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    ....Who made Wendy Thomas in Soul Calibur?! And WHY is she hot?!
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    A very strong start to our October match tournament. I sat down with my morning coffee to review the Tourney match and, oh mah goodness, That's a movie I would like to see. It has to be one of the lengthier entries in the tournaments. And, if you are going to make the reader go through that much text, then you must entertain that reader to the end. Else, after a certain length, you've wasted their time and bored them which is of course unforgivable. I have to say this was well crafted all the way through but it does push the boundaries. Nonetheless, I was entertained beginning to end so it succeeds with this reader. I would have liked more Clarice in the story, but she does enter the story at the perfect time. I'm mostly familiar with the Jason mythos from CBUB reads as I've only ever watched the first two movies. This explains what is going on in the franchise and the characters involved so well that I did not feel like I was missing anything at all by not having seen these installments of Friday the Thirteenth. Thanks for the great read, looking forward to the next match. I'll take Clarice for the win.
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    Something else to add here: Paris likes her pets small enough to carry: And Lockheed definitely likes to cuddle: The winner here should be obvious.
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    Dear @The Boob Tube, How dare you make me remember that scene. I did not need to feel emotions this morning. Sincerely, How fucking dare you?
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    Damn, I looked for a video of a MUGEN version of Wendy to post here, but I couldn't find one. I'm actually more surprised Venom didn't find and post that sexy nunchaku image before Russ did. 😛
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    Here are videos of these two. Biollante SpaceGodzilla
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    This is so great. What an excellent first entrant into this month's tournament. I'm excited to see what else you have up your sleeve.
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    You've still got it, ND! :) Another great set-up here. As for the match, I have a feeling Clarice can handle this, albeit with some close calls. She's used to dealing with smarter psychopaths, etc., and Roy doesn't seem to have the original Jason's resurrection abilities.
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    I’m gonna give this one to Carlton since he straight KO’d Will Smith with his elbow in an episode of Fresh Prince.
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