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    Some really tight competition this month. You nerd team captains are really getting the hang of this. You've all got an eye for talent. Join us again on Friday Nov. 27 when the draft for Season 6 opens.
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    It is absolutely fair to call out when somebody is trying to leverage powers a character has which are beyond the intended scope of the slot. For example, Jinny Hex apparently has a green lantern ring laying around. Is it fair to debate a character using a green lantern ring in the Wild West slot? Not at all. So we ignore it.
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    Thanks to Fox for keeping this going, the fantasy draft has become one of my favorite aspects of the site. Thanks to CT for a fun final round! I think this was the best of the fantasy seasons, not just because I won, but the scenarios and slots were more fun. I'd say my team was nicely balanced with The Dagda, Orks and Weird Al all doing well. Looking forward to next season!
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    Congrats, C.T. and Magnamax! Good drafting and debating for your teams. Well, there were a couple of matches that The Patchworks probably could have won, but overall, it's the only team (so far) where every member that participated has a winning record. And to think, I wasn't even sure I was going to compete this time out.
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    I don't think I was clear enough about this in Clare's last fight, so I won't mince words this time: Clare is going to rip Raven apart so thoroughly and quickly that Raven probably won't even realize that the fight has begun. Raven's best feats of strength are this collision, which shook a building, pretty casually slicing through boulders, and fighting evenly with a guy who could break through these stone structures. Don't get me know, that's all impressive, but Clare is probably dozens if not hundreds of times stronger. Clare is able to destroy mountains when she fights, and her clash with another powerful being caused this shockwave, which the respect thread says "levelled a fourth of the continent." I don't know where they got that exact number, but it is undeniably much bigger than Raven's comparative clash. Clare is able to casually do what Raven does at her peak. Speedwise, Clare is comparable to Ilena, who can use her Quicksword technique to draw her sword, kill two Yoma (demon dudes), and put her sword back faster than her companions can even see. This is especially impressive because her allies are also incredibly fast, FTE fighters who are among the top 5 fighters in the world at the time. Clare is as fast as this chick by the end of the series. Raven's speed is harder to judge because of the way RWBY's speed works, but she is definitely a bullet timer because we can scale her speed to Cinder. However, the quicksword is demonstrably much faster than a bullet. Ilena (and Clare) once fought Ophelia, a character with a technique that allowed her to vibrate her sword fast enough to phase through matter. However, Ilena's quicksword was so fast that even that she was able to catch Ophelia's sword even while it vibrated. Here we have another instance of an FTE character unable to see the Quicksword technique. This would put the quicksword technique at massively FTE speeds. The Vs Battle wiki puts her attack speed at sub-relativistic, and while that source isn't great and it probably isn't quite that high, she's definitely massively faster than Raven, and I highly doubt Raven would even be able to see the attack coming before she got hit. On top of all that, Clare is also incredibly hard to kill, can survive attacks that would kill any normal person, can fight through broken necks, missing limbs, and impalement, and if push really comes to shove, she can partially awaken into an Awakened Being, drastically increasing all of her physicals and making her nigh unstoppable. Clare should definitely take this one.
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    Steve Fox returns to the THUNDERDOME... Dome... Dome... Dome! Will he be second time lucky? I guess we'll find out. I personally like Rocky Balboa here, though. No reason besides an image in my head of Balboa flying through the air while wielding a chainsaw and screaming "Adriaaaaaane!"
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    Krusty attempts to Hula... trips... falls into fire sticks, sets himself on fire. Now, on fire, Krusty flails around screaming, smashes into the drum circle. The audience is entertained.
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    Ah, the RDR protagonists go head to head here. Interesting. Arthur takes this though. RDR2 makes it very clear that when both of them were alive and well, Arthur was the camp workhorse. Whenever anyone in the Van der Linde gang needed something done, John included, Arthur was the man they turned to, and this included train robberies. Several take place during RDR2, and while John take part in some of them, Arthur is integral to all of their success, and in fact John almost dies during one of them, while Arthur, even riddled with TB, never gets into any trouble during them. The game makes it very clear that Arthur was a more successful criminal and outlaw than John was, although it also makes it clear that John was ultimately a better person and probably lived a much happier life in the end.
