommy being outmatched going head-to-head against Zedd himself.
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    That I can't really speak to. Sometimes people visiting or voting are shy I guess. Other times, people just can't speak with any authority on the fight. I certainly can't debate the feats of these characters. I do LIKE scorpion, though. He was my go-to character at the donuts shop where I spent a fortune in quarters playing Mortal Kombat in the 90's. (My go-to Street Fighter character was actually Cammy, so whatevs). Anyways, I can't debate about either of these characters in their extended form. So I read the posts from people that DO have something to say. And so do the lurkers. What you have to say is valuable, because we don't know. I end up looking at historical matches on Comic Vine a lot when I'm trying to get a sense of power levels between characters. Usually the battle threads are just a bunch of people posting one word. "stomp" "stomp" "stomp" I hate that shit. What a total waste of internet space. Even though there might only be a very few people here commenting about a particular match here, I completely value the deeper discussion. 30 people showing up to type "stomp" is infinitely worse. I appreciate when you give a view on a match. I hope this helps, thanks!
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    The Psycho Soldiers, a nice choice for the next team to face the turtles. Part of the fun of this is trying to guess who you are going to pair up between the teams. I think I may have an idea with these teams, but we shall see. We shall also find out if SNK continues to get run over roughshod by the TMNT. Sie Kensou, he of the mysterious Dragon Spirit power and various psychic powers. Still, he also gets chided a lot for being lazy with his trainging, so give me Raph in this matchup. I could see Sie getting some extra motivation if Raphael flirted with or threated Athena. But, I don't see Raphael doing either of those things. I continue to enjoy the inventiveness in your fight recaps. The use of slime was great.
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    I totally understand. I think just a couple months ago the topic of wrestlers as real people vs their fictional persona caused some concern in whether they should be added to the database. If it weren't for this very specific draft slot I would think that UFC fighters don't belong in the database too. And thanks.
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    "Squishy wizard" also literally applies to Wanda here.
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    Sorry about not getting to this in time, Venom. This is one of your better matches. And I also think the Zombie Rangers should've won here.
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    Hey team! Just a heads up - we have a slot for wrestlers, boxers and other competition fighters in the next Fantasy Draft. Please let people and characters - WWE, UFC fighters and what not into the Pop Culture section. Thanks!!
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    That is just great. Well done classic Buffy dialogue between the characters. Poor Cordelia. Did no one tell her not to accept rides from strangers? Great use of the Death Proof car. Very entertaining. I have to vote Buffy because I want her to solve the mystery in the next match!
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    Of course! I’m not casting a value judgement. As requested simply the definitions on terms. An academic exercise.
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    Personally, I think should be fine in this category. Hulk Hogan Hulking Up is arguably just as supernatural as anything the Undertaker does in ring. Wrestlers are relatively grounded, even the most "powerful" ones.
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    Well, a sub forum makes is a lot easier because then you can just move the topic there with the "leave a link" option from the original forum. I'll make one for you this weekend.
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    I see one of my ideas made it this season.
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    Here is the first entry from the co-winner of the September 2020 CBUB, the HoF-debuting corvette1710! Welcome to the club, corvette, and congrats on getting a fairly rare perfect rating on this from the CBUB community! The noonday sun turned the dunes of the Sahara a brilliant white, beautifully pristine slopes extending past the horizon, the only evidence that anything else existed being the incredible azure expanse above it, cloudless and clear. It was here that the armies of the Scorpion King would soon march. If one listened, one could hear their footsteps, their immense thunderous din, from over the horizon. So great was the number of soldiers that they were coordinated not by terse command, but by sonorous horn, for even the loudest voice could not carry over an entire column of marching infantrymen. Each man in the army was trained and conditioned, each equipped with a long spear and a hide shield, and a short sword at their hip. Officers rode horses of impeccable breed, and their rank was emblazoned on a metal tag hung from a leather thong about their