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    First I want to thank God and Meryl Streep. I'd like to thank DC Comics for making Batman a stupidly OP character. I'd like to thank the system for giving my characters generally favorable matchups and scenarios. And I'd like to thank my opponents, who drafted such shitty strong teams to contend with.
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    Basically for that slot if they can beat my character I think they're too powerful. My choice should definitely be the best. Please let me have this.
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    Congrats to Bergy_Berg - the Season 3 champion. A strong team!
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    Condiment King! accept no substitutes in the LOL-Villain category.
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    Sorry, didn't mean to rush, just different time zones haha
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    I've discovered that I can pull Comic Vine's data on characters via their API. This could really make adding characters much more simple when they exist in Comic Vine's character pages. Also, it provides a source other than Wikipedia for character data.
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