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    SEASON 4, ROUND 5 Ashley J. Williams Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 1 Season Losses: 1 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Ashley J. Williams at Wikipedia Official Site: Anchor Bay Entertainment Red Sonja Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 1 Season Losses: 1 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Red Sonja at Wikipedia Official Site: Roy Thomas Battle Terrain Undercover Agent
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    Heh, I think even Mister Fantastic would have a hard time making that stretch. 😛
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    Yeah, we call that Microsoft Outlook now.
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    You've literally lost only one match 😂😂😂 What is so fucked?
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    I think both these two are just regular average humans with no powers to speak of in a street fight One has a kite. One has a pocket watch. I guess I'm going with Kite Man on this one. At least it seems like he lifts. "Bro... do you even lift?"
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    So now I can say I watch 7 and a half minutes of commercials for shit beer just for one of these fights. Most of those statements weren't even about his physicality. It was just dumb shit that wouldn't help him at all in this match-up, and the narrator of those stories is wildly inconsistent. It says he bowls overhand, and then we see him bowling just like a regular dude. The last commercial makes it very clear that these are just exaggerated stories we're hearing about him second-hand. I'm thoroughly unimpressed, and Steve Irwin would absolutely demolish him in this competition.
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    It's a fine story, thank you for the entertainment. This actually runs over 1000 words longer than the previous Tournament entry. (Just the story itself, not including the intro and outro). That said, I did read all 3,692 words of this over it's 109 line length. I had to come back to it a couple times and keep chugging away, but I did it. I recognize the effort that went into it. It was a well done, descriptive story. It is really long, though. I'll take Kevin for the win on this one. I enjoy his occasional appearances on Red Letter Media and would hate to see anything happen to him. Starting next month we'll need to start playing by "Flash-Fiction" tournament rules with a strict upper limit on the word count. Honestly, I should have been using Flash-Fiction tournament caps all along. Thanks!
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