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    Hey there everyone! It seems that we've come quite a long way in life in the last seven years since ElectricFerret was more or less rendered inactive by 2013 and I hope that a lot of you are doing a lot better than I am in life. Some of you might know me as that Predator guy who wrote up all of those Predator storylines over at the CBUB while also possessing a near encyclopedic knowledge of the Predator lore. For those of you who don't know me, well... I am an old head from the CBUB back from 2008 to 2013 and often wrote up matches involving Alien vs Predator characters to give them good records and build them up to take on the more popular heroes of Marvel and DC, but I feel like now... it was moot, despite the fun which I had in doing it. However, in the last ten years I've seen my beloved franchise more or less go on the decline, go through a massive retconning in the EU material , and then being sold off to Disney and then release an abysmal movie in 2018... However, in the last... nine of so years, I've rediscovered my passion for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the recent on-going IDW series, and I've developed something of a mild respect for Marvel and DC heroes, especially since TMNT has crossed over with Batman in the form of comics and most recently an animated movie. As for doing Predator matches, I don't think I will be continuing any of those anymore as I want to distance myself from the franchise due to the 2010 and 2018 films, as well as the fact that the franchise is now in the hands of the Disney corporation and 30 years of story telling in the form of the EU is going to be or has been undone, now with Marvel taking the licenses from Dark Horse. I am not sure who is here, or who is still around but... I am glad to see that this site is SOMEWHAT active again. I also plan on adding more characters in the meantime. -Rakai'Thwei
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    I don't know if anyone even remembers me, but I used to be on this site all the time as a kid and teen (as you can probably guess from the username) and still checked in for the memories all the way up to its closing. I checked in again just for a nostalgia boost and was shocked to see it back! Feels like a fever dream XD Thought I'd pop in and say hi, especially since I'm considering dipping my toes back in. This was always a great writing exercise. I probably won't keep the username videogameman both for the cringe of it and the fact I don't really identify as a man anymore (they/them), but it's great to see this site back!
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    Memes aside, Bowser would completely body Shrek.
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    Well, in that case...if what SSJ states is true about them being equal in hand to hand, I honestly think Canary's screech would give her an advantage.
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    I admittedly don't know much about Ezio, so someone more knowledgeable can fill in that part of the argument, but from what I do know, unless he's way more powerful than I thought, Wrex takes this handily. To start, he's like a big Rhino man, he's physically incredibly strong, he has a 240 degree range of vision, making sneaking up on him a lot harder, and Krogans are incredibly durable. According to the Codex, Krogans are nigh-impenetrable to melee weapons, so as far as I know, that basically ends the fight right there. Wrex is pretty much immune to any weapon that I know of that Ezio has. His armor is immune to sniper fire, and doesn't seem to have any structural weakness that can be exploited by Ezio, other than the lack of a head, which again, Krogan hide is very durable. On top of that, he's a Biotic, and this would give him many win conditions in and of itself. With his Barrier, he could further boost his already almost-impenetrable defenses, making him losing basically an impossibility here. On top of that, Warp causes immense damage to any target incredibly quickly, Throw tosses its target like a ragdoll, and Stasis stops its target dead in their tracks. One good Throw and Wrex could get an easy ring-out win, although I doubt he would go for that. Knowing Wrex, he would let it get to an actual fight, and just start blasting with his shotgun (which has so much kickback that it would break a humans arms if they tried to use it). Overall, I see Wrex as a clear winner here. Dammit, now I wanna go replay Mass Effect lol
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    I seem to remember you well enough! Yeah, I wanted to write something which was a long running thing but at the same time I got the impression that people were getting tired of them, so I stopped for a time and when the CBUB went inactive and seemingly migrated to Magnetic Fox forums, it seemed to lose it's appeal to me. So for a while, I just lost interest and just moved onto other things for a while, and looked for other things to be interested in, you know? But a lot has happened in my life, and now that I am in my thirties... I have to start doing more with my life because around 2014, my family lost EVERYTHING and we were homeless for about a year. We bounced from relatives houses, going from state to state, living out of the car and eating junk food to survive... And then I landed a gig at Toys R Us which lasted me about three years, and it was definitely NOT the ideal job for someone who is a film and comic book geek here. Ha ha ha ha ha! And as you know, the company folded in 2018, and I was jobless for a year once again, and I was bouncing from apartment to apartment because of noisy neighbors... I still have noisy upstairs neighbors, and am trying to get into the process of moving again but seeing as there is nothing in the real estate market, well... my family is pretty much screwed. On the upside... I have a new job, working at Jo-Ann Fabrics Arts and Crafts, and it's a much better, easier, and friendlier job than Toys R Us! I've been there for about a year, and I feel like a valued employee over there.
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    SCORE REPORT: IKA - Two Matches Complete - 64 / 20 = 3.2 Boob Tube - Two Matches Complete - 72 / 20 = 3.6 Bergy_berg - Two Matches Complete - 40 / 10 = 4.0 OMFG - Two Matches Complete - 59 / 13 = 4.53 SSJRuss - Two Matches Complete - 48 / 10 = 4.8 First Place Winner: SSJRuss Second Place Winner: OMFG Congrats! I will message you about your gift cards.
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    Great set-up, Russ! I know next-to-nothing about the Teletubbies, but reading a scenario about two groups from children's shows having RL issues is just about hilarious! As for the match, the fact that the Teletubbies are willing to get violent might mean that the Sesame Street gang might be in trouble here.
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    Thanks everyone for participating this month. We are just waiting for the last matches to end so the Winner(s) can be calculated. Looking forward to seeing you in the long, hot month of August for a new Prize competition. Rules are up, now. Thanks!
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    You can't tell what to do Dad gosh!
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