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    First I want to thank God and Meryl Streep. I'd like to thank DC Comics for making Batman a stupidly OP character. I'd like to thank the system for giving my characters generally favorable matchups and scenarios. And I'd like to thank my opponents, who drafted such shitty strong teams to contend with.
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    I came back to this site recently to look some old story and was so pleasantly surprised to see it up and running again. Thank you to all involved who made that happen.
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    We can singlehandedly blame Skillz for this. Confirmed
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    Jon Stewart 100% gets a date with She-Hulk. No question.
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    Putting Dennis Nedry on the Bench.
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    I dunno. Maybe you should save that creativity for October. The Horror for Halloween Tournament!
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    We did it! Yay! And look, we even have a final round that the event never had before. With this final round we will find out who had the strongest team in Season 3. I guess we can start looking at a Draft of Season 4 in just a couple days!
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    Bat-God appears unstoppable in this slot.
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    Cordova watches the conversation, her good eye darting back and forth as each individual speaks up. She thinks on the exchange for a moment, then speaks up. "Perhaps I have spoken imprecisely." She looks directly at Karen. "As registered heroes, it is your sworn duty to uphold peace and justice in this city. You are not vigilantes, and are not authorized to use lethal force unless absolutely necessarily. If you never find yourselves in such a situation, then good. However, I merely want to assure you that we have a legal team on staff that will defend your actions, if they are truly justified. I want you to know that no amount of force is too much in this war." She pauses. "Of course, if you can bring down the criminals without needing to resort to such measures, all the better."
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    dang I basically was raised by this site. Nice to see it up and running!
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    SEASON 3, ROUND 2 Kingpin Slot: The Team Leader and Face-Man Season Wins: 0 Season Losses: 0 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Kingpin at Wikipedia Official Site: Marvel Comics Bob Page Slot: The Team Leader and Face-Man Season Wins: 0 Season Losses: 0 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Bob Page at Wikipedia Official Site: Eidos Battle Terrain Seduction
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    Oof. Not even the owner of his team voted for Tommy
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    MemeGuy has a point, comics Scarlett Witch has bent reality with the House of M storyline.
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    Hi MemeGuy, to enter the Draft, simply go to your "Control Panel" and click the "Admin My Team" button under the "Manage Your Draft Team " category, to reach the team features of the draft. From there you can go through each of the slots for your team one by one, and select the characters you like for your team, so long as they meet the criteria Fox laid down for this season's draft, for that see the first post here. Hope this helps.
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    Welcome to EF, Nate86. Very good for your first match. Very nice way of showing and not just telling in your story. I know of Fraiser Crane, but I never really watched Cheers or his titular spin-off show growing up. Still, if he's like the majority of sitcom leads, I don't really see him keeping his nerve against Kruger.
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    The CBUB Fantasy Teams makes me wish the Data Base was sorted into very specific categories. Like "Street-Level Martial Artist" category, just for one example. Then it would be easier to run a draft with very specific criteria on the slots, I think. Or maybe use a tagging system of some sort which allows all the characters of a certain type to be identified. Seems like something along those lines would be helpful. I should probably put something like that in place.
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    Pet Challenge: Talent Show competition, which pet can win the blue ribbon at a talent show? Team's Worst Villain: Infiltrate Mission: Which of these villains can get the farthest into the Batcave without getting caught? Prison Escape: Who can go the farthest in escaping out of Arkham Asylum? Team's Greatest Liability: Marathon - Who can run the longest in a marathon, can anyone complete it?
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    Really appreciate all the effort you went to keeping this as fair and on track as possible. Even though I had a few characters I needed to replace I'm really happy with how everything is looking. Though I am a little disappointed I lost Pussy Galore. The name alone made her a perfect addition to my team. Seduce the Batman. Be the cause of a major TV couple's breakup. Like breaking up Ross and Rachel(Friends) or Eric and Donna(That 70's Show) Get adopted by a celebrity. Competition could take place in a Hollywood pet store, with pets competing for the affection of an extremely vapid celebrity, like Paris Hilton or the Kardashians.
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    Basically for that slot if they can beat my character I think they're too powerful. My choice should definitely be the best. Please let me have this.
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    Given that All Might can create shockwaves with his movements, he doesn't actually need to get to Starkiller. If All Might's opening move is to punch the ground dramatically (possibly while yelling something about the spirit of a real hero) he'll start with a major advantage.
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    I seem to remember Green Arrow having an "Anti-Master-Chief" arrow somewhere in his arsenal
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    Your team was so great and quirky. They hung in there until the end. Lelouch was my MVP. He finally lost this last round but he put up a good fight. He might return if he fits a category.
