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    Jon Stewart 100% gets a date with She-Hulk. No question.
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    Thinking of doing a medieval fantasy zombie campaign. It would use the DnD 5e system. Wanted to gauge interest in it with you fine folks.
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    I feel like a drinking contest is a good one for the liability.
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    Not since Oroku Saki had the brothers been given a purpose and with the Shredder long gone, most of their time had been spent training and maintaining their physique and skill level, all while also protecting the few people in their lives whom they would even call as their family. However, they had been given a purpose now by their Jonin and the four brothers now had found themselves attending a tournament—something which they had never really expected to be participating in within their life time. But now they had a purpose once again. It was under the advice of Master Splinter that they go and forge themselves by fighting against other martial artist to improve themselves, and discover the potential within themselves. Attending the King of Fighters tournament was something that they were going to have to get used to, especially now that the cameras were focused on them and a decent cover story was needed to explain as to who or what they actually were without necessarily giving away the truth. Michelangelo had humorously put in the story that they were actually four martial arts enthusiasts who simply enjoyed cosplay. Right, cosplay. The thought made Leonardo chuckle as he had thought of the Purple Dragons they had finished off a couple of years back. He couldn’t help but think back at the memory of one of the Purple Dragons claiming that freaks in Turtle costumes weren’t going to get the best of them… Oh, the irony of that moment then. Leonardo had done his best to learn the rules of the tournament. From what he had gathered, teams were now going to consist of four instead of the usual three member teams. That was good, he figured as he didn’t want Raphael or Michelangelo to be feeling left out. Knowing Donatello— well, if he could spend his time in a laboratory and work on whatever experiments he wanted to satisfy his thirst for knowledge, then he was happy enough but Leonardo and Raphael had to really motivate Donatello to keep up. Aside from having four member teams, each fight was to be one on one and teams weren’t considered defeated until all members from a team were beaten either by submission or knock out. To Leonardo, that sounded fair enough… But if push came to shove, well… hopefully it wouldn’t get too far into that and if it did… he and his brothers were ninja. They’ve been in many life or death situations before, and have adapted to that. “Think we’ll win this tournament, Leonardo?” Michelangelo asked. The red masked leader had to take a moment to think. He didn’t want to sound too confident, but he also didn’t want to disappoint his younger brother’s hopes of coming away from this tournament empty handed. Apparently, there was a cash prize awaiting the best team to whoever won— and knowing Michelangelo, he could most certain use some of that cash to get whatever it was that he had wanted. Knowing him, Leonardo could only figure that maybe video games were in mind… “Course we’ll win, Mike.” Raphael replied. Silence came from Leonardo, as he turned his head over to the left and stared over his shoulder, looking to Raphael and Michelangelo. He couldn’t help but blink at such a claim… Confidence was good to have. But it was better to rein in that confidence and prevent it from becoming arrogance. “I’d like to think we’ll get far, brothers. We’ve been training exceptionally hard for this.” Donatello reached to his shell, taking his staff and removing it only to lean upon it as he rested his hands on the top of the staff and placed his chin on his knuckles. The intelligent Turtle simply looked all around and now stared upon his brothers, sensing the anxious and eager emotions coming from them. A smirk appeared on his beak as he then moved his staff and twirled it within his fingers before positioning it over his shoulders and releasing a sigh from within. He chuckled as he shook his head. “This might actually be fun, maybe even worth the time away from the lab.” Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo turned to look over to Donatello and were quite surprised to hear him express something of a fighting spirit. Perhaps competition brought something out in each and every one of the Turtles. Leonardo was none the less quite pleased to hear this from Donatello. Raphael also was pleased, and he clasped a fist in hand, cracking his knuckles in the process. Michelangelo moved his hands down to his belt, grabbing his nunchaku and grinned with enthusiasm. Suddenly a voice over the loudspeaker had announced the next match, and the brothers were addressed by team designation… Team Turtles. Maybe it wasn’t the most creative but… it was straight to the point. Leonardo nudged his head, gesturing for his brothers to move on. It was time… It was a surprise to know that this years King of Fighters would be away from South Town and instead be taken to New York, it seemed as if the sponsors had something of a change of scenery in mind. Sometimes change can be a good thing, and a different scenery can be quite stimulating. Never had they been to New York, and they couldn’t help but take the chance to explore some of the famous tourist attractions, such as visiting Ellis Island where the State of Liberty welcomed those who wished a better life for themselves in the land of opportunity and even visiting the Empire State building. New York gave Ryo Sakazaki something of a chance to promote the Kyokugen Karate style. Kyokugen was quite successful in Japan, with his father Takuma having founded the style there and even forming the first dojo over there, and it was also quite successful in South Town as well— if only because of the Sakazaki family’s participation in the King of Fighters tournaments. However as fans wanted to learn the style of Kyokugen, it’s training was often deemed as too harsh for newcomers and there were only a few students who were willing to go in it for the long haul. But this new opportunity was one which he couldn’t pass up. “After this, can we go to Times Square and see what kind of shopping centers they have? I really want to have some fun and maybe get some neat stuff to take home when this tourney is finished!” Yuri exclaimed. “Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of sights to see and places to go. Besides… I’m pretty sure there are also some very nice places to get a good meal at.” Robert replied. Ryo couldn’t help but actually take in a deep breath of air as he then sighed briefly in mild irritation of Yuri’s immediate desire to go out into the city and dismiss the battle which was scheduled this very moment. Ryo then looked over to the fourth member of their team, King, and the blonde haired woman simply gave something of a wry smile as she shrugged her shoulders. In all honesty, a part of her also wanted to