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    Hey everybody. It's that time of year again when we pay Amazon Web Services their annual fee for electric ferret. That's a big hit to the website budget, so I won't be running any prize tournaments for several months. However, you all should absolutely feel free to organize for fun tournaments if you would like to. Thanks!
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    *looks at both mascots* *eyes pop out of socket when I see it's an underwear challenge* AUUUUGAAAA AUUUUGA No but for real, I think Tiger has a better chance cause I can't see this company making sexy/cute female underwear and I think Tiger will have an easier job rocking plain whities <----- not a furry btw
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    I see. Yes I had to dump and restart the matches once because of a problem. Good catch, thanks! UPDATE: Issue should be resolved now.
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    Hey cool I can recreate this battle in Injustice 2
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    There aren't a lot of scenarios where I would put Cinderella ahead of Tiana, to be honest
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    At the bottom of the "Your Control Panel" page, there's a tip jar for anyone interested in popping some love in there. It just goes to maintain the site.
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    Disney purchased Fox. Therefore the Aliens franchise is now owned by Disney. That makes Lt. Ellen Ripley a Disney Princess, and we all know that Disney Princesses are famously good with animals. Soon, she and the tiger are both communicating with passing birds and helpful dolphins who all help take the boat to land. And they live happily ever after.
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    It's widely accepted that Spider-man level threats are outside of the realm of what the Batfamily can deal with with no prep. I understand Cassandra Cain is the best martial artist of the bunch, but that honestly might work against her here. She's less adept at using tools based on what Magnamax said, and that will cost her when her opponent is stronger, faster, and more durable than her.
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    I've seen characters with alternate battle images that when a battle image is selected, it changes the character name/title. Why not just add an alternate Battle pic of Carol as Captain Marvel and when that pic is selected, the title is Captain Marvel? Problem solved.
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    Far too logical an explanation. Big fucking hall is the answer. 🤣
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    On this day, Agent 47's guns jam.
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    Never underestimate the power of Tony's furry following. He had to limit his twitter presence and block thousands of accounts because the furries were so thirsty for him. I'm not even joking. If Tony were to say "As long as these products keep selling, I'll keeping showing up in underwear on your twitter feed," well, I guess we would fully test how ironic those comments were
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    There's an old adage in Marketing... give the people what they want. You don't have to be a marketing pro to see what the people would want here. And when I say people, I mean pretty much everybody except the furries.
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    I guess you could say Mr. Clean really cleaned that Gecko's clock
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    This isn't a specific category, but an idea that I thought would be fun would be to include a bit more info when the terrain is pulled. For example, there could be conditions like "one week of prep," "random encounter," "basic knowledge," and "bloodlusted" to denote some different circumstances to let different characters stand a better chance in the 1-on-1 categories. Both Deathstroke and Batman didn't do very well this season, but if they had been able to pull "prep time" matches, they could have definitely won some fights that they otherwise lost. Similarly, "Bloodlusted" would let characters like Nightcrawler, who are held back by their morals, use their powers to their full extent and win fights that might otherwise be loses. There condition modifiers wouldn't replace the terrain, but would just be additional things to add on to them, although I recognize this might complicate things further. Just wanted to throw that out there to see what everyone thought.
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    Well, guess that was a compelling argument.
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    Voted for my representative but yeah this should be tough for him. This would be an awesome fight though.
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    Marvel Man sums up my thoughts. Rapunzel has this unless the bunny has some sort of hax magic or just is so fast it can't be hit.
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    Again, as I said in my previous comment, the Dark Angels are really hard to tell exactly how strong they are, mostly because we don't know exactly how many there are, but we do know some things about them, namely they're bullet-proof and strong enough to have taken out the major military forces of the world. He may have fought bigger things, but I don't think he's fought anything near as tough as them. If he tries to confront one and isn't completely prepared, he's going to die, and the entirety of the United State Military wasn't able to wipe these things out, so they are certainly going to be incredibly hard to take down, not to mention how fast they are. Again, I don't know about "tougher than the dark angels." These things wiped out society through brute force and take no visible damage from anything other than the very end of the movie. Nothing comes to mind that Ash has fought that's that tough at all. The family lived for years though. Michonne doesn't have to survive forever, she has to survive longer than Ash, and Ash is much more likely to try to fight them than Michonne is. Michonne is going to be just as fine as that family, if not better, because she doesn't have a baby to make noise around her or dumb kids to make stupid decisions. She'll have to confront them eventually, maybe, but not until long after Ash would probably decide to, and I just don't see how Ash wins a fight against them
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    I need context here, because in a straight fight I think Tiana would whoop some ass.