neck, ranging from tin to steel. But the true majesty of the army was the King himself. Mathayus was a warrior of unmatched prowess—the greatest to ever live, most would agree. His physique was as if sculpted from marble, rippling muscles and long, flowing black hair draped over broad shoulders. He was unarmored, and this would not change come time for battle. He was an Akkadian, the last of his kind, a legendary assassin made ruler by right of combat, having killed Memnon the Conqueror some two years prior. His copper skin glistened with sweat, for the desert reached more than one hundred degrees this time of day. He rode on camelback, his preferred steed due to their intelligence relative to horses. On his hips he wore twin scimitars, and in a saddlebag were many other implements of murder and war. On his face was an aggrieved expression. “Do you believe we will be victorious in Thebes?” “The answer has not changed, my love. Waset will elude you. I must again ask you not march on the city—take another target, any other, and you may yet succeed,” the sorceress Cassandra said with a sigh. Mathayus would not meet her eye, his jaw set as he looked out over the dunes. She knew he would not be swayed. Thebes—or Waset, to residents of the former Upper Kingdom—was a target Mathayus had his heart set upon acquiring. Her hand rested on his face, and he put his own hand on hers in order to gently pull it away. “I cannot heed you, sorceress. Menes has been pushed back time and again—Thebes is his last stronghold before Aswan, a far less defensible city. Balthazar would want us to continue.” Mathayus finally looked to Cassandra, their eyes meeting for the first time in that conversation. Balthazar had been lost a year prior on the campaign, but not fallen in battle—assassinated and killed in single combat, by the looks of things. He was found without spine or skull. “I will soon prove your vision wrong. Fate cannot stop me.” On the last word, Cassandra began to smile but then collapsed, almost falling from the camel if Mathayus were not there to hold her. Mathayus knew it to be a prophecy. *** The Yautja stood at the bow of his personal craft, his small, beady eyes scanned the stars ahead of him, which were overlaid by the ship’s onboard computer with the names of destinations, species of note, and warriors of merit. The great dark sea beckoned him closer, the void calling his name. He turned back to piloting apparatus and sat down, dragging a long, claw-tipped finger over the interface in order to zoom the star map into a particular area, and from there again, until he’d settled on a small system of eight planets, on which only one had notable lifeforms: N’ithya. The civilizations on N’ithya were ramshackle—perhaps a millennium had passed since the Yautja had discovered the world and brought some small measure of technology to its inhabitants in the form of pyramids. Some six or seven cultures had been visited by Yautja emissaries, who were hailed on arrival as gods. The Yautja tapped N’ithya on his console and the planet expanded to fill his view, a large hologram showing its topography with small areas filled in to mark civilizational boundaries and dots to mark notable warriors’ rough locations on last scan. Something piqued his interest, now that he examined N’ithya more closely: A large shaded area on the map showed the territory of one called the Scorpion King. A blinking area of shaded land signified territorial expansion, and this blinking area had last been updated one year prior, when the Yautja challenged and defeated a warrior in the region. But the cluster of dots signifying worthy warriors was still significant. The Yautja mulled over the idea of taking them all as he cycled through their files until finally he rested on the greatest of them: The Scorpion King himself. Just looking at the warrior king excited the Yautja, his mandibles extending and retracting and a long, clicking growl projecting from his throat. Yes…this is the prey. *** A great, white moon. A black sky tinged with the red and orange of a burning city, towers of smoke billowing into the air. The blaring of war horns, the waving of great red flags. Above it all, glowing yellow eyes. The scene changes. The desert is quiet and gray beneath the moon’s pale light. The clang of clashing weapons is in the air as Mathayus meets blades with a hulking form. His twin scimitars are locked against some sort of gauntlet blade, and she can see his white teeth gritted in struggle. The huge figure’s back is to her, so she can’t see its face, only the dreadlocks on its head and the glint of its armor. Its skin is a mottled yellow, and as she watches it raises the hand that isn’t keeping Mathayus at bay, two blades on its wrist catching the light of the moon. A flash of metal blinds her, and she is awake. Above her head is a war tent, and she lies on the bed of a stationary palanquin. As she rolls over to get up, she notices Mathayus watching her from a stool on the other side of the room. It seems to take him a moment to recognize she has awoken. “It has never been so severe,” he said as he rose to go to her side. “Your visions have been taking a greater toll on you these last years. They didn’t used to.” “They have also become... more severe. More