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    Well Well Chocolate, meet Peanut Butter, its Reese's time!
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    mr america vs the black scorpion mask for mask
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    Y'all are forgetting Weird Al's Mysterious Floating Orb, which gives him the edge in magic tricks:
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    These two have actually interacted before. And I genuinely believe that Penn and Teller would work a crowd better than Al, cause they can sing and dance (as shown in the video above), as well as being able to do magic tricks. And, naturally, they are well versed in comedy.
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    I added the musical legend himself, Powerline! I just wish I would have remembered to add him before the fantasy season started
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    I haven't really commented on my opinion of the fight, but I also think Beyond should win. He's probably a little less fast and has slightly less experience, but he does have enough training and he's quick enough that she's not just going to be able to slice him up. His vast arsenal is also going to do wonders for him here. This electric attack is capable of chipping apart a robot said to be made of Promethium. He has a wide variety of sonic, electric, and gas-based weaponry that he can throw at her, and the environment means he would never really be in trouble. He can always just fly away and at his speeds there's no way in hell she'll ever catch him. As far as I can tell, she has no real recourse if he just stays out of range. Going by the logic of "Wolverine can lose via concussion, etc.," Beyond is definitely strong enough and has a wide enough arsenal to concuss her and get a win. If it were in close quarters I would agree that he's in trouble, but this setting makes it trivial for him to stay safe indefinitely and pelt her with weapons until something sticks
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    Meanwhile Teller is in the background, levitating shit and stopping lasers.
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    Something that I haven't seen brought up is that Beyond is definitely stronger than her. His suit enhances his strength a lot. This feat alone honestly should have disqualified him. That's at least dozens of tons of stuff on top of him that he just pushed through. By the logic of "Wolverine can be defeated via concussion," him battering her around would likely do the trick
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    How about instead of Batman and Red Robin fighting each other, they compete on who can beat the most Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire members?
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    I had to Google that. I hadn't heard of that one. More than Endorsed, I'd say. I think he's credited as the creator. Live and learn.
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    Welcome to the Great Zoo Get up close to some of this dimension's most Exotic Creatures. Ever wanted to see every animal that you could never see in your world? Grow up on stories about dragons, films featuring dinosaurs, games with zombie dogs, or wonder about the gargoyles adorning cathedrals? Well imagine no more, for you can see all of these magnificent beasts up close (safely behind our see-through force shields) in the largest zoo in this dimension. We boast a mid-sized planet dedicated purely to your enjoyment where you can: Picnic in the desert underneath the shadows of the colossal Sandworms Wonder safely through a theme-park where every species of dinosaur roams free Take a dip in the sea with our playful mermaids and sirens Watch the lunchtime wild pack hunt of the lycanthropes Test your brains with the riddles of a real life Sphinx Take a canter around our range with unicorns, griffins, nightmares and pegasus Check out our budding village area where goblins, kobolds, ogres, orcs, trolls and hobgoblins start their journey towards basic civilisation Hack and slash your way though our jungles which are teeming with life. Can you spot our grumpy Rancor or our elusive Totoros And much much more! Here are the Great Zoo we pride ourselves on catering for every age. You can rest assured that your little ones can enjoy every attraction, but look out for the "age appropriate" stickers to be sure you catch anything you may not want them watching. About Us The Great Zoo is a non-profit conservation and educational center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and preservation of our dimension's most wondrous and exotic animals. Sometimes plucked from the moment of planetary extinction, our staff work around the clock to research, capture and rehabilitate these amazing creatures. In association with several time bureaus and Gallifrey, we have many specialist "locate and capture" teams who are primed and ready to drop back, forward and sideways in time to the moment of a creature's doom. From that point we pluck it out of it's own timestream and place in a familiar environment to live a happy and safe life. Through the use of advanced artificial intelligence, high and low magic, augmented and hyper reality, and gene-splicing, the creatures are not even aware that they are in the zoo