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    We did it! Yay! And look, we even have a final round that the event never had before. With this final round we will find out who had the strongest team in Season 3. I guess we can start looking at a Draft of Season 4 in just a couple days!
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    Basically, Rand al'Thor is an incredibly powerful magic user who once took control of the Wheel of Time, essentially allowing him to create and destroy universes at will, which he did as a debating tactic against The Dark One, a similarly universal+ threat. This is definitely not his "base" form, but his "base" form is hard to say exactly because of the way magic works in the Wheel of Time. At his base, he's at least strong enough to defeat an army of hundreds of thousands on his own, and he was able to channel enough power that if he has one mental slip-up, he would have eradicated the entire planet. If this is Rand while he's embrace the One Power, he's massively hypersonic, capable of weaving magic in reaction to lightning shooting at him, and is said to exist outside of time. "Rand walked through eons and Ages, his hand passing through ribbons of the Pattern's light." He's also a big fan of using "Balefire," an attack that not only erases you from existance, but also retroactively makes it so you didn't exist before. It's use in the past nearly caused time to unravel so it was banned. "When a target is struck with balefire, its thread in the Pattern is destroyed, in an amount proportional to the power of the balefire strike. This translates to both the target's existence, and actions up to a certain point, being retroactively erased." As they use different types of magic I don't know how or if Dr. Strange could defend his thread in the Pattern, or if any such thread exists. Rand al'Thor is tough, because magic is very different in this series
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    I seem to remember Green Arrow having an "Anti-Master-Chief" arrow somewhere in his arsenal
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    Your team was so great and quirky. They hung in there until the end. Lelouch was my MVP. He finally lost this last round but he put up a good fight. He might return if he fits a category.
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