specific. More grim.” “What have you foreseen?” Mathayus grabbed a pitcher of wine and a goblet, poured the former to fill the latter, and brought it to her lips. She sipped gratefully. “It is hard to divine. I saw a great moon and a burning city—Thebes, if I correctly recognize the symbols on the flags. I saw no direct indication of victory for you, nor for Menes. In the sky I saw… something that looked like glowing, yellow eyes. Cruel eyes. But it is the second half of my vision that worries me most: I see you in combat under the moonlight with a warrior of incredible stature and strange weaponry. You were under great strain to hold him back. The vision ended with flashing steel, and no victor was shown to me.” Mathayus frowned for a moment, looking pensive, then spoke. “If Thebes is burning in your vision, it is likely that we have breached its great walls. This may be a sign of imminent victory.” He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. “It is five days to the full moon, as you described. We will reach Thebes in three. Rest up.” *** The Yautja reached N’ithya the same day the siege of Thebes began. With a slide along his command console, the ship began to descend through the planet’s atmosphere, cloaking itself so as to be indistinguishable from the clouds and sky to the simple oomans below. The ship landed outside the view or hearing distance of any path taken by an ooman in the last year. Disembarking onto the shimmering sand, the Yautja’s face turned into something like a grin, or whatever would pass for it among his people. The time would soon come to face down his true prey—along the way, though, was small game. Night began to fall and the siege continued to rage. It was a simple matter for the Yautja to scale Thebes’s walls along the far side of the city under cloaking device. The city watch was too busy keeping up with signals from the walls under siege to notice him as he made his way toward the royal palace. King Menes’s guard were not great warriors, and they died as they lived: Inconsequentially. The Yautja pushed open the doors to the king’s chambers and found the king was ready for an attacker. The muscular man brandished a polearm and swung it at the alien’s form with vigor. Vigor that was all but useless before the might of the Yautja. With a raised arm he caught the shaft of the weapon just below the head and broke it off, the blade clattering impotently to the floor. “What are you?” the man asked, fear invading his eyes. It was a question the Yautja had heard from oomans many times over the years, but even if he could understand beyond contextual implication what they were asking, he wouldn’t answer. They were game to him, and game didn’t need reasoning. Game existed to be hunted. “What are you?” the Yautja shot back at him in a warbled, mangled version of his own question, in his own voice, then rushed forward and extended his wristblades at the same time, such that the two were one motion. The king was too slow and caught both wristblades in the chest, and the Yautja picked him up one-handed, the bleeding king kicking helplessly at empty air, unable to scream due to his punctured and lacerated lungs. Blood bubbled from the king’s lips as he looked at something behind the Yautja. That was all the indication necessary for the Yautja to turn and catch the thrown knife before it hit him in the back of the head. In the doorway was the true object of his hunt: The Scorpion King. An excited, trilling growl left his mouth as he dropped the dying king. *** Mathayus knew Thebes’s walls could hold his armies at bay for years if they had to—the only option to win here was to assassinate leadership within Thebes—the king and his generals had to die. He figured he could start with the king, who would be by far the hardest mark as a result of his combat prowess and status, meaning he could give Mathayus a fight on even terms and that he had bodies between him and Mathayus. Killing others first meant more bodies could be dedicated to Menes. But while stealthily navigating Menes’s castle, he not only met little resistance, he found dead guardsmen littered throughout the citadel. When he finally reached the royal bedchamber, he found the towering form of the Yautja with its back turned. A knife left his hand within moments, but something must’ve tipped the thing off to his presence, because in a blur of motion it turned and caught it. Mathayus drew his scimitars, glancing out the window. No smoking buildings. The infiltration teams he’d sent in must not have finished setting the keg charges yet. The huge thing took thudding steps toward him, bent low in a challenge position, ready to pounce as the two began to circle one another. Like a flash it was on him, and he was hard-pressed to even parry the giant’s thrust. The weapons on its arm were very strange—two parallel blades attached to a gauntlet. He returned with a strike to its head that merely glanced off its large facemask, then followed that ineffective blow with a knee to its unarmored thigh. It was like he was hitting a rock. He grit his teeth and leapt back to try to put distance between himself and the monster. It didn’t allow him space as it used its unbladed hand to deck him across the face, sending him sprawling onto the