explore New York as well along with Yuri and Robert, and maybe if he was also up for it, Ryo as well. “You have to admit, it’s a new place for a lot of us.” She pointed out. Ryo slowly nodded as he closed his eyes, and crossed his arms out before himself as he conceded this fact. Indeed, this was a very different place from South Town and it had inhabited many cultures, some which Ryo was quite familiar with while also possessing something of a culture of it’s own. Perhaps there was something to be learned here from New York all while promoting the Kyokugen style. “Alright, after this match between ourselves and whoever our opposing team is, maybe we can go sightseeing and do some shopping and even get something to eat!” Ryo had nodded his head would begin to perform warm up exercises, consisting of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit ups, and some isometric stretches. The announcement over the loudspeaker had been made, and already camera drones were hovering over the street to relay the fight via streaming and broadcast. Ryo, Yuri, Robert and King now looked ahead to see who they would be up against. And soon came four opponents, and perhaps they were one of the most outlandish opponents who they could even so much as cross paths with. Yuri couldn’t help but place a hand over her mouth, and Robert raised a hand to the back of his head, doing his best to hold a laugh back. “Seriously? Turtle costumes? Is this going to be a fight or a cosplay contest?” Yuri asked, giggling. “You know, it’s disrespectful to be laughing at the way people look… Ever hear the phrase, don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Raphael replied with a bit of flaring anger in the tone of his voice. Ryo, Yuri, King and Robert widened their eyes as soon as the Turtle had spoken, not expecting the mouth to move. At least, they were thinking that the mouth moving was some sort of neat animatronic feature in what they assumed was a costume. Robert couldn’t really help but extend a finger with a raised brow and small smirk. “Say, that’s a really awesome feature there! You guys must’ve spent a lot of money and effort in making those costumes! And going with an all red theme! Kind of hard to tell you all apart! You sure you want to fight with those things on? I mean those shells look like they can get in the way.” The four brothers looked over to one another and then went quiet as they had presented quizzical expressions to one another. It seemed as if a lot of people, if not everyone, seemingly had bought the idea that they were ordinary people wearing Turtle costumes. They also had picked up on the slight ridicule which this cover story seemed to have come with. Something of a double edged sword there… But the Turtles were willing to work with it. “Believe me, we’re used to fighting with the shells.” Leonardo spoke. Clenching a fist to express his eager spirit, Ryo gave a firm nod as he then stepped over towards the four brothers. He had eyed each and every one of them, noticing that the differences were in the weapons. This was not the first time in which he had attended a tournament where opponents were allowed to use weapons. He eyed the Turtle with the twin swords slung over his shell. If they were serious about attending this tournament, then he wanted to see it for himself. “Then show me what you are capable of! I want to know if you are spirited about this as I am! Now which one of you will go first?” Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael looked to each other as they exchanged glances. Each and every one of them had wanted to prove themselves. But Leonardo sensed the determination in Ryo and the red masked leader now had stepped forward, nudging his head up in a display of acceptance. “That would be me.” Ryo had snapped into his fighting stance, clenching his fist as he raised his arms while adjusting his footing. He was not sure what these opponents were capable of, but he would none the less show them the strength which Kyokugen had to offer to the world. Anything less would be shameful of him and to his opponent. Leonardo then had raised his arms up, and he gripped the red braided handles of his twin blades, drawing them out as he prepared himself and then quickly spun the swords in hand before gripping the handles to stop the blades from spinning rapidly. The two eyed each other, sizing each other up before rushing right in towards one another… Thus beginning the first match of this year’s KOF tournament. So this is my very first match up which I have written in seven years, and I am very sure that it’s full of mistakes here and there but I am doing my best to shake off all the rust which is on me. So I ask that you judge fairly for me over here. This is also the beginning of my Mirage TMNT storyline and this was perhaps the best which I could come up with. Anyway, here are the stats for both combatants… Leonardo is low tier superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation. Leonardo possesses his Dual Katana, Shurikens, Smoke Bombs and Kunai. Ryo Sakazaki is Peak Human in terms of physicals. Ryo Sakazaki possesses his move set from the Art of Fighting and KOF series. Both combatants are NOT fighting to the death.
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    Welcome to EF, Nate86. Very good for your first match. Very nice way of showing and not just telling in your story. I know of Fraiser Crane, but I never really watched Cheers or his titular spin-off show growing up. Still, if he's like the majority of sitcom leads, I don't really see him keeping his nerve against Kruger.
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    Hmmm ... I think Kevin could charm Jennifer enough to pull this off. I might take him off my bench for that.
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    Good stuff Rakai, its great to see your skills returning after all these years. The story does work pretty well too, as I feel as though I can jump into this story and understand it "in medias res" without needing to know everything that occurs in either KOF or TMNT. That being said, I like what you've done with the Turtles, as it not only fits their personalities Mirage or otherwise, but also works well as character development for each of them as well in regards to the story elements you were working with. In regards to KOF, although I do not know much about Ryo, I could still feel his voice and background coming through the story, even without playing/experiencing much of the KOF media beforehand. Now, as to who would win, I find this to be a tough match for Ryo as, well he has fought against opponents like Geese Howard, Leo has also tended to fight against opponents whose skills/experiences would give Ryo just as much if not more trouble by contrast. In this case, I'm inclined to go with Leo, as I can see him exploiting Ryo's intial narrow mindedness in combat, and using that against him in multiple instances, whether that will make Ryo submit or not is up for debate, but I can certainly see Leo knocking him out based on the feats I've read up on. Sorry about the late reply man, I got caught up in a few things over the past couple of days.
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