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    It's a fine story, thank you for the entertainment. This actually runs over 1000 words longer than the previous Tournament entry. (Just the story itself, not including the intro and outro). That said, I did read all 3,692 words of this over it's 109 line length. I had to come back to it a couple times and keep chugging away, but I did it. I recognize the effort that went into it. It was a well done, descriptive story. It is really long, though. I'll take Kevin for the win on this one. I enjoy his occasional appearances on Red Letter Media and would hate to see anything happen to him. Starting next month we'll need to start playing by "Flash-Fiction" tournament rules with a strict upper limit on the word count. Honestly, I should have been using Flash-Fiction tournament caps all along. Thanks!
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    Lol I think they also hated the audience. Those movies are cataclysmically bad
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    As far as I know, the only way too kill a Trioxin zombie is through complete and absolute total bodily destruction. Immolation is one way but you risk air pollution and acidic rain which creates more Trioxin Zombies. Dismemberment is another but it doesn't KILL the zombies, as their arms and legs, and heads would still be active. Anything short of dropping them in a vat of super highly corrosive acid isn't efficient. Kevin McAllister just DOESN'T have the means to do anything against the Trioxin Zombies. His best bet is to just high tail it out of there.
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