balcony, thumping against the stone columns of the baluster. Mathayus looked up and cursed. The moon was not yet full. The prophecy was yet to come. But that, he realized, brought with it an advantage. He had to live to see the prophecy. He looked back at the Yautja as he stood, feigning weakness. He didn’t know if it would fall for his ploy. It leapt at him, and fell right into his trap. Mathayus dropped beneath the charging alien and used its forward momentum to put it over the side of the railing. It caught the stone, its claws digging into the masonry as it dangled over the courtyard some hundred feet below. “It’s not time for me to die!” Mathayus raised a scimitar to chop at the hand of the thing, but it let go, saying in his own voice: “It’s not time for me to die!” Mathayus recoiled—that was Balthazar’s voice. He sounded desperate; he sounded afraid. Balthazar had never been afraid before. Was this thing what had happened to him? What had killed him so brutally? It landed hard, cracking the stone beneath its feet, and let out a chilling laugh, then Mathayus lost sight of it, despite his wide, enraged eyes tracking it with inhuman intent the entire time. Two days later, Thebes was on its last legs and Mathayus’s infiltrators had successfully breached the city walls. Mathayus watched from the riverbank as the smoke curled into the sky, framing the full moon. Tonight is the night. Mathayus glanced over to the dunes every once in a while as he pored over battle plans, and it was nearly midnight before he saw anything. It was brief—perhaps a trick of the eyes—but he thought he saw a flash of yellow eyes, just as Cassandra described in her vision. He studied the area for a moment more before deciding he would leave to face his fate, be that to emerge victorious or to die at the beast’s hands. Cassandra’s vision had been unclear as to the outcome of this battle, but in the past she had seen him shot and killed and yet he still lived. He took his scimitars with him, but left the other gear—it would only slow him down, and he needed every ounce of agility he could afford. He knew his assailant was faster than it had any right to be. He also knew it had taken his friend, a life companion and true warrior. He took in the details of the desert around Thebes as he walked into the dunes. Behind him, Cassandra watched with resignation. She had been trying to further divine for Mathayus before he left, but no vision was forthcoming. The sky above was dark, and would’ve been full of stars for Mathayus to see but for the smoke and fire of Thebes. All there was to look at was the moon, and the desert the color of bone in its light. After a few minutes of walking, Mathayus came upon a flat, clear area between three large sand dunes. Standing in the middle of the desert glade was the beast. It stared him down as he approached. It was easily seven feet tall, he could see, with a broad body and muscular limbs. It wore a loincloth with a metal belt, two metal gauntlets, and a broad facemask, but was otherwise nude and unarmored. As Mathayus drew to dueling distance of about ten paces, it slowly reached up and unhooked a dreadlock from its head, a sharp hiss escaping from it as it detached. It placed its hands upon the facemask almost gingerly, and then removed it slowly, ritualistically exposing the most disgusting creature the Scorpion King had ever encountered. “You’re even uglier than Balthazar.”
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    And now, the first entry from electricferret's second repeat-tourney winner, SSJRuss. You're making history, Russ! FADE IN: EXT. ELECTRIC FERRET STUDIOS, UNNAMED METROPOLIS -- EARLY MORNING We open on a marble white building, twenty-five stories tall. The building stands alone and the camera pans down to an empty parking lot. Trees wrap around the parking lot, creating a natural fence for privacy. A black Nissan Versa pulls into the lot, parking in the first space closest to the building. A young twenty-something man gets out of the car. Camera pans up from his shoes to the nametag he places on his chest. It reads: SSJRuss. SSJRuss (27), hair is neat, wears a white button-up shirt tucked into his khakis. He adjusts his glasses and makes a note of the time on his wrist watch. 7:15am. SSJRuss: First one here. No surprise. I don’t understand why Mr. Fox doesn’t just fire them already. As the camera rises, SSJRuss walks into the building. We get a glimpse of the logo on top of the building. It reads: Electric Ferret Studios. INT. LOBBY OF EF STUDIOS He walks across the empty lobby, reaches the elevator, and steps in, choosing the 12th floor. The camera sits with SSJRuss bobbing his head to the elevator music. SIMULATION FLOOR OF EF STUDIOS Elevator doors open. Dozens of cubicles line the main room, all of which are empty. Some desks are decorated or have papers scattered about. Others are covered with a thick film of dust, long unused. The auto-lights flicker to life as he walks down a row to find his cubicle. Camera pans around the room, showcasing several cubicles as it narrows to SSJRuss’s cubicle. We see his co-worker OMFG’s cubicle to the right. Pictures of Me Gusta faces taped to the inside of his cube. The computer screen is frozen on a page of ‘Dungeon Mastering for Dummies’. On