so will act completely naturally. Occasionally we do like to mix things up a bit, for example allowing the creatures to encounter others they wouldn't normally do so, just to see what would happen. These encounters are always visitor friendly and live-streamed through our own channel so you can watch it remotely or in person. Tickets book up within minutes however so please ensure you log your interest ASAP. All encounters are mindwiped and we heal the creatures immediately afterwards so there are no lasting effects (apart from your endless thrills and enjoyment)! Learn As well as exclusive, once in a lifetime, thrills, we also offer a range of educational options. We have partnered with over fifty thousand schools in various realities to allow for a full suite of programmes and curriculums; we have a 100% money back guarantee that your little ones will learn something during their visit to the Great Zoo. Shop At the end of your trip, please don't forget to swing by our Megatropolishop. This town is dedicated to all things wonderous to do with our creatures. You can find pixie wings, megalodon teeth, loch water, and much more. For those looking for the next addition to their family, swing by PetLand: mogwai, imps, aurumvorax, the list is endless. And if you shop in November, we have a special 2 for 1 on our mechanical and cloned dogs! CHOMPS, K-9, Robo-dog, Snowy, Lassie or Benji, we guarantee we have the dogs for you. Dine We are especially proud of our 5 star cuisine which we are sure you will not want to miss. Using the latest in cloning technology, we are able to bring you lab grown meats from all our creatures! Anything you have seen at the park can be made to order and served at your table in less that 15 minutes. We do not use any artificial additives or genetic enhancers in our mix, so you can be sure that the taste is 100% authentic. We cook to your specification, so you can have your meat roasted, grilled, boiled, poached, fried, raw or any of the sixty other ways! And for you non-meat eaters out there, all of our thousands of exotic plants are available for sampling using exactly the same method. Our Foundation Work As part of our outreach programme we fund a number of initiatives throughout this dimension. You can find out more about us on our JustGiving Page. Donations can be made in any currency from any place in any time using our proprietary rate converter. You will be charged a small fee for using this service. Note that any cursed funds such as Aztec Gold or Crossroad Coins must have their curses lifted prior to exchange. The Great Zoo can offer this for an additional price - quotes available by filling out our Curse Converter online form. Work for us Are you an intrepid explorer, ready to get your hands dirty? Do you smile at danger, and desire to make this dimension a little bit more magical and wondrous? If so then we may just have a place for you here at the Great Zoo. Join our amazing team in one of many roles: Deep Water Diver, Carnivore Cager, Huge Creature Feeder, Accountant, etc. We employee over 700,000 staff, so come on over and join our amazing family. WE WANT YOU! New: Are you on the run from the law? Well we are offering a once in lifetime lifeline for you. In conjunction with all major police or crime prevention organisations (including the Green Lantern Corps, Mega-City One's Judges, the Nova Corps and the Men in Black), we have a new specialist programme made especially for our less law-abiding citizens. Join us today as a Tentacle Cleaner or Excrement Shoveler and you could serve out your sentence with us in a fully paid job! Terms and Conditions apply. Getting Here Travel to the Great Zoo is available through many portals and gateways hidden throughout the world. Doors, wardrobes, rabbit holes, books, station platforms etc. that lead to magical worlds can be repurposed by using a simple Augmenaro Illerio spell to lead straight to our ticket office. Our standard seven-chevron address to use with your local Stargate is Eridanus-Orion-Leo-Libra-Crater-Equuleus-Hydra. For our interstellar travelers, our galactic coordinates are 08,091,033. Timetravellers or Speedforce users, please consult our Time Map AI chatbot for special event coordinates in time and space Special Events November: WATER PARK GIGANTIZMO. In November we GO BIG, bigger than ever before! Join us in our first ever exclusive battle of the sea monsters (PG13+), available to view live from one of our state of the art hoverships*. From the deep dark depths of Norse, and more recently Greek, mythology you will find the Kraken. Watch out for this one's tentacles! And joining him with a tsunami or two comes the primeval Leviathan, from the old Books. This is truly the competition of the ages as our South Deep Ocean only has space for one of these amazing legends. So we have decided to pit them against each other for your enjoyment. Don't worry, our healing tech is on standby to ensure that both will be treated immediately. as well as their memories of the fight erased. The loser will sadly be moved to our smaller Northern Sea, a fitting downsizing for failure. *Seats are available to book right now. Discounts available for holiday packages or tables of 10+. Free Kraken Burger or Leviathan Dog with every ticket. We hope you enjoy your time here at the Great Zoo, and look forward to welcoming you back very soon!
