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    Hey everybody. It's that time of year again when we pay Amazon Web Services their annual fee for electric ferret. That's a big hit to the website budget, so I won't be running any prize tournaments for several months. However, you all should absolutely feel free to organize for fun tournaments if you would like to. Thanks!
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    *looks at both mascots* *eyes pop out of socket when I see it's an underwear challenge* AUUUUGAAAA AUUUUGA No but for real, I think Tiger has a better chance cause I can't see this company making sexy/cute female underwear and I think Tiger will have an easier job rocking plain whities <----- not a furry btw
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    I see. Yes I had to dump and restart the matches once because of a problem. Good catch, thanks! UPDATE: Issue should be resolved now.
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    Hey cool I can recreate this battle in Injustice 2
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    There aren't a lot of scenarios where I would put Cinderella ahead of Tiana, to be honest
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    At the bottom of the "Your Control Panel" page, there's a tip jar for anyone interested in popping some love in there. It just goes to maintain the site.
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    Disney purchased Fox. Therefore the Aliens franchise is now owned by Disney. That makes Lt. Ellen Ripley a Disney Princess, and we all know that Disney Princesses are famously good with animals. Soon, she and the tiger are both communicating with passing birds and helpful dolphins who all help take the boat to land. And they live happily ever after.
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    It's widely accepted that Spider-man level threats are outside of the realm of what the Batfamily can deal with with no prep. I understand Cassandra Cain is the best martial artist of the bunch, but that honestly might work against her here. She's less adept at using tools based on what Magnamax said, and that will cost her when her opponent is stronger, faster, and more durable than her.
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    I've seen characters with alternate battle images that when a battle image is selected, it changes the character name/title. Why not just add an alternate Battle pic of Carol as Captain Marvel and when that pic is selected, the title is Captain Marvel? Problem solved.
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    Far too logical an explanation. Big fucking hall is the answer. 🤣
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    On this day, Agent 47's guns jam.
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    Never underestimate the power of Tony's furry following. He had to limit his twitter presence and block thousands of accounts because the furries were so thirsty for him. I'm not even joking. If Tony were to say "As long as these products keep selling, I'll keeping showing up in underwear on your twitter feed," well, I guess we would fully test how ironic those comments were
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    There's an old adage in Marketing... give the people what they want. You don't have to be a marketing pro to see what the people would want here. And when I say people, I mean pretty much everybody except the furries.
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    I guess you could say Mr. Clean really cleaned that Gecko's clock
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    This could be partnered with a "Criminal mastermind" slot. Not like "evil geniuses" like before, but someone like Kingpin from Marvel or The Penguin from DC, or we could do just regular old criminals John Doe from Se7en
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    This isn't a specific category, but an idea that I thought would be fun would be to include a bit more info when the terrain is pulled. For example, there could be conditions like "one week of prep," "random encounter," "basic knowledge," and "bloodlusted" to denote some different circumstances to let different characters stand a better chance in the 1-on-1 categories. Both Deathstroke and Batman didn't do very well this season, but if they had been able to pull "prep time" matches, they could have definitely won some fights that they otherwise lost. Similarly, "Bloodlusted" would let characters like Nightcrawler, who are held back by their morals, use their powers to their full extent and win fights that might otherwise be loses. There condition modifiers wouldn't replace the terrain, but would just be additional things to add on to them, although I recognize this might complicate things further. Just wanted to throw that out there to see what everyone thought.
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    Truly, he only ever really needs to land a hit on Ego's core and I'm pretty sure he hits harder than the bomb that Rocket had at hand for Groot, so there's really no hassle. Ichigo is faster than Ego's tendrils, more durable than Ego's human form (StarLord blasted through it) and even though Ego's human form can fly, so can Ichigo. He's got every advantage here.
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    _Abyss Here's some info on the largest Sarlacc specimen. Via Reddit: One of the main characters from The Old Republic killed a Sarlacc on Tatooine (not the Sarlacc, though) by chucking a poison grenade down its gullet, though this may have been to kill the people inside it instead (it's been a while since I played that daily mission).