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    I'd say this is probably the better topic to continue the discussion in:
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    I really love how you capture the Mandalorians. You clearly know your Star Wars and I appreciate it. Glad to see someone use Star Wars characters for this tournament. I gave it a 4 star. I'm not a fan of Narnia and there wasn't much to them in the story. Could have been a little longer but this is still a good match.
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    Dr. Doom should have this. His willpower is famously strong and he doesn't mess around. A blast of two would tear Lelouch apart very easily, and even if Lelouch does land his Geass, I remember reading that those with strong wills can resist it briefly. I highly doubt he's ever used it on someone with as strong a will as Doom, and Doom would really only need a millisecond to tear Lelouch apart. All that is assuming that his Geass would even work on Doom. Doesn't Doom have magical defenses built into his armor? In any case, there's basically no way Doom loses here in my eyes.
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    Ah, welcome back, xLEGACYx! Good to see you found your way back to EF. By all means, you and Rakai do write some matches. We can never have too many good ones.
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    Ray, who had been looking over the files again takes a moment to add another two cents worth. "Something bothers me about the retired hero. She had gone silent for months accord to the file. Out of the blue a distress signal is sent to Mistress Cordova ? Sorry, but it seems a bit like a trap. I think with the timeframe involved, I'd be worried about someone else sending that signal. As for dealing with the Heathens, First or last I suppose it doesn't matter that much to me. But we need to talk to the informant before investigating the retired hero in either case. "
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    After looking at the file and hearing with others have to say, Karen frowned. "I'm afraid that the missing woman might be more than missing if we wait too long on that one, but since the consensus is to take care of the vigilantes first... I'll go along with it. One thing to realize is that we haven't even worked with each other before, and they have. Bad guys they may be, but they can probably work together as a team. We need to be sure that we can do the same."
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    Henry frowned in consideration, pondering before he spoke again. "While I'm confident in our strength to stop this gang, it's what happens after that concerns me. I'm more inclined to seek out their various avenues and cut them off before we move in. So we get them all in one, clean sweep rather than miss a few because we rush in and find out later the fact because they blew up a school bus in retaliation or some shit like that."
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    Of course! I've meant to participate in previous months, but I've had a hard time actually sitting down to write. Now that this one is out I hope I can put another one up, I'm just figuring out what I want to do from here. I agree the Predator has an advantage in strength, overall, but that's not the only question of the match, I think. A pressing question is, how fast is the Predator here, as compared to Mathayus? Predators are consistent aim-dodgers, but Mathayus defeated an outright arrow-timer in single combat. I'm not so certain he should be written off in this matchup (despite not occupying the disgusting and yet probably effective form of "The Scorpion King"). I would agree that in overall physicals he's at a disadvantage, though. Thanks! I really love both of these series, and I wanted to make them flow together. It just so happened that the Predator mythos doesn't conflict with the timeline of the Mummy or the Scorpion King in any major area. As for the match, it was sort of one of the themes I was going for, where an Arnold-esque action star like the Rock has to face off against the Predator. It's definitely the case that the Scorpion King will need to rely on more than just his brawn to beat such a foe.
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    Just gotta say Fox, love this tournament. This is like the most fun I've had on a forum in years. Thanks for all the work you do
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    This is the most fun I’ve had debating in awhile btw, thanks and kudos!
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    Geeze, people weren't swayed by the list of Stewie's 10 best inventions?
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    Ray once again found himself listening to his new comrades. His own life, especially the last decade or so was lived under terrible conditions. Food and comfort were rare. Trust was doled out sparingly. But, that being said, love and comforts could be found. They were rare. The colorful teleporter was a scientist. Raised in a different kind of life. They would have to look out for her. " Karen, it is a cold hearted place out there. Mercury is right about that part. But I don't think you'll have to kill. As a team, the theory is we look out for one another. I think the rest of us will do plenty of killing if this works out. At least in the beginning. I had a girl once, lived that awful life with me for about a year. One day, she just left, real sudden. I forced myself to forget her. She came into her powers before me. As an initiation, the gang she joined, Los Apocoliptos had her blast me with her new powers. I woke up about a week later with my new powers. She never looked back. I've been trying to make any damned Apocolipto punks pay ever since. Any way, I at least respect who you are, where you came from as long as you do the same for us. Funny thing is, like twilight zone funny, crazy old Doc Heller says she probably hit me just about when my own powers were ready to come out and the power she hit me with probably made me more powerful than I would have been otherwise. " Still sitting, Ray looks like he is thinking about his past when he stops talking. Remembering the brief time he was happy in his crappy life.
