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    Well rounded...heh heh heh... Seriously, though, Ash tends to shoot first and ask questions later, so Sonja might have an advantage there if anything.
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    Bad ass gooffery is an awesome term. Also, a slot for characters like Chuck Norris would be interesting. Just like legendary characters with no real feats but instead just a massive amount of ridiculous statements. It would be total anarchy
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    I know we're all bashing on The Most Interesting Man In The World right now, but there are actual feats in that 7-minute video. Though, all we needed was the first 10 seconds. In seconds 3-8, we see MIMW doing stunts on a horse. And, sure it's not a bull, but it's in the same family. And you can't have a handle on tricks like that without having extensive training in basic-horse riding. Plus, can we discuss the core strength it takes for him to handstand on the back of a moving horse!?!?!? And then holding on while partially hanging off? That is literally the skills he needs to win at mechanical bull riding. It's about being able to move with the 'animal', not laying on it until it stops moving which is what Steve does. Different animal, different skillset.
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    I imagine so. If he didn't, I'd be just making up feats. Just wanted to make it as evenly matched as I could by giving him more of a supernatural element like the ladies. I'm not sure. I didn't see that. But I was editing it, so that might've effected it. Russ convinced me to do a match challenge with him (we give each other characters and have to come up with matches for them), so we had to argue over how it should be titled. For consistency. RIGHT!!! That show is a trip 🤣 I was thrilled when Russ put them on my list cuz I know their voices SO WELL. And they always fight some ridiculous monster, so what's more ridiculous than McDonalds? Overall, I think they still have it in the bag. It feels like a match that'd be in a typical episode.
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    Another good entry, ND. I haven't seen the Return of the Living Dead series, but you just about have Kevin and the Wet/Sticky Bandits down pat. If what I've looked up and seen in this match and thread are true, I don't think Kevin has the tools to take these Trioxin Zombies down or even stall them for long. I'm not sure the police could do much here, either.
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    Heh, I think even Mister Fantastic would have a hard time making that stretch. 😛
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    Hamburglar lost his last boxing match. I say now he has The Rage (tm).
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    I am just thrilled you used Kevin McCallister. He was one of the first characters I thought of using when this month's theme was announced. I was really close to doing a Kevin vs. the Strangers match before going in a different direction so I'm glad someone else was on that same wavelength. Oh, and he dies horribly at the end of all of this lol
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