the left, the station of employee Confession FPT is decorated with imagery from the Tekken franchise. A figure of Kuma the Bear sits on the desk, with its head bobbing. SSJRuss steps inside his cubicle. It is decorated with anime figures, a small stack of science fiction novels and a Spider-Man lamp. He takes a seat in his swivel chair and boots the computer. The black screen turns white and reads ‘Simulations Control Panel’ CUT TO: WALKWAY OF THE SIMULATIONS FLOOR, CAMERA ZOOMS TO THE WATER-COOLER -- MORNING A cup centers on the camera. The cup is being filled with water at a water-cooler by a male. His name tag reads OMFG. OMFG (23), exceptionally handsome, thin with a dark tan complexion. His attire matches that of SSJRuss as it is the standard uniform for employees of Electric Ferret Studios. He fills the cup as SSJRuss approaches to do the same. SSJRuss: Hey man, how’s those monthlies coming? The camera fixes on them both. Noise from other employees working fills in as background. OMFG: Monthlies? Oh right, the simulation bracket. I haven’t found anything yet. Still searching the database. SSJRuss: The month is almost over, dude. What’s the hold up? OMFG: I’ve been… preoccupied. SSJRuss: Yeah I saw your screen this morning. You’re learning about dungeon mastering instead of running the simulations-- OMFG: So what? You can’t tell me you don’t goof off too. SSJRuss: Maybe, but I do take what we do seriously. SSJRuss and OMFG simultaneously sip water from their cups as they look back at the simulation floor. The camera focuses on Bergy_Berg, another employee, as he meets eyes with SSJRuss. OMFG: Bergy’s working today? Isn’t he your rival? SSJRuss: Fuck that guy. OMFG lets out a short laugh then goes to fill his water cup again. OMFG: Hey, his simulations kick yours in the ass. SSJRuss: They do not. Peypeypeypey, another employee in the white shirt and khakis, enters the scene. Peypeypeypey: Actually they do. Peypeypeypey passes SSJRuss and OMFG to put water in his coffee mug. Peypeypeypey: Hey, OMFG, get those monthlies done? SSJRuss looks back at OMFG, raising his eyebrows and giving him an expression of ‘I told you, so.’ OMFG: No, Pey. I haven’t. What about you? Peypeypeypey: I’m caught up through October. SSJRuss: How? You’re hardly here! Peypeypeypey: It’s called being a professional. Something you two wouldn’t know anything about. Right, DSkillz? DSkillz answers from off-screen. DSkillz: Hell yeah. Get good scrubs. A tremor in the earth shakes the building, cutting off the office conversation. Everyone grabs hold of something, either it is a cubicle or the wall. The water in the cooler ripples with consecutive tremors. Everyone steadies themselves and rushes to the large glass windows on the other side of the room. The view of the city now shows Godzilla appearing on the horizon. He is crashing through buildings and directly facing the Electric Ferret building. The Boob Tube: Is that Godzilla? Like, THE Godzilla? Nesh: Oh damn, he’s coming this way. Confession FPT: What? Peypeypeypey: That’s Godzilla, alright. Coming straight at us. IKA: Wow. Dude, we’re boned. Z451: Someone call the penthouse. Mr.Fox isn’t gonna like this. OMFG: Wait, why does he want to kill us? Anybody got beef with Godzilla? DSkillz: Pey? The entire group looks at Peypeypeypey, then looks to his cubicle that is adorned with Godzilla paraphernalia. Peypeypeypey: Don’t look at me. His simulation record is crisp. They look onto Godzilla making his way through the city. SSJRuss: Good lord, he’s hauling ass. He’s definitely pissed at someone. The Boob Tube: We’re gonna die. OMFG: This one’s on Pey. I’m calling it now. Confession FPT: I’ll take that bet. OMFG: What? IKA: Yeah, me too. This is definitely Pey’s fault. He’s the Godzilla guy. OMFG: Good thing I didn’t waste my time getting caught up through October, huh Pey? SSJRuss: Wait guys, look. In-between the Electric Ferret building and Godzilla appears another giant. It is Ultraman 80 from his self-titled show in 1980. His back is facing the building as he leaps to engage Godzilla in battle. Nesh: Is that Ultraman? Confession FPT: No, looks like some cheap knock off. Bergy_Berg: That costume is terrible. He has a nose on his mask. SSJRuss: It’s supposed to make him look more human, Berg. He’s gotta be a role model for kids. IKA: He's a giant too. Think he’ll protect us? SSJRuss: That’s sort of his thing. Confession FPT: I bet he loses. I’ve got cottage cheese that’s stronger than this guy. Peypeypeypey: Yeah, Godzilla’s gonna bulldoze him. SSJRuss: He’s trying to save us. Maybe we shouldn’t bet against him. Bergy_Berg: Twenty bucks says Godzilla piledrives him into the dirt. OMFG: You’re on, pal. Everyone pulls swivel chairs from their cubicles to the window to watch the fight unfold. A pile of money is put on the desk as the betting pot. FADE OUT: So here we have Ultraman 80 vs Heisei Era Godzilla. This is Pre-Ghidorah Godzilla so he only has feats that he showcased in The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Biollante. Ultraman 80 has similar powers as other Ultramen, as well as the three minute time-limit. So Ultraman has three-minutes to stop Godzilla from destroying Electric Ferret Studios. After three-minutes, Ultraman returns to his human form and loses.