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    Actually, might've misremembered and SSJRuss might be right, could've just been Kazuya being thrown off a mountain, not being thrown in a volcano. But then again, we all know how Gamora deals with being thrown off a mountain, so I don't know if that really softens the blow at all.
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    Can't remember if we've done this one before: The Team's Espionage Expert: A spy or otherwise stealthy character using covert methods to complete missions for the team. or, if we really want to have an RNG season: The Wildcard slot: Any character tier 6 or below. The scenarios for this slot will be pulled from every other slot we've used previously. It might be a pet show, it might be a fight, it might be an old west shooting range. Pick a character who can do it all!
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    Slot X: The Team’s Pet Monster- The Monster’s from your standard monster flicks that stalk and eat/kill the humans only for the ragtag survivors to kill/escape the beasts by the end. (No mega creatures like the Godzilla monsters who could only be killed by other giant monsters or sci-fi weapons). Base Line Examples- -Xenomorph Queen (Aliens) -Indominus Rex (Jurassic World) -Graboids (Tremors) -Sharptooth (Land Before Time) OR Slot X: Western Cartoon Protagonist- The main character of a beloved Western cartoon that can’t have originated as a comic book or movie character. Base Line Examples- -Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory) -Ben Tennyson (Ben 10) -Star Butterfly (Star vs The Forces of Evil) -Steven Universe (Steven Universe)
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    I need context here, because in a straight fight I think Tiana would whoop some ass.
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    The Pokémon team doesn't have a prayer. The rest depends on if we're using video games or a composite of every character. I feel like Archie Sonic would beat Kirby, but Kirby would beat any other Sonic.
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    Gah! How did I forget to vote and rate this match?! I was leaning toward El Fuerte myself, but it wouldn't have mattered for the final vote.
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    Poor guy who has to deal with the property damage
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    the tick is going to wreck so many mirrors
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    In my not so professional opinion, I am pretty confident Slade is quicker and stronger than himself.
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    I had a pepsi yesterday. It was garbage, a tasteless brown liquid compared to the far superior coke. That doesn't lend much to analyzing this match, but I needed to share.
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    iam always going with the og rangers tommy is the most powerful ranger ever he can take on entire ranger teams by himself
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    Excuse me, I know you're not talking about Oscar-winning film Suicide Squad
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    The OG Rangers fans aren’t going to be happy, but I’ve always viewed the Time Force Rangers as the superior team. They’re actual adults, they’re part of an organized police force with real training and accountability, and their technology and resources always impressed me more then the Angel Grove Rangers. Gotta go with the more experienced and advanced team.
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    I think Mai is tough enough to pull out a win here. Between her flames and fans she has more variety in weapons and can control whether to keep the fight at a distance or up close. In the Fatal Fury Motion Picture she was able to keep up with enemies that were seen catching bullets and flicking them through human skulls and her attacks were seen to create craters in solid stone. Plus, I don’t think Mikey has the discipline to over look her attire. He’s always been the least focused of the turtles.
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    No worries, I just want to encourage you do your best. Nothing but love and support here on this website.
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    Yeah, I agree with this. She has some experience with animals, and I didn't see the second Jurassic World movie, but she was pretty helpless on her own in that first movie. There's no way she would know how to get water, for example. I don't really think Sidney would either, but of the two, I give Sidney better chances of surviving longer
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    Dude, Ripley has repeatedly taken out the Xenomorphs, creatures far more deadlier and smarter then the Graboids. The Graboids were killed off by a small group of ordinary townsfolk, the Xenomorphs wiped out a whole army of futuristic marines. Again, when has Rick ever fought anything like the Graboids? Nothing he’s encountered in the Walking Dead universe come even close to the Graboids or Xenomorphs.
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    Issue with the two teams match history is resolved.
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    100 zombies might be too much for Jace and Mikey. Especially if the fight is out in the open where the zombies can swarm them.
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    So let's take the game based on Earth Jungles.... and put it in an alien jungle!
