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    Clarence Odbody could take them both on a journey of what life would have been like had they never met. Throughout the Batman series, and especially in the Arkham games we learn about the dysfunctional relationship they have and how they are the challenge that the other craves. By the end of their journey they’d feel grateful for each other and exchange gifts. Possibly even build on a sort of mutual peace. Maybe Clarence Odbody was the true hero that Gotham deserves.
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    I like it! Brilliant intro especially. Leaning towards Nina, but not putting it past Sydney to pull something out of the bag at the last minute.
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    Very good and fun set-up, Boratz! I haven't seen Bulletproof Monk, but this story definitely feels a good deal like the Relic Hunter episodes I remember seeing. As for the match, while Sydney is a pretty good fighter, as mentioned I do seem to remember her losing her share of fights as well. Looking at a clip from Bulletproof Monk, Nina's attacks seem a little crisper than Sydney's. Given that and the facts that Nina is younger and Sydney's likely at least a bit past her prime, I think Nina wins after a fairly tough fight, leaving Claudia on her own to retrieve Brutus's dagger.
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    That ending to Hot Fuzz comes to mind when I see that the Cops are going to be fighting holiday horrors. Sgt. Angel should take this.
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