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    A lot of leg men voting, I see.
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    Also, in my experience, someone being a jerk and actively trying to break someone up usually only brings two people closer together. In order to break someone up, there needs to be actual motivation to leave your partner --be it for another partner or some other ambition. I don't think Homer has it in him to woo either Eric or Donna. And I don't think he'd be able to inspire anything in them... But I think Dorothy would be more than capable of convincing Eric or Donna to go after their own personal dreams and set their relationship to the side. "Follow your own yellow brick road..."
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    Honestly, this is how I see Carlton in this scenario. 🤣
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    SEASON 4, ROUND 4 Emma Peel Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 1 Season Losses: 0 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Emma Peel at Wikipedia Official Site: itv Red Sonja Slot: Keeping The Team Real Season Wins: 1 Season Losses: 0 Fantasy Team Page Read more about Red Sonja at Wikipedia Official Site: Roy Thomas Battle Terrain Solve The Conspiracy
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    The Dorothy needed here is not the young innocent who went to Oz the first time. We need to look at the whole Dorothy package on this one. Let's talk about Dorothy in the 1985 film "Return to Oz". It is a dark movie - amazingly made of children (?!) - about Dorothy confined to a psychiatric hospital where all manner of experiments and electro-shock therapy are performed on her to make her stop believing in Oz. This dark, desperate and gothic Dorothy, fresh from the Asylumn, has what it takes to drive a stake right through Eric and Donna's relationship.
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    I'm totes a misogynist.
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    SEASON 4 ROUND 3 RESULTS SSJRuss WINS: 6 POINTS: 60 The Boob Tube WINS: 6 POINTS: 60 Versam WINS: 5 POINTS: 50 Lordofice WINS: 5 POINTS: 50 JohnnyChany WINS: 4 POINTS: 40 Macklemore WINS: 4 POINTS: 40 Magnamax WINS: 4 POINTS: 40 OMFG WINS: 4 POINTS: 40 DSkillz WINS: 4 POINTS: 40 Nate86 WINS: 3 POINTS: 30 corvette1710 WINS: 3 POINTS: 30 Venom 2009 WINS: 3 POINTS: 30 Gizmo Hibiki WINS: 3 POINTS: 30 Z451 WINS: 3 POINTS: 30 Bergy_Berg WINS: 3 POINTS: 30 Peypeypeypey WINS: 3 POINTS: 30 C.T. WINS: 2 POINTS: 20 broadwaybeyonder WINS: 2 POINTS: 20 ViceCityMobster86 WINS: 2 POINTS: 20 Confession FPT WINS: 1 POINTS: 10
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    In the next round we will start to see characters that have had some wins going up against each other. I expect to see some upsets. I don't think those scores up there mean too much quite yet.
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    Flashbacks to MK9 where Raiden fries the shit out of Liu Kang.
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    The Dog is definitely too big of an asshole for him to do this well. Monkey, on the other hand, would probably be a lot more sympathetic and the fact that he's essentially human-lite would help him out by a lot.
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    Red...in that job.....excuse me a minute I need to stop laughing. Sounds like a disaster idea to me
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    "It was not a lack of conviction, but playing to my strengths. Being able to get people into the fray if one arose." Voyd rebutted. "But, I could go into the place separately, watch over Henry and Rey, and if things go bad, portal out to bring the others in, except Mercury of course, he obviously doesn't need speed since he runs his mouth as fast as his legs."
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    I'm gonna go with Clarice... Primarily because Roy Burns is just a guy who is masquerading around as Jason Voorhees and still can feel pain, and doesn't have the supernatural abilities which Jason has. Now if this was the real Jason Voorhees, well then... that's a whole different story.
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    Oh dear God, the Wendy panty shots are enough to give her the win from those videos there.
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    I didn't think much of this at first glance. But I read it and it was really solid. Again this feels like actual episodes of the original show. I don't really remember reading the OG parts when Spider-Man was introduced, but he does feel a little out of place in the story. I get why he's here so I'm fine with that overall. Love me some Spider-Man. Even if Spider-Man and Goldar are stronger, I don't think they can handle the overwhelming odds. And honestly if Rita and Zedd wanted to intervene and attack either of them when they're distracted, they could. I think you retreat is likely here. They might take out a few of these guys though. Maybe turn them into zombies? I don't know if you can turn a puttie into a zombie lol
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