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    The environment definitely favors Garnet. She should be 100% unaffected by it. Her physicals are also all higher from what I can tell. Her striking power in particular is substantially higher, which gives her a massive advantage. Leaning towards her
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    You quoted my second comment, but I honestly don't know if you read it, because I responded to your first point directly in it. As discussed earlier, Wonder Woman reacts to light speed attacks (rarely and inconsistently), which is why her reaction time is relativistic, as in approaching the speed of light, just like Luffy's. As mentioned earlier, Luffy fought an opponent who also fought with light-speed attacks, thus putting him on the exact same reaction speed tier as Wonder Woman (assuming you believe that the Lantern Ring constructs are light speed. I'm honestly unconvinced because that means there are many being with relativist reaction speeds who regularly get tagged by much slower attacks). However, Diana's movement speed is nowhere near her reaction speed. Luffy's movement speed is faster. Her combat speed is never shown to be anywhere near Luffy's in terms of how fast she can move. Finally, there's not really any good evidence that Circe's reaction or movement speed is as strong as Wonder Woman's. She doesn't ever really get into a physical fight with her, she just uses magic, so none of her physicals are really known. We can reasonably scale her close to Wonder Woman, but there's no reason to assume she's as strong as her. This is wrong for several reasons. She doesn't "regularly stomp," she used a single spell that caught them. Hitting someone once doesn't mean you're at or above their level necessarily. It's also worth mentioning that Diana never actually hit Circe in the episode, at least as far as I remember. It's entirely possible she would have OHKO'd her. Finally, again, Luffy's combat speed is faster than Diana's, and he has far more range than her with his attacks. We also haven't brought up Luffy's Haki, which lets him, among other things, see the future. He would know what the consequences of getting hit are, and be able to plot out how to best get the drop on her, what attack she is likely to do, and how to combat that. In this clip, she is unable or unwilling to get out of the way of a piano being sent towards her rather slowly, and seemingly unable to use her magic to defend herself against random other objects hitting her as well. She's not invincible and can clearly be ambushed, surprised, and outsped, all by attacks much, much slower than Luffy's. That's what this whole debate has been lol. This environment is great for Luffy to find a spot to ambush her, predict her attack, then take her out quickly, before she can react or get a proper spell in. And I 100% don't buy the "she has no limitations on her spells" thing. The only time she casts a spell without line of sight, directional proximity, and a relatively slow (to relativistic fighters) hand motion is when she's undoing a spell she herself already cast. Every other example of her casting a spell has those three specific and damning limitations. This final point is a neat bit of trivia but it's not really a feat, and even then, it's not like Batman wouldn't have negotiated with Darkseid or Brainiac if it would have worked. He knew magic has a price, so he asked what the price was for her to lift the spell on Diana, and she agreed to lift it in exchange for Batman singing. It was the path of least resistance for Batman, and we don't really know that Batman and Zatanna couldn't have beaten Circe if the fight had continued. So yeah, I'm still completely unconvinced this is a stomp for Circe, or even a win, really. Luffy's speed and haki, along with the environment their fighting in, means that Circe wouldn't be able to just transform him like she does to Wonder Woman in the episode. She has no durability or reaction feats to speak of, and the only time she transforms a moving object is when she transformed the Batarangs at the beginning of the episode, which are much slowly than Luffy's attacks would be. In fact, she specifically incapacitates WW before transforming her, and doesn't transform Batman at all despite having no real reason not to. The fact that she has to hold WW still implies, in my mind at least, that she either couldn't transform her otherwise, or it would have been much harder for her to.
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    All true. Segata's niche isn't going to work well with coffee as well, but the man your man could smell like potentially could. He could have the same shtick, only coffee instead of Old Spice. It just works!
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    I agree that both could do it, but I think Ellen's experience closer matches the Graboids, and that probably gives her an edge
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    Always good to see a new Loser's Club chapter. Amanda Waller and Vince do make quite the pair. I am not familiar with Bison's opponent so I had to look up to see he is part of One Piece. After watching his fight with Luffy on Youtube and looking at the the vs wiki I think Doflamingo actually takes this.
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    Hmm good point. I think it's less about with his brain and more about his spirit or soul that the force can touch.
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    I'd like to see how he'd do that, considering high-level telepaths in Hulk's own universe have very rarely been able to do so.
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