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    Congrats to Magnamax, the Season 5 Champion! Season MVP who carried CT's team on her capable shoulders.
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    I look forward to seeing what you have planned! If it is anything like this one, it'll definitely be an interesting and fun arc! I thought about trying to do Star Wars arc for my last set up but I am going to try use just unused or underused characters for the time being
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    This was such a cool idea. I love this and want to see more of the Great Zoo in the future. Bravo for writing something that felt so real. I think I'm with Fox. Leviathan takes this fight against the weaker Kraken.
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    That said though, it would be helpful if the categories gave a little bit more guidance. We're sort of interpreting a lot of them right now
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    Heh, Rhino could handle Bebop, Rocksteady, Tokka, both Rahzars, and Fishface all at once.
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    I am absolutely ready to get out of the house and visit the Great Zoo. A very creative set-up with two rarely seen contenders. And I can see from their fight record that they have never met in a match before. Think I'm going with Leviathan here. If this had been the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean then I would have taken that. I was unimpressed with the Clash of the Titans version. Thanks for the entertaining read.
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    Hey practice makes perfect, right? Really nice to see a straight Star Wars story. It really does feel like it's an episode of the Clone Wars. And as others have said, I think Bane has this pretty handedly.
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    That last one was a fluke I tell you!
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    The reapers have a massive advantage in terms of ground troops though. With no defense against the Collector swarms, any Romulan who steps outside is going to be indefinitely paralyzed, and the indoctrination of the natives means that Reapers have a near endless supply of troops to throw at them. Couple that with the massive amount of Reaper ships in their fleet and I still favor the Reapers despite the fact that the Romulans are likely somewhat more advanced
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    Congrats on your marriage! Too bad you won't be able to participate in the tourney, but RL happiness is always a good thing. Another great match from you, though the grammar, etc. mistakes keep me from giving this five stars. As for the match, I have a feeling Cad Bane should be able to win here. If Luke Skywalker can lop off a Wampa's arm with a lightsaber, Bane should at least be able to keep one at bay with his blasters.
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    Star Wars Echo (Star Wars) - One of the significant clones that we see throughout the series but eventually "dies", only to find out that he was not killed. The last season of Clone Wars, you find out he had some experiments done on him and he joins the Bad Batch. Tech (Star Wars) - one of the members of the Bad Batch. his name says it all. he is the tech expert on the team of highly skilled clones that act as the Suicide Squad for the Clones Supernatural Jack Kline - the friendly lovable adopted Winchester who is also the anti-Christ of the show. he eventually becomes an OP "power vacuum" and the new god.
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    Glad to see this story of yours continue. And now we're back in Skyrim, which is a nice change of pace. I think Skyrim can just barely pull out a win. It won't be easy but they will get plenty of forces on there side to fight Sauron. Maybe even the deities will play a part? That could be cool. Nice set-up. I'd give you a nice rating, but I'll be competing shortly.
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    True. I really like that the draft battles are on their record now.