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    No Archie sonic then! 🤣 I don't like stomp matches are no fun nor are scratches for that matter. If it makes it better we can just do video game versions. 😎
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    R'lyeh would probably make jumping around pretty hard for Nightcrawler, to be honest. He has to see where he wants to teleport, right? The strange angles and incomprehensible architecture would make that difficult. If Nightcrawler were brutal and just popped Shiki into low orbit or something that might work, but he never really fights that way, and it only takes one hit for Shiki to win
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    Pretty good set-up, Movie-Brat. One issue with the match-up, though: if these are the G1 Decepticons, Predaking, being a combiner, is already going to be much larger than Galvatron, the Sweeps, and the Targetmasters, and Trypticon and Scorponok are almost literally city-sized. Also, if the Sailor Scouts are being scaled to Galvatron's size, they'd be only 40 feet tall each at most, so they'd be at a distinct size disadvantage against the real giants in this fight. Still, even at normal size, don't the Sailor Scouts regularly take on planetary to universal threats? If that's the case, they should just about stomp here.
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    Gah! How did I forget to vote and rate this match?! I was leaning toward El Fuerte myself, but it wouldn't have mattered for the final vote.
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    Fun match. While the Champions will have their hands full I think they can handle this. I imagine they will send the Decepticons retreating as per usual.
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    I'm all about the original Mirage Turtles and the IDW Turtles here.
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    Your son has some cool action figures. What makes this fight very tricky for me is that I’m not quite sure how strong Groot is. His Marvel 616 wiki page only said that he’s strong enough to overpower Armadillo, who’s wiki page says he’s capable of lifting 25 tons. If that’s Groots max lifting strength then he might be in trouble because Venom’s strength is superior to Spider-Man, who can lift and throw semi trucks which on average weigh 40 tons. That plus better regeneration gives the advantage to Venom.
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    the tick is going to wreck so many mirrors
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    Heh, the Boatmobile wasn't really a good draft pick. Considering how Spongebob and co. scale on the surface world, it would barely be bigger than your average toy car. The Thudertank should probably stomp here. Its much bigger size should allow it to go faster than the Boatmobile, and it could likely power through some of the hazards on Rainbow Road.
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    In my not so professional opinion, I am pretty confident Slade is quicker and stronger than himself.
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    I'm a little on both sides of this, but I agree with what you're saying. Time Force is a much more responsible and mature team than the OG MMPR were. Tommy is strong and all but I think Time Force has the slight edge for this encounter. Good set up as well. This is clearly a tense moment for this story. And I really wonder if Time Force actually kills the zombies.
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    One of Esdeath's lesser known powers is an immunity to chronic back pain.
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    I had a pepsi yesterday. It was garbage, a tasteless brown liquid compared to the far superior coke. That doesn't lend much to analyzing this match, but I needed to share.
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    The OG Rangers fans aren’t going to be happy, but I’ve always viewed the Time Force Rangers as the superior team. They’re actual adults, they’re part of an organized police force with real training and accountability, and their technology and resources always impressed me more then the Angel Grove Rangers. Gotta go with the more experienced and advanced team.
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    Punisher reviews the schematic and notes where to drop in the explosives....
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    Even if her speed is put into question, she's definitely a lot faster than Hellboy. Hellboy is far too slow to ever hope to hit Garnet, but it's going to be a big ol' physical slugfest for sure.
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    He fails to teleport whenever he's under strain.
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    The time period that Kung Fu Panda operates in kinda makes it impossible to gauge how he'd react to shotgun shells, but he has reacted to cannonballs before . And these cannonballs have caused huge explosions before. And if I'm reading this scene correctly, he kind of does extend his chi to the cannonballs. And here's the last fight in his (movie) series, just cause I've already reference all 3.
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    I see the record is correctly noted on the characters themselves. So, it's good there. I'll have to see where the issue is with the summaries.
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    Yeah I didn't miss your point. I see that she was able to deflect/block the arrows before they reached her. And seeing as there were multiple arrows fired at her, Aloy probably won't have any luck unless it's a special arrow type like explosive. Aloy's best bet is her wit in this match. She doesn't have a lot of room to move but traps/bombs my be the way to go.
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    Thanks for the welcome back and it's good to be back! Hopefully the next few matches might be more interesting! Thank you!
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    The environment definitely favors Garnet. She should be 100% unaffected by it. Her physicals are also all higher from what I can tell. Her striking power in particular is substantially higher, which gives her a massive advantage. Leaning towards her
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    Considering that Ripley survived four movies worth of acid spraying Xenomorphs, even a platoon of Colonial Marines couldn’t have lived through what she did, I’d say she takes this. Heck, even jumping into straight up molten lava couldn’t keep this women dead for long! What hope do the Graboids have?
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    Didn't Luffy fight Enel, some guy who could turn his entire body into light and could shoot light beams as well?
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    He destroyed Boros' final attack, which was explicitly stated to be able to destroy the Earth. Regardless, he doesn't need to be able to 1-shot Ego to be able to just dig through to his center and punch his heart/brain thing, which he could certainly do. Ego's manifestations only ever really attacked with the world itself, with like rocks and stuff, which wouldn't really hurt Saitama that much, if at all, and Saitama does a lot of environmental damage. He might have a hard time if he starts on the surface just because his usual strategy of "Hit the nearest thing to me" wouldn't work against something that fights through avatars, but if he figured out he was fighting the whole planet and just started punching down, he should be all right
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