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    This is the first entry for the winner of the July 2020 CBUB Tournament, the HoF-debuting SSJRuss. Congrats! PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PLUS EDITION It has risen again! The dubious skeletal knight, Sir Daniel Fortesque, opened his one good eye. Ah, Sir Daniel Fortesque. Awake again. What fortuitous timing he had, the Hero of Gallowmere. He slept quite a long time after the Polygon Man’s defeat. He stepped out and down the threshold of his casket, old bones crackling with new life. It appeared that the energy he’d been awarded after that dashing victory over the polygon monster had kept his skeletal body in good condition. Not a bone out of place. But all that time had let evil fester. As a decorated hero in the Hall of Heroes, it was his duty to answer the new threat. “Mwah?" he mumbled. (Me?) Yes! Who else could undo all the chaos that Zarok brought forth? Or undo the doings of the Polygon Man? Our courageous knight put a finger to what was left of his jaw, likely considering who else but him could do the job. Of course, there was no one but him. Sir Daniel would not neglect a chance to prove himself once again. Times changed and long gone were the effects of Zarok’s magic. No one was left to remember his bravery against evil. Soon. Soon the world would remember. And the Kingdom of Gallowmere would forever praise the name, Sir Daniel Fortesque! *** Brook wandered alone. The valley before him riddled with broken rock and rusted metal. A grassy meadow blanketed what he could see, the path edged my surrounding forest on each side. "Luffy?" He called. Nothing. He tried again, "Zoro?" Nothing. He called out each name of his fellow Straw Hat Pirates. He hadn't seen them since that strange blue energy erupted above the Thousand Sunny and lifted them into the air, vanishing one by one. An attack by a devil fruit user, surely? Bartholomew Kuma had done something similar to them two years ago. Brook and his crewmates trained hard so this wouldn’t happen again. “Yooohoo,” Brook called out, anxiously strumming his guitar to fill the silence. His voice and music carried through the valley. If anyone heard him, they didn’t make it known. He looked around this new wasteland. Vegetation grew wildly around him. The only simbelence of people were the derelict skyscrapers at the edge of his vision. But they too were overcome with vegetation. "Am I the only one alive?" The wind passing through his ribcage reminded him that he was otherwise. “Yo! Skull-joke! Yo ho ho ho!” No one laughed. “Oh, Usopp would have found that funny.” He strummed a low note on the guitar. He continued down the valley, humming to the tune of his guitar. "Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm, hm hmm hmm hmmmm-" Reaching the base of a hill, he heard something rustle in the forest on his right. “Yo ho ho! Is that you Usopp?” Brook's skeletal chest swelled with excitement at the thought of reuniting with his friends. He ran towards the noise. “Did you hear my skull joke?” *** Sir Daniel Fortesque rustled through the forest. He’d gotten lost after leaving his crypt, everything on the outside changed. The entirety of Gallowmere was in ruin, replaced by wildlands and noisy machines. And turkeys. One scampered across his foot as he furthered into the woods. How could all of this be? Had he been too late to save Gallowmere from destruction? He hadn’t seen any sign of people either. Where had they all gone? As if to answer his curiosity, a voice called out. It was ahead of him just past the trees. Sir Daniel was sure that this was his ticket to the answers he sought. His armor clinked, running with legs outstretched to cover considerable distance. His vision bobbed up and down when a silhouetted figure came into view at the end of the forest. It was tall, but the shape was completely unrecognizable. *** Brook, who entered the forest moments earlier, saw a glint of something deep in the woods ahead. His plea seemed to have been answered. That glint must be from Franky's armor reflecting the light. “Franky!? It’s me, your friend Brook!” He swung his arms in a wide arc. *** Sir Daniel saw the figure begin to wave. Could this be an ally? Another hero lost due to the mysterious evil surrounding them? He waved back in the same manner, sprinting through the woods in hopes he could join this compatriot. *** “Yo ho ho ho!” The glint of light took shape in the distance. An image shaded by trees, Brook saw its arms waving too. He waved faster in the excitement. But as the trees thinned, Brook and Sir Daniel Fortesque came into full view of each other. "You're not Franky-" Brook said, stopping on one side of the clearing. The armor glint he saw wasn't his friend, it was an armor cladded skeleton waving its arms at him. Now out in the open, Sir Daniel saw the figure for what it is. A creature of the undead. A colorfully dressed skeleton. It hadn't been laughing but rather, screaming as it waved its arms. They put their arms down. “You’re like me--” Brook said. He stuttered over what to say next. It wasn't everyday he ran into a living skeleton such as himself. “Viihel chherrure!" (Vile creature!) Sir Daniel said, despite his missing bottom jaw. He unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Brook. The only undead Sir Daniel had the displeasure of meeting turned out to be enemies. And it was likely the same with this one. “Oh, ah… Excuse me, but--” Brook said as he tried to appease the other before an attack. His next sentence fell short as the skeletal knight crossed the distance between them and swung. Brook’s own sword swung through the air to match it. “HOW INCONSIDERATE!” *** This battle takes place in a forest clearing in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe. They have a 10-minute time limit until a Thunderjaw shows up in the background to attack both of them. The stage will periodically create boxes from the Crash Bandicoot series as well to give the feeling of the environment changing as the battle progresses.