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    Worth pointing out that this will be simultaneous invasion, so if the skrulls are attempting to infiltrate the earth, the orks are still steamrolling then. I just don’t see how the skrulls slow down an ork swarm. Here’s an ork land vehicle, for reference:
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    Works Great! Added new Profile Images to Godzilla and King Kong that were already in the Forum Gallery made by RakaiThwei.
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    The sun rose over Alexandria, and as it did people started up their cars and got ready for the days work. Set on the northern coast of Egypt this city was the perfect place for some sun, some sight seeing, and for internationally wanted, high value assets to lay low. Jason Bourne walked off the beach and onto the sidewalk, the sun glistening off his sweaty body. He’d just finished his morning run and was planning to go to a nearby market to purchase some more food for the week. News surrounding him had died down again in recent years and he felt more at ease than ever. This didn’t prevent him from picking a different market to shop at this week, just like every other week, but he felt a sense that things were more relaxed than they had been for him in years. He dawned a shirt he had in his backpack and entered the market. Haggling with the local shop owner and getting some well deserved food he was on his way home when he noticed two mysterious men who were definitely out of their element. Both of them were dressed in black robes, which was very unusual for men and with the temperature rising at this time of year. They also looked as though they were admiring the local architecture but Jason knew better. They were examining it for something. A vulnerability? Something hidden? He couldn’t be sure but they stuck out nonetheless. Wishing not to attract attention to himself he set a path towards home, but with a mental note of the men at the front of his mind. As his day progressed he found himself in a lineup of other fit men facing a heavy set man. Jason saw him a few times every week for work and rarely was he passed on. The work kept him fit and nimble enough for his nights where he dabbled in some underground fighting from time to time. The heavy set man looked at the lineup intently and after a moment pointed six times at six different men. Speaking in Arabic he proceeded, “I want the six of you. You’re mainly going to be lifting bags and crates onto a couple of ships. Remember, if you spill anything I dock half your pay for the day. Now get to work.” Jason was one of the six. As he stepped forward a man behind him protested. “You always pick the American. I am stronger than he is! I am larger than he is! I need work too!” The heavy set man hardly addressed him in his response, as though he had other things to do and this was the least of his worries. “Maybe it’s because he doesn’t talk. When he doesn’t talk he doesn’t complain and simply works like I want him to.” The heavy set man kept on his set course, hardly bothered. Jason felt a hand on his shoulder. “You steal my work American! I’ve had about enough!” He swung at Jason with a punch that could knock a door off its hinges, but without changing a muscle in his face Jason moved backwards and as the large man followed through his punch. With the position of his body bent forward Jason brought his chest down to meet his knees and broke some of the mans ribs. He howled in agony as Jason got to work. Later that night Jason returned to the docks realizing he’d lost his keys, probably in the skirmish, and the docks weren’t too far away. The vast Citadel Of Qaitbay wasn’t too far off and he could swear he could make out two more figures in dark robes but when he approached they were gone. The next day he saw the two men in a market in town once again. They ducked behind an alley and he followed. When he’d caught up to them they were tucking a package of some sort under a cracked off piece of the alleyway. One of them noticed Jason. “Go away.” “What are you two doing here?” “Is that an American accent?” The man caught a glint in his eye and a smile on his face. He turned to his accomplice. “Ra’s said any American were ours. Come here you filth.” They approached Jason quickly. As one of the robed men extended his arm Jason blocked it. A slight flash of surprise registered on the mans face. Jason went in for a punch but the man blocked him. Now it was Jason who was surprised. Moving backwards in the alley Jason brought his opponents to him, blocking punches, kicks, and all in amazement of their training. As they continued he found small openings in his enemies defense and soon exploited it. Due to the narrowness of the alleyway he fought them one at a time. Finally deflecting a blow and punching his first opponent in the throat he advanced in the second man, a less experienced opponent Jason quickly had him thrust against the wall. “What are you doing