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    I dunno. Maybe you should save that creativity for October. The Horror for Halloween Tournament!
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    There may be some frequent shuffling on that front. I'll treat this as a "wait and see".
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    Wow! He benched the Home Alone kid! I don't know if the team has what it takes without him.
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    Team's Greatest Liability: -Presidential campaign -Hot Dog/Hot Wing eating contest -Who can survive a night at Camp Crystal Lake? OR who would be the first to die in a slasher flick? Team's Worst Villain: -Who can survive an alien invasion? -Who can successfully rob a bank and get away with the most valuables? -Target: GCPD
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    I now officially allow the Fourth Fantasy Draft to commence. BTW, no Amalgam characters allowed for your Big Gun. I found that out the hard way.
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    Pet Challenge: Talent Show competition, which pet can win the blue ribbon at a talent show? Team's Worst Villain: Infiltrate Mission: Which of these villains can get the farthest into the Batcave without getting caught? Prison Escape: Who can go the farthest in escaping out of Arkham Asylum? Team's Greatest Liability: Marathon - Who can run the longest in a marathon, can anyone complete it?
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    Really appreciate all the effort you went to keeping this as fair and on track as possible. Even though I had a few characters I needed to replace I'm really happy with how everything is looking. Though I am a little disappointed I lost Pussy Galore. The name alone made her a perfect addition to my team. Seduce the Batman. Be the cause of a major TV couple's breakup. Like breaking up Ross and Rachel(Friends) or Eric and Donna(That 70's Show) Get adopted by a celebrity. Competition could take place in a Hollywood pet store, with pets competing for the affection of an extremely vapid celebrity, like Paris Hilton or the Kardashians.
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    I see you're calling me out They could do challenges like fetch, or volleyball or ball or soccer. Or best in show? Something like a dogshow? Tug of war would be fun for this category. I think an obvious challenge would be either a foot race or an eating challenge. Hide and seek challenge? Which character can steal the Declaration of Independence?
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    I have had to deny a lot of characters in various slots. I just want to thank folks for being a sport about it and finding different characters that fit the spirit of the Slot better. Very cool of you all.
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    Damn, what the...how the hell did Amalgam universe lose? Literally everyone in their lineup is a powerhouse. It should have been a curbstomp on their part. Two Kryptonian hybrids in Super-Soldier and Spider-Boy Doctor Doomsday, all the strength and regen of Doomsday with the ridiculous mind and magic of Doctor Doom Doctor Strangefate, I mean, do I need to say anything? Both of his mystical halves fight on cosmic scales and then he's a telepath too? AKA he can basically shut down everyones' minds and render them comatose if he wanted? Solomon Grundy and Hulk, I mean...double the big mean muscle guy who'll just keep getting back up from whatever they dish out An Amazonian powerhouse with control over storms and hurricanes and more White Witch, a reality warper who can also literally just say "eid" if she wanted and all of them would die??? The guy with the power of seven gods, generally as strong if not stronger than Superman and other Kryptonians... Another cosmic threat/reality warper in the Phoenix mixed with Fire And another one in the mix of Darkseid and Thanos... Good lord the TOP contestants would have been slaughtered
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    Next weekend. The draft period is usually a week to get all the people who want a team in. Now I have to come up with all the custom battle "terrain" scenarios for different slots. Like the scenarios the "Pets slot" wills use in their battles, etc. Edit... You know, as long as @DSkillz manages to draft a Team in the next few days. 😇
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    As soon as I allow it. >:) But yeah, likely as soon as everyone fills out their rosters.
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    No does not have to be armed. Like, "MacGyver" could be a potential candidate for that slot.
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    First I want to thank God and Meryl Streep. I'd like to thank DC Comics for making Batman a stupidly OP character. I'd like to thank the system for giving my characters generally favorable matchups and scenarios. And I'd like to thank my opponents, who drafted such shitty strong teams to contend with.
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