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    Mercury had listened intently. The money was certainly a nice bonus, but the possible connections that could be used... That meant a lot to him. "You know they won't have any problems with killing you, right? There are some really sick, twisted people in and around Paradiso, and for them killing folks is as normal as washing your hands." Mercury looks around at everyone gathered at the table. "I'm sure just about everyone knows this already, but if we're going after those gangs we should be ready to use any means necessary, because if you hold back you'll probably end up dead."
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    "You punch villains later. The rooms do not come with a minibar, but there is a large selection of alcohol in the building which can be taken to your room. The wifi password will be provided once you have settled in. You cannot bring in anyone who is not registered in the system. There is no swimming pool, but there is a nearby gymnasium that you will have access to that comes equipped with a pool." "Master Cordova has expressed some interest in you working in our labs at some point in the future, but rest assured, she needs you first and foremost as a hero working to clean up the streets." As Nicolas opens his mouth to answer, AHRI's voice echoes over the intercom. "Master Cordova has finished her meeting. She is on her way to the room Mr. Guerra." Just as AHRI finishes speaking, the door on the far side of the room opens, revealing the imposing figure of a woman who stomps to the head of the table. She look serious and discerning, shoulder-length black hair, sharp facial features, and a perpetual scowl on her face. However, the most noticeable feature of her face is the massive, hand-shaped area of scarred flesh originating from the empty socket of her right eye. The right half of her lips are singed off, some of the hair towards her forehead is noticeably missing, and her right ear is mostly gone. She wears a business suit, although discerning eyes notice that her suit appears to have metal lining the neck and shoulders, extending down to the cuff of her sleeves. She stands at the top of the table for several moments, scanning across the faces of everyone there, as if trying to read a book in a foreign language. Her face is still and hard to read. After a moment of taking stock of the room, she spoke in a raspy, strained voice. "My name is Sienna Cordova." She introduces curtly. She stands with her hands folded behind her back, slowly making eye contact with her good eye to anyone who will match her gaze. "I have called you here for a simple reason: the gangs rule too much of this city. Of my city. I need them chased off. Killed, if need be. The police, the new mayor, and all the other professional heroes don't have the guts to travel into the mouth of the beast. They want to slowly take back the city, one goddamn building at a time. To hell with that. The longer we wait, the more innocent men, women, and children die on the outskirts of our city. We need to strike at the heart of this infection. Once you're properly trained and working as a team, we'll strike at the major gangs of the city. Once we topple one, the rest of those cowardly heroes will join us. Any questions?"
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    Holy Crap did not expect to see this place come back. I spend most of my high school youth on this forum. Also was surprise my password was the same -_-. Any who good to see some old faces.
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    Oh, nah. He can definitely win this, I'm just here to give a further explanation as to what Black Panther possesses and can bring to the table. This is a very interesting match up and I think I'll refrain from voting until the actual man who has Black Panther on his team steps up.
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    OOC: Literally entire body covered, no skin showing. At all. Head completely covered.
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    Voldemort, you're going to the Bench, buddy.
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    "Oh man, time travel and teleportation, that's pretty cool there lady, I'm digging the hair too." He said, leaning back as he reached to Voyd's power and introduction. "Me? Oh I control plasma, I can fly around and stuff, make swords, whatever. My name's Bastille by the way, you might've heard of me. Except whatever you saw on Herogram, don't trust that, fake news." Holding up his hand, he'd flick a small purple ball of plasma between his fingers, like one would do with an ordinary coin. "Purple's my color I guess, or pink...Purple Pink? Beats me. No tragic backstory here, just lived a normal childhood and decided to use my powers for good, boring, I know. I've been doing this hero stuff for years, quietly though. Of course, I wasn't making much money out of it, that's why I'm here now."
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    In that case, Brightburn destroys these kids before Pennywise can even make his move. Dude was far too fast in his movie and essentially indestructible. He doesn't stop when people don't fear him, he won't try to make friends, he'll just see his target and slam right into them at Mach Speeds.
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    Do the two matches need to be connected in any way?
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    Viantius blinked several times, the sudden shift in location dazing him momentarily. He shook his head, smirking slightly, and chuckled. "Hello gentlemen and ladies." The long-hair Drow took a exaggerated bow. "Viantius Dionryn, at your service, and it appears I've been called in to join you." He took his lute from around his back and began to pluck some chords. "Tell me, does anyone have a favorite sea shanty?"
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