here?” Nothing. Jason banged his head against the wall. “Tell me.” The man looked at his accomplice; squirming in the ground, grasping his throat, making chocking noise. Jason looked back and the man slipped from his grasp. He pulled a pill from his person and shoved it in his mouth. “The League Of Shadows will veil the world in the final revolution!” The poison acted quickly and the man fell to the ground. Jason discovered an aerosol bomb placed in the crack in the wall. The men hadn’t had time to set the fuse. Jason hid the bodies in the alley as best he could and found a note on one of them. It read: “Ra’s Al Ghul shall bathe in Lazarus once more. The Citadel is the key.” That night Jason approached the Citadel, determined to figure this out. This time though he found 15 robed men standing near the entrance and the police were questioning them. They looked as if they were standing guard for something so Jason with his knowledge of the area slowly climbed an outside wall to avoid any conflict. Once he was inside he noticed a hole in the ground that looked fresh. Upon entering it he was hit with the sound of bubbling liquid. What would have been a dark cave was drenched in green light, and in that light stood a man with a grey goatee, eccentric streaked hair, and the most diverse sounding accent Jason had ever heard. “You’ve interrupted my ritual.” Jason stood quietly. “I have a ritual before I enter the Lazarus pit. How long it’s been. They all dried up you know. I thought I was doomed to die just like you but it turns out there’s this one. Possibly the last.” Jason still stood quietly. “Forgive me. I am Ra’s Al Ghul. Leader of the league of shadows. Master of immortality.” “Why did you plant that bomb?” “You must be responsible for my men’s disappearance. They were well trained.” “Why?” “A distraction. This city has become wasteful, fallen into nothing and must be destroyed. Just as well I need a distraction so I can enter the Lazarus pit. You prevented that from happening so I had to take a less subtle approach before time ran out.” Jason heard shouts and gunfire from outside the citadel. “You’re a terrorist.” “An ecoterrorist yes. Restoring the world to its glory for 500 years. Without the Lazarus Pit I shall parish and my work will be incomplete. Alexandria is named after Alexander The Great. He too came here in search of immortality but no luck. He never felt the power I felt and yearn to feel once again. Now if you’ll excuse me my destiny awaits me at the end of this tunnel. It’s been torture being like you this long.” Jason sprinted after him, Ra’s turned around and swung his leg towards Jason. Barely dodging it Jason rolled forward and found himself between this dangerous man and what he so eagerly desired. Setup: Jason Bourne and Ra’s Al Ghul in a relatively neutral cave setting. Hand to hand combat. Ra’s hasn’t had the effects of the Lazarus Pit in some time so he’s normal but still has 500 years of martial arts training but Jason Bourne is one of the most proficient fighters ever and is also extremely well trained. If Ra’s reaches the pit the fight isn’t necessarily over but how the scenario plays out beyond that is up to you.
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    In this image you can see Action Figure Captain America against Action Figure Angar the Screamer. It seems clear here that Action Figure Captain America is traumatized by the sound coming from Action Figure Angar. Oh Noes! Cap dropped his shield!
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    Not only is Team Two out-matched powers-wise, but Claw tends to mentally fold like an accordion when things get tough. I'd say Team One wins this.
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    I didn't look into Batman Beyond as deeply as I should have. I just did not remember him being that strong. Comic Vine lists his specs of his suit as "Increases the wearer's strength by a factor of 10". Depending on what his natural strength is, that could put him over 2 tons. VS Battle Wiki puts him at able to lift a tank... so that is definitely over. I would say people should bring this up before the season starts - check out the other teams and post concerns. My bad.
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    Giving Nightwing his due respect, I like it. Don't know much about Cassandra though, is she that good?
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    Maybe Houdini's biggest trick would be helping the town escape the musical dark ages
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    Don't think Dethklok would do well in this scenario. Charlie Chaplin's specific brand of physical comedy will help him out a lot more here.
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    Added the Fugitive Doctor from Doctor Who. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=10091
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    THIS IS SPARTA! Sorry couldn't help myself
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