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    Been a while since there's been some action in this thread, huh? But yeah, here's the winning entry from the first MagneticFox tournament (check the recently-edited OP for details on this), a very good one from a member introduced there, terranova. "Your task is simple, Cad Bane," purred the villainous dark shadow upon the icy throne, "Locate the Elements and return them to me." The Duro sneered and shifted his weight to one side. "Sounds like a job for a pirate," he grumbled, insulted. Surely, his employers knew his reputation? "One easy call to the Hutts and you could find whatever you need. What makes this tag so special?" The shadow giggled, its breath visible even in the dark. "I've underestimated the wielders of these relics far too many times in the past... You'd fare well not to do the same." "Fine. I'll take the bait," Cad Bane retorted, raising his chin to emphasize his interest, "For the right price... Where are these... Elements?" "Oh, it's not far from this world at all," the shadow answered, but Cad could hear the sinister smile lacing the tone, "Just a small town called Ponyville." Ponyville...? Cad Bane prowled the streets of the tiny, bright-colored town, careful to keep his hat low over his eyes as he searched for his targets. The Ice Queen had provided him with six symbols: an apple, a rainbow, three balloons, three butterflies, three diamonds, and a glistening star. Apparently, these were all the descriptions he needed... He still wasn't convinced. "Never lower your guard, Cad Bane," she had warned, "These girls are as clever as they are lively. They are not to be underestimated." "I'm one of the greatest bounty hunters this galaxy has ever seen," he scoffed, "I'm not afraid of a couple of... ponies." The word seemed to give him a bad taste. The sound of girls laughing interrupted his thoughts. It was close. Just around the corner. He approached stealthily, keeping close to the wall --close to the shadows. His thin, blue fingers hovered instinctively over his blaster pistols. The corner opened up into a large plaza where five little ponies were all sitting on a red blanket among an array of apple-flavored dishes. They were conversing loudly --some over pets and others over an upcoming party. Cad's eyes narrowed, realizing how the provided symbols were relevant... Each pony wore a custom mark on their haunches. From his place in the alley, he could see five out of the six he was given. Five shots... Easy, he considered. "There is one, tiny stipulation you must adhere to," the voice of the Ice Queen chimed in, "I'm well aware of your merciless reputation... But I'll have to ask that you do not harm any of those girls. I have an alliance of sorts with their kind... It would... complicate things." "This is sounding more and more like a job for a pirate," he growled back. "If you don't think your pay is sufficient for my conditions, feel free to walk away, Mr. Bane... But the last time I checked, you were one of the greatest bounty hunters this galaxy has ever seen. Surely, you can claim one of the greatest bounties this galaxy has ever seen." Cad exhaled and reluctantly pulled his hands away from his weapons. Seems like a stakeout is in order... "BOO!!!!" screamed a high-pitched voice from directly behind him. Cad Bane spun on his heel, ready to silence the intrusive bystander. However, when he scanned the area... No one... His eyes narrowed. "HIIIIII~!!!!" the voice screamed again, this time from his right. Cad turned again, coming face to face with the wall he had been following two seconds earlier. No one... "Up HERE silly!!!!!" The Duro looked up and was met with a wide-eyed pink pony grinning from ear to ear. "Now you've got it!" she shouted excitedly. Cad Bane balled his hand into a fist and made an attempt to hit the pony off of his head. Instead, she bounced off willingly and hopped in place next to him, seemingly not noticing his violent reaction. How had he not felt her there...? "Who're---" he began, before stopping himself. Her mark... Three balloons! "Ooo! I know! I know! You must be new around here!" the pink pony guessed, not bothering to pause for air, "Do you have any friends!? I'm everyone's friend!!! How're you doin' today!? Ooo, what's your name? I'm Pinkie! Pinkie PIE!!!" Cad Bane hesitated, surprised by the unfolding events. However, the hesitation must have been for too long for the pony, because she began talking almost immediately and proceeded to bounce repeatedly into his back, pushing him out into the plaza. "Me and my friends are having a picnic! You should join us!" She continued chattering nonsensically about streamers and horns and suggesting different foods that the newcomer absolutely HAD to try now that he had arrived in Ponyville. Only when she had pushed him over to the picnic, did Pinkie Pie pause to breath. "Hiii everyone!!! Look, I FOUND SOMEONE!!! HE MUST BE LOST!!!" All of the ponies stared up in a mixture of surprise and mock excitement. All, but one, of course... "Aww, cool!" the blue pony with the rainbow mark exclaimed, jumping from her spot on the blanket and flying up to Cad Bane's face, "It looks like some sort of cosplay! I love your hat!" She snatched the hat from his head and tried it on, marveling in its 'coolness' before noticing his weapons. "And mock blaster pistols!!! They're just like the ones Fly Solo used in Daring Do: The Return of Harmony!" Faster than Cad could register, the pegasus pony had grabbed one of his guns and was posing with it in midair, making pew-pew-pew noises. The Duro scowled and powered up his rocket boots, leaping into the air to grab his hat and blaster. He hovered for a mere second before dropping gracefully to the ground and holstering his gun. The rainbow-marked pony started at him in awe. "Rocket boots....? SWEEEEEEET!" "No one touches the hat," he grumbled, in his usual raspy voice. "Oh! My! Gosh!" Pinkie Pie screamed at the sound of his voice, "Are you OKAY!? There's something stuck in your throat!!! Do you need a cough drop!?!?" She leapt at the picnic basket frantically, searching for a cough drop, "OH! HERE! Here's a cupcake!!" Cad Bane saw the cupcake flying through the air as if in slow-motion, but it was still far too late to dodge. The iced side of the pastry smacked him directly between the eyes, stuck for a brief moment, and fell to the ground. Maybe these girls are as clever as the Ice Queen warned... Pinkie Pie took advantage of the silence, deciding this was the best time to introduce her friends to her new stranger. "This is Twilight! And that's Dash! And Fluttershy! And Rarity! And AJ! And Gummi! And Opal! And--" She continued naming off the insignificant animals and the owners of the nearby businesses before she was cut off. "Pinkie, dear, you need to calm down," interrupted the pony called Rarity, "Let the poor stranger breath for a moment, okay?" The yellow pony, Fluttershy, fluttered up to the Duro timidly, extending a clean, embroidered napkin in her hooves. "Hi, mister," she spoke quietly, "My name is Fluttershy... What's yours?" "There's one girl you need to be particularly careful around," the Ice Queen had advised, "The one called Fluttershy. She's the dangerous one. Whatever you do, DON'T make eye contact." Surely, the Ice Queen was paranoid... "Bane," he rasped, examining the demeanor of this so-called 'dangerous one', "Cad Bane..." She seemed startled by his response. Or was it just the sound of his voice? He took the napkin and wiped away the rest of the icing. "W-Well, we have plenty of food if you'd like to join us," she suggested politely, "We have apple fritters and cider and all sorts of goodies. I'm sorry about Pinkie Pie. She gets a little excited around newcomers." "YEAH I DO!" the pink pony screamed, as if she had been holding her breath until her name was mentioned. "I dunno, Fluttershy..." Twilight spoke up, "He doesn't look like he wants to join in..." "But, Twilight, darling," Rarity started, her voice falling into a gossipy whisper, "He looks hungry and lost! And LOOK at that raggedy coat..." "Rarity! That's so rude!" Applejack snapped, before patting the blanket next to her, "C'mon over here, Cad! Bucked these apples from the tree myself! Yer welcome to 'em!" Cad Bane resisted the urge to pull out his blaster and demand the whereabouts of the Elements. His hand twitched instinctively, but he knew that Rainbow Dash could reach his weapons faster than he could. Even at this distance. "Remember, Cad, that killing them is out of the option. I need the Elements, not corpses." "With as much as you're payin', you have a deal." He chuckled at his luck. Easy job: sneak and swipe. It wasn't his normal bounty, but it would do. Ponies...? Really? "And, at all costs, avoid their magic... They have this so-called 'Friendship'. If you fall under their spell, you won't be able to complete your mission." Cad Bane scoffed, "I always complete my mission. Make sure you're ready to pay up." =========================================================================================== Will Cad Bane succeed? Or will he succumb to the Power of Friendship? Cad succeeds if he can befriend the ponies, find where they've hidden the Elements of Harmony, and return them to the Ice Queen. Cad fails if he actually befriends the ponies or kills one/all of them.
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    Sounds like CBUB back in the 2010s... I ain't surprised.
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    It seems his team... speaks for itself.
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    Heh, Lordofice remains near the top, and with barely a post (if any) debating his own picks.
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    SEASON 4, ROUND 7 Tommy Vercetti Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 2 Season Losses: 1 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Tommy Vercetti at Wikipedia Official Site: Take2 Interactive Red Sonja Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 2 Season Losses: 1 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Red Sonja at Wikipedia Official Site: Roy Thomas Battle Terrain Seduction
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    I can 100% get behind this line of thinking. It is why I chose John Creasy when I know it will be hard for him to get wins. It's also why I didn't go after some of the more obvious choices once Kazuya was off the board. Not that I blame anyone who does, winning is the name of the game.
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